Judge Mathis Sh*ts On Deadbeat Father For Contributing To Downfall Of The Minority Community!

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Ugliset woman ever!!


Автор joshua barnes (2 месяца)
The problem isn't just the men, it's women who choose to not use the
contraception. They'd rather risk it. 

Автор briggs9187 (17 дней)
This is not a problem just in the Black Communities, it is a white,
Hispanic, some say Asian communities as well... the Thug mentality and the
whole Whore wanna be women that also get their Ideas from Music Videos, TV
and acting like they are badder and better than the rest, the whole "I got
no Job but still rock my Jordans and 20" rims" and kids are at home hungry,
no school or college and no future... Pitiful, just sad to see that many
kids depending on the Handouts that we the tax payers put up with. Look up
the Numbers, Welfare recipients has been as as as 23% of the population,
that means nearly 1/4 of the U.S receives Welfare?!!! 

Автор Willie HavMire (6 месяцев)
do is a *LOW LIFE, BOTTOM FEEDER type* WHY O WHY are women sleeping with
such men and expecting successful results??? somebody answer me

Автор Soprano313 (4 месяца)
Looking like a complete retard in that orange clown suit.

Автор naomi ehle (5 дней)
Sounds like my ex. Three kids by three different women and claims he trys.

Автор EZRA FELTON (12 дней)
Everything wrong with Too many niggas, because they are definitely not
black men, summed up in ten minutes and forty two seconds. 

Автор eazi love (7 месяцев)
no number one problem in the black community is these bitches who cant keep
their legs closed it takes two judge not one he didn't bust a nut on his
hand and a baby came out

Автор CaptinTrips (7 дней)
I am Apache/German. Sadly my father was a lot like this bastard here. Slept
around with a lot of different women and had kids with them. I have more
step sisters and step brothers than can be counted on your hands. Was not
even there for my birth either. ( in-fact I never seen him, and he was only
there two times for my brother. )

He constantly evaded the money he owed my mother for both my brother and I
as well. My mother eventually passed away when I was 9 and my brother
became my guardian. ( 15 years older than me ) Honestly I hate him for what
hes done to my family, and I know hes done similar things to other families
as well as I have met some of his other kids.

People like the guy in the video and my father cause way too much problems.

Автор Banter Board (7 месяцев)
I want to have children so very badly, but I feel that I have no business
doing so because right now I am unemployed and unmarried. If I got knocked
up at this point in my life, I'd have to head *STRAIGHT* for the welfare
line and apply for section 8 housing. My child's future will be even more
uncertain if he/she is born out of wedlock.

All I can do at this point is try to improve my life and my situation so
that one day I will be able to responsibly bring another person into this

That's why people like this man sicken me! He runs around sticking his
penis in every hole he sees with absolutely no thought of the catastrophic
consequences of his actions. 

Автор Jacob James (3 дня)
He is a big fat piece of shit. All he does is think with his dick and the
cycle continues with the kids. Men and women need to get it together for a

Автор Promise Smithee (4 месяца)
The women who stupidly laid down with this hoe of a man are NOT equally at
fault because at the end of the day they are single mothers struggling to
raise their children on their own, they did not abandon their kids, while
this clown is off neglecting his children trying to make a fail record deal
and impregnate more women at the same time. The men in here who are
attacking the women and not this fool of a man sound bitter as hell, ur
right it takes two to tango but it also takes two to raise a child and in
this case this dude isn't sharing his part in the responsibility. The only
ones who are turning their lives around are the mothers that raise his
children 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Автор george banks (1 месяц)
I fault these women for being silly it's a generational curse !!!!!, it's
soddamn and gammorrah revisited, the mighty bible speak's of these day's in
general !!!!!, car jacking , and every other damn sin known to man !!!! and
some of these men anre't even men !!!! 

Автор Randal Collins (4 дня)
These are the type of men woman love ...and they get pregnant and then
cry....you couldn't see he wasn't shit off top????? Dummies! !!

Автор mademoiselle chantelle (7 дней)
Honestly, you get what you deserve. If he wasn't a father to his other
children, what makes you believe that you are the exception to the rule?
Smh, such a shame 

Автор ATCRyderX© (1 месяц)
"How many'a them jumped ya?" " *25* " LMAO Yeah cuz that's a
reasonable number of people to "jump" one dude and not succeed, right?!

Автор Kevo Stevo (1 месяц)
This is disgraceful and pitiful at once. She is dumb and he is dumber. 

Автор Cliff Slatterly (20 дней)
Man! Judge Mathis really laideth the smacketh down on zoot suits candy ass,
didn't he? I wanted to see the whole verdict though. Why cut that off?

Автор Kathryn Aldrich (4 дня)
I have to wonder about the women who sleep with him. Do none of them know
his track record? The woman in this video cannot claim ignorance. Surely
she must've seen what a flake this guy is before she slept with him.

