Secrets of a Dynamic Sun

Five major recent discoveries about our Sun. From NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

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Автор TetraIllusion ( назад)
Came here for a class assignment. I love college.

Автор mattsgp ( назад)
Every video.. so many religious arguments..SHUT UP!

Автор ArtAgent13 ( назад)
Right here in our home star system there are still many things we have yet
to discover. There are many things that have not yet been visited by our
robotic probes and spacecraft. Other things that are under active
observation at this time are delivering to us surprises, one right after
another. There is still so much astronomy and astrophysics work to be done
regarding our Solar system, that will keep us working on for long into the
future. Very exciting time to be alive.

Автор ganymedeIV4 ( назад)
galileo was also known for being the 1st of another discovery and another
little known invention. he was the first to accidentally look through a
telescope at the sun. and the 1st to include that hilarious stick figure
guy with a laser beam going through his eye looking at a telescope in the
manual for telescopes.

Автор News107 ( назад)
watch Dr al najjar scientist 0f space watch Dr al najjar scientist 0f space

Автор XxStonedKillerxX ( назад)
@79agp Its also the only reason life exists on earth

Автор Paul Jones ( назад)
You forgot to mention the Coriolis Effect !!

Автор Popnetic ( назад)
@zachsims520 inb4 your butthurt

Автор CIAInferno ( назад)
how can there be a green sun?

Автор roockowacko ( назад)
@crissxxx i like turtles

Автор roockowacko ( назад)
@crissxxx yeah , they would probably name it "sunday " or some shit...

Автор roockowacko ( назад)
yeah yeah sun is great . whats next , is it going to have its own day in
the week or something? -_-

Автор Don Juan ( назад)
@ORSLAH my brother did that, hes blind. want to know why?

Автор Amanda P. ( назад)
The sun is badass, we just take it for granted as the huge fireball in the
sky. Its cool to realize that it is a star and it is close enough to study
in detail.

Автор D. Box ( назад)
@alleycatskateshop Your right; use your eye's. Fear of the sun is way over
rated. Learn to question what you have been told. Sun Gazing is a hoot and
should be done by all to rejuvenate our inner and outer. I do it and is
amazing. So the sun is harmful, not. Another myth bites the dust !

Автор Greatermaxim ( назад)
Look at all the political angles of the sun. I'm glad I don't have to read
every comment to like it.

Автор Vampire33432 ( назад)
@anryth awsome

Автор anryth ( назад)
@Vampire33432 nuclear fusion... the releasing of energy does not always
require oxygen. the particular chemical reaction that you are accustomed to
(fire) is not the only way of releasing energy. the sun uses hydrogen ions
that collide together to make helium which releases energy. surely that was
not a serious question, i remember that from 5th grade. if it was serious,
then our public schools really are a box of fail.

Автор anryth ( назад)
well i guess someone had to do it...

Автор blackhat2005 ( назад)
@alleycatskateshop They are specially made dumbass!!! Want a tip? Don't
talk. You'll just make yourself sound stupid.

Автор Mattia Maximilian Vrhovec ( назад)
@Vampire33432 it's not really a fireball..more a HUGE MASSIVE corefusion
reactor :P also its made of hydrogen plasma:)

Автор Vampire33432 ( назад)
ok in have a quistion.... how can there be a gaint fireball (the sun) in
space!! i mean fire needs oxygen right? there is no oxygen in space !!!

Автор boyke ( назад)
hmm if space can lift the entire earth maybe it can lift the statue of

Автор TheReturnofLurker15 ( назад)
So if we found another earth? How are we going to move the Statue of
Liberty to another Earth? it is too heavy

Автор Roee B ( назад)
@sabahghanem Jesus Is A Cunt

Автор damoparman ( назад)
i wonder if anyone has told al gore about this big hot thing in space and
its possable affects on climate here on earth

Автор mbm13213 ( назад)
@Beefer413 Oh, well yeh, that seems smarter.

Автор ta2joe13 ( назад)
@XXxSchumacherxXX outstanding response i could not agree more

Автор RobSellsTacos ( назад)
@VasVortex Also I would like to say that you completely misunderstood my
"trapped in a box" comment. I was again referring to the blind followers of
faith, that believe the words given to them based only on the concept that
there MUST be a God, so these writings MUST be true. Don't get your panties
in a wad.

