Jesco White Hellbilly Part 1

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Автор Emily Frugalsworth Kiang ( назад)
I love Bertie Mae White's spirit. 

Автор Travis Parris ( назад)
What's the name and who does the guitar rythym in this video?

Автор M1980 Grsde ( назад)
I too hate sloppy eggs jessco , but I do love the smell model airplane glue

Автор Carolyn Zuniga ( назад)
He would be eating his own eggs if ya know what I mean and he would be
cooking them too!

Автор Joe Kirk ( назад)

Автор JOHN Rooska ( назад)
there is something sexy about Mammie White i dont know why but im into her

Автор Dinner with Mariah ( назад)
Any time you hear someone generalize about blacks think of this video and
these people. Humanity gets no lower than this right here.

Автор Willie Abraham ( назад)
Jesco white killing your wife of eggs damn man you can do better than that
peace my hillbilly brother

Автор Shredder McGavin ( назад)
I'm tared of eatin slimy, sloppy eggs.

Автор MrZlathan3 ( назад)
Whoa there! Hold on there Jesco...I though Obama was too much of a pacifist
and not enough about military spending and killing A-Rabs. NOW he's too
warlike!??? Fox News must be falling down on the job.

Автор josh self ( назад)
these whites are ma family dawg. phuuk u ho!

Автор Dee Dowdd ( назад)
They need to isolate this family gene and then incinerate it.

Автор Tn Nt ( назад)
He went and broke their family predictions!

Автор Jennifer Siple ( назад)
OMG, I was born in WV and I can assure you we're are not all trash. I have
been to Boone county and yes, it's really that bad, one of the poorest
counties in the state

Автор Raymond Bayoud ( назад)
My people

Автор Y Nunez ( назад)
I love these ppl! I know there's a lot of hate about them but I cant help
it... Maybe its cause Im from NY and all we have are preppy white ppl.. The
accent the attitude I dunno they just seem so genuine

Автор Tenebarum ( назад)
I wouldn't want to hang with that fat ass Lola, rotten tooth Les, and that
grey headed head like a coconut, either.

Автор Mark Sullins ( назад)
Nasty ass white trash

Автор Michael Chambers (1235 лет назад)
ths s for jescoe m tattoo mke keep it up

Автор Heels Tar ( назад)

Автор Fhiona Brett ( назад)
I thought it was a spoof, with the same guy wearing different wigs and
clothes playing a multitude of parts...'specially the female roles.

Автор Jamaall Ekwensi ( назад)
+Komisgirl79 Yeah, big city, huh? I bet you don't have homeless people
roaming everywhere, high crime rates, stereotypes or drunkards and addicts
either, huh? You've fooled yourself into believing you're superior from a
movie. This movie was specifically made for people like you, people who'd
believe that a place they've never been can be described in one foul swoop
of degeneracy to make people like you feel better. What you see here are
assholes. And everywhere in this world has assholes. If you think these
types are only in West Virginia or that all of West Virginia is this, you
truly are as ignorant as you perceive these people to be.

Автор SouthernRain Forever (110 лет назад)
sad very sad

Автор Robbie Smith ( назад)
Landau has class 

Автор Brent Henry ( назад)
Fuck New York and your city. What it takes to survive up there is lies and
money and a lot of fags up there trashy place if you ask me 

Автор Willie Abraham ( назад)
Dam west Virginia jesco kill over some eggs dam west Virginia people kill
over peabutter sandwiches

Автор Ally Bird ( назад)
Komisgirl79 - So NYC is free of men who threaten women, who are ignorant
with little knowledge of or interest in "culture"...men with no interest in
guns or living an "outlaw" lifestyle, and no tough talkers? Wow. Just wow.
And in other countries, men are more intelligent and cultured than all men
in New York? I need to get out more. My husband and daughter visited NYC a
couple of years ago and absolutely loved it, but Utopian Xanadu it was not.

Автор Itsme 23 ( назад)
Jesco was hot before all the huffin and snorting:( and don't give em shit
you guys they're all just trying to survive like the rest of us. The way
they know how anyway.

Автор Jacob Vititoe ( назад)
The best thing he was ever part of was Grand Theft Auto 5. I will always
have mad respect for him just for that, and being from route 3 in Boone
County myself. 

Автор ditttch ( назад)
Never seen a bigger group of idiots. Great entertainment though!

