Super Mario & Super Luigi vs Malleo & Weegee MUGEN Battle!!!

Hello MUGEN Fans!!! Today I am going to show you a MUGEN Battle of Super Mario and Super Luigi vs Malleo and Weegee!!! Super Mario and Super Luigi have a very good combo when they get the opponent on the corner!!! Malleo and Weegee in the other hand have a similar attack of Bowser by Shazzo! The sprite of the Malleo Brothers reminds me of Bowser's sprite! The creator that created Malleo Brothers use Bowser sprite for the attack just bit more stronger!!! Which team do you think is going to win??? Then we are going to see Omega Brothers which is Omega Mario and Omega Luigi!!! To see if they can defeat the 4 Random Characters which is Spectacular Spiderman, Goomba, Ed, E-123 Omega!!! Do you think the Omega Bros can take on the 4 Random Characters!!! Find out by watching this Video!!!

Get these MUGEN Characters Here!!!
Super Mario:
Super Luigi:
Malleo Bros, Omega Bros, Spiderman, Goomba, Ed, E-123 Omega:

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Автор erika solorzano ( назад)
¡Yes súper Mario! y ¡super Luigi!

Автор Thelma Rosales ( назад)
super mario bros is stronger

Автор Hyper Sonic The HedgehogTM ( назад)
what is the name of this game ?

Автор MAGICBEBE 8009 ( назад)
can I have the link for the windows stage

Автор duhdeawdai ( назад)
Windows XP at the end

Автор Matthew Greer ( назад)
Huh. I was expecting Malleo and Weegee to look like Malleo and Weegee.

Автор Fabiola Ruiz ( назад)
bob espoja vs kiti

Автор Fabiola Ruiz ( назад)
Super mario super luigi vs bowser bowser jr

Автор Silver Sonic ( назад)
bowser party

smb1 and shizzo's bowser vs giga bowser and smb3 bowser

Автор john the hedgehog ( назад)
5:17 its gay

Автор blackman1467 ( назад)
hey anderson was the name of song/beat you use this outro of this video?

Автор GhostPlayer ( назад)
por que você Não coloca os stages?

Автор mariocraft101 ( назад)
Every single intro u have good

Автор SMASH299 ( назад)
Like omega bros

Автор Tru Kuu ( назад)
The omega bros T bagging

Автор aalili97 ( назад)
shazzo edited the malleo brothers????!!!!??? no wonder they're like
shazzo's crap bowser

Автор aalili97 ( назад)
rare akuma clones and golden ronald clones vs dark donald
pllllllllllllllllzzzzzz do my request i will subscribe to you

Автор Big Mean Squeeze ( назад)

Автор gilmore7888 ( назад)
← WEEGEE ! ! !

Автор Yessi Lopez ( назад)
Al, p. Ññ.

Автор joedon dale ( назад)
Weegee, he will be in the next smash bros game, one attack, all but him
destroyed an ur screen goes to a nonstop WeeGee gif shakin his an sayin
'WEEGEE' in a creepy voice

Автор liam tolbert ( назад)
You made this on my birthday!

Автор luigiistotalyawesome ( назад)

Автор S Jase ( назад)
Scorpion this eyes herobrine O_O

Автор S Jase ( назад)
All you videos cool :)

Автор SuperMarioBros99thx ( назад)
There is a omega yoshi

Автор super alex ( назад)
I love the video but it was long because the intro was long

Автор trey fowler ( назад)
how do you have mugen battle?

Автор FaLLEN ( назад)

Автор SuperDanix88 ( назад)
HELLO MUGEN already downloaded the needed but anyway since I subscribed

Автор George Lucas ( назад)
already made

Автор George Lucas ( назад)

Автор George Lucas ( назад)

Автор SuperDanix88 ( назад)
Hello, I ask you a question WHAT IS THE screenpack you use in this fight IS
THAT THIS IS MY FAVORITE Screenpack If you give me the download link OR ME
TELL ME THE NAME screenpack will subscribe. Screenpack = is the contour,
shape and design of MUGEN PRESENTATION, choice of characters and the life

Автор Candice Woodward ( назад)
yay mario and luigi won all rounds :p

Автор UNDEADxTomato ( назад)
Very nice intro! Just epic! And awesome videos! No wonder why you have 2000
subs... You just got +1 x3 I just wanted to ask you, in the intro, at 0:06
, Who was the character that made lot of blood and may I know where can I
download it? Thank you :3

Автор hideyosinari24 ( назад)

Автор NinjaKirby566 ( назад)

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
Which character is that?

Автор NinjaKirby566 ( назад)
When i downloaded this there is just jibber jabber

Автор MarioBrotherL1UP ( назад)
I hope you use the new Ed I sent you in your next battle.

Автор Audrionna Odell ( назад)
Weegee I'm firen my lazer

Автор A broken toy ( назад)
Wait, 2 omega luigis?!?! O_o Uh oh.

