Arrow 5x10 Extended Promo "Who Are You?" (HD) Season 5 Episode 10 Extended Promo

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Arrow 5x10 Extended Promo/Preview "Who Are You?"
Arrow Season 5 Episode 10 Extended Promo
Arrow 5x10 Extended Promo "Who Are You?" (HD)

» Watch Arrow Wednesdays at 8:00pm/7c on The CW
» Starring: Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, Willa Holland, David Ramsey

Просмотров: 1234183
Длительность: 0:31
Комментарии: 2328

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Автор piya piya ( назад)
Come back olicity. The movie is boring with out olicity. I'm watching
season 4 knowing that it's won't be olicity no more it's make me stop
watching it. Why Laurel come back. Annoying

Автор Vortexgaming ROBLOX and more!!!!!! ( назад)
when I watched this I was like );

Автор steve blum ( назад)
Should we call Laurel Black Canary now ?

Автор Jullian Mitchell ( назад)

Автор Roger Fernandes ( назад)
who punches whom at 0 : 16

Автор Blackcarnge X ( назад)
How did black siren get out of the pipe line

Автор Bixo Piruleta2 ( назад)
this timeline needs a fukkin.

Автор MikeyGSify ( назад)
Fuck they know the fans wanted it to be laurel. Why don't they give us what
we want

Автор Friday Skate ( назад)
I was just rewatching the episode she dies and noticed that right before
she dies she tells Oliver to please promise her and it cuts away to the
hallway with the doctors rushing in. I was hoping that Oliver and her faked
her death for some reason but this completely threw that theory away.

Автор SeniaL ( назад)
Yo black siren lets go

Автор Martii McCall ( назад)

Автор Corrupted's Mikrofon ( назад)
I knew it was Earth 2 Laurel -.-

Автор FreyReh ( назад)
i am HERE for Black Siren!

Автор Tennessee Kevin ( назад)
It's Siren from Flash season 2

Автор The Lego Master 105 ( назад)
I don't watch"Arrow"anymore, but, SPOILERS!

Автор EricMill ( назад)
When we asked for laurel back this wasn't what we meant 😂

Автор aniretakDB007 ( назад)
I love that she has her old Ruby vibe on. She was exactly what I imagined
Black Canary to be like.

Автор Kevin Vaz ( назад)
What is the bg music?

Автор AshtheDuke ( назад)
actually alchemy did help her

Автор Merima Tropoja ( назад)
Arrow was just renewed for season 6😃.

Автор Kristers Krūka ( назад)
I dont care im just happy the canary actress is there :P

Автор Elijah Sinclair ( назад)
Come you guys, just wait in 2 weeks and you'll see what happens in the
episode because Wendy Mericle confirmed that Earth 2 Laurel aka Black Siren
is alive and evil and also confirmed Earth 1 Laurel aka Black Canary is
alive and well. Flashpoint might have a little bit to do with it. I'm
positive that both Laurels from Earth 1 and 2 are going to appear in
episode 10. The reason why Earth 2 Laurel aka Black Siren is in Episode 10
because she escaped from Star Labs thanks to Prometheus and Team Flash
didn't call Team Arrow about her. The reason why Earth 1 Laurel aka Black
Canary is also appearing in Episode 10 because there could be another
flashback scene of Oliver helping her faking her death and went into hiding
or she was dropped in the lazarus pit by Talia Al Gaul. Talia is also
appearing in Episode 10 at the end of the episode. I also know that they
confirmed it everything about Earth 1 Laurel being alive on Twitter as
well. Laurel also might have a daughter with Oliver name Megan. I think
Flashpoint will effect Laurel by being William's stepmom and rising him as
her own. I also think in the finale of Season 5 that Prometheus is going to
kidnapped Laurel, William, and Megan because Prometheus lost his father 4
years ago, so it make sense to show Oliver who he will lose. I bet
Prometheus is Tommy Merlin or Earth 2 Oliver Queen because I want to see
some Black Canary vs Black Siren and Green Arrow vs Prometheus.

