D.Gray-man 14th's Song

It's the piano version of the song played by Allen on episode 92 to revive our favorite characters. Lavi for me XD.
Click on the link for the partiture:
The link to the song:

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Автор Mick Rawson ( назад)
Does anyone know the episode where this was played by Allen in the Ark?

Автор Timcanpy Girl ( назад)
I I love this anime's songs even though most of them are really dark side
lullabies I find this one very very sweet and sad and I love sweet and sad
anime lullabies

Автор SasuNaruL0vR80 ( назад)
Ok is it weird that I Love the songs from D.Gray Man but have never watched
it? I mean to watch it, don't get me wrong, I just find it odd that I like
all the songs. Corse most of them are rather unsettling in a dark or creepy
way (i.e. Jesdebi's song) but this song I find to be hauntingly beautiful.

Автор Newsandjy ( назад)
Aye. While I don't know if my guess is true, I'm guessing Mana was the 14th
originally. It would explain why Allen's "Master" was nearby when Mana was
slain, as the 14th and Allen's Master were friends if I remember correctly.
Also would explain why Mana took Allen in. True, it could've been just a
good deed, but what if Mana wasn't truly so good? What if he had ulterior

Автор Thata Altea ( назад)
I really love the melody. IT's very touching.

Автор omegaprimesupreme ( назад)
we may not know for while see how the writer is sick. but I believe the
Earl and Mana are more related than we think

Автор Samira S.A ( назад)
Allens uncle =) 

Автор Cielo Lima ( назад)
Nea Walker is the 14th Noah also he Allen Uncle

Автор Jeff the Killer ( назад)
i love this melody (who is nea walker??)

Автор blackphantomsm ( назад)
The 14th aka Nea Walker 

Автор Tea Matsu ( назад)
Who is that ?

Автор Kyro ( назад)
Lol, too bad it's not true.

Автор Korey Herridge ( назад)
Fuck u ahhh XD jk but why man

Автор kurochi chan ( назад)
i pove d gray man and i love love neah/ the 14th he looks a little bit like
tykki but the stupid thing is the chapters translate really slow but i live
d gray man

Автор Kent 大哥 ( назад)
i hate u spoiled it for me D: 

Автор Mero The III ( назад)
Fk u @mabel spaargaren i read ur comment to fast u.u

Автор Veena a.k.a. bishamonten ( назад)
Spoiler :the earl is mana

Автор hatsune miku ( назад)
pareil ^^

Автор neah walker ( назад)
moi j'ai memo les parole mais je la joue comme un pied XD alors je chante
sur cette video 

Автор Alapest ( назад)
I know how to play this song so now I just need to memorize the words XD. I
love this song (and anime/manga sooo much!!!)

Автор Emma Maron ( назад)
this song sounds so sad, but you just gotta love it if u love D. Gray-Man.
and poor allen, since he's basicly the 14th (he is!) soon he will be taken
over by him. he wont have his own life soon. so sad... 

Автор strayme111 ( назад)
that's exactly what I find interesting in D gray man ^^

Автор Cookie Monster ( назад)
*Kanda ( or Yuu ) . K(C)anada is a country,LOL though. I liked them all as
well though Daisya had it coming when he died... O.o But still, my

Автор faare hare ( назад)
Gotta love this shit

Автор maria ana katrina bohol ( назад)
i really ♥ this song!! its because it saved my favorite characters!!!!

Автор Randomness159 ( назад)
My friend is forcing me to learn this. I hear why now: So damn beautiful...

Автор matthewya2 ( назад)
i ment that the manga is gud too*

Автор matthewya2 ( назад)
and SE's... anime is gud too, but... the anime....

Автор Linda Montavon ( назад)
my favorite anime xD i downloaded all the songs for it onto my phone 

Автор Pikachu Zapu ( назад)
um im just wondering if anyone knows how you download music videos to your
compurter? it would be a great help thanks ;]

Автор Moosetashioed Monocle ( назад)
I have never even heard of this manga, however I have spent two years
searching for this song, so thank you for putting it up.

Автор kite ( назад)
The only thing I'm hoping for is an update because a majority of time it
takes two months for an update like now =_=,

Автор Clayface 93 ( назад)
What I'm hoping will happen is Allen will find some way to separate from
Nea. This would mean that Nea would get a body of his own, he wouldn't have
to take over Allen.

Автор Kairi Morin (1368 лет назад)
Yup read the manga.

Автор monkofshades ( назад)
@Eressiz Can that even happen?

Автор Tosha Blue ( назад)
@monkofshades The 14'th is a noah and he's turning Allen into a noah.

