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Автор wyzarme (4 года)
I'd hit that like the fist of an angry god!

Автор alishechka29 (3 года)
lip sink

Автор dnselmer (5 лет)
3:10 - amaising!!! Glukoza rocks! Long live Russia! Greetz from ישראל!

Автор Joey Devine (5 лет)
I might not be able to understand it but the way she sings the song hits
something deep down.

Автор matizzy (4 года)
@Kanji234 not really, glukoza is so much better.

Автор Flo Steiner (5 лет)
Yeahhhh ja tebja lublu xD

Автор Blake Shrapnel (2 года)
16:15 dimitri rascalov

Автор alex F (5 лет)
amazing live

Автор Kanji234 (4 года)
its the russian lady gaga

Автор honeybunz171236 (3 года)
omg i jus fell in love wit dis songg !! shes soo pretty

Автор sneijder023 (5 лет)
interesting language

Автор Russiavsall (5 лет)
Omg )) i never see so much greeting to Russia :DDDDDDDD Greetings to all
adequate people from RUS!!

Автор jaddrockguy (4 года)
good song if u can understand her

Автор ZLIgari (2 года)
много лепа девојка!!!

Автор Jenny Pysklyvets (4 года)
я так люблю эту песню =)

Автор sekone1 (5 лет)
another PLAYBACK at "live performance" - pffffffff LAMERS. hope not all
russians can`t sing live....

Автор belovedangell (5 лет)
Britney? Oo

Автор Syycho (5 лет)
exactly the same what i thought when i saw this

Автор 5574149 (5 лет)
Long live russia! Greetz from russian! )))

Автор Arthur Kannibal (4 года)
wow i can't decide which European singer is my favorite now...Glukoza or

Автор R3tronomics (4 года)
damn she look good in this video

Автор oscar guillermo paiva (3 года)
Es realmente presiosa! ! y muy buena musica. Desde Argentina. Saludos ! !

Автор razpoo10 (4 года)
@rockbass I've picked up a few of her cd's off ebay.

Автор Apriliavonbern (5 лет)
shes hot

Автор autimthecrazy (5 лет)
she is really cute

Автор Porabany (5 лет)
Long live russia! Greetz from poland!

Автор Maciek Milanowski (4 года)
@guitarbass95 Oh YEAH! :D

Автор Henrique Guedes (5 лет)
she is so fucking hot!

Автор rockbass (3 года)
@atticuscorleone no need to be rude. of course you can find torrents and
shit, but i wanted to buy them and support the artist.

Автор QWERTYOLOGABLE1 (2 года)
Боже мой я люблю эту песню

Автор fai1saf3 (4 года)
ill hook up with her

Автор zahir12344 (4 года)
That my new friend is something to drink to haha

Автор derdiggehund (5 лет)
holy damn she's really hot! i would quite do her.

Автор SimpleFire (4 года)
she is hot

Автор ImageoftheMench (4 года)
Hotness! It's good song too.

Автор dragoscorca (3 года)
mmmm....schweine were coolest than this...

Автор azeri20 (5 лет)
Rassiya- sedraya dusa hihi

Автор Russki08 (4 года)
@steverocks11784 She was very popular for several years. Now she doesn't
sing much 'cause she has a baby.

Автор freeloaner85 (5 лет)
how can a singer like this mime her songs instead of putting her full
effort in singing it live? there's nothing live about this performance
other than her being infront of the audience and moving her lips. she's got
a live band behind, at least give a real performance.

Автор yatters2174 (4 года)
Russian women are oh so beautiful

Автор Uthuriel (4 года)
i like what i see

Автор schehofa1 (5 лет)
when i hear schweine first time i never thought she would be so hot

Автор cronaldo702 (5 лет)
damn is she german??? if she is i gotta to get my self a german girlfriend
i gotta go over der

Автор polishpunkoi (2 года)
i swear down she looks like ugly old whore

Автор homonovus6 (4 года)
Her best song, beautiful.

Автор AirsoftMaster45 (3 года)
I don't know what the fuck she is saying but yet I love her music!

Автор kallem10 (5 лет)
Russian sounds strangely good when sung.

Автор laatmekijken999 (2 года)
omg, if you listen to schweine, and then to this, this is almost another

Автор RussianMassTerrorist (5 лет)
Glukoza kicks ass they need to play russian music here in america Long Live
Russia Fuck America

Автор Ryan Diver (5 лет)
I no what ya mean - same feelin lol

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