Judge Mathis Sh*ts On Deadbeat Father For Contributing To Downfall Of The Minority Community!

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Автор Shamia Washington (1 месяц)
She is unintelligent! She knew he didn't take care of his kids he already
had! What makes her think he would take care of her kids. And he is
ignorant too, why do he have 10 kids?

Автор Willie HavMire (1 месяц)
do is a *LOW LIFE, BOTTOM FEEDER type* WHY O WHY are women sleeping with
such men and expecting successful results??? somebody answer me

Автор Soprano313 (17 дней)
Looking like a complete retard in that orange clown suit.

Автор eazi love (3 месяца)
no number one problem in the black community is these bitches who cant keep
their legs closed it takes two judge not one he didn't bust a nut on his
hand and a baby came out

Автор Banter Board (3 месяца)
I want to have children so very badly, but I feel that I have no business
doing so because right now I am unemployed and unmarried. If I got knocked
up at this point in my life, I'd have to head *STRAIGHT* for the welfare
line and apply for section 8 housing. My child's future will be even more
uncertain if he/she is born out of wedlock.

All I can do at this point is try to improve my life and my situation so
that one day I will be able to responsibly bring another person into this

That's why people like this man sicken me! He runs around sticking his
penis in every hole he sees with absolutely no thought of the catastrophic
consequences of his actions. 

Автор Tiffany Irwin (6 месяцев)
You know, I'm 29 with no kids and I'm married. And I can't tell you how
many men that wanted to date me all claim they had an "allergy to latex".

And, ladies? Stop laying down with these no good dudes and having babies
with them. This problem??? It's a two way street. If this man has 5 kids by
5 mothers and not doing anything for them, don't think your any different. 

Автор kwbrilz007 (1 месяц)
the judge is a idiot

Автор whitedust696 (7 часов)
10 kids and no job ?????? more poverty.

Автор Matteo Prezioso (3 дня)
Ok the guy's pure scam. But what's with those women believing anything
those losers tell them, getting pregnant for no reason only for opening
their legs to fill their miserable lives? Fuck them, fuck the guy, fuck the

Автор Roxey Regenald (1 месяц)
She knewwww he had all those baby mommas she's to blame too stop coming
down on our black men its not them alone it'st he women to.

Автор TheRealKD (3 месяца)
He doesn't call out that this woman was a dumb ass and entertained a
relationship with a bum ass dead beat. Dude got 9 kids he doesnt take care
of, she has low standards... She must wanted some dick real bad..

Автор Jada Cole (20 дней)

Автор Jennifer Jordan (20 дней)
I believe half of what the judge is saying. he is coming down hard on him.
But she is at fault as well .she knew is wasn't any good. but still layed
down with the dummy. And iam supposed to feel so for her no.

Автор Diya Jones (25 дней)
I love how Judge Manthis told this "gentleman" off.....I use that word
loosely in his case....lol

Автор miocynar (6 месяцев)
Can someone please buy this loser a nice looking suit. 

Автор Brooklyn Monarch (27 дней)

Автор Victor Velazquez (29 дней)
It's almost as if judge Mathis already knew what type of clown this was 

Автор William Bennett (1 месяц)
Sometimes when your passionate, you lose your professionalism, and then you
speak from the heart. Judge was correct. 

Автор William Joseph (1 месяц)
with the way blacks reproduce they wont be the downfall of a minority they
will be the downfall of the majority, shit is fucked up.

Автор E Walton (2 месяца)
The solution is to revamp America and the Constitution and make birth
control for men and women mandatory. Cyclical poverty is a threat to us
all. No wants to go there but we all know its true. Thugs don't get college
degrees or have legitimate careers but they are breeding faster than the
sensible productive members of society. Ergo, people should have to qualify
to have children, going forward -- provide proof of income along with an
approved life plan for themselves and their offspring. 

Автор Miguel Rios (2 месяца)
Wow. this dude got broken down. he thought it was gonna b a funny day in

Автор TheNikesbkid (5 месяцев)
I dont understand what critisizing the nigga got to do with the case

Автор John Smith (2 месяца)
25 people jumped him and beat him up, hahaha. What did they make a line???
You get to hit him once and then go to the back of the line to wait your
turn for your next hit?

Автор Karen Vincent (3 месяца)
This is sad. I'm currently dealing with a deadbeat who had the nerve to
take me to court. I don't even understand how there are people like this on

Автор Nica W (5 месяцев)
These females are stupid for laying down with these for nothing ass men,
but he deserved to get told. 10 kids???!!! Damn! Now that's just retarded.

Автор DaleCaliente (4 дня)
this guy is a JOKE

Автор Rollie Boii (2 месяца)
Your honor she can the phone.......she can have her money too?....you
pitiful man you pitiful

Автор En Saba Nur (7 месяцев)
Don't think for one minute we don't have lowdown, non productive, no good
men out here. I can't say brothers because my brothers are those who live
like men. Men empower, enrich, refine, strengthen, protect and build any
all things we come in touch with. Not run around and make kids claim to
love them but do not carry out the 3 Ps. Produce, Provide and Protect what
we help to bring into the world. This is the essence of a man. His
contribution to his ppl and his nation, to be a plus and not a subtraction.
Niggas yeah I said it.! Niggas like this are the other major factor in the
down fall of a people and of our nation.. Smmfh..!!