Автор RobSellsTacos ( назад)
@VasVortex A debate is never won by saying "I'm right, you're not. Shut
up." Just because I said that blind followers of faith have no bearing in
the scientific world, it does not mean that I have proven anyone wrong. In
fact, that's my point exactly: You can't prove the existence of a God-like
creator in any case, nor can you DISprove the idea. You claim to take the
"best" of both religion and science, yet you can't prove religion to be
based on fact; that's not how science works I'm afraid.

Автор Kebra des Bois ( назад)
@theoferrum you people can't keep your "beliefs" for yourself, you have to
pollute every pages on YouTube... You're a new kind of troll... Think about

Автор RobSellsTacos ( назад)
@theskyisfalling321 The facts are these:None of us lived in the times of
the creation of the universe, our galaxy, our solar system, or even when
Jesus supposedly lived. Using the most basic principle, "if ; then", we can
prove why and how things happen, because the statement is completely
reliable and proven. IF cirumstances THEN result If you want to believe in
texts that have no basis in proven reality, be my guest. The scientific
world would see no benefit in your trapped-in-the-box mindset.

Автор RobSellsTacos ( назад)
@MrMX36 you don't really think the sun is the size of an orange do you? i
must have misunderstood.

Автор RobSellsTacos ( назад)
@alleycatskateshop yeah i know right? USE YOUR EYES!

Автор mbm13213 ( назад)
i woders how they know how hot the surface of the sun is? did they stick a
rectal thermometer up its ass?

Автор firecrackerg60 ( назад)
@deliriosdelsol the planet needs a human cull of 90% to survive,let it begin

Автор Smith Lana ( назад)
We truley are just a speck in the universe.

Автор PLANET X ( назад)
@XXxSchumacherxXX Well, funny you should be so interested in the Sun since
the Bible calls it the Lake of Fire in Revelation.

Автор abby495 ( назад)
@deliriosdelsol I guess but who will pay taxes to keep those greedy fat
cats rich?

Автор abby495 ( назад)
Sol, great the inspiration, thanx for rising everyday and letting the
plants grow so that we can breathe oxygen xoxo : )

Автор deliriosdelsol ( назад)
This issue is not to be taken lightly. The dangers are very real. Those of
you in the "western" world did not experience the grotesque geomagnetic
weather that we endured all spring here in Asia: snowstorms throughout
April, sub-freezing windstorms until the end of May. It was terrifying. But
of course you don't know anything about it, because the media don't tell
you anything. Let me tell you now: THE ELITE DON'T WANT YOU PREPARED

Автор deliriosdelsol ( назад)
FACTS: 1. NASA has warned of the strong possibility of a cataclysmic
geomagnetic storm occurring between now and 2013. 2. A cataclysmic (G5 or
above) geomagnetic storm would likely cripple electrical power grids for
months, even years. 3. No power --> no running water. How long can you
survive without water? Why do our governments and media not educate us
about these dangers? The above facts are completely grounded in hard
science and easily verified within 5 minutes on the web.

Автор Kebra des Bois ( назад)
@theskyisfalling321 wow, you must feel very special... You're not...

Автор Kebra des Bois ( назад)
The sun and earth are more linked that i thought...

Автор Pj Landin ( назад)
what really amazes me is how the bible thumpers can out-cuss the athiests
here. And I thought the vid was good......wow!

Автор MrMX36 ( назад)
This little orange sized star holds many many secrets ! amazes us every day

Автор Louis Riccio ( назад)
"And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given
unto him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat,
and blasphemed the name of God, which has power over these plagues, and
they repented not to give Him glory." Revelation 16:8-9. You have been
warned. Repent now before it is to late. I kid you not.

Автор tugaloo nguyen ( назад)
@sNuGgLeSyPuKi words of an angel. pffft. fuck off

Автор Loveunderlaw Heil Lucifer ( назад)
@Spic173 I'll shut up when you grow a brain deuchebag...

Автор deliciousbird ( назад)
@loveunderlaw shut up.

