Sometimes fans get bored of watching so they make there own entertainment......

baseballcrazys channel.https://www.youtube.com/user/thedreamerslive

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Автор Nadia Hrecinic ( назад)
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Автор Adam Vapnar ( назад)
The intro is so loud

Автор Valerie Vasquez ( назад)
The little kid is so cute

Автор Alucard Hellsing ( назад)
2:39 lmaoooo

Автор Hawk Bear ( назад)
The guy doing that monkey pitch thing has WAAAAY too much power and no
control in his throw

Автор Monica Hankins ( назад)
What's wrong with a friendly game of grab ass? Only guys can do that?

Автор froopy88 aj ( назад)
1:57 They are nowhere neare 10, maybe 6

Автор jordisonjr1 ( назад)
What's the name of the song please?

Автор japhygato ( назад)
baseball sucks. can we just admit it? THAT'S NOT A QUESTION!

Автор Swagdog PlayzYT ( назад)
Those youngsters dancing are like 5 not 10

Автор Mitchblue - 29 (Mitchrapp) ( назад)
No Morganna? She ran on the field for years.

Автор Kyliek Johnson ( назад)
this is the funniest I've ever seen

Автор PB&Peyton ( назад)
People are just jealous that creg kimbrel is better than any of there
pitchers and there losing

Автор XxMLGSAVGEPROxX ( назад)
1:56 That giant boy loves looking at his ass just 😳

Автор Armaan Venugopal ( назад)
Intro song plz

Автор Blue Devils ( назад)
Actually one shot the cubs are better than any team ever

Автор Wills Awsomeness ( назад)

Автор Adam Vlogs ( назад)
Merry x-mas

Автор Elizabeth oneill ( назад)
do part 2

Автор Ethan Smith ( назад)
Fuck you sports ultra

Автор Tcbmap ( назад)
The very first clip?
What a fucking asshole.

Автор Joel Cruz ( назад)
2:45 hahaha

Автор Divne Knowlege ( назад)
I know you pay ALL that money, but you hate them tho.

Автор luiz siqueira ( назад)
He would go to jail and be called a sexist pig.

Автор Patel Vidhu ( назад)
Like 1:34 The way that man run.

Автор Emanuel Roman ( назад)
at last I thought he said bitch

Автор Kenneth Busler ( назад)
A baseball compilation without hearing Vin Scully's voice is like The
Rolling Stones without Mick Jagger. Happy retirement, Vin!

Автор Colton Eden ( назад)
That kit was like 5

Автор Wide Out ( назад)
That coach was having none of it.

Автор Wide Out ( назад)
I'm sorry, but if an ugly bitch touches my ass. I will not be happy with
it. Actually, no I'm not sorry.

Автор CiscoLitco ( назад)
If a dude ran into a tennis field and grabbed a womans butt , his life
would be ruined and he would be the first sexual offender in the universe

Автор The Channel ( назад)
That is a short stupid video

Автор Brady Benoit ( назад)

Автор Grant DeVivo ( назад)
Is that Joey Rickard in the beginning at 0:10?

Автор Selena_0123 ( назад)

Автор jswini31 ( назад)
What is this theme song

Автор Reverend Benzo ( назад)
By the way, Kimbrel struck out the Phillies' batter.

Автор Zuhnix ( назад)
10-9 yrs old he was born yesterday

Автор Kelley Chisum ( назад)
At2:43thats my cousin

Автор Matt Boss ( назад)
I love Philly

Автор Noah doesMC ( назад)
This is so pathetic it's a horrible video jeez put some effort into it

Автор Tom ( назад)
omg the streaker at the fucking horse race! i died!

Автор CarterHoncoop ( назад)
pls subscribe

Автор Packerfan12 ( назад)
1:54 10 or 9 maybe 5

Автор Shaun Wilson ( назад)
Men and women are not equal, they never will be. If that was a man grabbing
a woman's behind, he'd be in jail, paying fines, his life would be changed.
As it should be! The women just need to admit they are different than men.

Автор warlock ( назад)
I flagged it as spam for misleading thumbnail.

Автор warlock ( назад)
Kimbrel is a FAG.

Автор Triston Forgrave ( назад)
Like or a killer clown will be in your bedroom

Автор Fantasy Ganging ( назад)
-_- Panzoid -_-

Автор Héctor Salazar ( назад)
2:15 Best fan support ever... XD

Автор Cristo Fernandez ( назад)
You never know 😎

Автор Vince Graziano ( назад)
Funny ending

Автор MisterMinkz ( назад)
1:17 is that a fucking pool next to a baseball field?

