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Автор TheNikesbkid (7 дней)
I dont understand what critisizing the nigga got to do with the case

Автор Don S (14 дней)
All white hos who want to lay down with lying useless black bucks, need to
watch this nonsense.
Tje Judge is wrong saying its a stereotype people WANT to put on black
men, its just the damn truth, not a stereotype.

Автор Khalifa Life (16 дней)
She Failed also , she should of got a lesson taught too.

Автор Nica W (15 дней)
These females are stupid for laying down with these for nothing ass men,
but he deserved to get told. 10 kids???!!! Damn! Now that's just retarded.

Автор miocynar (19 дней)
Can someone please buy this loser a nice looking suit. 

Автор Jamal Jones (19 дней)
Wow! excuse after excuse and you have to wonder why so many of these black
men grow up feminized like these women

Автор Tiffany Irwin (26 дней)
You know, I'm 29 with no kids and I'm married. And I can't tell you how
many men that wanted to date me all claim they had an "allergy to latex".

And, ladies? Stop laying down with these no good dudes and having babies
with them. This problem??? It's a two way street. If this man has 5 kids by
5 mothers and not doing anything for them, don't think your any different. 

Автор Del guerrero (28 дней)
What about ladies that sleep with losers. That's a huge problem too.

Автор Liche Christ (1 месяц)
Cut the dude's (in the pink suit) balls off! No more irresponsible
baby-making. And how is he entitled to Soc. Sec.?

Автор Marini Scott (1 месяц)
This whole situation is retarded....

Автор Nathan Green (2 месяца)
Dam a disgrace. No words just a disgrace. Bet he grew up with no father no
rules no training. A mistake with a sipper. what a wast. Wounder if he even
finished high school more then likely not.

ladies stop dating rejects and having there babies. No one ever taught
this boy only dogs have sex irresponsibility. He is not a man in body a man
in mind a boy. 

Автор Linda K (2 месяца)
She knows this clown has 9 kids, WHY WOULD SHE MAKE IT 10. Her fault to.
Something wrong with her. The Judge is right about what he is talking
about. Sad for the children.

Автор Saba jua Lia Mtume (2 месяца)
Don't think for one minute we don't have lowdown, non productive, no good
men out here. I can't say brothers because my brothers are those who live
like men. Men empower, enrich, refine, strengthen, protect and build any
all things we come in touch with. Not run around and make kids claim to
love them but do not carry out the 3 Ps. Produce, Provide and Protect what
we help to bring into the world. This is the essence of a man. His
contribution to his ppl and his nation, to be a plus and not a subtraction.
Niggas yeah I said it.! Niggas like this are the other major factor in the
down fall of a people and of our nation.. Smmfh..!!

Автор Sunny Cosign (1 день)
+CollectChildSupport Minority is not synonymous with negro!

Автор TheKuntry314 (2 дня)
Black men we gotta do better. We keep setting ourselves back with
behavioral patterns like this. Its like running on a treadmill at top
speed. We headed nowhere fast.

Автор Blood Beryl (6 дней)

Автор resqfireman1 (8 дней)
His kids jumped him, lmfao!!!!

Автор Kevin Calderon (7 дней)
That judge is a bitch niga he needs some pussy

Автор XxJimmyOnyx90xX (6 дней)
I wanted to just want to kind of set the record straight, a little buzzed
and enjoying watching cases here. As a Black man, ALL MEN should be
embarrassed. We should come together and just show the world ALL MEN
aren't like this. The ones who are, somebody along the way of their
childhood dropped the ball. Period.

Автор BIONIK DIKK (11 дней)
And in the end? Guess what? The black women have the last say so,ultimately
they could abort,birth control,etc. But noooo!! Blame the black man, like
we raping these HO's. They willingly laid down spread theyre legs,& submit.
But everybody wants to blame the "Blackman" but if men had the choice of
being a father,like women have "Pro Choice" the game would be different.
Black women in particular will have a man's child just to spite him,use the
child as a pawn,collect a government check, the black community is
doomed,because of our mental conditioning,and ultimately the "Black Woman",
she has the same choice as the men,and the final say so in the end. 

Автор karen kelley (6 дней)
while he is a disgrace, she is worse. why would any sensible woman have a
child with a man that hasn't taken care of the ones he already has!!!!