Автор Kweku Abla ( назад)
Sweet SUN, there is not other Like You.. All Praises Unto SUN. All
religions are false. They are only stories. There was and only is SUN
Forever. Even all these name that science give to SUN and its actions are
bullshit. All praises given to the Hidden God is Meant for SUN, because our
creator is and has never hid from its creation. SUN is the only creator and
sustainer. Do your research.

Автор aslim999 ( назад)
to all whom bring religion in this, FUCK YOU this video is based on science
not religion, there is no jesus or god in this video you have no right to
bring religion in this in the science world religion is considered a myth
which it is since no one has physical proof that god exists besides a book
that coulda been writen by anyone. religion has no right of being involved
in this prosess keep your beliefs to you god damn selfs

Автор sNuGgLeSyPuKi ( назад)
@XXxSchumacherxXX fuk u son of a bitch when the world ends you will go to
hell and fuking burn lik shit bitch

Автор Loveunderlaw Heil Lucifer ( назад)
@coollyaid Hey deuchebag go fuck yourself!

Автор coollyaid ( назад)
@loveunderlaw STFU this is science not fucking christian u dumbaasss

Автор Loveunderlaw Heil Lucifer ( назад)
@2112mike Life takes different forms on different planets, we're just
experiencing life as humans. It doesn't mean that we know about life in
other forms or other places. And yes the God & Goddess have life on other
planets, human life is unique, not life itself.

Автор Kellefeniee ( назад)
XXxSchumacherxXX you are stupied it was Jesus That Created the eart and the
sun you dont understand you are a handicapp do not say something you dont

Автор RyuOhisama ( назад)
Mhm maybe

Автор kalimul ( назад)
This videos should be more popular imho.

Автор racookster ( назад)
Actually, 2112mike, scientists have proven no such thing. We don't know how
abundant life is because we've never ventured beyond our solar system, and
if we're talking manned spaceflight, beyond the Earth/Moon system. We don't
even know conclusively if there's life on other planets or moons in THIS
solar system. But I don't know why I'm picking on you. Maybe because you
seem bright enough to understand what I'm saying. Some of the other
comments in this column are just... WHEW! XP

Автор arado240dd ( назад)
The sun spots 11 year cycle is related to the great white spot on saturn,
that one comes up every 11 years as well. the sun mist kick it off every 11

Автор Clover ( назад)
Wait, wat? I didn't comment on this.

Автор Mike McLaren Drumming ( назад)
@YoruNoShi well actually, scientists have proven that life on earth was a
very rare fluke in the system so i dunno about this goddess giving birth to
the earth. if thats true, then is earth her only child? did she put life on
other planets aswell, and if not, then why waste so much 'space' in space
(like, space, space) with other planets and such?

Автор Mike McLaren Drumming ( назад)
very interesting

Автор DDoiS ( назад)
shut tha fuck up fanatic...

Автор qais azimi ( назад)
the creation of god. ALLAH the one and and the creator of everthing known
and unknown to man

Автор Diego Men ( назад)

Автор ALaudun ( назад)
Doesn't tell you enough.

Автор liamoace ( назад)
Wtf is evryones problem is ur an Ateist well them stop complaining!!

Автор FrenchConcrete ( назад)
I love it...!

Автор didjabringadidjalong ( назад)
the part about religion isn't all factual either, they're peddling
non-sequiturs too. Nevertheless I agree, dogmatic religious thinking is
holding back the human species as a whole.

Автор euphoritch (1019 лет назад)
you are goddamn right , i realy dig your feelin about this for shure, yes
yes all made by god, and if you do not lisen you will burn forever
somewhere else. please check out Zeitgeist, the movie,, or just the part
about religion , man i swear you love it, some truth about god and his
mindfuckin fraude experts.

Автор didjabringadidjalong ( назад)
not a complete dyson sphere, just a single array of panels would suffice.
Also, ringworld.

Автор DinoBenn ( назад)

Автор Dan K ( назад)
I think you're confusing SCIENCE with SCIENTOLOGY...

