Yemenite Way of Putting on Tefillin

In my first video of this kind I attempt to demonstrate one of the most ancient ways of wrapping the arm tefillin. I am doing this according to Yemenite custom. Yemenite customs are the oldest, most pure and untouched traditions of Judaism dating back to the second temple period.

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Автор Alon Ben Yossef ( назад)
Are you still in touch with family members that are not Jewish? How did that work out for you? Love your videos.

Автор Brandi Jacobi ( назад)
since when do you convert  to orthodoxy? I was of the belief that you just become more religious as you study and time goes by.

Автор mobydicknarrator ( назад)
Shalom, I am also a ger and have a tattoo. I was told not to remove it as I would deface my body. Just a comment to the many on subject. However, I am very impressed with your kavana and the desire to spread Torah and mitsvot. Keep up the great work. If you feel the time maybe you should show how the Temanim tie titziot.

Автор Chesed Yocheved Avraham ( назад)
impressive that you hadn't been told to remove your naked girl tattoo by this ancient Jews, it might be very admired. Try to remove it with modern technology, the community should encourage you to do so, specially since shows the holiness of a woman's body, very unorthodox for me.

Автор Chesed Yocheved Avraham ( назад)
very nice to hear how the ancient Jews dating back to the first temple still keep this holy tradition, thank you very much

Автор jerrygerardo4000 ( назад)
I'm pretty sure he explains that in the video

Автор Chemeleman ( назад)
It is so great that there are so many youtube Jewish Converts, Shalom G-d bless!!!!

Автор tructilaedu ( назад)
A jew with a tatoo??

Автор PathOfAvraham ( назад)

Автор Averroes ابن رشد ( назад)
your hot but this is just superstition god doesn't need this to be happy with us he wants us to do good stuff for others.

Автор Easy Rashi ( назад)
The yemenite way is ashkenaz but turns sfard

Автор muchimi ( назад)
NICE!!! shavu tov!!!

Автор Yitzchak Micha'el ( назад)
Jewish Tradition is that Men do not wear wdding rings at all.

Автор illusionist987 ( назад)
Yes it's including shabat. The most important day of the week!

Автор 613maccabee ( назад)
You said that the 7 wraps represent the 7 days of creation, but in Bereishis/Genesis it says there was 6 days of creation and on the 7th Hashem rested

Автор TheKeyToGamingHD ( назад)
מזל טוב אל האישה

Автор elijahthesamurai ( назад)
Kol HaKavod achi! This is one of the best filmed vids on Youtube that i've seen on wrapping Tefillin very well explained & the angle was very clear to see the way you wrapped. Shalom Berakhot!

Автор Samuel Vengrinovich ( назад)
good stuff man. I might just have to take on that finger wrapping method. It totally looks familiar since I've been here in Israel almost 2 years. Netanya: Gangsters and nice beaches ;)

Автор illusionist987 ( назад)
That's interesting. Allthough I'm not now 100% certain anymore. I asked my wife's grandfather who immigrated here when he was 15 and he says that they wrapped the arm the same way. You could still be right though as Yemeni Jews were in contact with the Jewish world on and off throughout the centuries and could have learned the wrapping of the arm from somewhere else.

Автор Nasif Nahle ( назад)
Todda Raba, Akhi! Your video has been highly useful. Drishat Shalom.

Автор HadasahMiryam bat Nadir (1223 года назад)
This is a very helpful tutorial, and your "ramblings" are a good thing because of the detail you go into to make the instructions clear.

Mazel tov on your marriage. May you enjoy a long, joyful life together.

Автор Kristopher Shoemaker ( назад)
Thank you!

Автор illusionist987 ( назад)
I just want to not that I will edit later the description which says Yemenite customs go back to the second temple period...they are much older...they date back to the first temple period.

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