10 Best Open Worlds in Games of 2016

Open world gaming is still going strong on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and even 3DS. Let's talk about some of the best from 2016.
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10: Skyrim Remasted
Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: 28 October 2016

9: Mafia 3
Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: 7 October 2016

8: Far Cry Primal
Platform: PS4 Xbox One 23 February 2016
Release Date: PC 1 March 2016

7: The Division
Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: 8 March 2016

6: Grow Up
Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: 16 August 2016

5: Pokemon Sun & Moon
Platform: 3DS
Release Date: 18 November 2016

4: The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine
Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: 31 March 2016

3: Dying Light: The Following
Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: 9 February 2016

2: Final Fantasy XV
Platform: PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: 29 November 2016

1: Watch Dogs 2
Platform: PS4 Xbox One 15 November 2016
Release Date: PC 29 November 2016


Mirror's Edge
Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: 7 June 2016

7 Days to Die
Platform: PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: 28 June 2016

Dead Rising 4
Platform: PC Xbox One
Release Date: 6 December 2016

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Автор Kushal Maurya ( назад)
No GTA 5 !!!

Автор Hamish chalk ( назад)

Автор H20 DEATH ( назад)
I agree with number 1

Автор marek vlogs ( назад)
Watch dog is awesome I played 1 and what to play 2 ,what about h1z1 king of
the kill is that a zombie game or not

Автор Brooksart ( назад)
2017 The two games I will be playing are breath of the wild horizon
dawnzero and what ever 3d maeio on the switch

Автор Florent Arsenault ( назад)
Subscribed because he's honest

Автор Aidan Moore ( назад)
Steep is awesome

Автор Tom Flanagan ( назад)
no man sky

Автор Dino gamer524 ( назад)
Ark survival evolved?

Автор George Carter ( назад)
gameranx, personally I would have put just cause 3 on the list

Автор Evan Hebert ( назад)
Yess, finally a list I agree with, Totally unbiased and goes to all
stretches of gaming and consoles. Bravo

Автор Deyvid ( назад)
World of Warcraft Legion?

Автор Isaak Figueroa ( назад)
For all you fucking plebs out there Final Fantasy 15 is best game EVER... I
have spoken ._.

Автор The Fish ( назад)
fallout 4

Автор Nikola Gamer ( назад)
skyrim shouls be at least 4th.(My opinion)

Автор Themindi severything. ( назад)
watchdogs 2? jesus christ. ubisoft pay good?

Автор ZiggyMishHiggy ( назад)
Skyrim SE was fucking garbage. All they added was enhanced graphics and
mods for consoles, that's fucking it.

Автор NoBullshit ( назад)
Wp! 3m mark!

Автор Jure Macola ( назад)
gameranx = retardists

Автор Tristan Buckner ( назад)
I'm glad dying light got listed. That game was a good year of my life, and
I think it dosen't always get the recognition it deserves, usually being in
the shadow of triple a games like Fallout or The elder scrolls.

Автор TheDragonSmasher ( назад)
Great list. Watch Dogs 2 is one of the best open world games ever made. It
has more stuff to do than GTA and Witcher combined. Hell, what can you do
as Geralt besides pick berries and slay drowners? The smartphone system is
executed flawlessly, giving the player opportunities to use apps for all
sorts of things: photographing landmarks, "Shazaming" songs etc. NPCs roam
around the world realistically, reacting beliveably and in many ways to
happenings around them. And the soundtrack, with the ability to listen to
anything anywhere, makes wandering in Bay Area, under the beautiful
graphics, an enjoyment no other game can offer. And yeah characters, level
design and gameplay are a breath of fresh air

Автор RidoxWuzHere ( назад)

Автор Apple Cider ( назад)
how would Watch Dogs 2 beat FFXV

Автор Lord_Of_The_RPG ( назад)
I love your top 10 games and i actually agree with this list.

Автор Isaiah Carlen ( назад)
Sooooo no just cause 3?

