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Автор John Doe ( назад)
this is a prime example of a nigger and a black man, before I get crucified
for being racist hear me out, any man who does not take care of his
children, his job and his responsibilities out of choice is a nigger
regardless of skin color.

Автор Donna White ( назад)

Автор Asia @Me ( назад)
Girl friend shares in this atrocity!

Автор Olbohn ( назад)
Jesus Christ this poor black man just got a new ass torn into him by

Автор LibertarianUSA1982 ( назад)
white women laying with niggers. Disgusting!

Автор cheesew1re ( назад)
click the link in the description? THERE IS NO LINK! YOU SIT ON A BED OF
LIES! heh jk but great clip. I love Judge Mathis so much.

Автор Tish Smiddy ( назад)
yep, omg

Автор Gary Ford ( назад)
That is really a shame that some people brings the kids in the world
doesn't know who his/her kids are. That is the reason why there is such
thing called PROTECTION and he is getting what he really deserves.

Автор TORI SKYLAR ( назад)
Wow that guy is truly a piece of shit and Judge Mathis hit the nail right
on the head

Автор Neil Velicitat ( назад)
Damn, what a fertile fellow. How high do you think his sperm count is?!

Автор Denise Simpson ( назад)
Who in their right mind comes to court in an ORANGE suit?? (He might,
however, have an orange JUMPSUIT in his future for criminal child
non-support!!) This fool has NINE kids, going on ten, and can barely
articulate. What could the plaintiff have possibly SEEN in this extremely
sorry specimen? Girls, stop getting impregnated by clowns like this, think
for yourself; use commonsense when socially circumnavigating. He doesn't
remember the last time he worked??? This sociopathic piecea shit couldn't
POSSIBLY add to the quality of your life; he is Loser-Writ-Large!! Don't
bother to pull down your panties and spread your legs for his ilk!! Think,
girls, THINK!!!! Stop yelling "victim," utilize birth control, and move

Автор cat leroy ( назад)
What a thug, how women can even look at those type of men. Women are to
blame too, control your body.

Автор Juli Eggers ( назад)
Did anyone else notice that he still has the label on his God-awful suit?
He looks like a giant cantaloupe.

Автор Money Trust ( назад)
How come women never get the blame for selecting deadbeat fathers? Let's be
serious. These women aren't pursuing stand-up guys and he suddenly turns
into a loser. Nope. Many of these women, mainly black women, are purposely
selecting these loser ass guys in hopes that he will change his ways. When
that doesn't work out, she'll play the victim and sing that sad song. While
pursuing these bum ass guys, they again, PURPOSELY pass over good men on a
daily basis. Therefore, no sympathy for these women nor do I respect any
man who attack the deadbeats without addressing the women who choose these
guys. Judge Mathis gets no cool points from me for this. He's symptomatic
of society's problematic silence on women and their poor choices in men.

Автор Herp Derp ( назад)
So your picture says real men pay taxes, but real men never ever need to
get into a position to where they have to pay child support.

Автор Bubblegum 1 ( назад)
I'm sorry , but the woman looks like a pitiful pathetic fat cow , but
doesn't get reproached brutally , by this narrow minded , myopic judge.
this is the bullshit that as a society we stupidly get conditioned to react
like. she is equally at fault as he. i'll even say ...... probably more.
fuck this.

Автор advplk ( назад)
This poor man was lured by 6 evil women with their demonic vaginas ... i
feel sorry for him ... they lies to him.

Автор Sheila Smith ( назад)
This is why I'm looking for a future husband with his own thang going on.
I'm talking about a young single free man whose my age with a job, no kids
and no baby momma's no drama no bullshit. Enough is enough. No means no. 

Автор sgt. Nickel ( назад)
some times women who decide to get knocked up are the users... this is
there ticket to not work and get free rent... babies need to brought up
with love, not this, dont get me wrong i know dead beat dads. but i also
know allot of dead beat moms.this judge is just a black white surprimists
if you ask me. colour has nothing to do with anything.

Автор Abdilatif Abdi ( назад)
Let us move in together so I can better your life with money I get from SSI
:). Dude couldn't even remember last time he worked. Really sad with a
young man with no clear disability what so ever not wanting to work to
provide for 9 kids he brought to this world.

