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Автор David D. Stanton (3 месяца)
Thank you! 

Автор achi441 (2 месяца)
Oh My God Marty!!! YES!!! I thought picking was impossible but the noises
coming out of my guitar match yours perfectly now. Thanks man!!! ^_^

Автор Maurice Charles (3 месяца)
Dude this is awesome. I might actually be able to learn "Dust In The Wind"
before I die. LMAO

Автор Johnny Smith (3 месяца)
Would it be considered left wrong if I put down my guitar after only
playing each note on tempo separately and not together?

Автор Anne Russell (3 месяца)
This is absolutely fantastic! I can't wait to make beautiful music with

Автор Nancy Wardle (1 месяц)
This is fantastic! Thank you!

Автор Joie Jameson (7 месяцев)
guess I have just been picking a certain way for 50 years now,,,,

Автор Dave Bagtas (2 дня)

Автор Dannielle Mechling (1 месяц)
I have an alt. Picking ng pattern for d major. You use the d g b and e
strings. The first string is d, then b then g then e. Once you play those
notes ending the last note which is e 4 times through, you take your ring
finger off and play the 1st and 2nd finger. You then replace your ring
finger and play without your first finger and only play the middle and ring
fingers.. Ending 4 times through on top e. Then you put your first finger
back on the string and play without the second string, then you play all
the fingers together again, coming full circle. You can use this to teach
your students. Have a good 1!

Автор David Nicholson (4 месяца)
Thanks Marty. You have started me on the art of finger picking. Appreciate
your lesson.

Автор michael chapleLast (10 месяцев)
This does help a lot! I will be practicing very slowly...Excellent Lesson!!

Автор LPS silver (8 месяцев)
what if I don't know ANYTHING about guitar lessons, and I don't know those
things he said in the beginning... I need a proper lesson for level 0. RAH!

Автор D Sam (8 месяцев)
its just a little to fast

Автор West Coast Defense MUT (7 месяцев)
Is the bar code F Useful? Please awnser

Автор Tihomir S. (9 месяцев)
Thanks a lot Marty :) excellent exercise!!!

Автор Gabriele Kohl (10 месяцев)
you made me happy. Thank you.

Автор Nirmaan Aggarwal (1 год)
You're the best!

Автор Chubby Bunny (11 месяцев)
this really helps me!! thanks!

Автор Nirmaan Aggarwal (1 год)
helps with the song "marry me" by train

Автор Manish Sharma (1 год)
the best lesson on finger picking i have viewed so far. Thanks :)

Автор coldstream100 (1 год)
Great tutorial video thanx so much

Автор TheDigitalNdn (1 год)
Thank you.

Автор camrynkline2499 (9 месяцев)
Thank you thank you thank you 

Автор Sonali Sharma (1 год)
when i use left hand for chords, those string sound mute while
fingerpicking!!! pleaseeeeee help!!!! 

Автор Toma Hawk (1 год)
Looks like as good a place to start as I've seen so far, thanks Marty.
Wish I hadn't waited so long to learn how to do this, just stubborn I
guess. A ton of others have done it, and I don't consider myself mentally
handicapped - it's more like Charles Barkley and golf lol.

Автор Sublime Music Channel (1 год)
Best instructional video opening EVER! Long live the spouse! Excellent
lesson, too.

Автор Renton Thurston (1 год)
Thanks! Helps a lot!

Автор Kristal G (1 год)
SLOWER!!!! please change the angle of the camera so we can see which finger
your using as your third finger looks like its playing a string, confusing!

Автор TheGREENLEMMING (1 год)
haha i love the intro XD

Автор Cat McGovern (1 год)
Thank you ...... Keep it up..!! I learn more from you than anyone I have
searched...& that is a lot .. Great instruction . I play piano, my first
love, but it has to be in a storage awhile.. So.. What is available is a
friends guitar..!! Love it.. But learning a new instrument is a joy as well
as a great challenge . So, I want you to know Your instruction is very
appreciated.. Bless you & your family..!!!

Автор Jillian Faith (1 год)
You really are an excellent teacher, Marty!! Love your vids! Thanks so very
much :)

Автор Edgar Mendes (1 год)
awesome vid :)

Автор bennyinberlin (11 месяцев)
yeah...never mind explaining the rhythm because it`s easy beginners...

Автор Kristal G (1 год)

Автор Marty Shurtleff (1 год)
hi marty, thanks for the help, picked it up in 10 minutes or less, very
good tutorial.

Автор Edgar Mendes (1 год)
dude... the intro.... thats my life :0000

Автор Jacob Kollasch (1 год)
ohh I'm Sweaty!

Автор Jay Chapman (1 год)
we'll be back too best guitar lessons i have i have found on here yet

Автор Cody Kight (1 год)
Thanks Marty for the helpful video!!! And nice Martin guitar!!!

Автор Taegan Venner (1 год)
thanks so much :)

Автор Woodsy Owl (1 год)
isnt that dust in the wind by kansas?

Автор Dan Pearce (1 год)
Cheers Pal! I've been putting my old guitar down for years but now I've
started picking I'm on a mission!!! Peace! Danny P England!

Автор Felipe Alonso (2 года)

Автор patsyohulaghan (2 года)
are your index middle and ring meant to go back onto the string they pluck
straight after that string is plucked, or is it better if the kind of hover
over the string they play ?

Автор akn0ledge (1 год)
ani difranco

Автор Archit Pikle (2 года)
and this is my first step to finger picking

Автор Michael Donohue (3 года)
Nice lessson.

Автор Rebecca G (2 года)
1 and 2 3 and 4 and? And thanks for the video

Автор al novak (1 год)
i am trying but i have a tele copy and finding its difficult.i know i know
picking aint easy but is it harder on a electric or am i just a total loser?

Автор Martin M (1 год)
Man, Marty, you have a really cool name.

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