Автор Golden Virginity ( назад)
most of these games were dog wank covered in shit but they were the only
good open world games

Автор Manu4evr 0001 ( назад)
Am I the only one really struggling to have fun with skyrim like I really
dont get all the hype honestly I find it kinda boring

Автор RedAce ( назад)
Final Fantasy XV: 4 Lesbians go on a Road Trip.

Автор Brandon Blackwell ( назад)
Unmmmmmmmmn dark souls?

Автор Stephen Komorowski ( назад)
elder scrolls sucks

Автор Chris Arnold ( назад)
Just cause 3 was really good

Автор Gamingfrost ( назад)
Dead Rising 4 was more focused on killing zombies

Автор Gamingfrost ( назад)
Almost every game that you are hyped about it comes out disapointing like
black ops III

Автор Adnanks ( назад)
congrats for 3 mil subs

Автор bob bobbingtion ( назад)
What about firewatch?

Автор Gaming Fanatic FTW ( назад)
Pokemon made it but forza didn't Da fuq

Автор yasser aglif ( назад)
what about forza horizon 3 and steep

Автор haaris iqbal ( назад)
Right when the video starts is that gangster dude Dabbing XD

Автор Will Harvey ( назад)
This year was sorely lacking in good open world games. Last year had
Fallout 4, The Witcher 3, Arkham Knight, Metal Gear Solid V, and Just Cause
3. Luckily we had some good FPS games like Overwatch and BF1.

Автор Smore ( назад)
Where tf is gta 5?

Автор FullMetalGamer ( назад)
In my opinion... FF15 shouldve been first... Maybe thats just cuz I am a
huge KH and FF fan lol. But 15 is sooo satifyingly good

Автор John doofus ( назад)
how can you not have metal gear solid 5

Автор Lmao Lyl ( назад)

Автор Mr Showrab ( назад)
2nd to congratulate you for 3million subs

Автор foOox03 Fox ( назад)
I'm so happy that Watch dogs two was number 1 👾🤗

Автор jery cool ( назад)
for all of yall who said watch dogs 2 sucks go fuck urself

Автор Juliano Santos ( назад)
Mafia 3 the best open world game? are you crazy? What is wrong with you?

This list is so bad that I can't even believe in what i'm watching.

Автор Glenn Mclean ( назад)
congrats on 3 mil

Автор Ethan Ormsby ( назад)
I just built my new PC for christmas and Watch_Dogs 2 was the first game I
bought so Im happy you put it at number 1 XD

Автор Ethan Ormsby ( назад)
I dont understand why the division was a dissapointment I had so much fun
just grinding trying to find amazing gear and get better loot than my
friends. anyone agree?

Автор TeamNuclear2011 ( назад)
kinda hoping for monster hunter X (generations)

Автор GameMaster King ( назад)
what about grand thief auto 5

Автор spatzentoeter 777 ( назад)
every game looks decent except for pokèmon sun and moon my ps3 looks better

Автор Lordi ( назад)
you put fucking pokemon on this list but not shadow of mordor?😂
oh and in my opinion WD1 is waaaaaaaay better then WD2

Автор Ammar Adnan ( назад)
Fallout 4?

Автор Joshua Jensen ( назад)
I haven't played Watch_Dogs 2, so I'll be content with FF XV as #2. I got
really worried when I didn't see it at first

Автор Ryan Anderson ( назад)
forza horizon 3? stardew valley? missed some indie games

Автор HMS Daedalus ( назад)
Well, I just bought Skyrim, FF15 and The Division in special on Amazon 3
minutes ago.
Far Cry, Watch Dogs 2, Dishonored 2 and Dying Light were really fuckin

Автор William Larsson ( назад)
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen should be on this list. The PC port is amazing
and released this year

Автор rasa tamasauskiene ( назад)
I would've put Final Fantasy XV in first but I cant disagree with watch
dogs 2

Автор PunkSans ( назад)
Watch dogs 2 higher than ff15 WTF!!!

Автор Glen Sheppard ( назад)
Sorry mate, had to give a thumbs down, ranking a pokemon game and grow up
over gta5. I am an open world fanatic, I guess we all have our favourites,
maybe my balls just dropped prior to yours, heck even steep is better than
4 of your 10......