Автор cocoabutta26 ( назад)
how is this Agent of Satan showing up all over t.v. promoting self hate and
hate for the whole race of black woman smhl this is ridiculous and a damn

Автор machinewrecker ( назад)
What a laugh watching Judge Mathis pick this loser apart.

Автор a500n24 ( назад)
This sorry ass nigga should be castrated, fuck him and fuck the stupid ass
women who spread their legs for him. Its such a shame that his kids have
thots for moms and a walking talking piece of shit for a "dad".

Автор NaturallyPaige_ ( назад)
He needs to tear her ass down also! She's baby mama NUMBER 6!! She knew
what the hell she was getting into when she opened her legs for him. People
quick to put down the man, but most of these women are no good, and just as

Автор WHATSREALLY GOODY (1241 год назад)
the women should feel just as ashamed for letting these slick tongued , bum
ass nighas cum inside there vaginas!!! stupid ass bitches and bum brOke
lazy assholes will rule the world because dumb people fuck a lot !!!

Автор SourPatchKidd 99 (1593 года назад)
a dollar an album huh lol

Автор Leona Banks ( назад)
It's so easy for people to say why do women keep dealing with these no good
niggas. It's because that's what's MOSTLY OUT THERE. 95% of the males these
days, (especially bm) are garbage. Women KNOW what they deserve, but just
because you deserve something don't mean you're going to get it. Women get
lonely and so TIRED of waiting for a good, decent man to come along,
especially since there are so few of them. Loneliness is NO JOKE. There are
so many great and good women for males to choose from, whereas women don't
have that same option. So people need to STOP blaming women for picking
thugs, lowlifes etc.....blame the men who started wars and killed off
millions, perhaps billions of men. If women had more men to choose from,
trust me they would NEVER keep putting up with this garbage. Again, put the
blame where it belongs....and it damn sure ain't the women. Men are suppose
to be the coaches and help to get the team (women and children) to the
super bowl...hell, they can't even get their families to the playoffs. Put
the blame where it belongs.

Автор Bubblegum 1 ( назад)
berates the GUY on national television. that is disgusting!

Автор Bubblegum 1 ( назад)
I'm sorry......... but it's as much this -------stupid --fat --bitch's-
fault , for laying up and getting impregnated by this guy , and knowing
what he can and cannot bring to the table , but , still decide --
regardless of these negative elements and adversities , to STILL HAVE SEX
WITH THIS MAN AND GET PREGNANT BY HIM. i didn't see this judge denigrate
her , like he repudiated the guy. she is equally at fault - IF NOT , EVEN

Автор Zoo Zoo And Friends ( назад)
Thank goodness for Judge Mathis, he has my respect!

Автор EricaYE6 ( назад)
Did he really tell Judge Mathis "She had some good stuff."? :o

Автор DoktorSick ( назад)
if you are to make money starting a record label with 9 kids is not the way
to do it.

Автор Martha Wallace ( назад)
"I have a record label" LMAO!!!

Автор Abdulaziz Mohamed ( назад)
A mans job is to sell you a dream and this bitch fall for it.😴😴😴

Автор bigrider2806 ( назад)
never seen a shop that sells suits like that !

Автор Mark ThatOne (JesusIs4Skin) ( назад)
Nothing less than 25

Автор kingkash 1987 ( назад)
judge Mathis in 2005 you made me so angry with you on one of your shows I
called you every name in the book. I did not watch your show for 2 years. I
hated you.

Автор Naiym1 ( назад)
people like HER! all these nasty women laying up with these men. .. We own
our bodies , right? Do better women!

Автор phydeauxddog ( назад)
How can this piece of shit dress up say he cares about his kids. He has no
idea about if his kids are being taken care of. The women are just as much
to blame.

Автор Aaron Fletcher ( назад)
Who the hell is posting these videos?? Cause this is the fifth time I've
watched a Judge Mathis case that doesn't get to finish. Whoever is posting
these videos only post small portions that don't finish.