Автор Alexander White ( назад)
Sam lachow

Автор joe john ( назад)
makes me wanna move to WV yeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaa


Автор tc bryan ( назад)
I think the fact that they had all of them living in the same building is
not an accident. They were trying to keep an eye on them the best they

Автор whipchick90 ( назад)
What a bunch of drunks. Who cares? Lol

Автор ALABAMA RTR ( назад)
God Bless the South! 

Автор texassquatchhunters ( назад)
You inbred hillbilly bastards

Автор Prank ster (1615 лет назад)
The wrong turn movies are loosely based off this family

Автор peptobismol9 ( назад)
Go fuck yourself Komisgirl79.

Автор Mad Stoater ( назад)
4:30 I used to have that drum kit

Автор pfog ( назад)
i can't believe on the mother's birthday, who hates drugs, they go to her
house and start smoking bud and blowing shit. look i like to get down too
but I'm pretty sure i woulda have fractured that dudes maxilla had i been
there. how disrespectful!! f this guy!! white trash is an undeserved
term…trash represents something that was once useful. 

Автор creeks N rivers ( назад)
Didn't know America still produced original ax

Автор callmenort ( назад)
heres to better living through chemistry!!LMAO!!

Автор savage495 ( назад)
@komisgirl79 alot of people dont want to live in a shithole like ny. Get
your bullshit bigotry and venomous hatred out of here.

Автор diabeticmonkey ( назад)
Jesco is the best sumbitch I've ever heard of in my life. The man's a hero

Автор cologne dude ( назад)
Wv is the most culturally confused state in the USA you goto to Charleston
wv and Huntington wv your in the most ghetto places ever Huntington wv is a
major drug transportation hub and then you drive 20 minutes south into
Wayne county its backwoods country

Автор Mrtrucker Jim ( назад)
did the mother naturally give birth to 32 kids? that seems impossible, i
know of 20, i have heard the world record was 22 or 23 from a woman in
south dakota. i wonder if some were adopted or foster care kids or blended
family, but 32 i cant believe this, i have tried to wiki this family but
their is no info. does anyone know the real truth about the mother baring
32 children herself?

Автор statusqu0rs ( назад)
Hey uncle Jesco, see you next Christmas.

Автор BigBoatDeluxe ( назад)
My transmission just locked up!

Автор Michele Huffman ( назад)

Автор invitriol123 (2008 лет назад)
Say what you will. These feral Whites will survive long after the economy

Автор tom d ( назад)
Elvis would not have even been around these people these are the kinds
of people that hurt his legacy 

Автор tom d ( назад)

Автор JohnnyC Major ( назад)
WTF is this???

Автор JohnnyC Major ( назад)
I feel a lot stupider after watching this.

Автор Mickey Duck ( назад)
get popcorn suttons popcorn said f k you tshirt at
popcornsutton d0t selz d0t c0mt

Автор Komisgirl79 ( назад)
The documentary about this family makes me so glad that i am from big
cities. YIKES!! If that redneck would have threatened me about something
stupid like cooking, i would have kicked the redneck shit out of him. No
culture, low intelligence. Being an "outlaw" is not that cool. Having all
kinds of guns and talking tough all the time only makes people show their
weakness and stupidity. These kinds of people would NEVER survive in NYC or
any other major city. Let alone overseas in other countries where people
are far more intelligent. The best weapon a person can have is their brain.
These people should stop breeding. Its starting to get scary. Lol. But like
i said; one hell of a hilarious movie. But kind of scary at the same time
to know people like this exist in large groups. 

Автор Emmy Gerbilrancher ( назад)
well he's got great time

Автор Armida Zepeda ( назад)
moma white is the best

Автор Tamara Jackson ( назад)
This are the real alive Squid Billies lol

Автор Tamara Jackson ( назад)
Sue Bob Said "I ain't your Nigger!!'' to Les White

Автор Tredz Canty ( назад)
What a stinky family 

Автор MrPotatoesLatkie ( назад)
Amazing what happened to the clothing styles in 20 years. Jesco dressed
classy in his earlier days.

Автор natty oh so natty ( назад)

Автор bob smith ( назад)
this is just exploitation of poor people. fuck the assholes who did it.

Автор Ryan K ( назад)
that opening part about the butcher knife is in a Mastodon song. I don't
remember what one though.