Автор sportinlife jones (13 дней)
that clown looks like the great pumpkin in that wack ass orange suit. CLown
ass mf. 

Автор bsdguy (17 дней)
I got 12 credits your Honer!

Автор Jacob Neal (14 дней)
did anybody catch that he said he sold 10,000 copies at 10$ a piece and
made 10,000$.

Автор SpaceAge Smitty (18 дней)
she to blame to knew he had 9 other kids he wasn't taking care of and she
gonna have the 10th her dumb ass

Автор Edward Coleman (12 дней)
This nigga math is fucked up 10.000 cds at 10 a cd is 100.000.

Автор Omar Ruiz-Canales (14 дней)
and how many kids does this dumb ass girl have by this clown?

Автор Samuel Migan (3 месяца)
How. could. he. not. comment. on the freaking peacock suit!

Автор HotsDonutz (2 месяца)
He's a fuckwad bot so is the women for having unprotected sex with him.
typical women actually

Автор David Chavez (1 месяц)
Foolish white women.....................They get pregnant by these animals
and their life is over................Once you go black,your a single mom

Автор universalstudios13 (3 месяца)
Far Out, why doesn't Mathis just tell him to commit suicide while he's at
it? Sad. He turned this into a Racial event. 

Автор Michelle Mann (1 месяц)
Good bless Judge Mathis! no matter black white yellow or whatever men and
women step it up! 

Автор Betty Tanner (21 день)
not saying white people don't have dead bead dads they do not saying Latin
people don't have dead beat dads they do But Black people Have The Most
dead beat dads & need to be more programs in effect to fix that

Автор lonb00 (3 месяца)
Now this guy IS the epitome of the term dead beat!! You can't get any dead
than that! lol! 

Автор Manny gutierrez (1 месяц)
Judge Mathis blast him like sick, just basically man handle his sorry ass

Автор Matthew Young (17 дней)
she knew he had 9 kids before she laid up with him, get the fuck outta here

she's just as responsible as he is

Автор Rick Brown (1 месяц)

Автор jason hall (1 месяц)
This guy makes me sick. He walks wearing an orange zoot suit, has 9 kids he
won't support and denies the other kid he has and a cell phone he hasn't
paid. This is one reason why the black people today suffer so bad is
because they don't have a father in their life today and have to grow up up
in a bad environment. It's really sad.

Автор Doe Getter (1 месяц)
All this "black" men take care of your kids shit is stupid. Black people
aren't the only people who don't take care of their kids. There's good and
bad people everywhere. Some people take care of their kids some people
dont. It's just as bad with white people too, and every other race. This
society just likes to blame everything on black people. We're the scape
goat of all Americas problems. Clowns like the dude on the show make us
look bad, but tht doesnt mean its all of us. Yall just ignorant peices of
shit. so suck me dry 

Автор Jake Duncan (2 месяца)
Title of the video is misleading

Автор tdot22 (3 месяца)
This woman is equally at fault. It takes two.......

Автор lor walm (3 месяца)
What a clown. His race is doomed.

Автор terrell dixon (1 месяц)
this all come from a form of slavery. the black race was stript arptheid.
whit privlage. and the results . has ruin the black culture

Автор Pogue Mahone (2 месяца)
Dude needs to have his nuts cut off. 

Автор Cloud Strife (18 дней)
9:46 the most suppressed wet fart ever in an orange suit.

Автор Dallas Cantland (1 месяц)
He's 50% to blame. The other 50% is the women CHOOSING men of his ilk. We
CANNOT overlook that part of the equation. Women sleeping with a man they
KNOW already has 8 kids, by 5 other women, are no less ratchet and
repulsive than he is. THAT needs to be addressed as well, rather than
overlooked in favor of simply bashing the men.

Автор Kris K (2 месяца)

Автор Annie Tyler (3 месяца)
00:56 someone give that judge a high-five (or fist bump/pop/pound, w/e)
epic comebacks of all time

Автор Tabius Smith (3 месяца)
We all know this guy is a deadbeat who was rockin a cheap Stacy Adams suit.

I have a question for the plaintiff.

Knowing how big a deadbeat this guy was, why have sex and have a baby by

Автор 19mimi63 (6 месяцев)
I don't know who is more stupid...the Gingerbread Man or the stupid woman
who made another gingerbread baby.. Want more for yourselves girls! And
those poor 10 (!) kids.

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