Glukoza - Babochki (live)

Russian singer Glukoza performs her song "Babochki' (Butterflies) on the program Super Star.

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Длительность: 3:50
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Автор Sergey Mazanko (M.Z) ( назад)
Респект Фадееву ... Как он так голос вырулил ...В живую глюкоза так не
звучит .

Автор mario marcos ( назад)
canta bien y es muy muy linda!!!!!!

Автор Jeep546 ( назад)
shes fucking sexy and her voice is beautiful

Автор ZLIgari ( назад)
много лепа девојка!!!

Автор Onat Serinkan ( назад)
She stole my heart !!!.. <3<3<3

Автор Right0202 ( назад)
@BrickGrease Natasha

Автор tyab87 ( назад)
@BrickGrease Glukoza................

Автор BrickGrease ( назад)
What is her name

Автор laatmekijken999 ( назад)
omg, if you listen to schweine, and then to this, this is almost another

Автор QWERTYOLOGABLE1 ( назад)
@polishpunkoi винт, который вы

Автор QWERTYOLOGABLE1 ( назад)
Боже мой я люблю эту песню

Автор shazzaman1 ( назад)
gagaor caca has 2 peniss

Автор Larry Concha ( назад)
This song deserves to be listened by all the human race, it is really

Автор Blake Shrapnel ( назад)
16:15 dimitri rascalov

Автор Ryan Riopel ( назад)
I have no idea what she's saying but she's saying it pretty damn well.

Автор drkXwolf ( назад)
Daddy would knock that out like Mike Tyson <3_<3

Автор NoobSushi ( назад)
@PaNkOw97 AND, she speaks Russian. +++++++++

Автор panczo107 ( назад)
красивый голос и талант во выступлениях :)

Автор RustyShackelfurt ( назад)
@alishechka29 thanks captain obvious

Автор alishechka29 ( назад)
lip sink

Автор rockbass ( назад)
@danikabbani 10 months ago, when i made that comment, they weren't.

Автор rannxz ( назад)
Her voice sounds a lot different than in one of her studio recorded songs.
Sounds much better live I think.

Автор William Chumpkins ( назад)
@wictor1999 sniff, how touching.

Автор Виктор Владимирович ( назад)
Разрешите бабочки в животе, и в голове не умирают!!!

Автор MrAnderson1985 ( назад)
IT's different .. I just started and paused at..52; hearing a heartfelt
song coming from an actual war torn nation.. Thats all.. okay BYE>..

Автор dragoscorca ( назад)
mmmm....schweine were coolest than this...

Автор honeybunz171236 ( назад)
omg i jus fell in love wit dis songg !! shes soo pretty

Автор hugslyh ( назад)
@TehNoobPwnsU i have no idea im crap at it new really listen and if you
read the comment about i say "makes no fucking sence"

Автор hugslyh ( назад)
@Anniekynz haha i thought i was crap at languages what is she saying?

Автор Konstantine Baranov ( назад)
@hugslyh Haa Ive been talking it for 13 years Im thirteen and I still Have

Автор hugslyh ( назад)
ive been learning russian for 6 months still makes no fucking sence

Автор Aivar lõhmuste ( назад)
i love this voman

Автор rockbass ( назад)
@atticuscorleone no need to be rude. of course you can find torrents and
shit, but i wanted to buy them and support the artist.

Автор legoman05 ( назад)

Автор ​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​ ( назад)
thumb up this comment if you think she's as sexy as i do!

Автор Hugo Figueroa ( назад)
muy bonito video

Автор Hugo Figueroa ( назад)
Muy bonito video

Автор Hugo Figueroa ( назад)
Muy bonito video

Автор sneikki orava ( назад)
@rockbass download

Автор Martin Espinoza Alonso ( назад)
beautiful... n i'm not talking about the song lol :)

Автор oscar guillermo paiva ( назад)
Es realmente presiosa! ! y muy buena musica. Desde Argentina. Saludos ! !

Автор agile52 ( назад)
She's hot

Автор James Bateman ( назад)
@rockbass try Itunes

Автор James Bateman ( назад)
@rockbass a bunch of her stuff is now on itunes

Автор homonovus6 ( назад)
Her best song, beautiful.

Автор R3tronomics ( назад)
damn she look good in this video

Автор IronMaidenfanPL ( назад)
Shes hot... Hottttttt as hell !

