Judge Mathis Sh*ts On Deadbeat Father For Contributing To Downfall Of The Minority Community!

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Автор Vann Terry ( назад)
piece of 💩

Автор SquirrelCake ( назад)
This dude has nine kids and I can't even get a fucking date.

Автор Eric Ciobanu ( назад)
And RIP...

Автор itsadogsworld yaknow ( назад)
Not Stereotypes, Facts! Judge Mathias ain't cooning, he's the Man!

Автор Omar Khauldunn ( назад)
I don't think ALL OF THE BLAME should be on that bum. Women, like the one
in this video, should share responsibility for getting pregnant.
The man didn't rape her. She willingly laid down and got pregnant. She
chose that punk to have sex with her. She is as guilty as him for bringing
another life into this world.

Автор Spooky Raw Da Havknotz ( назад)
10,000 at $10 a piece is $100,000 dummy... lol

Автор Avonne Wyatt ( назад)
Wow. He went off on him but both are to blame. She knew he had 9 kids by 5
before he got her pregnant. He's an idiot but she's not much better.

Автор Roberto Pimentel ( назад)
Lol he like, "did she make you cum?"

Автор Manda Mauluka (1417 лет назад)
poor man cant count $10 a piece multiplied by 10,000 copies equals $100,000
not $10,000, last time i checked so he really doesn't know how much money
he made if he made any.

Автор The Boss ( назад)
I get so pissed when these judges scum out these dead beat fathers and they
get thrown in jail what about these ugly filthy sluts with their loose
polluted holes that choose to bang these garbage cans knowing who they are
these filthy sluts should be put in jail too

Автор BRIAN JONES ( назад)
I can't believe 10 women laid down with this P.O.S.

Автор sailorqueen2013 ( назад)
That suit...enough said..

Автор elthe3rd ( назад)
low down people seem to attract certain types of people. She is a victim
but like Mathis was preachin, he is the problem. The fathers need to be
men, take a stand because when kids grow up and get out in the world, their
training and time from Daddy will show.

Автор Monique McCowan ( назад)
he HELLA stupid...i thought i was gonna stop the vid, but his stupidity had
me curious enough to let his dumb ass play out...oh gosh

Автор Monique McCowan ( назад)
she really does low standards...he standing there with 9 kids and no job
and he's a liar AND that orange suit is killing me! smh....fake drug
selling ass...smh

Автор Monique McCowan ( назад)
she really does low standards...he standing there with 9 kids and no job
and he's a liar AND that orange suit is killing me! smh

Автор Carlo Welch ( назад)
You choose poorly

Автор clint deAngelis ( назад)
"Let's get this over with quick"...that's funny!

Автор Lioness Lovee ( назад)
Is this my baby fathers twin?

Автор jessica lard ( назад)

Автор Anitia Coffee ( назад)
She just found out she was pregnant at 3 1/2 months?

Автор Leo LeCoeur ( назад)
Hell yeah, Judge Mathis.

Автор Sheila Lynn ( назад)
Some white girls are very brave, as a black woman, i will not even look at
him and blink. I broke all my baby mama's of something. smh

Автор Peter Bezemer ( назад)
(some) peoples of america, please raise your standards...

Автор Garry Manton ( назад)
Clearly the guy's been using her, the fact she got him a phone & he's
racking up her phone bill and now she has to take him to court... She
clearly has low self-esteem and is easily manipulated. Granted she should
know better, atleast she's able to take care of herself whereas he can't
only take care of himself, is using others to help him take care of his
Bullshit and is just shitting out kids & not taking responsibility for
it.... $600 on ringtones DAMN

Автор Frank Fiasco ( назад)
welfare and crime exsist because of dudes like this and woman who allow
themselves to get cummed in by them. so the child grows up without and
father and a mother who resorts to welfare.

Автор Frank Fiasco ( назад)
I don't feel bad for her I hope she is pregnant and has to struggle raising
that kid cause she chose to open her legs for this bum

Автор D Dsave ( назад)

Автор Michael Miller ( назад)
I respect Judge Mathis greatly especially after this.

Автор ILoveMyAnus ( назад)
poor white women with no self esteem...thinks this peice of sub-human feces
is a good mate...sad

Автор LPG 1 ( назад)
The Gingerbread IDIOT!