Автор RedFawkes3 ( назад)
Honestly who wants laurel back? Her character was consistently ass, she had
lines that made her sound dumb af (or she is just a terrible actress) and
she had a stupid suit equipped with a police baton? Really? I cringed so
hard when they put the statue up at the docks after she died. But it's
clear to me that they sign characters to a year based contract, in terms of
seasons. Think about it... Tommy died last episode of season 1 so he signed
for 1 season. Moira died close to the end of season 2 signed for 2. Etc. so
whether or not this is earth 2 laurel she will stay for the ENTIRE season,
because it's clear she signed for 5; BEFORE the show even started. It's
like that shitty teacher who gets tenure who started out okay but once they
locked in they threw their hands in the air and said " I just dgaf anymore,
and why should I?" Anyway, so they managed to bring back ANOTHER character
I would say is against most of the fan bases desire(Sara anyone? man she is
annoying and no I don't care about LOT, that's literally all the characters
I hate put into a show minus merlyn). I would take Roy or Tommy over Laurel
any day of the week. It's no coincidence that laurel has been mentioned in
every episode thus far this season and made an appearance in that alien
one. It's in the contract people!

Автор The JoKer ( назад)
"it's not Laurel"

Автор Vhan Chua ( назад)
Everyone saying Prometheus broke in to star labs. I think she was
transferred to Iron Heights(was that the right spelling?) after season 2 of
flash. I mean, do guys believe all those metas are still in star labs when
there's a prison who already can handle metas? What I'm confused is, why
didn't they brought back black siren to earth 2(obviously disregarding that
she's needed in the story of arrow)? I mean, did they even brought the
metas from earth 2 back to earth 2? And how did team flash didn't heard
about her escaping if she was held in iron heights? Still, I'm excited for
this episode. How I wish she can be a part of team arrow.

Автор AJ Brooks ( назад)
I don't mind it being E2 Laurel I actually love it,but I really wanted her
to be on the show more

Автор Loving Life's Lemons ( назад)

Автор AwesomeEthan 2.0 ( назад)

Автор Shadows82 ( назад)
It would be interesting to see if they are planning on having a redemption
type story arc for Black Siren to where she becomes the new black canary
for season VI.

Автор Semaj Tate ( назад)
the new DA is Prometheus

Автор Senile Is PG ( назад)
So they reveal the biggest question people had after watching episode 9 a
WHOLE MONTH before episode 10 even comes out? Whoever thought putting in
that reveal into the episode, I would've suspended or fired him/her in a

Автор Mrbonehunter57 ( назад)
how the hell is the black siren still alive the flash killed her

Love the music of the trailer

Автор TabalugaDragon ( назад)
well thanks for spoilers CW

Автор Heisenberg ( назад)
so happy that bitch is dead, I would stop watching if laurel would return

Автор puffinsunday muffin ( назад)
And there goes our Queen, about to wreck havoc.

Автор disnaijagurl okay ( назад)
When is the actress and character going to finally leave the show

Автор Amanda Toto Adolfo ( назад)

Автор Arsenal ( назад)
Anyone know the music used in the background?

Автор 92Beyo ( назад)
Ha, I knew it!

Автор Delsin Rowe ( назад)
Goddammit why did I watch this!! I mean I know a lot of you will think that
this isn't a spoiler, but to me telling people whether or not a person is
bad is a spoiler

Автор Ralph johnson ( назад)

Автор Kaida Sashiba ( назад)
I cannot believe that I'm excited for Arrow again. OMG.

Автор TheLegend27 ( назад)
I feel like I shouldn't have watched this bc I'm only on season 3 rn

Автор estefania jimenez castillejos ( назад)
Que pedo ??

Автор GRAHAM ELY ( назад)
Surely that DA guy is Prometheus

Автор Gabby D ( назад)
Ohhhhhhh. Its Black Siren! I totally guessed it.