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
thanks, I like to share chars to people, im not a douchbag that keep all
the characters myself like a bitch, sharing is caring. :D

Автор Nodog438 ( назад)
I like how you upload the characters so you're not greedy

Автор kennygrasser ( назад)
Malleo bros would've won with WTF BOOOOM

Автор kennygrasser ( назад)
That's not malleo and weegee (

Автор Jahova Dykes ( назад)
i wanna see chuck norris vs weegee

Автор DaJoker557 ( назад)
@andersonkenya1 could you put in the link for the music in the first
battle? it sounds cool :D P.S. some1 has controls of Malleo?

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
yes I will pm you so you can download it.

Автор DarkMephy ( назад)
do u have a link to download this game ?

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
its called mugen and yes its free, you can download it by typeing "Winmugen
download" on the search box.

Автор Kennessc ( назад)
whats this game called an can I have it?

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
oh yeah snag-it is also nice too. :)

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
I record a software called Fraps and sometimes I use Bandicam.

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
Oh thanks Darkus4223, don't worry its fun to watch, there just some people
that is very dumb ebough to notice that they can skip intro when they want

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
I think.

Автор Killer81030 ( назад)
Are malleo and weegee painted?

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
Only the retards like you will laugh at that, What did you went too high?
your just embarrasing yourself shit brain lol! :D

Автор burntyper ( назад)
"the company i upload is youtube" LOOOOLLLL

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
@siemyoshi read the description...

Автор siemyoshi ( назад)

Автор BossMac ( назад)
@mobileman25 go to elecbyte DOT com

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
@SaelBarbosathebest17 Thank you! ^^

Автор Sael Barbosa ( назад)
Nice video!

Автор Sael Barbosa ( назад)
@kevinmerche innapropiate

Автор Kevin Merche ( назад)
Fuck you all

Автор Kevin Merche ( назад)

Автор Maria de fatima costa ( назад)

Автор Davit Gasanovi ( назад)
nintedoh wiiiiiiigiiiiiiiiii

Автор Leviathan Soul (1309 лет назад)
Might as well subcribe now

Автор Leviathan Soul (1650 лет назад)
@andersonkenya1 Alrit... ill try to make sum of my own on my phone

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
@mobileman25 Yes this is a computer game and also you can download it by
typing the google search box "Winmugen"

Автор Leviathan Soul ( назад)
Is this an actual game and if so where can I get it?

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
@Len1million The music was from Sonic Adventures DX Red Hot Skull.

Автор Len1million ( назад)
make that the ending

Автор Len1million ( назад)
...the....intro..... ROX! I wanna trade your music at the bowser stage.

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
@CAB1802 Sektor and Cyrax from mortal kombat

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
@CroixCain1 yeah its kind of like a remake version of Omega Tom Hanks! XD

Автор Sarkis Khorozian ( назад)
its Malliow

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)

Автор ZombieKillingMachins ( назад)
what game is that

Автор YatoGames ( назад)
it should be meegee and weegee

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
@AZWification True I think I got these characters from Yagoshi site.

Автор AZWification ( назад)
TO be honest, those Malleo and Weegee chars are really bad. Poorly drawn
sprites and a horrible soundpack. I think the creator should give those
chars an upgrade or something, because those 2 chars are retarded in my

Автор AZWification ( назад)
@SonemonV2 This intro is kick-ass, but if you don't know what kick-ass
means, then simply skip the intro and stop whining like a baby.

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
@NorthEastninjaCT Thanks! :)

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
@NorthEastninjaCT Thanks! :D

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
@SonemonV2 Hey Mr. Asshole, Everybody love my intro. You should shut the
fuck up and go fuck yourself for one minute and 35 seconds you DUMB BITCH!
I will beat yo mother fuckin ass! LOL!

Автор andersonkenya1 (1521 год назад)
@djaxking To download the game, you put in the search box "winmugen
download" To get these characters, you can get it on my description I put
down the links

Автор DJ Allix (378 лет назад)
where did u download these from?

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
@hammy4023 Yeah thats true, I truly do not know what are they doing? O_o

Автор Luca Felton ( назад)
@andersonkenya1 ya i do

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
@hammy4023 Do you mean Madbootdude?

Автор Luca Felton ( назад)
the guy below me has a point

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
@doublek642 Whats with your ugly MOM and maybe a good question you should
shut the fuck up before you get your ass kicked you BIG GORILLA BITCH!!!

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
@MadBootDude Yeah it looks unusual, I got freaked out when that happened 0_0

Автор heavymetal4000 ( назад)
@andersonkenya1 it's done man go to my profile

Автор heavymetal4000 ( назад)
@andersonkenya1 it's done man

Автор andersonkenya1 ( назад)
@heavymetal4000 Alright let me know when its done

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