Автор wolf-gamer 200 ( назад)

Автор Amazingnuzz 100 ( назад)
I love ur intro dude

Автор Niko Siller ( назад)
Like what you are

Автор Zecronic King ( назад)
Dude you earned my sub for that ending threat keep it up man!!!

Автор Jjaustin9 ( назад)
1:18 was that zach hample??

Автор Aidan Watson ( назад)
oh so because it's a woman it's okay to run on a field and grab some ass.

Автор Trevor Kelley ( назад)
if a man went and grabbed a girls ass out in the field. he woul dbe charges
5 counts of sexual assault, most likely sued for all his money.

Автор DIC3 _ ( назад)
Dislike for shitty intro

Автор Brady Tucker2 ( назад)
The first guy (0:08) is Orioles outfielder Joey Rickard

Автор john Baldock ( назад)
They Pay There Money, Let Them Join In!!

Автор Mariu Garcia ( назад)
at 11:55 he said the kids were 9 or 10

Автор Brice Davis ( назад)
2:10 #ripharambe

Автор mallarysangel ( назад)
The first one is just an asshole to use this as an excuse to slam someone
too hard. Drop em, tackle em, subdue them, and if they get hurt because of
their own mistake then whatever, but everybody that touched the first guy
was being more aggressive than necessary. One guy slams him and everybody
else follows his lead like an animal because people are stupid like that.
You think they'd be that rough with a hot naked chick? These folks aren't
hurting anyone. They'll pay for this, but they don't deserve to get their
ass kicked.

Автор Sandin Mench ( назад)
Those kids r like 6

Автор OneShot ( назад)
I say once again, fuck all you Phillies fans, Kimbrel was the best damn
braves closer!👿

Автор clos A ( назад)
white people haha

Автор Colonel Klink ( назад)
Man that ugly fat blonde mom with the two brats. "aren't they cute?" No
they're not cute fatass... tell your dorky, out of control kids to sit
down. Yeah eat some more nachos miss piggy... that's all you need, right

Автор Sports Universe2105 ( назад)
1:19 is that Zack hample

Автор MrGjf22 ( назад)
Philly fans...best in the world at being dickheads.

Автор The Fader Official ( назад)
the 2nd one oh man gawd, I'm scarred

Автор VanillaGizmo ( назад)
9-10 more like 4

Автор joseangel boyer ( назад)
si es sadica

Автор PAULA SOUSA ( назад)

Автор Liam Nintzel ( назад)
You know I feel bad for the pitcher in the video if I was him I couldn't
take it

Автор Thomas Tenorio ( назад)
if a man ran out to grab a woman's ass he would be a sex offender and some
jail time.

Автор Ryan Jones ( назад)
this id FUCKING stupid lol

Автор Eddie McCArty ( назад)
At 40 seconds dude was like a defensive lineman

Автор Raptor658 ( назад)
your intro is like my brothers

Автор Avery Bradley's Son ( назад)
The kissing bandit better be on here

Автор Rusty Shackleford ( назад)
I'm just glad Greg Gibson, the home plate umpire, isn't there. 

Автор Shrek Wilson ( назад)
Hey, I know everyone must see these everyday, but if you would please take
a moment if your time to view my channel, it would mean the world to me. I
make quality content and am dedicated to my craft. Thanks, you won't be
disappointed if you check it out, and I would be ogrejoyed if you took a
minute to check it out. Thanks!

Автор Gaming With Dewey ( назад)
Sub to me and I'll sub back with 21 accounts ( i actually do it)

Автор Exiledwest ( назад)

Автор ANDREW ENGEL ( назад)
that little kid is so dumb dodgers suck o's rock

Автор Ryan Melean ( назад)
I think since we pay hundreds of dollars to go watch events I think we
should be able to go on the field

Автор OmgItsPumaGamer 123 ( назад)

Автор Lucifer Roy ( назад)
ja 10 you are right it is a sarcasm

Автор Eponix ( назад)

Автор Dom Xp ( назад)
To me this video was lame

Автор NEBULA ( назад)
wild bill hagy?

Автор Sabina Day ( назад)
What is the intro song? 0:00 -0:05

Автор Christopher Garbrandt ( назад)
I was at that game at clip 1.

Автор el mariachi loco ( назад)
stuped kid

Автор Pablo Ramirez ( назад)
Intro song???

Автор Ferenc Kocsis ( назад)

Автор Jacob The Skull ( назад)
Just think if that was a man touching a women's athletes ass. He would go
to jail and be called a sexist pig.

Автор Exxotik _blaze ( назад)
clickbait wat does the thumbnail have to do with this

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