Автор Aqsa ( назад)

Автор Haziq Zaini ( назад)
Your dead ex comes back from the dead.. and you throw a party.. "Cheers"

Автор Aldo Ramírez ( назад)
Shut up, everyone. I think that the better question here is, is Katie
Cassidy going to actually be part of the rest of the season, or just a
one/two-episoder? That'd suck. She better stay foreveerrrrr.

Автор Kevini saname ( назад)
I read the title as "extended porno"

Автор CJ Carpenter ( назад)
Also talia al guhl will appear so she brings her back and maybe she's not

Автор Black Canary ( назад)
It is pretty clear that this Laurel Lance is the Black Siren from earth-2.
Now, do you think that she will be a villain for the season or that she
will become the Black Canary who was fighting for the Justice League and
who had the canary cry as a metahuman power?

--- I hope the second is true, I just watched 4x18 and I'm pretty sad, I
loved laurel as a character.

Автор I'm Batman ( назад)
I miss the way Arrow was filmed in S1 and S2 it felt like the filter was
different the camera angles and music every episode felt dramatic and
powerful hope they keep up the improvements made this far in S5 and
continue to fix the Felicity problem in second half hopefully with her

Автор Viktor Shterev ( назад)
when the new episode will be start?

Автор Edwin Smith ( назад)
i think its laurel from e1 all along since when we see her in ep 9 she
doesnt have that nose piercing thing but then when we see her again in the
ep 10 promo when she sonic screams the shit outta everyhting she is wearing
and besides we dont see no sound waves when she screams like we saw with bs
in the flash

Автор Dashie Dahomie ( назад)
Didnt black siren break outta star labs is this HER

Автор Rtaliveveni Veee ( назад)
So Laurel attacks Olicity!LOL! Anyway if a person does not watch Flash, how
are they supposed to get who is Cassidy playing now? Why a Flash character
has to be on Arrow?

Автор Drew73586 ( назад)
I knew this was a long shot but I had hoped that was Laurel was back from
the dead! I wish they hadn't killed her off. I wish it was Thea that had
died instead. I don't know whats up but the creators seem to have a thing
against Black Canary! This is the 2nd one killed I hope she comes back from
the dead. This will be interesting to see!

Автор Worstenbroodje ( назад)
I fucking hate the cunt I was so happy she died and now they keep bringing
her back... Just stop she died, just leave her to be dead and never to be
spoken about again. Thanks

Автор MC Jeesh ( назад)
Why did they have to make her black siren?! I want Laurel back!

Автор Tyler Vicker ( назад)
its erath 2 laurel

Автор Juan Emilio Carrillo ( назад)
Quién más cree que Prometheus es Tommy Merlyn y revivió a Laurel para
ponerla en contra de Oliver??

Автор Jordan From Krypton ( назад)
0:22 I KNEW IT I Freaking knew it. BLACK SIREN!!!!!

Автор Drake Martin ( назад)
Are you saying that they would bring back a character after getting extreme
backlash from fans?!??!! HOW UNEXPECTED!

Автор Juanma Prior Clavero ( назад)
Earth 2 Laurel (you can see her in the chapter 2x22 in the flash)

Автор Latasha Mcknight ( назад)

Автор commenter30 ( назад)

Автор DarkStark ( назад)
Is Black Sirien??? I hope so!! She's so badass and sexy <3 If we can't have
the real Laurel, then we can have Sirien on the show! Earth-2 Laurel looks
more Black Canary than Earth-1 Laurel.

Автор Jouberte Rocha ( назад)
Damm! Black Siren is back!!

Автор TheBlake55 ( назад)
I thought Black Siren Was Locked Up...?