Автор lamont johnson (7 часов)
this is some sad ish

Автор Ashley Campbell (3 дня)
No, it's not her fault he has 9 kids. But the situation as a whole is 50%
her fault simply because she KNEW what time it was with this guy & still
procreated with him. She believed in him in a seemingly naive (& stupid)
way, as some women do with deadbeat men (not all men are deadbeats).

Автор Dieselhef74 (8 дней)
African American women are the most intelligent and beautiful women.

Автор Matthew Howell (10 дней)
this guy is sad. But its people like this sucking the life out of our
country. Lol I think its funny he said about 25 jumped me and viciously
attacked me. if that is true and I know its not. you could deal with that
but you have to be on Social Security to pay your bills. Get a damn job you
lazy peace of shit. I'm so sick and tired of having to give my money away
to these low life mother frackers. The judge hit it on the head. these kids
will become just like there father and have a whole new generation of kids
just like them. pisses me off and makes me sad at the same time. 

Автор Marcia Price (11 дней)

Автор Manda Maru (3 месяца)
I think there should be just as much focus on the woman as there is the
man. Sure this guy is a deadbeat but women have a responsibility as well:
to make sure they don't reproduce with a man who won't be there for the
children. It takes two people to produce a baby: a mother and a father. But
it seems like the only person ever responsible for how the baby turns out
is the father. How about we start ridiculing the women too out here who
just sleep with anybody and pump out kids? I don't see why ANY woman with
common sense would have children by a man who can't remember where his last
job was. That's pathetic on both the man AND the woman's part.

Автор Marcus McKenny (9 дней)
Wow... that dude is pitiful!!! 

Автор charon banks (17 дней)
Mullfukkerz shouldn't ask to get in between a woman's legs if that nigga
know he broke and busted up like hell or if he feels like she's a bytch or
a hoe! Why would a high society mullfulker put HIS DISEASED DYCK in a low
society bytch any dam way? Don't make any type of sense! Just like men,
women don't come with automatic birth control dumb fukk, so the dumb azz
mofo should have not fukked her, end of story! 

Автор Felicita Luna (14 дней)
Dennis S. Dobson Sr. Fairfield Ct deadbeat father

Автор Liche Christ (6 месяцев)
Cut the dude's (in the pink suit) balls off! No more irresponsible
baby-making. And how is he entitled to Soc. Sec.?

Автор William Holts (24 дня)
Its black Men..... You have a son and you want him to be tough not smart,
daughters feel like their hair should resemble some other ethnic group. the
only pride is tough pride people get theirs. dont mess with me (mindset).
Until you demand education out of everyone of your kids. its a wrap! 

Автор brittaney smith (2 месяца)
Nobody wanna hear that simp crap! Shut up, can. I bet you from that hate
group 2.0. Take your behind on. That man wrong for making all those kids
and throwing them away. So shut up!

Автор Nathan Green (7 месяцев)
Dam a disgrace. No words just a disgrace. Bet he grew up with no father no
rules no training. A mistake with a sipper. what a wast. Wounder if he even
finished high school more then likely not.

ladies stop dating rejects and having there babies. No one ever taught
this boy only dogs have sex irresponsibility. He is not a man in body a man
in mind a boy. 

Автор Robin Miller (3 месяца)
Judge Mathis needs to shut the hell up and start attacking the system that
encourages all these women to have children as a support system in the
first place! Even though this dude is retarded, how do women let guys like
this in their beds in the FIRST PLACE? WTF?

Автор rdnbrowne (21 день)
Aren't they scared of HIV

Автор Rami Mirza (27 дней)
If this guy would've just shut up he might have had a chance.....Ummm on
second thought HELL NO. lol what a clown. I think his kids beat him up
for poor child support. lol

Автор niathewriter (29 дней)
I agree with this judge whole heartedly! These bottom feeders (men AND
woman) are breeding children into statistical odds that are so difficult to
get out that most do not succeed and then the cycle continues! God be with
those babies! 

Автор seywhut2985 (23 дня)

Автор D Ray (1 месяц)
#1 problem is the fact just cause someone has a higher education lvl and is
a judge etc. thinks they are always right and have the right to clown and
talk crap about other or do whatever say whatever but not us as law abiding
citizens or people 

Автор renee randall (1 месяц)
@ david chavez true sad but true

Автор Jennifer Jordan (20 дней)
I believe half of what the judge is saying. he is coming down hard on him.
But she is at fault as well .she knew is wasn't any good. but still layed
down with the dummy. And iam supposed to feel so for her no.

Автор TheSneakyfiend (1 месяц)
He needs to sell that gross orange suit and pay his bills-what a prick!!

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