Автор Edward Jones ( назад)
we look so bad as a unit

Автор Juanita Rios ( назад)
what about the woman she knows about all the kids he has can't take care of
none of them nd she still got pg from him dumb ass

Автор jason jasper ( назад)
Smh I'm ashamed for him shit don't make no sense I wouldn't even show boy
face in public

Автор David Gilliard ( назад)
See its men like that make it hard for men like me because women going to
think that all black men are deadbeats

Автор wepush foru ( назад)
please people viewing this all black people are not ignorant or illiterate
like this person is she needs her ass kicked as well for even dealing with
him and thinking she was going to get any kind of money from his dumb ass
wow and she bought him a cell phone lol she thought he was going to pay her
for it???? she looks normal but she definitely has to be a mental patient
he looks dumb

Автор los2050sp ( назад)
This guy should not be reproducing.

Автор kami0205 ( назад)
i dont understand how these people sustain themselves for so long without
working. im not only talking about financially but dont u just get bored
sitting at home not doing shit? i mean id love to take a vacation for a
full month or two but i feel like after two months id start to feel so
bored and feel like a loser...? im waiting for a law to sterilize these
type of people and set limit to have no more than two kids.

Автор dangold boumhower ( назад)
what is this 2008 where we have sidekicks and buying ringtones still! wow
ppl need to up their youtube to mp3 game

Автор Ray Toaetolu ( назад)
This is why the good fathers have to fight harder because of p.o.s.'s like
this. Garbage!!!

Автор teddy pike ( назад)
This scumbag is Just another typical NIGGER!

Автор feralbigdog (564 года назад)
i think of myself as a loser all the time, at least partly because of being
on ssi myself, but this guy makes me look like a big success story! he wont
work, has kids he doesn't, not cant but doesn't pay for but he can afford
that suit, (he could work, and at least try), makes babies he knows he cant
pay for, breaks his word, at least I don't have have kids, let alone any
that I cant take care of(a man who can not take care of kids he makes has
no business doing anything that can make them, a man that does steps up,
cowards run), I entered the ssi's ticket to work program and got help to
get work, which I now have and look forward to getting off ssi, and keep my
word instead of breaking it, that "man" is a sack of shit and so is any who
knows he has kids, doesn't care for them, and lays down with him anyway!

Автор Jaasmin Foote ( назад)
Get him Judge Mathis! He's a disgrace! Ten kids with no job. DISGUSTING!!

Автор Spiderman ( назад)
you're allowed to clap in a court of law??? i've never seen that one before

Автор jocelyn ruiz ( назад)
"Who jumped you, your kids?" died 😂😂😂

Автор kellyhowful ( назад)
idiot in the making.

Автор Kathy Robin ( назад)
Black and white women need to have sense for themselves. If you meet a guy
and he already have kids, why would you also have a child by him. TELL THAT

Автор J Miller ( назад)
Dat SUIT, though!!! Who he think he is?? One of the Chi-LItes??

Автор Tilson Tomas ( назад)
I really want to see the whole case.

Автор pettes josh ( назад)
@DaltonWallen: Nothing worse than shit starting Fuck Boy huh?

Автор Margo Wilkins ( назад)
The females who had children by this bum are just as much to blame. Smh.

Автор kimberly robinson ( назад)
Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!!! Did they say he had FIVE "baby mamas?" FIVE female
human beings allowed him to penetrate them????? Oh my GOD!!! I'm
nauseous!!!!!!!! Surely there are batteries in the small town they surely
live in!

Автор Superstar Grahm ( назад)
She also has a part to play. To deal with a guy like that you have to have
a problem

Автор futurebestseller84 ( назад)
Big pumpkin ass orange suit lol

Автор big14black ( назад)
Ladies if a guy has multiple kids by multiple women then he's not the one.
Chuck the deuces and tell that guy to move on elsewhere. Good looks and
good dick ain't everything.

Автор Tyler X ( назад)
black judge-"number one problem in black community" white

Автор Cliff Bailey ( назад)
This shit is funny the gingerbread man get the fuck outta here and get a
new suit ,how can any women give this fool any time ,hope in 2015 he"s
acting like a grown ass man .