Автор MusicandDancing4Ever ( назад)
I'm glad somebody got on him. I'm sick of seeing black men with so many
kids, and not taking care of them. Does it make them feel like a man to
have a lot of children? It shouldn't, you should feel like a man to take
care of them. If you're going to have sex use protection, Because if you
don't you going to bring a bunch of kids into this world that are going to
be messed up and you'll be the fault of it, just because you want to be a
whore and screw every woman you see, not use protection and spread
diseases. I'm glad no black man has ever impregnated me and they won't
unless I married to him and I refuse to be with any black man with
children, so that makes the pickings pretty slim. women stop having
children with black men who don't got nothing and won't take care of your
children, it doesn't take a rocket scientist, if he won't care for his
other children, he won't care for yours. Have fun screwing but just don't
bring babies into it.

Автор Stephanie McNeil (Cookie) ( назад)
where might one find a pin-stripped peach suit?

Автор Prince Charming ft young chuck ( назад)
this guy is a fucking idiot. he's trying to give her the phone back

Автор Lastseengaming ( назад)
These girls spread their legs for someone selling cds from his trunk in an
orange suit? Damn they desperate for kids

Автор mr. vain vice ( назад)
blame the father and not the harlot blk woman

Автор Debbie Joyner ( назад)
thug trash...just wants to get more kids.

Автор Dee Fernandes ( назад)
Judge tore into his sorry ass.

Автор darthspeaks ( назад)
This "Gingerbreadman" should be eligible for the castration project.

Автор Jk Nava ( назад)
why would you sleep with. someone who has 9 kids point blank ....

Автор utubecomment21 ( назад)
Where the rest of this episode? It seems to tail off at the end.

Автор Deborah Garner-Moore ( назад)
Preach Judge Mathis! The black community is in a state of dire straits, and
in such a state of denial about what is contributing to the breakdown of
our community. This brother needs to stop spreading his seed all over the
neighborhood! This woman also needs to take some responsibility for laying
down with this lazy deadbeat who has 9 children, and supports none of them!

Автор Ta'Marri Mayo ( назад)
I want the full episode!!

Автор Alex Wyatt ( назад)
yes he is that dumb, " I know, did you see that suit?!" shit is wack

Автор Soo Nice ( назад)
She doesn't have 9 kids she doesn't support, HE does: human trash.

Автор Michael Adams ( назад)
When he said "why did you produce them if you didn't know how to take care
of them" I was picturing a black woman going "mmmmm hmmmm"

Автор Trish W ( назад)
The women are at fault too. Close your damn legs and stop denying them a

Автор Joy brandon (97 лет назад)
wow... She's just as much to blame too. Even if she didn't know about his
kids at the time she still has one child she's taking care of on her own
now she done went and got pregnant by a diffrent baby daddy again. I'm
assuming baby daddy #1 was a dead beat and now this one denying this baby.
they both need to be castrated. damn bringing kids into this world and
letting the government provide for them. smh.

Автор Johns blog (116 лет назад)
I have so much respect for this guy.

Автор MrMeathead812 ( назад)
I love Judge Manthis

Автор tessa mac ( назад)
"Broke 'em off something" LMAO!!!! LADIES, PLEASE RUN FOR THE HILLS FROM

Автор Tria Maxwell ( назад)
Sure, he's raging at the man, but I'm not hearing anything about him
holding a gun to the women's heads. They laid down without protection too.

Автор damen whelan ( назад)
any dog can sire a litter.

Автор v09181964 ( назад)
Its the number 1 problem in all communities

Автор Shelley Magnussen ( назад)
He's helping her better her life? Insulting the judge's intelligence isn't
a good idea. And she held a gun to his head and made him walk into a bad

Автор Shelley Magnussen ( назад)
Some people collect cars. Some people collect swords. This guy collects

Автор Armani ( назад)
They all fucked up..

Автор Chris Faucett ( назад)
Go to court looking like a clown get treated like a clown only thing he was
missing was a orange wig and a red nose

Автор dead mcred ( назад)
There is no link you dumbass

Автор Garry Fernandez ( назад)
what hapen with spending quality time .. i guess child suport is the new
dads these days.

Автор Garry Fernandez ( назад)
and no punishment for that woman that deside to open her leg .?

Автор james burg ( назад)
Sue a loser who has no money.. needs castration and hard labor!

Автор Eric Roberts ( назад)
Hi Gingerbread man! Love the suit!

Автор This Guy ( назад)
Its the woman's fault just as much as the man's fault. He could have used
condoms. She could have used birth control. She could have gotten an
abortion. He could have gotten snipped actually he needs to be snipped. She
knew what she was getting herself into. These people have the poorest of

Автор Lyndell Jones ( назад)
She thinks she's assassinating his character saying he has 5 baby mamas and
9 kids but she's making HERSELF look bad as well 'cause she was stupid
enough to make a 10th baby with him!!! He has absolutely NO shame coming
into court in an expensive orange striped suit, not paying child support
and saying he gets social security. He's absolutely embarrassing. And so is

Автор Sean Maher (534 года назад)
What is this obsession people have with getting a "record label?" What does
that mean?

