Yemenite Way of Putting on Tefillin

In my first video of this kind I attempt to demonstrate one of the most ancient ways of wrapping the arm tefillin. I am doing this according to Yemenite custom. Yemenite customs are the oldest, most pure and untouched traditions of Judaism dating back to the second temple period.

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Автор Brandi Jacobi (3 месяца)
since when do you convert to orthodoxy? I was of the belief that you just
become more religious as you study and time goes by.

Автор Jewcepticon (4 года)
although it should be noted that before migration to israel, yemenites did
not have a set way to wrap the arm, only the hand.

Автор tructilaedu (1 год)
A jew with a tatoo??

Автор ForgottenEasternJews (3 года)
@uriyah5771 In 1776 census of Jewish population, there were about 1 Million
or a little over it. About 308,000 Jews lived in Poland where vast majority
of Jews lived. So the total population of Jews in Europe was not more than
400,000 in 1776. The rest of the Jews mostly lived in N Africa and ME.
Which come up to 60%. But in early and mid 20th century (before holocaust)
ashkanazi jews were over 90%. So please get this straight.

Автор Averroes ابن رشد (2 года)
your hot but this is just superstition god doesn't need this to be happy
with us he wants us to do good stuff for others.

Автор uriyah5771 (3 года)
@ForgottenEasternJews Actually Ashkenazi DNA is very semetic with about 12%
European inflow. But what does that have to do with anything? I think maybe
you are generalizing. I am an Orthodox Ashkenazi Jew. All Ashkenazi Jews
are not Reform. Why do you have to "look" semetic. To be Jewish is not a
race to begin with it. It is a religion. And you can either be born into
that religion via a Jewish mother or convert. That's a big reason why
Ashkenazi Jews are very "white" because of conversion.

Автор TheKeyToGamingHD (4 года)
מזל טוב אל האישה

Автор ForgottenEasternJews (3 года)
@uriyah5771 Well, I used the term "whites" because most of the Jews in US
are heavily mixed with whites with small % of semetic blood. I call them
"whites" because not only they look different than Mizrahi jews but also
from Ashkanazi Jews centuries ago. I have looked at many Ashkanazi photos
100 or 150 yrs old, some of them looked middle eastern. So the more you go
back the more semetic looks ashkanazis had. But I don't see that here in US
anymore. Most of ashkanazi jews are either ref or cons

Автор mobydicknarrator (1 год)
Shalom, I am also a ger and have a tattoo. I was told not to remove it as I
would deface my body. Just a comment to the many on subject. However, I am
very impressed with your kavana and the desire to spread Torah and mitsvot.
Keep up the great work. If you feel the time maybe you should show how the
Temanim tie titziot.

Автор YisraelOrBust (5 лет)
Thanks for making this video about wrapping tefillin according to Temani
tradition, and sharing your personal stories about conversion, and making
aliyah. * Much appreciation...

Автор benny blanco (2 года)
i tried to look up for the person u said if u can send me a link iam also
interested in reading more about the religion

Автор uriyah5771 (3 года)
@ForgottenEasternJews Yes I know it was brought by Ashkenazi Jews but that
does not have anything to do with who's custom is more "pure." As I said
before, Ashkenazi minhag is very strict. It has to do with the areas they
lived. Sadly some Ashkenazi jews were badly influenced by German ideas and
thus began Reform Judaism. This has nothing to do with Orthodox Ashkenazic
minhag. While I understand you don't view them as Jews (neither do I) I
don't understand why you used the word "whites."

Автор 613maccabee (3 года)
You said that the 7 wraps represent the 7 days of creation, but in
Bereishis/Genesis it says there was 6 days of creation and on the 7th
Hashem rested

Автор RapperNamedQUICK (1 год)
It is so great that there are so many youtube Jewish Converts, Shalom G-d

Автор illusionist987 (5 лет)
I just want to not that I will edit later the description which says
Yemenite customs go back to the second temple period...they are much
older...they date back to the first temple period.

