Judge Mathis Sh*ts On Deadbeat Father For Contributing To Downfall Of The Minority Community!

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Автор joshua barnes (4 месяца)
The problem isn't just the men, it's women who choose to not use the
contraception. They'd rather risk it. 

Автор Jacob James (2 месяца)
He is a big fat piece of shit. All he does is think with his dick and the
cycle continues with the kids. Men and women need to get it together for a

Автор briggs9187 (2 месяца)
This is not a problem just in the Black Communities, it is a white,
Hispanic, some say Asian communities as well... the Thug mentality and the
whole Whore wanna be women that also get their Ideas from Music Videos, TV
and acting like they are badder and better than the rest, the whole "I got
no Job but still rock my Jordans and 20" rims" and kids are at home hungry,
no school or college and no future... Pitiful, just sad to see that many
kids depending on the Handouts that we the tax payers put up with. Look up
the Numbers, Welfare recipients has been as as as 23% of the population,
that means nearly 1/4 of the U.S receives Welfare?!!! 

Автор SonicGamingChannel (16 дней)
Why the hell do anyone needs $600 in ringtones?!

Автор Ya Bish (14 дней)
*She having another kid by him? WTFFF*

Автор Jamal Jones (3 месяца)
The sad part is that there are women that will gravitate to men like this
on Judge Mathis and women will wonder why they can't find a quality man

Автор Willie HavMire (8 месяцев)
do is a *LOW LIFE, BOTTOM FEEDER type* WHY O WHY are women sleeping with
such men and expecting successful results??? somebody answer me

Автор mademoiselle chantelle (2 месяца)
Honestly, you get what you deserve. If he wasn't a father to his other
children, what makes you believe that you are the exception to the rule?
Smh, such a shame 

Автор Mike B (5 месяцев)
This dude is a joke, definitely agree with the judge that he's helping
reinforce the stereotype of black men not fathering their children. Didn't
know that statistic he gave about the kids that don't have the fathers. 70%
ends up in the legal system and doin shit they shouldn't, and not living up
to their potential..

Автор Tony Starks (1 месяц)
LOL I've seen this same dude on 3 different Judge shows. Its the same sob
story every time. 

Автор FreedomWriter3 (11 дней)
Get the fuck up outta here! Did this woman honestly think she was special?
He already had nine kids that he wasn't taking care of! What in the hell
made her think she was any exception? I cannot stand women who knowingly
lay down with these sorry ass men who are not worth a damn and then wanna
cry later. You knew he wasn't shit when you got with him! The blame goes
both ways. He's a hoe and she's an idiot.

Автор Randal Collins (2 месяца)
These are the type of men woman love ...and they get pregnant and then
cry....you couldn't see he wasn't shit off top????? Dummies! !!

Автор EZRA FELTON (2 месяца)
Everything wrong with Too many niggas, because they are definitely not
black men, summed up in ten minutes and forty two seconds. 

Автор willie smith (2 месяца)
"Who jumped you, your kids?" LMFAO

Автор eazi love (9 месяцев)
no number one problem in the black community is these bitches who cant keep
their legs closed it takes two judge not one he didn't bust a nut on his
hand and a baby came out

Автор Ryan ChurastheMGTOW (22 дня)
Deadbeat dads should be hunted down and forced to pay child support and get
a job, or go to jail! Single people like me with no children, should not
be forced to pay welfare for the breeders! That being said, the women
should pick better men. Stop breeding with bad boys, and thugs, and drug
dealers. I see too many 20 something, able bodied women not working, on
welfare. Get a job, and stop draining the rest of us workers of our money.

Автор Quan Ta (1 месяц)
Words to ponder!

Автор (1 месяц)
Lmfao says he got jumped by 25 dudes.

