Judge Mathis Sh*ts On Deadbeat Father For Contributing To Downfall Of The Minority Community!

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Автор eazi love (1 месяц)
no number one problem in the black community is these bitches who cant keep
their legs closed it takes two judge not one he didn't bust a nut on his
hand and a baby came out

Автор kwbrilz007 (24 дня)
the judge is a idiot

Автор E Walton (1 месяц)
The solution is to revamp America and the Constitution and make birth
control for men and women mandatory. Cyclical poverty is a threat to us
all. No wants to go there but we all know its true. Thugs don't get college
degrees or have legitimate careers but they are breeding faster than the
sensible productive members of society. Ergo, people should have to qualify
to have children, going forward -- provide proof of income along with an
approved life plan for themselves and their offspring. 

Автор Willie HavMire (19 дней)
do is a *LOW LIFE, BOTTOM FEEDER type* WHY O WHY are women sleeping with
such men and expecting successful results??? somebody answer me

Автор Banter Board (2 месяца)
I want to have children so very badly, but I feel that I have no business
doing so because right now I am unemployed and unmarried. If I got knocked
up at this point in my life, I'd have to head *STRAIGHT* for the welfare
line and apply for section 8 housing. My child's future will be even more
uncertain if he/she is born out of wedlock.

All I can do at this point is try to improve my life and my situation so
that one day I will be able to responsibly bring another person into this

That's why people like this man sicken me! He runs around sticking his
penis in every hole he sees with absolutely no thought of the catastrophic
consequences of his actions. 

Автор Tiffany Irwin (5 месяцев)
You know, I'm 29 with no kids and I'm married. And I can't tell you how
many men that wanted to date me all claim they had an "allergy to latex".

And, ladies? Stop laying down with these no good dudes and having babies
with them. This problem??? It's a two way street. If this man has 5 kids by
5 mothers and not doing anything for them, don't think your any different. 

Автор Manda Maru (2 месяца)
I think there should be just as much focus on the woman as there is the
man. Sure this guy is a deadbeat but women have a responsibility as well:
to make sure they don't reproduce with a man who won't be there for the
children. It takes two people to produce a baby: a mother and a father. But
it seems like the only person ever responsible for how the baby turns out
is the father. How about we start ridiculing the women too out here who
just sleep with anybody and pump out kids? I don't see why ANY woman with
common sense would have children by a man who can't remember where his last
job was. That's pathetic on both the man AND the woman's part.

Автор brittaney smith (1 месяц)
Nobody wanna hear that simp crap! Shut up, can. I bet you from that hate
group 2.0. Take your behind on. That man wrong for making all those kids
and throwing them away. So shut up!

Автор miocynar (4 месяца)
Can someone please buy this loser a nice looking suit. 

Автор William Bennett (5 часов)
Sometimes when your passionate, you lose your professionalism, and then you
speak from the heart. Judge was correct. 

Автор D Ray (3 дня)
#1 problem is the fact just cause someone has a higher education lvl and is
a judge etc. thinks they are always right and have the right to clown and
talk crap about other or do whatever say whatever but not us as law abiding
citizens or people 

Автор Roxey Regenald (4 дня)
She knewwww he had all those baby mommas she's to blame too stop coming
down on our black men its not them alone it'st he women to.

Автор renee randall (5 дней)
@ david chavez true sad but true

Автор Blu3AquaMarine (7 дней)
Preach judge Mathis!!

Автор Shamia Washington (7 дней)
She is unintelligent! She knew he didn't take care of his kids he already
had! What makes her think he would take care of her kids. And he is
ignorant too, why do he have 10 kids?

Автор Debra Williams (8 дней)
You allowed yourself to be used, so you got used!!!

Автор Scott G (9 дней)
This guy is a hoodrat. But no one is forcing that woman to spread her legs.
Those type of women are just as guilty. 

Автор William Joseph (11 дней)
with the way blacks reproduce they wont be the downfall of a minority they
will be the downfall of the majority, shit is fucked up.

Автор tom11zz884 (11 дней)
More like "Ginger Penis Man"...lol

Автор TheSneakyfiend (13 дней)
He needs to sell that gross orange suit and pay his bills-what a prick!!

Автор Adrian Perkins (14 дней)
Lol he said he sold 10,000 copies at 10$ a piece and got 10,000$ for them,
that's 1$ a piece..

Автор angel alvarado (17 дней)
True what judge mathis said. 100% true.

Автор Mark Gaza (18 дней)
man ain't nobody tryna hear them sob stories

Автор AJ Muzik (18 дней)
You want to do something positive? Get off your damn ass, get a damn job
or two and help raise these damn kids! Why the damn hell did you have all
these damn kids knowing damn well you couldn't take care of them? Make no
damn sense.

