Bettina Cramer in tan pantyhose & sandals

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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 3:18
Комментарии: 15

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Автор EarlOfSmoothSilk (22 дня)
What's the name of this show?

Автор Altenholz (3 месяца)
My god, i get blind!

Автор ♡hosenheels (7 месяцев)
She puts her best everything forward...what a dress, and then when she
crosses her legs. Sehr gut!

Автор jammer70s (3 года)
Magnificent! Made even better by the silky pantyhose and sexy sandals.

Автор yojimba06 (4 года)
very beautiful woman. 2:16 ~ 2:21

Автор leighn Coy (1 год)
Awesome! We just started our channel and all are welcomed.

Автор Playa1sweet (3 года)
oh man wie heiß kann eine frau denn bitteschön sein??!! und wieso sehn nich
mehr frauen so aus wie sie?? *wein*

Автор GENUINE Lee (3 года)
Hmm, best thing about that dress is, you can actually picture her naked
(shrugs shoulders)

Автор warhawk40 (3 года)
@GentlemenPreferHanes This is something you don't see anymore in the USA,
all you see now in movies and on TV is this new bareleg trend which is a

Автор Lindsay erickson (4 года)
Beautiful girl. Love the shots at 00:54, 01:55 and 02:15. Great dress too.
Her dress, heels and great Legs are really complimented by her sheer silky
Pantyhose. Very lady-like, classic, sophisticated and obviously Sexy!
***Sehr schon Madchen. Lieber die pics @ 00:54, 01:55 und 02:15. Super
Kleid. Die madchens Kleid, ferse schue und super bein (Legs) bist sehr
komplimimented mit die steil, glatt Strumpfhosen. Sehr klasse,
sophisticated und offenbar Sexy!

Автор flycar817 (4 года)
* wolf whistle * What a babe!

Автор clogspantyhose (3 года)
@GentlemenPreferHanes This is pretty much common for what you get for women
in Europe. This is how they are. I am finding out it's pretty much across

Автор Steve9054 (3 года)
nylonfeetshoes com/feet-pantyhose-fetish?gallerytag=thong-sandals-pantyhose

Автор Chiquita4You (3 года)
aber die is so hübsch :*

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