Автор ForgottenEasternJews (3 года)
@uriyah5771 I agree. Judaism is a religion now but in the past it was a
race AND religion. In ancient times Jews in middle east and N Africa faced
only religious persecution (because both looked the same) but later when
Jews migrated more to Europe they faced racial and religious persecution.
And Ashkanazi Jews in the PAST had more semetic blood than they have today.

Автор obamamama0185 (4 года)
This was amazing to see! Since I'm a woman, well, and a gentile, but that's
beside the point, none of my Jewish Studies classes in my undergrad years
really explained much, and it was sort of assumed that it was something I
wouldn't need to know about much, but I was always curious about the laying
of tefillin, and the significance of how it was wrapped around the arm and
hand, just to understand it more. Thank you! And Mazel Tov on your wedding
a few months ago!

Автор Kristopher Shoemaker (5 лет)
Thank you!

Автор deja2058 (2 года)
good demonstration. all jews are converts from 'abraham.' 10% of the roman
and arabic empires were converts-preceding constantine and mohammad and
many were forcibly converted to xstianity and mohammedism later. while it
is true that the ethnic origins of judaism are in the near east no
ethnicity is more jewish than another, which makes the khazar argument
moot. if 50 million chinese converted to judaism , over twice the existing
number of jews, they would not be less jewish. shalom.

Автор elijahthesamurai (4 года)
Kol HaKavod achi! This is one of the best filmed vids on Youtube that i've
seen on wrapping Tefillin very well explained & the angle was very clear to
see the way you wrapped. Shalom Berakhot!

Автор jerrygerardo4000 (1 год)
I'm pretty sure he explains that in the video

Автор ForgottenEasternJews (3 года)
Yes, Jews were in Europe as early as 4 AD. There were also Jews in Spain
during this time. But my point is, vast majority of Jews until the middle
ages lived in N africa and middle east (where it all began).

Автор Yitzchak Micha'el (3 года)
Jewish Tradition is that Men do not wear wdding rings at all.

Автор jololopez777 (5 лет)

Автор TheWonderlandmotel (4 года)
Mazal tov and go man go

Автор uriyah5771 (3 года)
@ForgottenEasternJews I'm sorry but you cannot prove a point by giving only
a Poland census. Germany? Hungary? Ukraine? Lithuania? Russia? It is well
known historically that by the middle ages the majority of Jews did NOT
live in the Middle East... Roman Empire, Crusades?... Please get that

Автор Samuel Vengrinovich (4 года)
good stuff man. I might just have to take on that finger wrapping method.
It totally looks familiar since I've been here in Israel almost 2 years.
Netanya: Gangsters and nice beaches ;)

Автор uriyah5771 (3 года)
@ForgottenEasternJews I never said that. They did not leave immediately.
The vast majority of Jews lived in the Middle East for a long time.
However, the earliest documented proof of Ashkenazi Jews is around 4 AD.

Автор facestheenemy (3 года)
Very well done. I'm marring a Yemenite girl to. I also have a tattoo so I'm
glad you shared that. Awesome information.

Автор HadasahMiryam bat Nadir (5 лет)
This is a very helpful tutorial, and your "ramblings" are a good thing
because of the detail you go into to make the instructions clear. Mazel tov
on your marriage. May you enjoy a long, joyful life together.

Автор deja2058 (2 года)
you converted to orhodox judaism? from xstianity from islam from
witchcraft? if you were from a jewish, secular upbringing you did not
convert. you only became observant. later you might not be observant and
become an atheist. its irrelevant only confusing to say you 'converted.'
jews are not a race but both a religion and a culture going back at least
2500 years and more if you accept scripture as proof. traditions are
meaningful.it's odd the written torah only says tefillin are ornaments.

