Jesco White Hellbilly Part 1

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 12:15
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Автор MrPotatoesLatkie (1 день)
Amazing what happened to the clothing styles in 20 years. Jesco dressed
classy in his earlier days.

Автор Scott Free (3 месяца)
what exactly is interesting about this people?
sorry I missed that part

Автор bob smith (1 месяц)
this is just exploitation of poor people. fuck the assholes who did it.

Автор bluebreckskier (4 месяца)
GTA 5 brought me here. Thanks???

Автор Fallon Obrien (3 месяца)
Everybody knows...ya gots to use a condom or you end up with a Jesco

Автор martimas prime (2 месяца)
Jesco, You hold the key to the next White family tap prodigy. Who are
you currently training? 

Автор kat rob (3 месяца)
I want to meet Jesco in person, please cause I really like him

Автор Iris Louise (4 месяца)
I feel fucking weird for saying this but Jesco was hot back in the early

Автор Jamal Smith (18 дней)

Автор LaNeedles (3 месяца)
Fry them eggs right bitch!!!!! 

Автор Julia Devonney (5 месяцев)
These people cannot be for real. Tell me they're joking!

Автор spanky stone (4 месяца)
family perdition lol

Автор James Warren Jones (5 месяцев)
And Sue Bob, believe me when I tell you, is like...the Anna Nicole Smith of
the white family in Boone Co. Everyone wants a piece of that ass!!

Автор Ryan K (2 месяца)
that opening part about the butcher knife is in a Mastodon song. I don't
remember what one though.

Автор mannyman03 (2 месяца)
These people need to be in jail!

Автор marcman5109 (3 месяца)
And I thought my family was messed up

Автор Fallon Obrien (3 месяца)
Jesico...what kind of "cocksmoker" name is that? You non-dancing,
inter-bred, stupid f*ck! Your daddy must have f*cked a goat... without a

Автор James Warren Jones (5 месяцев)
He's a bipolar schizophrenic...everyone knows that.

Автор jj thompson (7 месяцев)
So, it is full of homicidal people? Yea, maybe that is WHY we stay in the
cities and leave the whole "Rural Poor" thing to others...

Автор bigdaddyangel73 (8 месяцев)

Автор Spot Cardwell (1 год)
No its not Wildwood Flower!

Автор Alex's Bikes and Motors (1 год)
what year is this from? Which president is he talking about?

Автор Jake Hernandez (9 месяцев)
@CatFishMcGraw Jesco did voice Gaga on Squidbillies

Автор iceaxe56 (1 год)
thats hilarious--i got to use wizards sleeve if you don't mind

Автор Swaggnito Jackson (1 год)
her voice is sexy.. -_-

Автор Whitey McFly (1 год)
Free Bud Light advertising? Pay the man!

Автор AxCxfortheWin (1 год)
R.I.P. Bertie May White

Автор TheHacktheplanet00 (1 год)
I would fuck the shit outta sue bob.

Автор Leland Sprout (10 месяцев)
if I got drunk enough I just might to do ol Sue Bob

Автор SethHesio (11 месяцев)
Are the Whites inbred? It's interesting how they look, not just similar but
really identical facially.

Автор jafasafarie (1 год)
Wwyd with that kind of freedom?

Автор charles skidmore (1 год)
heck of a true hillbilly...Me too

Автор viriiguy (7 месяцев)
Love Jesco as PeePAw on Squidbillies!!

Автор southern boner (7 месяцев)
no fucking kidding lol i can not wait to hear that shit!

Автор iceaxe56 (1 год)
i see a few romney supporters

Автор jj thompson (7 месяцев)
We don't live in trailers.....'nuff said?

Автор SethHesio (11 месяцев)
The way they look REALLY similar suggests that there was a little bit of
inbreeding at some point.

Автор jj thompson (7 месяцев)
What blows me away is how attractive "sue bob " was when she was 18 or so.
Cocaine(or should I say synthetic heroin) is a hell of a drug

Автор kbz1231 (1 год)
why are they so fucktarded

Автор whitebandit79 (1 год)
what a embarrassment

Автор Jason Damisch (8 месяцев)
Well it ain't no party in San Francisco, but it is a party, and these
people do seem to be having fun.

Автор tiredoftheignorance (1 год)
Maybe thats because the Appalachian settlers were mostly Protestant
Northern Irish immigrants. Then again those "scum" are far truer to their
word, faith, and hearts than any other group.

Автор StyrbjornStarke (6 месяцев)
Americas most important man

Автор En Soph (1 год)
Older sister = Lil Cuyler.

Автор rvd356 (1 год)
@iceaxe56 Knowing that they are all on welfare, social secruity disability
and foodstamps, you can bet your ass they support Obama

Автор southern boner (7 месяцев)
you stay in the cities because your mind is weak and you cant handle it.
fuck off

Автор 1500pantera (1 год)
hes kiddin bud

Автор billy johnson (1 год)
god bLESS Gertie Mae !!!!

Автор southern boner (7 месяцев)
lol how weak

Автор Chad121130 (1 год)
Heyyyy my name is Sue and I am a MAN

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