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Автор Fox-E (Bonzai) ( назад)
wow I remember watching this so long ago!

Автор thedavinator 37 ( назад)
I remember this! This was my childhood

Автор Mom Benson ( назад)
I wouldn't look back and be like: OO LOOK A PREETY GUD ONE MAD BAND,OP LOOK ANOTHER.!"

No,that little girl probably is a poor family and needs money and is gonna wish on getting money for food,a house..

I'd be like: Bitch I am poor,Ima not break that promise to my mama to wish poor money! You have enough money to buy all those interment and things while I can't do anything,my family found a abandoned hut in the woods with One outfit witch is like a rag."

Автор Lemon Music ( назад)

Автор Jíří Špráchal ( назад)
Should have played Latcho drom - La verdine

Автор Devashish Bhugun ( назад)
my right ear really enjoyed this

Автор dofus HD ( назад)
name of the music ?

Автор Daniel Bumpus Junior ( назад)
Lol she's like at 4:00 "bitch you ain't get no money" 😂

Автор Clark Trinidad ( назад)
I finally found my favorite short animation. My 1st childhood fav. Animation T^T ive been looking for this for too long

Автор Art Freak ( назад)

Автор Ahmed Medhat ( назад)
ايه البت دي! 😂😂

Автор D3rpy C00ki3M0nst3r ( назад)
Dis was from cars right?

Автор Unknown X ( назад)
Wow Bringing Back Good Old Memories

Автор Finnishboy Guy ( назад)
I eas really scared of this video when i was little😢

Автор Tom Bick ( назад)
Mrs Williams I watched it I won't tell!

Автор Zeli Wipin ( назад)

Автор NYLES ROGERS ( назад)

Автор nope nope ( назад)
what the hell is wrong with the little girl just because she has money does mean to be mean

Автор Hayden Medgyesy ( назад)
Missing a lot of audio

Автор Kaylie's Music ( назад)
Haven't seen that in a long time

Автор Reynaldo Gaitan ( назад)
Asi comiensa car me gusto.

Автор Jason Chlip ( назад)
My childhood omg

Автор JesSEGA 2000 ( назад)

Автор Aubsie ( назад)
surprised no one said this but the music is actually really nice and soothing lol

Автор Jammie Games ( назад)
The old memories of when I was a Kid goddam

Автор Omar Essam ( назад)
Egyptian only will relate " Ottyyyy " :D Poo from monster Co , and the guitar guy , looks like Despicable me 's main hero :3
cant remember names :3

Автор KittyCat_ 9000 ( назад)
ohhh... the nostalgia!! so many memories from this... the first time me and my sister watched it... we Bette who would win... the winner would get candy... turns out we both lost, but we still got candy :D

Автор u2 Hoodie ( назад)
but who gave her the bag of money??????

Автор Connie Hoppus ( назад)
I remember watching this in the Cars DVD, so many memories💕

Автор mystique melon ( назад)
Don't bother posting if. Its been edited 😠

Автор Matthews Legend ( назад)
Painstaking, yet beautiful short classic!

Автор Juanito Herrera ( назад)
ese es tin Toy hecho en persona

Автор Canal da Ana ( назад)
i remenber this in cars DVD

Автор kittylover 562 ( назад)
I watched this becuz of skool it's a assignment

Автор Axel Gamer ( назад)
que niña tan puta

Автор Funny Happy Studios ( назад)
This is my favorite short film

Автор juIIce up ( назад)
these guys remind me of the Hormel pepperoni guy

Автор belen Moya Calvet ( назад)
i have a good memory of thi's i so laugh of thi's short animation

Автор Jaspercatblue 13 ( назад)
I would he so creeped out if I was that girl

Автор StilessCube 5 ( назад)
Fuck the boy

Автор compy0p2 JR ( назад)
un clasico xD

Автор Nicholas Flanders ( назад)
Band and orchestra kids

Автор sara urban ( назад)

Автор kennedy cheskaki ( назад)
more than she paid for, huh

Автор Fred Adams ( назад)
Omg I remember this 0_0

Автор Tien Phan ( назад)
what it mean ?

Автор Cameron Meetze ( назад)
I remember this from my childhood

Автор kev p ( назад)

Автор ShadowXReaper069 ( назад)
The sound on this video gave me the One Man Band

Автор ## TimeToCook ## ( назад)
Oh my god.. I used to watch this all the time on my Cars disc!