Автор Murda Muff (3 месяца)
I love black men like judge Mathis. He told the mother fucking TRUTH!

Автор Kevin T. (1 день)
But, c'mon, his suit is pretty fly, amiright?

Автор CreamyButta (29 дней)
i wish i could see video of this chick doing back up dancing.... anybody
got a link?... or a picture???.. be blessed

Автор Jamal Jones (1 месяц)
The sad part is that there are women that will gravitate to men like this
on Judge Mathis and women will wonder why they can't find a quality man

Автор Kemani Jones (7 часов)
Did She make you cum??.LOL

Автор willie smith (21 день)
"Who jumped you, your kids?" LMFAO

Автор Toni Anthony (1 месяц)
Women must think if/when they open up their legs the man will grow wings
and fly away! And stupid as men having kids they don't take care of and
still have more kid's. Totally sick!

Автор Terrence Kelsey (25 дней)
Gingerbread man is tryflin...

Автор kpernod30 (26 дней)
Best TV judge out there. Guy can be funny one second and serious the next.
He pulls no punches and he knows all the excuses. And while he may have
went a little overboard on the guy in this video, which was a good thing,
he usually refrains from getting too 'political' in his views. My uncle is
a circuit court judge in my city and he loves Mathis too, says he has the
best grasp off the law of the judges on TV. 

Автор Angel Maisonett (2 месяца)
If ya open them legs, a man gonna take the pussy....keep them legs crossed
and their wouldn't be a problem. And to the men, use a fukin rubber. Stupid
ignorant people are the one's that fall for any line. "HELP MY MAN LEFT ME
sounds familiar? 

Автор Brony Rebellion X (22 дня)
I'm black myself, and the black community is staggering to deal with. So
I'm not with black community, at all, because I deserve better than that.

Автор Janice McCray (22 дня)
After that episode, I wonder how many more the had fathered. 

Автор bubgum00 (14 дней)
Judge Mathis sure likes to hear himself talk.

Автор Carrie Lett (26 дней)
I see he said nothing bout the women they share blame also. These fucking
woman have to share part of it.

Автор Mari Butler (18 дней)
Thank you ,judge Greg Mathis for simplifying court so people would
understand what it is all about .a viewer. From grand rapids Michigan./mari

Автор William Knight (19 дней)
They should throw his butt in jail along with the ignorant piece of white
trash who screwed him.

Автор ninjamatic5000 (2 месяца)
These bitches need to scout out their men better.

This dude has 9 other fucking kids and isn't doing shit for them and she
considers this a worthwhile catch?

Pathetic. She should have seen how worthless he was and left him alone.

Автор Lori Wright (19 дней)
as soon as he said he got 9 kids she should've said fuck u im out

Автор Stanley Cohen (2 месяца)

Автор Jennifer Freeman (14 дней)
I'm 14 days weak bruh😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩😩😩

Автор Brown Suga (2 месяца)
I hope somebody from ssi seen this ish. Cut his ass off 

Автор Ceee Bee (2 дня)
Females keep listening to how this male in the
"suit-that-he-most-likely-didn't-buy-himself" can vomit out bad stuff about
her. But when he's asked by the judge to explain what he does and pays...he
can't say much and just continues to lift his hands off of the table.
He's a "leechmale".
What's a leechmale? A male that lives off of a female, only for what she
can give him(food, money, sex, shelter, vehicle, cigs, alcohol, pay his
bills & jail bonds...etc) while he gives her little or nothing in return *nothing
equals 50-50*. This = "leechmale"

Автор Miguel Lopez (23 дня)
Sad how some men make all men look like stupied ignorant fucks 

Автор Jeremiah T (1 месяц)
I know having 9 unpaid kids is far worse... BUT...$600 in ring tones?????

Автор JetRanger0007 (2 месяца)
Dude is a certified Bonafide Aids carrier !!!!

Автор Raymond Vincent (23 дня)
The woman is at fault as well,she picked this guy.

Автор betito1288 (28 дней)
A man is worthless if all he has is excuses .. Perfect Example !

Автор joel doe (1 месяц)
why isn't the woman getting a lecture!? 3.5 months pregnant with a guy
with 9 kids with multiple women, no income! Means she got pregnant around
the time or after she filed the lawsuit! There is a waiting time to get on
the show...she wasn't raped, and unless she's clueless about pregnancy, she
contributes to the problem as well!

Автор Andrew Sunmola (1 месяц)

Автор moorek1967 (2 месяца)
More like a Wrecker Label, he came in like a wrecking ball....and wrecked
the lives of nine little children. 

Автор johnny rebel (1 месяц)
I don't agree with that deadbeat father but nobody forces those women to
lay down spread your legs without protection. They are adults they should
know the consequences its all of them not just him. 

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