Judge Mathis Sh*ts On Deadbeat Father For Contributing To Downfall Of The Minority Community!

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Автор Mike B (15 дней)
This dude is a joke, definitely agree with the judge that he's helping
reinforce the stereotype of black men not fathering their children. Didn't
know that statistic he gave about the kids that don't have the fathers. 70%
ends up in the legal system and doin shit they shouldn't, and not living up
to their potential..

Автор Shamia Washington (2 месяца)
She is unintelligent! She knew he didn't take care of his kids he already
had! What makes her think he would take care of her kids. And he is
ignorant too, why do he have 10 kids?

Автор Willie HavMire (2 месяца)
do is a *LOW LIFE, BOTTOM FEEDER type* WHY O WHY are women sleeping with
such men and expecting successful results??? somebody answer me

Автор Soprano313 (1 месяц)
Looking like a complete retard in that orange clown suit.

Автор eazi love (4 месяца)
no number one problem in the black community is these bitches who cant keep
their legs closed it takes two judge not one he didn't bust a nut on his
hand and a baby came out

Автор Banter Board (4 месяца)
I want to have children so very badly, but I feel that I have no business
doing so because right now I am unemployed and unmarried. If I got knocked
up at this point in my life, I'd have to head *STRAIGHT* for the welfare
line and apply for section 8 housing. My child's future will be even more
uncertain if he/she is born out of wedlock.

All I can do at this point is try to improve my life and my situation so
that one day I will be able to responsibly bring another person into this

That's why people like this man sicken me! He runs around sticking his
penis in every hole he sees with absolutely no thought of the catastrophic
consequences of his actions. 

Автор Rasheena McComb (5 дней)
ROTFL! That sound like a baby daddy I know except he don't even have a GED
(suppose to have a Master's Degree though). 9 kids and 6 or 7 baby mamas,
lol. Some of em use contraceptive, but slip them off without the woman

Автор bullet (1 день)
Why is this guy have deer hunting clothing on in court?

Автор grimthereeper (9 дней)
These females love these type of guys..... #niceguysfinishlast

Автор EZRA FELTON (9 дней)

Автор Tiffany Irwin (7 месяцев)
You know, I'm 29 with no kids and I'm married. And I can't tell you how
many men that wanted to date me all claim they had an "allergy to latex".

And, ladies? Stop laying down with these no good dudes and having babies
with them. This problem??? It's a two way street. If this man has 5 kids by
5 mothers and not doing anything for them, don't think your any different. 

Автор kwbrilz007 (2 месяца)
the judge is a idiot

Автор whitedust696 (1 месяц)
10 kids and no job ?????? more poverty.

Автор Matteo Prezioso (1 месяц)
Ok the guy's pure scam. But what's with those women believing anything
those losers tell them, getting pregnant for no reason only for opening
their legs to fill their miserable lives? Fuck them, fuck the guy, fuck the

Автор Roxey Regenald (2 месяца)
She knewwww he had all those baby mommas she's to blame too stop coming
down on our black men its not them alone it'st he women to.

Автор TheRealKD (4 месяца)
He doesn't call out that this woman was a dumb ass and entertained a
relationship with a bum ass dead beat. Dude got 9 kids he doesnt take care
of, she has low standards... She must wanted some dick real bad..

Автор William Joseph (2 месяца)
with the way blacks reproduce they wont be the downfall of a minority they
will be the downfall of the majority, shit is fucked up.

Автор Jada Cole (1 месяц)

Автор Jennifer Jordan (1 месяц)
I believe half of what the judge is saying. he is coming down hard on him.
But she is at fault as well .she knew is wasn't any good. but still layed
down with the dummy. And iam supposed to feel so for her no.

Автор TheNikesbkid (6 месяцев)
I dont understand what critisizing the nigga got to do with the case

Автор Diya Jones (1 месяц)
I love how Judge Manthis told this "gentleman" off.....I use that word
loosely in his case....lol

Автор miocynar (7 месяцев)
Can someone please buy this loser a nice looking suit. 

Автор Brooklyn Monarch (1 месяц)

Автор Victor Velazquez (2 месяца)
It's almost as if judge Mathis already knew what type of clown this was 

Автор William Bennett (2 месяца)
Sometimes when your passionate, you lose your professionalism, and then you
speak from the heart. Judge was correct. 

Автор creoleladee (16 часов)
The woman is silly herself. Why didn't she use protection? She's the one
who is left with having to struggle and raise her kid w/o a daddy, husband
and stable family.
Recreational sex should not lead to a baby.

She knew he was broke from the get go

Women stop falling for the rap. Stop letting men impregnant you..