Автор Stephie2007 (3 месяца)
Gingerbread man needs to cough up the dough. *bad joke*

Автор Kavin Bonhomme (20 дней)
If you keep dating "ain't shit" men then what do you think you'll attract!!!
You knew he had 9 kids already that he didn't take care of so maybe if you
took off your rose colored glasses maybe you would have seen not only that
sign but the other signs that were right in your face so honestly I think
this whole mess is doubly your fault!!!! KNOW YOUR WORTH LADIES!!!!!

Автор George Foltz (18 дней)
When you lay down with a dog,you get up with fleas.

Автор George B (1 месяц)
Judge mathis is a bitch didnt he use to do drugs? Who is he to judge fcking

Автор PRANKurFACE (12 дней)
Some say that Angelina and Brad are in the works of adopting 2 of his

Автор Harry Kuheim (1 месяц)
Judge Mathis for President 2016!

Автор jjk19701 (1 месяц)
The Gingerbread Man...really? 

Автор Black Hystori (1 месяц)
And again! Another black male helping the fall of the minority fall deeper
into failure. It blows the smoke into the eyes of people that know no
better and assume every YOUNG black male fits the stereo types that's been
created to hold us down. I'm educated and self- educate myself on several
topics! Positive, open- minded, but NOT perfect!

Автор Ken s (9 дней)
And they didn't show the results of the show? That's crap, thumbs down!

Автор EnemyAce88 (20 дней)
$600 in ring tones?! Seriously? 

Автор Sandy Harris (1 месяц)
tell it!!

Автор sassy Carter (1 месяц)

Автор KimMessengerOfRap (27 дней)
Their dating process:
Woman: So what kind of work do you do?
Man: I don't work, I get SSI.
Woman: Oh well, do you have any children?
Man: Yea, I have 9 kids with 5 of my exes.
Woman: Oooh, you're a keeper, just my type!!

Автор Sonya Thomas (18 дней)
Women kills me if you with a man and he do not take care of his other
children why would you have a baby by him that is so dumb

Автор Mon Desire (9 дней)
She was a back-up dancer?

Автор Marcus Waters (1 месяц)
This negro really calls himself the Gingerbread man, hahahahahahahahaha

Автор Haze One (14 дней)
lowlives having kids...

Автор Terrence Kelsey (2 месяца)
Gingerbread man is tryflin...

Автор Lakeisha Wallace (1 месяц)
preach Judge Mathis 

Автор Lijo K (15 дней)
Grown man acting like a kid 

Автор gkiros100 (20 дней)
At least he's not being disrespectful and accepting the criticism.
....And much respect to Judge Mathis for caring enough to tell him off. He
could've just laughed it off like many would've....

Автор CreamyButta (2 месяца)
i wish i could see video of this chick doing back up dancing.... anybody
got a link?... or a picture???.. be blessed

Автор JohnnyBoy68 (1 месяц)
More men like Judge Mathis please! 

Автор Kevo Stevo (3 месяца)
This is disgraceful and pitiful at once. She is dumb and he is dumber. 

Автор Cynthia Harris (1 месяц)
He looks like a big pumpkin.

Автор anon (6 дней)
What amazes me from the women's angle is the fact that they are not only
willing to do this with anyone with a pulse, but that they are willing to
engage in a potentially dangerous and life threatening activity such as
pregnancy by anyone with a pulse. Women have so, SO much more at stake on
different levels, yet act so casual about this, until it comes time to feel
the consequences. Women used to be so much more sensible then this, and now
so dumb. What happened? Feminism, perhaps?

Автор Judy Hinterlong (21 день)
Both of these people are total idiots, and guess what? The rest of us have
to pay for them. 

Автор Swamp (3 дня)
sold 10,000 copies at $10 a peice and got around $10,000... should of ended
right there.

Автор Kemani Jones (1 месяц)
Did She make you cum??.LOL

Автор Here. Hold My Beer (1 месяц)
10,000 copies x $10 each would be 100,000...what a loser!

Автор NJ Patriot (25 дней)

Автор NuttinButThaTruth (21 день)
Judge Mathis >>>>>>>>>> Judge Joe Brown

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