Spinning on a Quill Wheel

Simple instructions for beginning to spin on a Quill-type spinning wheel including attaching a leader, drafting and winding, and removing the yarn afterward.

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Автор Joni Conti ( назад)
Wow very interesting ! I really like the wheel....

Автор Tall Cedars ( назад)
I've been spinning for 15 years and never seen a wheel like this. Have used
the drop spindle that has another style of spinning and it seems your
penguin wheel uses techniques between the walking wheel and the drop
spindle really. Hope I get the chance to try a penguin one day! Thanks for
this video!

Автор Tam K ( назад)
Thank you for this info! 

Автор Karen Vradelis ( назад)
Here from Porter Wheel discussion group on Ravelry... This is Excellent!!!

Автор Sandra Hall ( назад)
Excellent video! Thanks so much for the demo. 

Автор aschemidt ( назад)
Thanks for the video! My dad just made me a little spindle wheel and this
was very helpful to get me started.

Автор gblan ( назад)
Basically a sideways mechanical drop spindle. 

Автор Derek DeHaas ( назад)
What a cute little penguin! It even quacks!

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