♫ Best Rap Motivation Music 2017 ♫ ▪█─ It's Crossfit Time ! ─█▪


The Best Rap Motivation Music to be bigger, faster, stronger like Rich Froning: The Fittest Man in History !

Songs credits :

00:00 Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign - Shell Shocked ft. Kill The Noise & Madsonik
03:15 Tech N9ne - The Beast
06:55 Dillon Francis & DJ Snake - Get Low
10:22 We Own It (Fast & Furious)
13:53 Detroit vs. everybody
19:47 Eminem - Kings never die ft. Gwen Stefani
24:35 DJ Snake, Lil Jon - Turn Down for What
28:03 Get Up - 50 Cent
31:10 Slaughterhouse - r.n.s.
34:33 Eminem- Phenomenal
39:06 Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz - Get crunk (feat Bo Hagon)
43:23 Slaughterhouse - Y all ready know
47:18 Tech N9ne - Hard (ft. MURS)
51:12 Tech N9ne - Aw Yeah

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Длительность: 54:54
Комментарии: 731

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Автор Ryan Read ( назад)
CrossFit aside, the mix was good

Автор Emanuel Tichý ( назад)
The 2nd song name PLEASE??

Автор Froddas ( назад)
Possible to download this hole track somewere?

Автор Dyrian ( назад)
oh so now we can watch circus on YouTube too :o yay!

Автор Workout Music ( назад)
Stay strong :)

Автор Kirito Bryan ( назад)
Crosfit is trash

Автор Mihir Shah ( назад)
This is good music it's just the ads that kill me

Автор Ting Yap (Infinite Complexity) ( назад)
I saw the shift of that title there from 2016 to 2017 but I don't care.
Still the whole clip motivates me! haha

Автор Mariano Talavera ( назад)

Автор Mariano Talavera ( назад)

Автор Mariano Talavera ( назад)

Автор Kids Cartoons ( назад)

Автор Toxicgamers 122 ( назад)
best ever

Автор memyselfandi ( назад)
your wasting your lives for vanity , grab a beer and smoke a bowl

Автор JaVHOS eJay ( назад)
Más vídeos como este por favor.

Автор Olho Fotográfico (OlhoFotográfico) ( назад)
Perfect !!

Автор Zampado Drunken ( назад)
first time I have ever liked one of these playlists which really says
something about your channel

Автор iFootballBR ( назад)
Here, Crossfit Time on timer is song are she god

Автор владимир волошин ( назад)
в гараже бульбулятора не хватает

Автор Carlos Aduka ( назад)
Who know the name 1st song in this video...

Автор Erick Perez ( назад)
There's a lot of ads 😩

Автор Steven Versfeld ( назад)
want to be strong like them duds

Автор Hemmat Loman ( назад)
@4:00 song?

Автор Reder Lewinski ( назад)
It's fantastic music ^^

Автор "KIDS FUNNY FAMILY" ( назад)

Автор SpectrumAmigo ( назад)
🔴🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊 Gain Muscle Secret from Professional, worth it or money back

Автор ལྷ་དང་ Giperbog ( назад)
Who singer of the first track?

Автор R R ( назад)

Автор Marcus Aurelius ( назад)
Fuck Rap! It's noise ; not music.

Автор Phillippe Matheus ( назад)

Автор Crnkaa Babikoo ( назад)
cool Music ever !!!

Автор Tekes Mátyás ( назад)
i fuckin' love it

Автор kimutoto ( назад)
makes me want to restart the sport (in general) but then my laziness come
back :/

Автор Yasmin Gomes ( назад)
porquê o vídeo não está mais disponível????

Автор Luis Infa ( назад)
yo yo yo

Автор No Limits ( назад)

Автор J GAMER ( назад)
Dog at 14:26 is like oh damn fool

Автор Keenan Ross ( назад)

Автор Wellington oliveira da silva ( назад)
What is the name of the first song?

Автор Nightbot ( назад)
54 mins and 54 adverts. This sucks for all the ads!!

Автор Gamer_ Slayer4 ( назад)
Meek Mill - Lord Knows. motivational af

Автор Arya Stark ( назад)
Okeik i got it.. I ve got to go back to gym again!!

Автор Eric Woods ( назад)
Somebody needs to smack that bitch and shove her face in the ground @ 1:27.
The way she showboats after her lift you know she has a lot of
psychological issues.

Автор jake stoner ( назад)
dammmmn some of those chicks are fuckin cut

Автор The Boondock Saints ( назад)
Something incredible. I am full of admiration for such persons which so
firmly are aspiring at the target. Successes:)

Автор KD BEASTMODE ( назад)
Artist names please to any of these songs.

Автор Claire Sincere ( назад)
The best! I go h.a.m in the gym to this.

