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Автор Taegan Venner (3 месяца)
thanks so much :)

Автор Kristal G (3 месяца)
SLOWER!!!! please change the angle of the camera so we can see which finger
your using as your third finger looks like its playing a string, confusing!

Автор Renton Thurston (26 дней)
Thanks! Helps a lot!

Автор Sublime Music Channel (4 месяца)
Best instructional video opening EVER! Long live the spouse! Excellent
lesson, too.

Автор Mark Feeley (4 месяца)
Thank you kindly for helping me.

Автор TheGREENLEMMING (17 дней)
haha i love the intro XD

Автор Toma Hawk (2 месяца)
Looks like as good a place to start as I've seen so far, thanks Marty.
Wish I hadn't waited so long to learn how to do this, just stubborn I
guess. A ton of others have done it, and I don't consider myself mentally
handicapped - it's more like Charles Barkley and golf lol.

Автор Cody Kight (4 месяца)
Thanks Marty for the helpful video!!! And nice Martin guitar!!!

Автор Jay Chapman (3 месяца)
we'll be back too best guitar lessons i have i have found on here yet

Автор Sonali Sharma (2 месяца)
when i use left hand for chords, those string sound mute while
fingerpicking!!! pleaseeeeee help!!!! 

Автор Edgar Mendes (2 месяца)
awesome vid :)

Автор Jillian Faith (2 месяца)
You really are an excellent teacher, Marty!! Love your vids! Thanks so very
much :)

Автор Bhaskar Dhanraj (5 месяцев)
Thank YOU mate... These lessons are really wonderful and working... Would
like to see more of it..

Автор Felipe Alonso (1 год)

Автор patsyohulaghan (1 год)
are your index middle and ring meant to go back onto the string they pluck
straight after that string is plucked, or is it better if the kind of hover
over the string they play ?

Автор akn0ledge (5 месяцев)
ani difranco

Автор Archit Pikle (1 год)
and this is my first step to finger picking

Автор Rebecca G (1 год)
1 and 2 3 and 4 and? And thanks for the video

Автор al novak (6 месяцев)
i am trying but i have a tele copy and finding its difficult.i know i know
picking aint easy but is it harder on a electric or am i just a total loser?

Автор Martin Mohwinkle (8 месяцев)
Man, Marty, you have a really cool name.

Автор juan gallardo (1 год)
muy buen tutoria .....Gracias

Автор Micma039 (5 месяцев)
eddie vedder - tuolumne

Автор Ivy May (5 месяцев)
I've just learned to play the basic chords on the guitar (I've been playing
guitar for about 2 months now) is it too early to start to learn finger

Автор 1LinkEdits (11 месяцев)
Also, when I play songs that use Finger-picking (I'm more of a Pick user) I
can only use my Thumb and Index finger because it feels comfortable. But
when I try and use my other three fingers (Middle, Ring, Pinkie) it just
feels awkward and uncomfortable and it stuffs me up. Any excercises to help
me with that problem?

Автор Roger Rabbit (1 год)
Thx Marty, you are the Guitar teaching god of the Web

Автор GuitarSolosAndRiffs (7 месяцев)
You are a dumbass idrek.

Автор Disa Kautto (1 год)
You're really great! Could you do a tutorial on Rain by Patty Griffin???

Автор Jae Seven (1 год)
what acoustics do you have?

Автор ScottyT00hotty (1 год)
you're wonderful marty

Автор Carlo Schiffer (1 год)
Marty can u teach us leader of the band by Dan Folberg. You are my only
hope Marty please teach us.

Автор brian93383 (2 года)
great lesson!

Автор Jay Stew (1 год)
Jason. You may like finger pics but many guitarist grow their fingernails
out... It's gross ... But a lot just use their fingers without fingernails

Автор wan ramli (1 год)

Автор hannahthurkettle97 (9 месяцев)
Literally one of the best guitar teachers on YouTube, you are an absolute
saviour! Please never stop making videos :)

Автор Beasbomb21 (1 год)
Great tutorial! I uploaded a song i wrote while learning how to finger
pick. It sounds pretty good, but if i would have seen this video before
hand it would have taken a lot less time to get down.

Автор Garth Minnick (1 год)

Автор TheBdemba16 (11 месяцев)
who is that pretty lady in the back?

Автор Paul Henderson (1 год)
Thanks Marty for this patten, it,s helped me so much, and with the Cappo on
the 5th fret it sounds well cool....

Автор ayaka kudo (8 месяцев)
me too :D

Автор plankzeilpossie (5 месяцев)
Just go for it! I've never had lessons and started out with what now
appears to be called finger picking (no plectrum) and I fingerpick like
crazy! :) Would have loved to have nice instruction videos like this one

Автор AnaRaio25 (1 год)
mee too...

Автор Clarice Sobiono (9 месяцев)
Hi! Any great song for this pattern? I really loved it and I'm still
learning so it might me great to practice it with a real song. This is
great, Marty.

Автор chitchit saungoo (5 месяцев)
How do we do the F chord?

Автор pdxvids (1 год)
thanks for the tips.

Thank you Marty!!!!!!

Автор 6Assassins (1 год)
sounds like the start of Dust in the wind by kansas or something.

Автор Alex S (1 год)
Thanks man. Great instruction as always

Автор coraspond1 (2 года)
Thanks for posting this beginners guitar picking lesson. I'm just learning
some chords, a, d , e,. and c, g, f,. Now I'm picking the C chord , :-)

Автор qwerty93k (2 года)
@Azzahraa3006 Rodrigo Borgia

Автор Ron Laurin (1 год)
Great job of demonstrating

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