Автор Mekiah The Fox ( назад)
I would vote for the skinny guy

Автор MiMCK ( назад)

Автор Torrone Retardado ( назад)

Автор TitanAce ( назад)
orchestra vs band be like

Автор CatDog KarateMaster ( назад)
If those two musicians are able to have such incredible instruments,then why are they not in like a concert instead of trying to get a single coin from a girl?

Автор Amazaley1 ( назад)
I throught it was Mr. Incredible the drum guy

Автор the gaming Kelvin ( назад)
a Trump vs Hillary debate in a nutshell

Автор Jayden Terry ( назад)
that is creapy lol

Автор Yeast 232 ( назад)
First time I saw this I was always hoping she would give the money to the first man playing for some reason

Автор Myra Puppet ' ( назад)
OK.. so I saw a picture on Pinterest tn that sparked this memory of Pixar's short films. It was a snowman picture that looked exactly like the one from the Knick Knack short film, that I just completely forgot even existed. Then I fell down this rabbit hole lol.
This one, the knick knack and the rabbit/magician short film were defs watched when I was child. It's crazy what is pushed to the back of your mind.

Автор marzio conficconi ( назад)
lo vista fare anche alle film di cars

Автор Stingy ( назад)

Автор Orlando Mejia ( назад)
omg i still remeber this wen i was a kid lmao

Автор Alivea H ( назад)
i think it was in ratoutuie

Автор chaøtic jams ( назад)
literally thought of Panic! At The Disco when I saw the title.

Автор Piano Dude ( назад)
My second favorite short. Right next to presto.

Автор Jacob Joseph ( назад)
I watched this at school

Автор Jack D ( назад)
The deeper meaning of this is really interesting... It could imply, perhaps, the history of politics; the people's decision between the Left and the Right.

Автор Amelia Knight ( назад)

Автор Uni 4ever ( назад)
If I'm the girl,I would just throw the coin into the well at the first place

Автор vicbayona ( назад)
metete tus anuncios por donde te quepan

Автор Ichthys Rattus Erectus ( назад)
Does anybody know which music is playing the violinist at minute 1:17 please??

Автор May Moggia Maggio ( назад)
it's sad

Автор Chalex Gamer ( назад)
Who'd imagined that there was a Violinist Link?

The Legend of Zelda: Violin of Years confirmed!

Автор tomny Bigcock ( назад)
this was creepy as a child am I the only one

Автор Jelly Fan195 ( назад)
More like the One Man Battle

Автор Milo Graham ( назад)
East Coast vs. West Coast: The Beginning

Автор Ethan Aguayo ( назад)
that little girl is a piece of crap

Автор Csanád Szabados ( назад)
The audio is broken

Автор Rob_John_Male 333 ( назад)

Автор KK_ KOMA ( назад)
OMG AT 4:02 she was like "naw." XD

Автор candylantis ( назад)
tis is kinda retareded

Автор TezcatlipocaTV ( назад)
I can't believe this was made in 2005

Автор J-Panda ( назад)
someone has cut the resolution... :L

Автор josue esteban vallejo rengifo ( назад)
songs? please

Автор thegoldenbrick1 ( назад)
When I saw Cars in theaters, this short had all the laughs.

Автор Codi Francisco ( назад)
How does this video only have 485,824 views

Автор wat ( назад)
Childhood right THERE

Автор Cherisse Hill ( назад)

Автор Jacob Richardson ( назад)
I was 4 when I watched this

Автор fremey sans ( назад)
dude they were bet by a girl

Автор Ozyrys ( назад)
Funny :D

Автор jam jam ( назад)
That horrible little girl just robbed him

Автор wahyu cahyono ( назад)
The little girl was Pixar, between two giants : Disney (strings player) and Dreamworks (drum and brass player). With a 'little violin' from Disney, Pixar came as a winner and got much much money.

Автор Deshaies Gabriel ( назад)
Ses bon

Автор Femund ( назад)
what the hell is wrong with the audio

Автор Megan F ( назад)
Lol that is pretty much me when my friends in orcistra and band fight

Автор Emma Gonzalez ( назад)
Brings back so many memories

Автор Peter Fitswell ( назад)
this is gay

Автор LilTilOne3231 ( назад)

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