Автор Jacob Grabowski ( назад)
I got 100 bucks for christmas and i've been deciding between division WD2
and FF15. which one should i get

Автор Purgatori Sakkara ( назад)
How can something be lauded as a disappointment? Fuck's sake.

Автор Cernu Protector ( назад)
what happened to fallout 4? it was WAY better than like most if not all of
these games...

Автор 陳偉鴻 ( назад)
mafia3 is like a dead world and npc are so stupid

Автор The Heavenly Demon ( назад)
Watch dogs sucks

Автор NaGe ( назад)
so is sun and moon on pc ???

Автор Mr Sheep ( назад)
To many of these games are like GTA........ not your fault tho

Автор Mr Sheep ( назад)
To many of these games are like GTA........ not your fault tho

Автор PandaGahmanz ( назад)

Автор Swisee Gaming ( назад)
Steep was a good open world game.

Автор doni zetta ( назад)
the narrator is mean

Автор Geralt Of Rivia ( назад)
Havn't watched this yet, and if Witcher isn't in it I'm ignoring the law of
"Dont do self harm"

Автор F G ( назад)
Merry Christmas!
but one thing

Автор dr chickencake ( назад)
What about dishonored 2 gameranx??
For me it was one of the best open worlds out there

Автор Domestos Bleach ( назад)
Dead rising 4 watch dogs 2 dying light following Pokemon sun moon far cry
primal I enjoyed most

Автор Zackary Stears (digidueler game) ( назад)
When you got to watch dogs 2 it made me look back and the end of the year
and noticed that this end of the year had a lot of games that redeemed
there franchises, titanfall 2, doom, watch dogs 2, etc.

Автор epicsoul 1337 ( назад)
skyrim se best version on pc? ha ha.

Автор Doctor Jones ( назад)
So let me get this straight... Out of the ten "games" here, one is a
remaster, two are expansion packs, and three are actually just shitty games
in general. So, I guess 2016 wasn't a good year for open world titles eh?

Автор Stinger Bee ( назад)
You lost me at "ubi soft produced, semi-indie game." Fun video, though. :)

Автор Dolphinrage ( назад)
Let's go WD2!!!!!

Автор timmer919hep ( назад)
Mafia 3 completely wasted the setting of the 1960s. I wish they'd make a
really great open world game set in the 60s. I'd love that.

Автор SPunk_WoodChipper ( назад)
No Forza Horizon 3? Disappointed....

Автор NyxDragon ( назад)
Congrats on 3M subs! :D

Автор Royce Rannard ( назад)
You can't add Mafia III to any list, other than being JUST an open world
game. This was an over hyped piece of trash game, that luckily I went with
my gut instinct and didn't touch it. Mafia I and II I purchased day of

Автор Jose Martinez ( назад)

Автор gone by dawn ( назад)
pokemon go

Автор SERIOUS SENPAI ( назад)
I'm supposed to be playing farmville but this one player keeps kicking my

Автор Dragonborn Rimm ( назад)
is it just me how dont give a crap about Pokemon

Автор bountyhunter73 ( назад)
i didnt find mafia 3 fun at all

Автор gabrijela laginja ( назад)
i try 7 days to die, and is amazing!! is still in alpha 15, so it has some
buggs... but when beta comes out def gona play it <3

Автор Mottures ( назад)
Couldnt agree more on how good dying light is

Автор Bram Meijer ( назад)
Addition particular largely lbggfq clinical.

Автор Sole Orchid ( назад)
I feel like only Rockstar does open-worlds right :/

Автор Sara Perrin ( назад)
Development alliance suffer kedrn disaster superior thumb can produce

Автор Cristian Basaez ( назад)
xD The division on top 10 really?, Mafia Buggy 3? This list is so bad.....

Автор Fredy Quintero ( назад)
Blood and Wine as number 4th? Really? C'mon, this should be number one.

Автор spidey saurs ( назад)
Can people plz sub to me im just starting and I'll be extremely grateful
for anyone that does

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