Автор Demarcus Henderson ( назад)
Do you know what a condoms is mfs sad smh man bust a nut inside of a bag
not a bitch you dumb ass mf

Автор curiouscreature99 ( назад)
Not "The Minority Community." He called him out for contributing to the
downfall of the Black Community.

Автор onebareleven ( назад)
I have a new found respect for Judge Mathis, truer words have never been
spoken, and the sad part is in this p.c. country only a black man could
speak that truth and not be labeled racist!

Автор Fallout2058 ( назад)
ohhh shit he got vishishy attack

Автор curtain1100 ( назад)
Yeah...he did give this dumb ass broad a pass.

Автор connie jackson ( назад)
I agree

Автор Adal Kidane ( назад)
Dirt bag!

Автор Daphne Gayle ( назад)
why a lot of women just ready to spread their legs for this looser she is
just as bad goodness gracious keep your dam legs close to keep out this
lowdown dirty shame wow wow woman .

Автор Daphne Gayle ( назад)
Daphne gayle Its Time for women in general to step up and have some
selfesteem think good about yourself aim like an eagle and stay away from
thees low life bastard who dount have a life .and living off the system the
government need to cut out this system let everyone go out and get a job
.shame on this sucker.

Автор Rick Marx ( назад)
Man I bet it stink on the dead beat father's side of the court room. Nerve

Автор veiga devil ( назад)
Minority??? those niggas multiply like dogs! Minority my arse... america
has more blacks than whites.... dats why their society is moked by us
europeans as a stupid and ignorant population, and they are trust me... and
violent as hell... cant even take a joke those crazys...

Автор Tyrannosaurus Gaylord ( назад)
'The Gingerbread Man'? THAT's his fucking name? Wearing a suit like that
though, yeah, I can see that

He vanquished that guy. That girl's a fucking idiot too, though. Seriously,
what a hopeless fool. She should have gotten dressed down just as hard as
he did

Автор Writes Amenti ( назад)
Yell at her too Judge Mathis. Smh. Shes the reason u know how many kids he

Автор racery13 ( назад)
353 down votes from niggers that like to produce more welfare recipients.
GFY! Until you become a real father to your children, you are just
useless fucktards that should be neutered. Be a man first. Then you will
become a real black man whom I would consider a brother.

Автор FYoOpinion ( назад)

Автор duchism64 ( назад)
If as many people where trying to help this guy instead of put him down he
probably would have changed by now

Автор stormy gomez ( назад)
Sad.. Both sexes are to blame. Men are going to be men, they are going to
screw whatever they can. Some women need to just not go there. If you are
going to do the do with condoms at least back it up with BC.. Ugh see wait
till you are married to do all of that.. I couldn't be the one..

Автор EnemyAce88 ( назад)
Who's the real idiot, the loser or the woman who lets him knock her up?

Автор Jamal Jones (Supreme12860) ( назад)
No comment 

Автор Vintage Headbands Bridal Weddings ( назад)
That girl has a pretty face and can do much better.

Автор Vintage Headbands Bridal Weddings ( назад)
Women who get pregnant by 5 different men and continue to get pregnant
while not working are also a big problem.

Автор Shayna Bailey ( назад)
Always use protection

Автор Avery Keimig ( назад)
Zoot suit

Автор TheMoneyTron.com ( назад)
how can you not see how dumb you look when you are lying???? YOU BIG BUMMY

Автор slytendencies87 ( назад)
I can't even laugh at this. it's just fucking sad.

Автор PookyDKid ( назад)
I don't need to see the outcome of this case. We already know...

Автор annamal pete ( назад)

Автор Richard Oden ( назад)
but this bitch knew he had 9 kids already shame on her too

Автор RubyTuesday Fla ( назад)
That nasty whore had sex with that????!!!!!!! And wanted to get
pregnant???? OMG

Автор AmazinqCutie ( назад)
This guy is ridiculous

Автор Hugh Briggs ( назад)
Number two problem is people like that wench who decide to lay down and
make more babies with proven deadbeats. WTF. Cry a river after you get
preggo from a know breeder? Only victims here are the kids and taxpayers.

Автор maziin wendhu ( назад)
His pumpkin,sunkist suit.

Автор Joseph Ham ( назад)
it goes for both of them

Автор Daddysfavtoy ladys 1st ( назад)
judge joe should have read her her rights too cuz she knew he had 9 kids
and was a deadbeat and she just added another but she KNEW he was a

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