Автор Easy Rashi (2 года)
The yemenite way is ashkenaz but turns sfard

Автор ForgottenEasternJews (3 года)
@uriyah5771 Please read some history and census. Poland had the vast
majority of Jews in Europe in 1776. Many later moved to Russia. Poland had
308,000 and there were no more than 400,000 jews in entire europe in 1776.
So 60% of Jews were from N Africa & ME. By the way, reform and conservative
judaism was brought by ashkanazi Jews in early 19th and mid 19th century.
The reform jews initially discarded most of Jewish practices. So I don't
see then as Jews. They are just whites who want to be Jews

Автор Chesed Yocheved Avraham (1 год)
very nice to hear how the ancient Jews dating back to the first temple
still keep this holy tradition, thank you very much

Автор illusionist987 (4 года)
That's interesting. Allthough I'm not now 100% certain anymore. I asked my
wife's grandfather who immigrated here when he was 15 and he says that they
wrapped the arm the same way. You could still be right though as Yemeni
Jews were in contact with the Jewish world on and off throughout the
centuries and could have learned the wrapping of the arm from somewhere

Автор ForgottenEasternJews (3 года)
I agree that Yemenite jews are some very ancient ways of praying. In
general, Mizrahi Jews are more traditional and "pure" that the ashkanazi
Jews. For example, the different branches of Judaism like Reform,
Conservative and re-constructionist movements evolved in the 17th/ 18th
century Europe among ashkanazi jews. Before that there were only orthodox
Jews with no branches and most of them lived in middle east and n africa.

Автор tutmankingasher (4 года)
B''H bless you! great that you have found this path in life, not that you
had to, and now you are one of Emet, Welcome :D may H' bless you with the
best of the best in everything you do :)

Автор PathOfAvraham (1 год)

Автор ForgottenEasternJews (3 года)
@uriyah5771 I know what I'm talking about. I don't speak without doing
research. Most people like you think that when Jews left during the
destruction of second temple, almost all left immediately to Europe. That
is not the case. In 1000-1200 AD 80% of the Jewish population still lived
in middle east, N Africa and many were migrating to Moorish Spain.

Автор ForgottenEasternJews (3 года)
@uriyah5771 And If you count the population of Jews in Spain which mostly
flourished during the Moorish rule as many were migrating from N Africa,
then the Jewish population in middle east, N Africa and Southern Spain in
1000-1492 AD was much more than 80%.

Автор Nasif Nahle (5 лет)
Todda Raba, Akhi! Your video has been highly useful. Drishat Shalom.

Автор uriyah5771 (3 года)
@ForgottenEasternJews You don't know what you are talking about. I believe
I just corrected you somewhere else on YouTube! So what if the other
movements developed among the Ashkenazi Jews? It has nothing to do with
Ashkenazi Jews themselves, but rather the areas they lived. Germany has
always been known for being a very "enlightened" nation. Ashkenazic minhag
has always been known to be very, very strict. Sometimes ever more strict
than Sephardic Jews.

Автор Chesed Yocheved Avraham (1 год)
impressive that you hadn't been told to remove your naked girl tattoo by
this ancient Jews, it might be very admired. Try to remove it with modern
technology, the community should encourage you to do so, specially since
shows the holiness of a woman's body, very unorthodox for me.

Автор uriyah5771 (3 года)
@ForgottenEasternJews Further more, before the 17th and 18th century the
majority of Jews did NOT live in the Middle East and Africa. The numbers of
Jews in those areas were very small. The majority of the world's population
of Jews were all in Europe and Russia. While all Jews before that time
period were indeed all orthodox, it has nothing to do with the Ashkenazi
Jews at all. Rather, (as I stated before) the countries they lived in
influencing them. It has nothing to do with Ashkenazic minhag

Автор muchimi (2 года)
NICE!!! shavu tov!!!

Автор uriyah5771 (3 года)
@ForgottenEasternJews Okay, thank you. I will agree with you on this one :)
Maybe we both needed to be more clear. Majority of Jews were still in the
Middle East and North Africa until the middle ages.

Автор illusionist987 (3 года)
Yes it's including shabat. The most important day of the week!

Автор Pinkindian1 (3 года)
I relate to you so much

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