Jesco White Hellbilly Part 1

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Добавлено: 3 года
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Автор MrPotatoesLatkie (3 месяца)
Amazing what happened to the clothing styles in 20 years. Jesco dressed
classy in his earlier days.

Автор Scott Free (6 месяцев)
what exactly is interesting about this people?
sorry I missed that part

Автор kat rob (6 месяцев)
I want to meet Jesco in person, please cause I really like him

Автор Iris Louise (7 месяцев)
I feel fucking weird for saying this but Jesco was hot back in the early

Автор bob smith (5 месяцев)
this is just exploitation of poor people. fuck the assholes who did it.

Автор JohnnyC Major (1 месяц)
WTF is this???

Автор Armida Zepeda (2 месяца)
moma white is the best

Автор bluebreckskier (7 месяцев)
GTA 5 brought me here. Thanks???

Автор martimas prime (5 месяцев)
Jesco, You hold the key to the next White family tap prodigy. Who are
you currently training? 

Автор Emmy Gerbilrancher (2 месяца)
well he's got great time

Автор LaNeedles (6 месяцев)
Fry them eggs right bitch!!!!! 

Автор Komisgirl79 (2 месяца)
The documentary about this family makes me so glad that i am from big
cities. YIKES!! If that redneck would have threatened me about something
stupid like cooking, i would have kicked the redneck shit out of him. No
culture, low intelligence. Being an "outlaw" is not that cool. Having all
kinds of guns and talking tough all the time only makes people show their
weakness and stupidity. These kinds of people would NEVER survive in NYC or
any other major city. Let alone overseas in other countries where people
are far more intelligent. The best weapon a person can have is their brain.
These people should stop breeding. Its starting to get scary. Lol. But like
i said; one hell of a hilarious movie. But kind of scary at the same time
to know people like this exist in large groups. 

Автор Julia Devonney (8 месяцев)
These people cannot be for real. Tell me they're joking!

Автор spanky stone (7 месяцев)
family perdition lol

Автор Humbly Urs (8 месяцев)
He's a bipolar schizophrenic...everyone knows that.

Автор JohnnyC Major (1 месяц)
I feel a lot stupider after watching this.

Автор Humbly Urs (8 месяцев)
And Sue Bob, believe me when I tell you, is like...the Anna Nicole Smith of
the white family in Boone Co. Everyone wants a piece of that ass!!

Автор mannyman03 (6 месяцев)
These people need to be in jail!

Автор Michele Huffman (1 месяц)

Автор statusqu0rs (29 дней)
Hey uncle Jesco, see you next Christmas.

Автор Ryan K (5 месяцев)
that opening part about the butcher knife is in a Mastodon song. I don't
remember what one though.

Автор natty oh so natty (3 месяца)

Автор marcman5109 (6 месяцев)
And I thought my family was messed up

Автор BigBoatDeluxe (1 месяц)
My transmission just locked up!

Автор tom d (1 месяц)
Elvis would not have even been around these people these are the kinds
of people that hurt his legacy 

Автор Mickey Duck (1 месяц)
get popcorn suttons popcorn said f k you tshirt at
popcornsutton d0t selz d0t c0mt

Автор Tamara Jackson (2 месяца)
Sue Bob Said "I ain't your Nigger!!'' to Les White

Автор invitriol123 (1 месяц)
Say what you will. These feral Whites will survive long after the economy

Автор tom d (1 месяц)

Автор Tamara Jackson (2 месяца)
This are the real alive Squid Billies lol

Автор SandyzSerious (5 месяцев)
Good lord ;/

Автор aethir86 (5 месяцев)
I think the whole Squidbillies thing from adultswim is based off this one
video. LOL

Автор Richard Hawkins (6 месяцев)
Yes these ppl are real and no there not putting on. But there not the
baddest rebels or whatever I live in the baddest place on earth Harlan
county ky show justified is made after show kentucky justice on Sundays at
10 on nat geo and we have the 2nd lowest crime rate in USA 0 gangs not one
never had a drive by no fags holding hands our kids don't see none of that
stupid shit no walking around with jeans down on your ass and sunglasses on
inside a fucking store u stupid ass fucks u look dumb as shit I'd smack
that shit off a mother fucker if I saw it. Harlan county ky aka bloody
Harlan is the baddest of bads not for killing crime like murder but for we
don't take no shit we own guns AR15s and the cops hang out with us we don't
have firing ranges we shoot in the yard we ride atv's shoot tanerite and
blow it up and we always police out selfs u come here bullshitting u get
took in the mountains and shown what real justice is no matter how bad u
think u are there be 35 fuckers on you stringing your ass to the back of a
side by side and hauling u to the woods for a near death beating and leave
u there. Harlan ky is for real these ppl are real and act this way all the
time, but there not bad asses like they say they wouldn't make it in Harlan

Автор Tredz Canty (3 месяца)
What a stinky family 

Автор Nikolay Kulikov (6 месяцев)
it's all fun and games but those fuckers will bury your ass in them
mountains and then have themselves another bud light...

Автор jj thompson (11 месяцев)
So, it is full of homicidal people? Yea, maybe that is WHY we stay in the
cities and leave the whole "Rural Poor" thing to others...

Автор bigdaddyangel73 (11 месяцев)

Автор Spot Cardwell (1 год)
No its not Wildwood Flower!

Автор Alex's Bikes and Motors (1 год)
what year is this from? Which president is he talking about?

Автор Jake Hernandez (1 год)
@CatFishMcGraw Jesco did voice Gaga on Squidbillies

Автор iceaxe56 (1 год)
thats hilarious--i got to use wizards sleeve if you don't mind

Автор Swaggnito Jackson (1 год)
her voice is sexy.. -_-

Автор Whitey McFly (1 год)
Free Bud Light advertising? Pay the man!

Автор AxCxfortheWin (1 год)
R.I.P. Bertie May White

Автор TheHacktheplanet00 (1 год)
I would fuck the shit outta sue bob.

Автор Leland Sprout (1 год)
if I got drunk enough I just might to do ol Sue Bob

Автор SethHesio (1 год)
Are the Whites inbred? It's interesting how they look, not just similar but
really identical facially.

Автор jafasafarie (1 год)
Wwyd with that kind of freedom?

Автор charles skidmore (1 год)
heck of a true hillbilly...Me too

Автор viriiguy (10 месяцев)
Love Jesco as PeePAw on Squidbillies!!

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