Автор Oscar Huertas ( назад)
nice video

Автор Marco ( назад)
what event is this lol

Автор Dustin Jacob ( назад)
Nice video💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻❤

Автор Jack Dillon “El Desvirgador” Campos Beyer ( назад)

Автор mattcarver14 ( назад)

Автор G1LLAY_101 ( назад)
If you asked me to watch this a few weeks ago, I would have laughed and not
taken it seriously. I used to be a Crossfit hater. But That all changed
when I decided to try METCONs and Crossfit WODs. I also can appreciate the
Crossfit community and how they all encourage each other. Crossfit is here
to stay, whether people like it or not. I like that it will. Rather than
judging behind your screen, just be the bigger man/woman and accept new
things. You learn to respect others.

Автор Eric Woods ( назад)
Real athletes don't showboat after their performances..... It's just the
Pepsi generation thru millennials that do that sort of shit as you can see
in this video. None of these fools could handle real Olympic style
weightlifting training.

Автор lele cuca ( назад)
O legal é que nessas com petições..todos se drogam, daí...nao tem papo de
covardia. é testosterona e morte cedo, e marra, e corpos oleosos..e
mulheres achando que sao as bat girls e os homens achando que sao o
thor...só comédia

Автор MrPanda ( назад)
superbe musique

Автор LegionBeats.com - Rap and R&B Beats, Instrumentals, Hooks ( назад)

Автор Jaely Velazquez ( назад)
This a "Win, Win Thing", you wouldn't understand...

Автор MrDANNYLAU88 ( назад)
so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Andrez Arguelles ( назад)
videaso, saludos desde perú

Автор pujit mathur ( назад)
wat is the rap that is being played at 5:23

Автор ryan langmead ( назад)
collection of the fittest people on the people... just one more doughnut.

Автор Haley Davis ( назад)
This is some awesome music

Автор Jaime Talavera Herenandez ( назад)
name song 00:00

Автор TheHowlettJames ( назад)
loved the song comp but the video of these losers is garbage, crossfit
ain't shit to real weightlifters or strongman and not even close to the
level of an Olympian. main reason? while this shit looks cool most of these
asswipes take drugs up the ass every week like its a ritual, they're roided
up AF. the drug testing commity for "crossfit" is a fucking joke, they say
they do random drug tests but that BS as many of their athletes have come
forward saying they've been on performance enhancers but were never tested,
or were never flagged once tested.
this is especially true of their top "athletes" who I've read even get a
warning ahead of time before they're tested so they make sure their systems
are clean. so all in all these punks aren't "warriors" real Olympic level
athletes are warriors and are drug free and truly work their asses off.
also you come to my gym or any other self respecting gym and you mention
crossfit, you'd get laughed the fuck outta the gym.

Автор chrisking489 ( назад)
Nothing against crossfit i think everyone can train how he wants but why do
they make the pull ups so retardet, is there any benefit of the technique
exept that u dont use the muscles u want to train ??
waitin 4 answers

Автор Alejandro Nava ( назад)
WTF CrossFit is Strongman, Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting,
calisthenics and athletism together.

Автор siddharth sharma ( назад)
thats as raw as it gets...

Автор ActionixTM ( назад)
what is the name of first song? Pls reply

Автор Hector Tio Salamanca ( назад)
You crossfit bro? Well, you can cross-fuck off

Автор Music Override ( назад)

Автор gary8t88 ( назад)
I listen to rap when i need to throw up.


Автор lim challenge (LiMりむ) ( назад)
This video is a great motivator for me♪(´ε` )

Автор hazar ali ( назад)

Автор Gapeczek Official ( назад)
i would like to give you thumb up but why does your dog have to suffer? it
makes my heart broken when i try to listen, watch it and enjoy it

Автор ciprian diabolyk ( назад)

Автор david s ( назад)
fuck the music quality in these youtube uploads lately so mutch lag lol

Автор Matthew Fanaff ( назад)
u try to make a badass playlist, but u put cross fit videos in it

Автор Le Président ( назад)
c'est un travaille dur et jaime

Автор what'santani bini ( назад)

Автор Siyabonga Africa ( назад)
I need to get my box to play this music.

Thanks for the compilation.

Автор Taslar Ouza ( назад)
what is the name of the second song
it looks cool

Автор Khara otgel ( назад)
Super music

Автор SUE Y JERR TREVINO ( назад)

Автор Kreustophe Stophe ( назад)
who need Pre Workout after watching that ?

Автор Mika Haque ( назад)
beautiful video really appreciate it

Автор The ElekTrIckZz ( назад)
As i heard the first couple seconds i already knew, this would be awesome!
like if you agree :)

Автор james bond ( назад)
Why i can't see it on phone? Only play in pc :(

Автор carlos diomer delgado vargas ( назад)
muy bueno

Автор Chris Eggs ( назад)
lmfao crossfit pussies failed olympic lifters

Автор Mika Hänninen ( назад)
More like this please! :)

Автор Gandalf ( назад)
I love you all people. This helps me to keep motivatetd! Gandalf has to go
to gym now

Автор Kelvin Dover Jr. ( назад)
What is this guys diet O_O Monster. I do regular weight lifting, this guys
body type is body goals.

Автор Beaux Chappell ( назад)
this helped so much im new to the crossfit seen and im soooo pumped,i want
to o a burpee now lol

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