Автор Arthur Kannibal ( назад)
wow i can't decide which European singer is my favorite now...Glukoza or

Автор yatters2174 ( назад)
Russian women are oh so beautiful

Автор Gloria Stefanie ( назад)
Glukoza :D

Автор Russki08 ( назад)
@steverocks11784 She was very popular for several years. Now she doesn't
sing much 'cause she has a baby.

Автор Maciek Milanowski ( назад)
@guitarbass95 Oh YEAH! :D

Автор matizzy ( назад)
@Kanji234 not really, glukoza is so much better.

Автор guitarbass95 ( назад)
@ViperDoomer and is a lot better looking

Автор Maciek Milanowski ( назад)
but she sings waaaaay better than gaga ;)

Автор Kevin Maside ( назад)
que linda O.O

Автор Kanji234 ( назад)
its the russian lady gaga

Автор rockbass ( назад)
thanks, i'll check it out. :)

Автор razpoo10 ( назад)
@rockbass I've picked up a few of her cd's off ebay.

Автор rockbass ( назад)
other than schweine, i can't seem to find any glukoza tracks to buy
anywhere...anyone have any ideas how to get these albums?

Автор Oscy ( назад)
Just like the rest of the world then. Heck, in USA/the west we have Britney
Spears, who doesn't even sing on her albums. The vocalizer is stretched so
hard that it's pretty much the vocalizer singing her songs.

Автор AlexSZ241 ( назад)
ohhh yeah^^ i love russian girlsXD^^

Автор JPR300 ( назад)
lol putin

Автор Uthuriel ( назад)
i like what i see

Автор andrey3001 ( назад)
too bad "live" Russian music is never really live

Автор JesseLee08 ( назад)
Is a great musician

Автор SimpleFire ( назад)
she is hot

Автор Jenny Pysklyvets ( назад)
я так люблю эту песню =)

Автор fai1saf3 ( назад)
ill hook up with her

Автор sleepless inizmir ( назад)
married with children :)

Автор Dj Graif ( назад)
Learn russian! many people hear russian song and know russian....who dont
know russian...its a shame

Автор Rimes ( назад)
she is drop dead gorgeus

Автор ImageoftheMench ( назад)
Hotness! It's good song too.

Автор Haley ( назад)

Автор sneijder023 ( назад)
she needs girly moves

Автор KoLisDwaLL ( назад)
i hate the day i found this girl!!!!!!! Ya tebya lublu bolshe vseh!!!!!

Автор Ryan Diver ( назад)
god thats gd - so different to shwiene (soz cant spell, its late!) that
song makes me want to learn russian

Автор Skyl1nePT ( назад)

Автор ILLDILL781 ( назад)
this chick would chew you kids up and spit ya out

Автор CBJ21 ( назад)
shes hot

Автор elements802 ( назад)
Oh holy god I agree with wyzarme I would do her like no tomorrow.

Автор wknnkw ( назад)
whatch her performenc at the vidio 123 schweine

Автор zahir12344 ( назад)
That my new friend is something to drink to haha

Автор wyzarme (1001 год назад)
I'd hit that like the fist of an angry god!

Автор Ari Nousjoki ( назад)
Only little know russian language but this band is one of the best.

Автор scrappy172 (1241 год назад)
Id hit that.....

Автор elfboi523 (628 лет назад)
Slavic girls are often hot. My first gf was half Russian half German, my
last one (I still miss her ;__; ) was half Russian half Lithuanian... some
of the hottest women alive are Czech, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Slovak...

Автор jay brolanos ( назад)
Yeah it does even know i cant understand a thing what they are saying i
love it lol

Автор groag123 ( назад)
she's hot!!

Автор sneijder023 ( назад)
interesting language

Автор sneijder023 ( назад)
i hate it when she shouts at the end 2x

Автор kallem10 ( назад)
Russian sounds strangely good when sung.

Автор FloMonKish ( назад)
she clearly mastered life

Автор Ryan Diver ( назад)
I no what ya mean - same feelin lol

Автор seudonak ( назад)
sounds like the same chord progression as every tatu song

Автор violetviolets ( назад)
Butterflies in my stomach This is love for you To not hide, to not
disappear Butterflies in my head This is after love If this happens..

Автор violetviolets ( назад)
Isn't it weird how she changed her voice for that song? She sounds like a
cartoon hahaha...but in this song, its quite lovely :)

Автор Joey Devine ( назад)
I might not be able to understand it but the way she sings the song hits
something deep down.

Автор Orc Piano ( назад)
Eins, zwei, drei, schicki schicki Schweine. :)

Автор autimthecrazy ( назад)
she is really cute

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