Автор hebewster (1 день)
Sold 10,000 CD's for $10.00 and made $10,000? Yikes, not a math major.

Автор Charina Pinder (9 часов)
She wouldn't have been put in this situation if she didn't choose to be
impregnated by a deadbeat. As far as I'm concerned, this is her fault. You
can't have sex with anyone without consent. Otherwise, that would be rape.
She chose this. Does this man even remotely seem like someone who would
take care of his children? Does he seem like an upstanding citizen? Stop
acting like men are always at fault for the outcome of a situation. Half
the time, it's because women like the Plaintiff allow and accept this

Автор J'onn J'onzz (4 дня)
I just don't understand why women open up their thighs for losers like him.
Women make no sense to me. They constantly complain about wanting a good
man but when one comes around they don't know how to act. They would rather
sex up losers because they have "swag" or good game but no brains, no
money, no assets, no credit or crappy credit, no job, no nothing. Some
women are so senseless!

Автор ANDRE AIRBORNE (2 дня)
I'm doing anything not to end up like this fool with 9 kids glad I don't
got none; black men we have to do better for are generation; I'm putting a
cork on it for my childrens future

Автор caligirl LA (1 день)
clown! both of them!

Автор lisa ljhi (9 дней)
Go judge!
Our world has become desensitized to parents that won't care for their

Автор Sam Langford (1 день)
As disgusting as he is, let's not lose sight of what a dumb whore the broad
is for hooking up with a dude with 9 goddamn kids from 5 differernt baby
mommas that he doesn't take care of...and then getting pregnant by the
fuckin guy. And according to him, she already has at least one child.
Human garbage like these two scumbags should be sterilized.

Автор paign potts (4 дня)
she got what she deserve 

Автор E Walton (3 месяца)
The solution is to revamp America and the Constitution and make birth
control for men and women mandatory. Cyclical poverty is a threat to us
all. No wants to go there but we all know its true. Thugs don't get college
degrees or have legitimate careers but they are breeding faster than the
sensible productive members of society. Ergo, people should have to qualify
to have children, going forward -- provide proof of income along with an
approved life plan for themselves and their offspring. 

Автор dipasasky (8 дней)
I agree with judge Mathis wholeheartedly .This is a vicious cycle that
keeps happening .These women he had the kids with are also to blame .They
think having kids is there ticket to not working and getting on assistance
.This country is going right in the shitter because of this ! 

Автор Alex Bross (5 дней)
Deadbeat nigger

Автор msdanyelle1 (11 дней)

Автор Miguel Rios (3 месяца)
Wow. this dude got broken down. he thought it was gonna b a funny day in

Автор philanna38 (19 дней)
Judge must be soooo embarrassed for morons like this low life dead beat.

Автор Joe Jessica (17 дней)

Автор dwayne19 (20 дней)
"She had some good stuff". .dumb ass.

Автор LadyLeigh B (25 дней)
It's her fault too. She already knew he had 9 children and not working, so
why would she sleep with him??

Автор John Smith (3 месяца)
25 people jumped him and beat him up, hahaha. What did they make a line???
You get to hit him once and then go to the back of the line to wait your
turn for your next hit?

Автор denise gomez (28 дней)
These are not black Man these are Thugs and it's a shame that most women
dont get help to cope with their self esteems they would had saved their
neck from always getting hurt thugs always will hurt you so Girls value
yourself and dont fall for these type of losers!

Автор Ross Kaplan (22 дня)
For people who are on disability all the sex their having sure isn't
exhausting them one bit. I just had a brilliant idea of continuing my
disability because of sexual exhaustion. Therapy would include bj's

Автор Michael Whipps (28 дней)
There is only 2 kinds of women ..WALKERS and DREAMERS...WALKERS they like a
man who got that LOOK about him..dont matter if he is 100...THEN you got
those DAM DREAMERS...they like a man who got that TALK about him...dont
matter what he say just as long as he SAYING it to THEM....thats it baby!!
This woman is a PRIME example...if you in the HOOD or PRO---JEX ...and you
fuck one one girl she gone tell her friends if you BIG or not..(dont matter
if you ugly)..thats how that UGLY ass dude got NINE chillen!!!! He probably
got a big pipe..and this young woman wanted to test it out and got

Автор donald clavier (24 дня)
this right here is what is distroying america,trash like this,,,,give some
people freedom this is what you get.

Автор mando18 (27 дней)
That is a nigger. And judge Mathis is a black american man.. Don't get it

Автор david lawson (4 месяца)
Fucking stupid blackman!..but the woman is stupid as well....if i were in
her shoes and i new he had nine children and five mothers and no job i
would do a complete turn and run faster than Husain Bolt!!!!!

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