Oklahoma City Thunder vs Golden State Warriors - Game 7 - Full Highlights | 2016 NBA Playoffs

NBA May 30 30th 2016 Full Game Highlights NBA 2016 Playoffs Season 2015 15-16 30.05.2016 05.30.2016 Game 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Warriors Cavaliers Raptors Thunder Western Eastern Conference Finals Games HD Official Recap 720p 60fps Ximo Pierto Channel Postgame Interview

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Автор jimmy lamarre ( назад)
i find this the best game better than gsw vs cavs game 7

Автор Luke Sen ( назад)
where was russel westbrook when they were shaking hands

Автор Kevin Hodges ( назад)
Really Jatt.

Автор Mountaga Diallo ( назад)
Now I understand why Durant has joined the Warriors

Автор Cyrus Jones ( назад)
14-15 Warriors >>> 16-17 Warriors

Автор Hawdiey 21 ( назад)
Later did the warriors know, they're going to suffer the same fate as the

Автор Benjamin Burk ( назад)
Steph doesn't have this aggressiveness anymore back then if he saw an even
a sliver or daylight it was down.

Автор Camilo Eduardo ( назад)
Chance the name name of this video to "KD meeting his future teammates"

Автор This is a load of barnacles ( назад)
Chokelahoma city.

Автор Jonathan Gultom ( назад)
This is why i love ezeli rather than zaza

Автор Bella Morris ( назад)
Architecture horizon grocery relationship root enough predict program

Автор liban m ( назад)
I like how iguodala tells curry keep the ball before he hits that last

Автор Conor ( назад)
Kd already knew he was going to the Warriors before this game

Автор dwn2kill3 ( назад)
Damn, what a game.

Автор zichao wang ( назад)
curry is so good last year. i can not believe it

Автор Sahej Sodhi ( назад)
They came back from 3-1 and lost 3-1

Автор triigga s ( назад)
All these comments from 7 months ago sayin the Warriors got this.. Lmao

Автор Jackson Marx ( назад)
It's so good to see Durant in an okc jersey again

Автор Jared Kelly ( назад)
Can't spell choke without OKC

Автор Ester indi ( назад)
I still haven't see this game and i never will.
Not mentally prepared... 😢😢😢😢

Автор Magdalia Renteria ( назад)
I love stevan curry

Автор Frank Saldańa ( назад)
and then kd joined them. Low

Автор adam scott ( назад)
Greatest NBA western conference finals in recent memory. Such a shame we
will never see a Durant and Westbrook duo again. I think if Durant stayed
in okc. Thunder would probably be 2017 or 2018 champions.

Автор Sgt_LeuchtOrange ( назад)
Curry is saying to KD ,Join us! at 8:17😂😂😂

Автор oaklandsoldier8520 ( назад)
kd's last Game in a thunder uniform :)

Автор Bonnie the Bunny and Chica the chicken ( назад)
My b day

Автор Da Man ( назад)

Автор Jeff Dude ( назад)
the gsw team is.... unfair...fuck u curry

Автор Mark Rubin ( назад)
More like Choklahoma City amirite?

Автор Clorox Bleach PH ( назад)
Congrats to all classy gsw fans. But to the okc fans, this was long ago but
fuck I still can't imagine... Kevin Durant.... man... atleast we still have
Russ looking like he is the best player in the nba. To all the trolls tho
and dick riders, I'm about to cuss out, but the cavaliers have done enough
damage. I just want the Thunder to beat the Warriors themselves. We were
only down 4 with 1 minute left, had a chance to win, until shit happened
and durant didn't think of the next shot he took. Even my favorite player
Westbrook had shit shooting. just tough. But it's over now.

Автор Promethazine Reem ( назад)
watching this now the crowd really played a big part

Автор PranavGSK ( назад)
Which 3-1 was worse OKC and GSW, CLE and GSW, or Indians and Cubs

Автор Saiyan God Broly GOD OF SAIYANS ( назад)

Автор peter lee ( назад)
kd said i am coming warrious

Автор See The Good ( назад)
last season was soo lit

Автор Hall Of Fame Highlights ( назад)
All Marv alber says is 'YES'

Автор Harden MVP ( назад)
I'd say warriors lose to rockets in conference finals

Автор LeGoat James 2017 FINALS MVP #23 ( назад)
Love coming to this vid and seeing Warriors fans making fun of OKC

Автор NBA Futebol ( назад)
Aqui é Golden State porrrraaaaaaaa

Автор Dwi Asih ( назад)
nice good

Автор TheCedrician ( назад)
Lez be honest. If curry played like he did in the regular season, this
honestly wouldnt have been drawn to game 7. They woulda won champs as well
xD. Also i support the bulls :p.

Автор Youssef Taha ( назад)
cavs fan here: the 2016 Nba western conference finals was rigged. OKC
should have won. I think the 2017 nba finals will be cavs vs OKC.