Автор Ricardo Rodrigues ( назад)
am i suppose to spam the spoilers or should i just tell that atm the noah
inside allen is just awakenning and hes turning evil ? 

Автор monkofshades ( назад)
@TheGraceOfRain Why would it be bad? I have read the manga, but only up to
the part where Krory is fighting Jasdevi.

Автор sparkle child ( назад)
When you think about it, if you take out the fillers that occurred in the
series, the anime is shorter than what people think of it. Random comment
here, but still when you think about it...

Автор Trey Fountain ( назад)
Neah walker. The man who ALMOST killed the earl. Great pianist, caring
brother... Not so great uncle, but who cares. He's a badass. Plain and

Автор Beyond Birthday ( назад)
Feel bad for the people who don't read the manga and planned to. So many
spoilers in these comments. xD 

Автор CherubicAngelico ( назад)
2 powers are in conflict. The Exorcists/Catholic Church vs the Noah/Akuma.
But a third power rises and that is Allen as the 14th. That is interesting.

Автор Ayumi Nakahara ( назад)
@TheAwesomeOne56 ....... r u insulting me?!

Автор Kradtwilight ( назад)
@skatanafaskwlozwo heh, the manga answers that question a little bit after
the show ends. Mana adopted him because he knew that Allen was the host for
his brother

Автор Kradtwilight ( назад)
@TheGraceOfRain if the 14th didn't choose him then mana would not have
adopted him and cross would have not helped him grow as an exorcist

Автор Agnus Alrescha ( назад)
@TheGraceOfRain why did the 14th chose him and how on freaking earth did
cross know about allen and mana's song?! it's incredibly annoying that he's
such a badass!! (i havent read the manga yet, and i dont think i'll
actually will btw, so spoil away :P oO )

Автор ArmaAugis ( назад)
@boring12343 well shes safe, and she said that Dgrayman WILL continue, so
dont worry

Автор Kwizoswe ( назад)

Автор Ayumi Nakahara ( назад)
i hav watch tis anime since i'm 10 years old!! now i'm 14 n i wanted to
watch it again!! but i ald watch more that 100 times!! wat should i do!! i
just to love allen !! 

Автор ghoohg551 ( назад)
@TheGraceOfRain least he gets awesome music skills out of it

Автор Melissa Vipperman ( назад)
Spoilers!!! God... I learned that Allen was a Noah before I even knew what
a Noah was damn you bad people!!! RUINERS OF THE WORLD!!! And don't say
SPOILER: cuz that just makes me want to read it

Автор OMGKefKong ( назад)
You should stop Spoilering... if somone Spoilers my D.Gray-Man .. im gonna
kill em!

Автор Yuna Pham ( назад)
Allen as a Noah... so exciting... I want to see him as the Earl... lolx

Автор ArmaAugis ( назад)
@boring12343 wow u believe everything?

Автор sarah evans ( назад)
Nice music(:

Автор ash h ( назад)
Grrrr Netflix doesn't have the 3rd season! And YouTube doesn't have it
either...T-T just as the anime was getting good.....

Автор Michael Clark ( назад)
@CeeBleu It was reported that she isnt dead but very ill. 

Автор Michael Clark ( назад)
The anime was terrible read the manga its ongoing and brilliant 

Автор CeeBleu ( назад)
@boring12343 D. Gray-Man; the manga is still on going since the tsunami. I
highly doubt that she's dead.

Автор Dove Tophat ( назад)
This should be played during mass.

Автор 6275mystic ( назад)
@KixAxStyx thank you thank you thank you! i rly liked the anime but could
never figure out the volume instead of the chapter! Thanks again for your
help :)

Автор SaraAson ( назад)
@captingin6 That's cuz the manga it was made after hadn't continued past
that point at the time. Also alot that was in the first seasons of the
anime was never in the manga but it's still an awsome anime and the manga
is also0 worth reading.

Автор KixAxStyx ( назад)
@6275mystic It ended during Volume 16 of the manga. 

Автор rosyzeldafan ( назад)
i love this anime its great 

Автор ArmaAugis (556 лет назад)
nah d gray man anime will return its just that the author of the manga is
sick and the manga gets called off a lot. but she hinted that dgrayman will
continue sometime

Автор 6275mystic ( назад)
do anybody know what manga book (not chapter) that the anime ended on? 

Автор Nicole Donovan ( назад)
@Chaosarmorguy Yes... I'm aware of that. If you read the comment I replied
to earlier, they were wondering when exactly this month it was being
released here.