Автор yourboycal ( назад)
moon machines , /watch?v=kq5wc02uEDs =o

Автор gohglendon ( назад)
in theory yes. that would be known as a dyson sphere - which is of course
unfeasible since more material would be needed to construct the sphere than
there exists in our solar system. you could always try to construct a giant
orbiting solar panel, but that wouldn't be alot more feasible

Автор benzhao236 ( назад)
can't we build like a giant solar panel thingy to harvest solar energy from
the sun then send it back to earth thus an infinite energy source??

Автор Splurgy ( назад)
Kind of depends on what you mean by "air". Oxygen? Helium? Nitrogen?

Автор Alba Regia ( назад)

Автор TreyNitrotoluene ( назад)
That isn't Theory. It is a hypothesis unless you have some peer reviewed
publications you haven't mentioned. Hypothesis is just a guess, educated or
otherwise. You have to have a pretty sound body of work behind a hypothesis
before it's Theory.

Автор Clover ( назад)
some people choose to worship him and thats ok. it is not proven that there
is not a god because the god you believe in is true to you and that is all
that matters. i kinda think that god is not just one person but is a soul
and can be anything to anyone. im not so sure what i believe cause i
believe lots of things about her. i think that god is a she. everybody
keeps talking about how she gave birth to the Earth.

Автор Connected-A51 ( назад)
The cold is prisoning the sarounding of the sun this create like gass then
like air and a great amount of magnet making it to callapsing inwards that
is why the energy is eating the battery camera of the camera man in the
bermuda triangle.

Автор Connected-A51 ( назад)
mindi02 : Theory ..Why air inside the senter of the sun because there is no
presure around the sun that we human call sky or presure are building
within instead of outside. That is why it bobles out when its to much air
but in giant bobles. Its like when the presure tanks explode then that is
the reaction of the sun to much presure.

Автор Connected-A51 ( назад)
Theory: can it be that the sun has normal air in the senter of the sun?

Автор Liam Pullin ( назад)
you rock!!!

Автор Zane ( назад)
you do know that SCIENCE has proven that there is a section of humans
brains that is religious? So that proves ur god is in ur head. GL wasting
ur life

Автор omarittos ( назад)
I do not know what to say to you!! I feel really sorry about you and about
every one who does not understand correctly the purpose of life. Regardless
of what you believe in I shall respect you and your believes and I think
you shall do the same. I do not care about others behaviors and their
actions in the name of religion and God. I do care about myself.

Автор Zane ( назад)
so... u are worshipping a thing you can't see, only some people say they
can hear, never does anything for us, and there is no evidence to prove he
exists? People say when something bad happens and then everyone is fine
that it is a "blessing" well maybe if god could have stopped the bad thing
from happening in advanced it would be more like a blessing

Автор omarittos ( назад)
That just shows how much you are ignorant and stupid enough to think like
this. Go and read some books to know what I am worshiping if you are
interested. Do not judge just by looking.

Автор omarittos ( назад)
Thanks to our God. He has created everything perfectly to show us his power
and to confirm that he is the one and nobody else should be worshiped.

Автор Dan K ( назад)
I'm glad I live in this amazing universe, jsut begging us to understand it.

Автор StL33T ( назад)
actually no, the sun doesnt conatin 99.9% mass of the solar system

Автор RJL738 ( назад)
I would not joke about something like that.

Автор RJL738 ( назад)
Another way to think about it is, the Sun is almost 1.34 million times the
Earth's volume, and is more than 300,000 times it's mass. Even though the
Sun contains almost 99.9% of the mass of the solar system it is still only
a type G2 main sequence yellow dwarf star. Jesus Christ is a wonderful
Creator, Savior and Lord.

Автор Chick6517 ( назад)
I am still a little confused on this video. It makes me laugh though. haha!
Youtube= freedom of the videos... haha, gotta love it.

Автор RapistAsshole ( назад)
This video is excellent at demonstrating how far our technology has
improved. I am extremely grateful I live in this day and age.

Автор RESTLINXXX ( назад)
ok i should think of that it was quite obvious you are right thanks for the

Автор 0bamasecrets ( назад)
The only way he would go blind is if he didn't use a absorbing or
reflecting filter. If he just looked through the telescope without any
filters, the light will be more concentrated to the eye and that would lead
to instant blindness.

Автор RESTLINXXX ( назад)
the guy at 0:09 looked the sun through a telescope lol i think you get
blind if you do that

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