Автор DanieruSanV2 (19 дней)
The deadbeat dad must be colorblind if he wears that suit...god it's so

Автор Sean Young (19 дней)
but i do have my own record label.. lolol 

Автор SpecialKAllDay (19 дней)
Well of course it's his fault for not taking care of his kids, but she did
choose him...

Автор BIONIK DIKK (4 месяца)
And in the end? Guess what? The black women have the last say so,ultimately
they could abort,birth control,etc. But noooo!! Blame the black man, like
we raping these HO's. They willingly laid down spread theyre legs,& submit.
But everybody wants to blame the "Blackman" but if men had the choice of
being a father,like women have "Pro Choice" the game would be different.
Black women in particular will have a man's child just to spite him,use the
child as a pawn,collect a government check, the black community is
doomed,because of our mental conditioning,and ultimately the "Black Woman",
she has the same choice as the men,and the final say so in the end. 

Автор EDUCATED CRACKER (28 дней)
Gingerbread man with Orange frosting!

Автор Miguel Rios (29 дней)
Wow. this dude got broken down. he thought it was gonna b a funny day in

Автор TheNikesbkid (4 месяца)
I dont understand what critisizing the nigga got to do with the case

Автор Miss Tawny (1 месяц)
Judge Mathis wasn't very fair in this case... He should've jumped on the
woman's ass as well.. Why is she laying down with such a lowdown punk?...

Автор renee randall (5 дней)
Kudos tiffany i said the same thing too. uh. just like my piece of crap
dad. i cant stand black men!!

Автор Melvina Lay (1 месяц)
Amen amen amen tiffany!!! Ladies wakeup. ...investigate that man...If he
has only child and doesn't provide for it. ..MOVE ON!!! I dated and fell in
love with a man who said he only had the two sons...I found out he has two
older girls that he denied. ..they looked like him!! It hurt like
HELL...but I ended the relationship. ... I ran into him 5 years later he is
homeless , back on drugs, and living on Skid row. ...In other words he is
still a BUM looking for someone to take care of his worthless ass.

Автор hailey hinojosa (1 месяц)
that suit doe

Автор 123987username (1 месяц)
09:26 thats what she said

Автор erc355 (1 месяц)
Oh my lord ! Help us

Автор tighmir (1 месяц)
What is with that Easter suit??

Автор Lissette Gathers (1 месяц)
This is the number one issue in the black community are fatherless
households. Kids need both parents and too many times the relationship
doesn't work and one parent feels that because the relationship sent sour
then they are not responsible for the life that they created. The messed up
part is that these deadbeat dads are excellent step -dads, which means that
men can take care of other people's children but could careless about their
own. There are women who won't allow some men to be apart of their kid's
life simply because they don't have a relationship with their ex and that's
just selfish. This baby mama and baby father phenomenon needs to stop and
people need to be responsible for their actions, both men and women. Kids
need a mother and a father and the balance that both parties contribute to
the development of that child. 

Автор Dominique913 (1 месяц)
I feel like this is why we should teach the importance of safe sex and
contraceptives. Nine (10?) kids??? No doubt the mothers are probably on
some sort of government assistance, which I don't have much a prob with
because the kids are here now and gotta eat, I just don't like the idea of
more money coming out of my check to feed the result of stupid ignorant

Автор chris jenkens (1 месяц)
Can she have her money too? you pitiful man you pitiful

Автор frick poo (1 месяц)

Автор John Smith (1 месяц)
25 people jumped him and beat him up, hahaha. What did they make a line???
You get to hit him once and then go to the back of the line to wait your
turn for your next hit?

Автор Donna Gambrell (2 месяца)
Growing Up Without A Father, Is No Excuse For Being Less Of A Man !!!

Автор Scott Kucinski (1 месяц)
Damn 10 kids wtf he needs to get fixed 

Автор Tarn Sand (1 месяц)
I think this guy is deplorable. But this woman is just as responsible as he
is 50/50 on the baby/go/round. Women can have free birth control if they
can't afford to buy their own.

Автор Karen Vincent (2 месяца)
This is sad. I'm currently dealing with a deadbeat who had the nerve to
take me to court. I don't even understand how there are people like this on

Автор Nica W (4 месяца)
These females are stupid for laying down with these for nothing ass men,
but he deserved to get told. 10 kids???!!! Damn! Now that's just retarded.

Автор Mike Samra (1 месяц)
When's the last time you worked?
I don't even remember your honor.
I break all my baby mama's off sumthin. I got 10 grand and I dun give em
each 10 dollas and I kept the rest.

Автор One Dedicated Teacher (1 месяц)
Please take the time and look at this petition for a father whose ex-spouse
used the long arm statute to beat down this hard working father. If his
story moves you, then please sign his petition. Thank you


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