Автор Nicole Donovan ( назад)
@PLA8thRt Ah, that I didn't know... But I do remember hearing it wasn't
popular, which I find hard to believe. I though it was a fantastic anime.
So, I'm pretty bummed out myself. Hopefully the latest chapter does release

Автор KMFDMWaste ( назад)
@kenzie2309 i'll like to also include that the seiyuu for allen walker
underwent treatment for something, and popularity of it was low in japan.
(makes me mad though that such a good animation with a long standing
authority in its number of episodes had to end) But yeah at least there's
the manga, still waiting for chapter 206 which should have been released
early june. 

Автор Nicole Donovan ( назад)
@XxKivotxX I've heard that it was catching up with the manga... I've heard
they ran out of funding... I've heard too many things. Either way, I agree.
It's been a couple of years. D.Gray-Man isn't coming back. Luckily there's
still the manga...

Автор Kivot (1702 года назад)
@prettyLITTLEflower27 Well, it's been nearly 2 years now, so I honestly
don't think it's coming back. :/

Автор sotrah ( назад)
@RIKKU20091 same do i 

Автор mrsilikecandy7 ( назад)
@captingin6 But you can continue by reading the manga! :D

Автор lowe zheng ( назад)

Автор K Teledega ( назад)
@BleachFangirl1 you meann neah? yes he is

Автор Etherbourne ( назад)
@XxbabyangelxXER pardon? does a season 2 really exist or is it fake? 

Автор Yuuki Flyhigh ( назад)
it kinda hasnt ended yet theres still a season 2

Автор Gregory Pottinger ( назад)
i found this song by post on the first opening. like this is you found it
trhough any part of the anime T^T SUCH A GOOD SONG!!!

Автор Shitarya ( назад)
@captingin6 it .. ended too sooon!! Q.Q

Автор Stella Liu ( назад)
lol everyone is being a spoiler oh wells i already read up to the lastest

Автор jurc61098 ( назад)
@TheGraceOfRain *spoiler* he is not the host .. if you have read the latest
... it would say he is not a host nor a reincarnation he IS really the 14th
himself... well thatwill be cleared in ch. 205 :D 

Автор Contrenox ( назад)
@captingin6 its not done...

Автор rayztaa ( назад)
The anime was so awesome. I was kinda hoping for a fight between Millennium
Earl and Allen. But NOOOO, they had to finish off talking about a blood
type anti akuma weapon. 

Автор Skeleton McOverlord ( назад)
@MsSNG3 He is in the manga. His name is Neah Walker and he takes over
Allen. He is an important plot factor at the moment in the manga :D

Автор LostMistake ( назад)
this is a great song..thumbs up..(Y)

Автор Shawarma King ( назад)
spoiler alert the 14th will take over allens body if you read the manga 

Автор rubberduckyofrage ( назад)
it is now my personal mission to learn this..... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

Автор Sam K ( назад)
.......I'm really speechless. I want to comment something abut my deep
emotion for this song, but I came up with nothing because I'm so utterly
inspired about this song. I'm literally tearing up. To relive my deep
emotions, I'm going t write a fanfiction. Now, if you'll escuse me, I need
to go cry and refill another lake with my tears. The last time I cried this
hard I made the Salt Lake in Utah while on vacation. *SNIFF*

Автор ponstart1123lol ( назад)
This is not a chatting zone guys. Stop fighting, yeah? Enjoy the music~!
Oh, btw fans of the Musician! Don't bother with people who don't like it. I
don't bother. Everyone has something they like and something the don't

Автор tactless meme ( назад)
@elichtas It was so awesome if i do say so myself 8D but it took FOREVER to
learn, and i still got a few notes facked up

Автор wesag982 ( назад)
@SensuiShinobu the anime was canceled because it wasn't popular in japan or
so i heard

Автор tactless meme ( назад)
I played this song at my cousin's wedding for the groom and bride only
dance. after i finished it was silent of a good 30 seconds. just my cousin
and her husband dancing.

Автор Silver ( назад)
@animeojousama2 damn I was so close

Автор Walker Fox ( назад)
does anyone know if you can download this song with lyrics anywhere? i love
this melody.

Автор stricera ( назад)
@SensuiShinobu it stops at 103

Автор StarlingZ ( назад)
@animeojousama2 I mean Neah.........

Автор StarlingZ ( назад)
@psycho642 actually.....it's Neal....

Автор SensuiShinobu ( назад)
is the anime coming back at ep 104? does any 1 have creditable info about

Автор MeltingIris ( назад)
@psycho642 :D

Автор Silver ( назад)
@MeltingIris just a wild guess...lighten up 

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