Автор martimas prime ( назад)
Jesco, You hold the key to the next White family tap prodigy. Who are
you currently training? 

Автор SandyzSerious ( назад)
Good lord ;/

Автор aethir86 ( назад)
I think the whole Squidbillies thing from adultswim is based off this one
video. LOL

Автор mannyman03 ( назад)
These people need to be in jail!

Автор Nikolay Kulikov ( назад)
it's all fun and games but those fuckers will bury your ass in them
mountains and then have themselves another bud light...

Автор LaNeedles ( назад)
Fry them eggs right bitch!!!!! 

Автор kat rob ( назад)
I want to meet Jesco in person, please cause I really like him

Автор Scott Free ( назад)
what exactly is interesting about this people?
sorry I missed that part

Автор marcman5109 ( назад)
And I thought my family was messed up

Автор Richard Hawkins ( назад)
Yes these ppl are real and no there not putting on. But there not the
baddest rebels or whatever I live in the baddest place on earth Harlan
county ky show justified is made after show kentucky justice on Sundays at
10 on nat geo and we have the 2nd lowest crime rate in USA 0 gangs not one
never had a drive by no fags holding hands our kids don't see none of that
stupid shit no walking around with jeans down on your ass and sunglasses on
inside a fucking store u stupid ass fucks u look dumb as shit I'd smack
that shit off a mother fucker if I saw it. Harlan county ky aka bloody
Harlan is the baddest of bads not for killing crime like murder but for we
don't take no shit we own guns AR15s and the cops hang out with us we don't
have firing ranges we shoot in the yard we ride atv's shoot tanerite and
blow it up and we always police out selfs u come here bullshitting u get
took in the mountains and shown what real justice is no matter how bad u
think u are there be 35 fuckers on you stringing your ass to the back of a
side by side and hauling u to the woods for a near death beating and leave
u there. Harlan ky is for real these ppl are real and act this way all the
time, but there not bad asses like they say they wouldn't make it in Harlan

Автор spanky stone ( назад)
family perdition lol

Автор bluebreckskier ( назад)
GTA 5 brought me here. Thanks???

Автор Iris Louise ( назад)
I feel fucking weird for saying this but Jesco was hot back in the early

Автор Julia Devonney ( назад)
These people cannot be for real. Tell me they're joking!

Автор Sperki ( назад)
And Sue Bob, believe me when I tell you, is like...the Anna Nicole Smith of
the white family in Boone Co. Everyone wants a piece of that ass!!

Автор Sperki ( назад)
He's a bipolar schizophrenic...everyone knows that.

Автор cmdtrk11 ( назад)
Jesco is NOT DEAD you fucking moron!

Автор Justin Roy ( назад)
Jesco is dead you fucking moron.

Автор Shanna Webb ( назад)
Only if Mamie shows up!

Автор ron c ( назад)

Автор ron c ( назад)

Автор kim miller ( назад)
Maimie's the best one. she need to stop smoking and take care of herself.
looks like her familys gonna need her

Автор StyrbjornStarke ( назад)
Americas most important man

Автор fordman7773 ( назад)
Hehe, Kim, hehe I heard att!

Автор Kim West ( назад)
Are you playing those eighth notes straight or swung, jesco? damn it pick
one its itchin me in my brain

Автор viriiguy ( назад)
Love Jesco as PeePAw on Squidbillies!!

Автор southern boner ( назад)
oh trust me im straight. straight as a ruler. why else am i trying to dress
you up as my whore? duhhhhh p.s. this is really boring please add some
insults and throw some beef into this.

Автор jj thompson ( назад)
Sorry dude, straight..I admire your openess, though.

Автор southern boner ( назад)
i dont have a sister :/ i can put you in a little tight dress and put some
lipstick on you and pretend though ;)

Автор jj thompson ( назад)
I think you are confusing me with your sister, inbred.

Автор southern boner ( назад)
uh oh the grammar police.... holy shit i better start running! pffffftttt
notttt. lol my name aint cletus from now on you refer to me as your daddy.

Автор jj thompson ( назад)
It is spelled "There", Cletus..

Автор southern boner ( назад)
you should stop looking in the mirror then.....

Автор southern boner ( назад)
ummm ok i dont either....?? i missed your point their.

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