Автор xcho3enx0nex ( назад)
Notice she also has a Septum piercing right when she does the Canary Cry.
Only confirms more that it's Black Siren for those people who still think
it's Earth 1 Laurel. A septum isn't Laurel's style

Автор mwahahahahaha-guy ( назад)
Looks like she might be Earth 2 laurel like in one of the previous

Автор TV/Movies/Pizza/Sushi Lover ( назад)
Not Laurel, but her evil doppelgänger from Earth 2, Black Siren.

Автор Harrison Hughes ( назад)
i think that the DA (forgot his name) is ''vigilante'' its just the way he
acts, and he even said it him self. being a lawyer inst good enough

Автор Ronaldo Martinez ( назад)
Black Siren?

Автор Matthew Cloyd ( назад)
Oh hello Black Siren, good to see you again.

Автор Lost_Gamer627 ( назад)
How does the Arrow promo have over 1m views, but The Flash is at 284k.
That's new

Автор Kuro Linguini ( назад)
Oh yeah, Black Siren. Forgot about her...

Автор Endermandeath 5000 ( назад)
I'm so sad for a second I thought it was the real Laurel

Автор Inception Report ( назад)
I've cracked it I know who Prometheus is, It's Rory Reagan. Think about it
a little suspicious that just as Prometheus shows up so does Ragman, when
Prometheus lures Oliver to kill Billy Malone, Ragman is conveniently on
patrol. Their suits also look very similar so maybe Rory has the ability to
morph the rags to give of a different appearance. Also as the supposed
"last survivor of Havenrock" no one can verify his identity creating for
the perfect cover.
Dated: 1.1.17

Автор Bloggerboy1000 ( назад)
Haven't watched Arrow for ages.

Laurel finally gets cool and her Canary scream...but it's not her! Typical
Arrow bs. Reminds me of similar garbage The CW pulled with Smallville.

Автор Ace Trigger00 ( назад)
I knew she was coming back. When they threw her in the Pipeline last season
of Flash I knew there was a reason. Hopefully she goes on to become black
Canary like in the comics.

Автор Aron Lilly ( назад)
I didn't know for sure but I kinda knew she wasn't the real Laurel Lance
from Earth 1. I had a feeling she was from E2. Hopefully they will tell us
how she escaped Star Labs prison.

Автор Adyan Raziff ( назад)
Wheres Nyssa?

Автор Amaal Sohail ( назад)
my guess either Sarah killed darhk in her time mission or another side
effect of Barry's flash. point

Автор Mr. Pugz ( назад)
Plz follow my Flarrow Fan Account @flarrow_legends_is_life_

Автор Zambia 345676 Zr ( назад)
This is Laurel from Earth 2

Автор 19zero29 ( назад)

Автор cupcakes4life ( назад)

Автор Elena Vanderwoodsen ( назад)
Am I the only one who likes black siren
more than earth 1'S Laurel.Overall I like both of them.

Автор Kobe Bonhomme ( назад)

Автор Robespierro ( назад)
anyone know the song in the background?

Автор TheAppleFour ( назад)
The power of Katie Cassidy and Laurel Lance, its a shame that Arrow will
let everyone done yet again.

Автор Troy Wu ( назад)
So, who is Laural, like more specifically?

Автор JayS Statahm ( назад)
At 20sec is this Barry?

Автор Rachel Harrington ( назад)
I sure hope they give her scream some special effect like they did with
Banshee on Supergirl.

Автор Machuw ( назад)
666 dislikes MMMMMM.

Автор Spiros Fotis Jr. ( назад)
The problem with Arrow is that the show's writers have failed to deliver
interesting characters that actually evolve through the seasons. When they
get stuck with. Characters evolvement they simply kill the character off!
That's what happened with Kate Cassidy's Lorel. But killing black canary
off was a huge mistake and now it's obvious that the characters try to find
a way to bring the character back. According to the comics black canary was
originally a meta from earth 2. I do hope that the writers will use create
a story arc for black siren and how she becomes black canary. Arrow used to
be a great show but then the olicity obsession happened and the show got
boring to say the least. It's a miracle we still watch it.

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