Автор jim68 ( назад)
Ladies love these kinds of guys. HARDCORE. No matter what race and culture.
Fall in love with them and have babies with them. The Latino community is
no better around here.

Автор Andrew Cw (881 год назад)
I have no sympathy for her!!! SHe wanted to be a baby momma for a thug, and
she got what she wanted. She knew he had 9 meal tickets with 5 "baby
mommas", but she still spread her legs.

Автор TJ Guinard ( назад)
All of these cases have one major thing in common. 

Автор Kastman1989 ( назад)
25 of em lmao

Автор Bellissimma ( назад)
10,000 albums sold from the trunk for $10 a piece equals $10,000 to this
dude... WTF? Why do women give dudes like this the time of day?

Автор Red Pill Sigma ( назад)
I guarantee you that he was raise in a single mother household with no

Автор sha11235 ( назад)
They should have a judge that starts cursing up a storm when he hears this

Автор sha11235 ( назад)
He's not allergic to latex, he just loves fucking people, the asshole.

Автор rain73ful ( назад)
I hate guys like this! If you can't take care of your children, then keep
it in your pants, you oversexed bum!

Автор Luquan Terry (FlintTownBoy) ( назад)
Judge Super Simp

Автор Will Herron ( назад)
9 kids! Damn! He's trying to start his own wu-tang clan, tf?!

Автор keithfr1 ( назад)
what a fucking deadbeat

Автор keithfr1 ( назад)
spade or nuter your pet

Автор Isaiah Stubblefield ( назад)
This channel's name is stupid. A real doesn't pay child support because a
real man takes care of his kids.

Автор Tee Mccleandon ( назад)
I know that's right she's just as dumb as he is there's knife way in this
world I would have be walked in too court and the first thing out of my
mouth when the judge asked too here my case I say I'm also there weeks
pregnant lmao dumb add bitch.

Автор Jeff Weddington 18 ( назад)
I cant get over the fact that he still has the tag on the suit

Автор Adam Jones ( назад)
Lets not forget all the scumbag disgusting women who spread their shit for
this guy. Yeah, poor victims.

Автор Sto Mnjul ( назад)
"somehow able to raise their children" with welfare, child support, steaing
and asking to your own kids to steal and sell drugs

Автор G Rock ( назад)
Both of them are pitiful..she's just as stupid as he is!

Автор Angel MBB ( назад)
Did she make you cum?

Автор fantom58 ( назад)
If DeAndre Babydaddy over there didn't spend all his money on fine clothing
maybe he'd have something left over for his keeedz. XD

Автор maria mitchell ( назад)
Shes no better than he is. She knew he had nine kids when they met, why
would she get pregnant by him? That's another problem with the black
community. If you fall for a guy that have kids and know he doesn't take
care of them, what makes you think he's going to take care of yours? smh..

Автор chocolate munchkin (bae) ( назад)
what an asshole

Автор justin howard ( назад)
The "same" crime is something they could experience but they are
responsible for making the babies as well.

Автор itsVivid - AMV's & Gameplay ( назад)
'click link in the description'

Автор Tristan Mitchell ( назад)
and thats the problem... they diss and ignore guys with no swag and now
she'll run to the same dudes she dissed

Автор wiibaron ( назад)
The 'baby mamas' need to start dropping the kids off at the 'daddies' house
right on the way home from the hospital. And leave the kid. Should put a
dent in the deadbeat daddy problem.

Автор david lawson ( назад)
kill the fucking dumb nigger!!

Автор Matt Thompson ( назад)
This broad is just as dumb as the guy in the hideous suit. She knew he was
a p.o.s., yet she invited him and got knocked up. If you lie down with
dogs, you rise up with fleas.

Автор sinjin chase ( назад)
vasectomy ..bet he doesnt realize state and goverment agencies watch
youtube to

Автор prosserjionny79 ( назад)
Aside from him bein a hoe ass nigga for not keeping it in his pants the
video was funny judge Mathis was Curtin in to him fam

Автор D'vawn Williams ( назад)
That made me tear because i don't have my father in my life for this same
reason... However the power of God kept me out the criminal system this is
my 25th year on the planet. yes im bisexual, but hey guess what I love
every race and I think God so much for this...

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