Автор Brace Brooks ( назад)
Best nba western conference finals in my opinion, regardless of the winner

Автор Oscar Perez ( назад)

Автор Arnold Nsengiyumva ( назад)
This series changed the Thunder franchise. One game away... smh

Автор Javen Edelen ( назад)
So much bandwagon fans

Автор Yann yowane ( назад)
That's why I love the western conference. It's always exciting.

Автор Proo Fifaa ( назад)
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Автор Lunique Felix ( назад)
If you can't beat them,

Join them

Автор My name's stephen and i love blowing 3-1 leads ( назад)
KD was lowkey rooting for the warriors so he could join them

Автор Semi otomatic ( назад)
I miss that curry

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
The Western All star team gonna be awkward af

Автор 김경석ケイ ( назад)
respect curry

Автор Yuri N ( назад)
Anyone find LostUnBound in the arena?

Автор heyitsme ( назад)
this thunder team was so good 😭 now they're terrible 😭😭

Автор Shoxrux Asadov ( назад)
You can learn a lot about life in Nba, there are loyal people like
Westbrook and unloyal like Durat that bites the hand that feeds.

Автор Prettyboy_tn tn ( назад)
Durant was like no worries I'm coming soon😂😂😂LOL

Автор Мадара Учиха ( назад)
OKC 😢😢😢

Автор Juicy Plays ( назад)
When Durant was on Oc.

Автор eu sou obrigado a falar ( назад)

Автор viper 06 ( назад)
if u can't beat em join em

Автор Hisham Samdani ( назад)
when westbrook makes a full court: claps
when curry makes an open layup:the crowd goes wild SMH

Автор reggie hill ( назад)
kd so weak

Автор ItsAhmick // ItsAhm ( назад)
8:12 KD probably told Draymond that he will go to GS

Автор sales joel ( назад)
by getting kd. the competition has been eliminated. genius!

Автор Minecraft TheStrongKiller ( назад)
I'm confused.. which team is Kevin Durant is? GS or OKC? In here hes in OKC
but I ever watch him play in GS.. 😧😧😧😧

Автор Minecraft TheStrongKiller ( назад)
holy shet this vid is so laggy

Автор iDroid. ( назад)
its kinda weird to see kd in a thunder jersey...

Автор martha ramirez ( назад)
KD was lowkey celebrating

Автор HiggyJiggy1 ( назад)

Автор Future Insights ( назад)
Curry is a fantastic player.... Thompson as well

Автор DubTheFather™ ( назад)
And yall say curry can't take it in???!!!!?

Автор 23 Savage Yea ( назад)
lmao durant rubbed ibakas head😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Abari Calamari ( назад)
I'm not well versed on the names of commentators, so could someone let me
know the name of the lad who exclaims "YES!" at every point?

Автор Jeveil Golatt ( назад)
Why was Steven adams holding curry? Who in they right mind thought that was
a good idea??

Автор Sasha Shpilev ( назад)
Curry the best

Автор cpowerca ( назад)
As a warriors fan, I gotta say we got outplayed by OKC most of the games.
We couldn't defend and box out their players and just fired three at an
absurd rate and hope they would drop. Coach Kerr was a big disappointment
whom failed to make offensive adjustment in the PS.

Автор Delvin Goldeye'98 ( назад)
Yo Adams must have defended at least every other 3 warriors took and made

Автор RealXCrafter86HD ( назад)
Steph Curry With the shot

Автор Adi Kancharla ( назад)
Don't worry OKC fans The King had something special for the Warriors in the

Автор david castillo ( назад)
Can't wait to see Durant and Curry do work next season!

Автор case Gman ( назад)
Steph Curry was not injured. He was he owned by Westbrook like he usually
is. How many times does Westbrook have to own Steph Curry before people
realize that Westbrook is Steph's daddy?

Автор Edward ( назад)
What happen was KD quit on his team, he knew what he wanted to leave in the
offseason. His mind was set.

Автор Galaxy guy ( назад)
7.33 curry no mercy

Автор mrrickstur ( назад)
if it was Thunder vs Cavs in the finals, I wonder which team would've won

Автор Zayshi ( назад)
7:53 "it's time to leave these niggas"

Автор JSSTyger ( назад)
Kyrie Irving's son played well in this game.

Автор Dubai was lit sniper ( назад)
both teams chocked

Автор David Zalameda ( назад)
nba is rigged this game is proof

Автор Arthur Fahnbulleh ( назад)
stephen curry is the best 3pt shooter ever

Автор Kris Tanev ( назад)
lets go warriors

Автор 邱唯思 ( назад)
i can not speak english well ,but i love warriors

Автор Ben simmons 25 ( назад)
Fucking stfu steve kerr he should start varejao instead fucking trash can
ezili in game 7

Автор Jaden Roberts ( назад)
thunder suck

Автор Ahmad ( назад)
Okc would've won if Donkey got suspended

Автор Neo Blade ( назад)
Everybody blaming KD pretending like Westbrook didn't choked hard as Fuck
as well wtf

Автор Edward Hubbard ( назад)
7:13 that's why they trade ibaka

Автор jaobille79 ( назад)
Durant telling Steve Kerr after the game, wait for me next season

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