Doctor Who Parody by The Hillywood Show®

It's the DOCTOR WHO musical parody you've been waiting for! Join The Tenth Doctor, an alien Time Lord who travels through time and space in his TARDIS, in an eye-catching parody that's out of this universe. People assume that a parody is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big video of wibbly-wobbly, Time Warp stuff. Like the TARDIS, The Hillywood Show® makes a production that's bigger on the inside and showcases David Tennant's beloved Doctor in a memorable way. Allons-y!

Thanks for watching and God bless!


The Behind the Scenes: http://youtu.be/peus8_nw1bY
The Doctor's Video Diary: http://youtu.be/JTNuz8Idrtg


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Автор Daniel Griff ( назад)
That David Tennant impression though... impressive!

Автор PallasTheGamerGirl ( назад)
Dalek: How did you survive the Time Warp?
Doctor: *looks at Dalek* By dancing. On the front line.

Me: XD

Автор 구름맛쿠키 ( назад)

Автор turtlelover59 ( назад)
*when your imagining this just all being in bloopers of David*

Автор Beatriz LG ( назад)
Love this so much!!!
Kisses from Brazil!❤

Автор Mary McDonald ( назад)
О Гаспади,это что серьёзно голос Дэвида Теннанта?!?

Автор M. Sadeh ( назад)
Why didn't you do it about Matt , Amy, Rory and Clara?

Автор iiNarwhals ( назад)
you should do a stranger things parody

Автор doctor who girl ( назад)
I am a big fan of doc who

Автор shawna bingham ( назад)
I love Hillywood! I am so happy for you guys. Ur too brilliant to not have
your own show. Love u guys!

Автор Abee Buzz ( назад)
This was released in 2014 an they're using David Tennant-2010 Doctor
Only my opinion

Автор extra flux ( назад)
I've got to..... LETS GO!

Автор Kevin Chappell ( назад)

Автор Miners's Channel ( назад)
Rocky Whorror Picture Show :D

Автор Grace English ( назад)

Автор Grace English ( назад)

Автор Sarah Gill ( назад)
I'm going to Wizard World Portland to see you guys!

Автор Jordy13 Xoxo ( назад)

Автор katya beresneva ( назад)

Автор hello _enternet ( назад)
why do u have to end it on "I dont wanna go" 😭😭😭

Автор Katie Garbett ( назад)
i justsaw him when they all neel you see him next to the scarecrow and i am
only 9

Автор Jannie Hansen ( назад)
I love doctor hwo

Автор DeafeatingPain ( назад)
dude ten's theme is my ringtone, so as soon as this started I jumped and
dropped my phone.

Автор Анастасия Блошенкова ( назад)
Donna was very good

Автор bugz ( назад)
I love this parody great job hilly wood 😻😻😻

Автор Lilou Woimant-Vanderbiste ( назад)
It's just awesome. The doctor, and others look like reals! Just awesome.

Автор dreamy is my name ( назад)
Daleks: How did you survive the time war?
Doctor: by dancing. In the front line.
Best part!

Автор MyChemicalWinchester ( назад)
Bless their parents :')

Автор Neoimperialist1 ( назад)
They always mess up the timing and stress on the lyric, "He took me by
surprise." It happened in the version on Glee too. However, my wife and I
are big Dr. Who fans, and she just loved this when I showed it to her.
Thanks ladies, You made an old couple smile.

Автор Claire tiggs ( назад)
Utterly love it thank you and my fave doc too xxxxx

Автор Echo Moriarty ( назад)
can't get this out of my head

Автор Toadlover123 Studios | Text-To-Speech Comedy - Subscribe! ( назад)
It would be cool if David Tennant actually starred in this.

Автор Emerson Ausman ( назад)
you guys should do a updated one

Автор Kassandra Cerillo ( назад)
wow, my two favorite things, doctor who, and rocky horror picture show! yay
doctor #10!!

Автор _ tillsmills ( назад)
Why don't you guys ever actually sing in these? ( I don't mean this in a
rude way I enjoy your videos, I'm just curious)

Автор DravenGal ( назад)
Omigosh, I just read that this is the Glee version of The Time Warp and now
I love ❤️ it even more!

Автор ATrueGyriffindor ( назад)
Wtf did I just watch?

Автор Lena Once ( назад)
Does anybody know how the dance Genre (dance moves? idk) is called? It
looks SO cool. 😂😍😍

Автор Елена Миронова ( назад)
фу, Роза стремная

Автор Dad Who ( назад)
Who does 10's voice?

Автор T.B.W Plays ( назад)
absolutely loved it

Автор lady Thulula Grace ( назад)
you used the taime warp music OM MY GOD THAT YOU

Автор 100% Band Trash ( назад)
For a minute I actually thought the voice was David Tennant XD

Автор Амир Кекс_Айдис ( назад)
the doctor look like

Автор Timeturner ( назад)
This gets an upvote, if only for the Rose bashing. :D

Автор pixelninja3 ( назад)
this makes me ashamed that my favorite doctor is 10. This is the WORST
video ever. Please delete it off youtube before all of us real whovians
drink bleach to forget the horrid sight we just saw. Delete this cringe
compilation of death itself .

Автор Annika Ka ( назад)
omg omg its soo cool why i found it now and not earlyer

Автор SMGMario ( назад)

Автор SMGMario ( назад)
bad. but how did u the voice of the tenth doctor xD

Автор Galifreyan Gamer ( назад)
Good impression of David tennant

Автор Emma Alwill ( назад)
that bit where he says he don't wanna go 😭😭😭 so sad

Автор Emma Alwill ( назад)
that bit where he says he don't wanna go 😭😭😭 so sad

Автор AnnieSaysStuff ( назад)
I know this isn't related to this video at all but didn't you have some
Avengers videos? And that Loki one? What happened to those? Just curious
because I really liked them.

Автор Mailastare ( назад)
I hope SO much you will do a Doctor Who Parodie again that looks as great
as the Supernatural and Sherlock one. Then I can die in Peace.

Автор Maria Megido ( назад)
Oh, this Is just FANTASTIC!

Автор LivedWithin ( назад)
I've watched this. . . .atleast 30 times

Автор Emery Taylor ( назад)

Автор Danny ( назад)
are they real converse

Автор Mya Roberts-ockelton ( назад)

Автор Aleksa Gabrielle ( назад)
I really wanna watch Doctor Who but I don't have Netflix! How can I watch?!

Автор THE PUGLOVER ( назад)
This should've been the ending of the 50th anniversary.

Автор a drianshipperqueen ( назад)
I never had a chance to watch doctor who since they taken it off Netflix
and I'm shook

Автор SonicXFanoss 717 ( назад)
This is cool

Автор SMGMario ( назад)
ofmg so funny xDDD but. i dont rly like it :/

Автор Alexandra Blaze ( назад)
The end of the song was from Glee!!!

Автор Dean Winchester ( назад)
they should do another one for the 11th doctor

Автор Andrea Vela ( назад)
when its 3:50 and forwards up to the end I love it

Автор Andrea Vela ( назад)
it was great loved it. my fav part is the big dance at the end.

Автор autumnleaves ( назад)
And Netflix took my Doctor away. EXTERMINATE

Автор BlueScarabGuy ( назад)
That is a dead-on David Tennant vocal impression. I mean, I could tell it
wasn't him, but that is more or less exactly what he sounds like. Props to
Eliot Crossley.

Автор James Shaw ( назад)
rose voice was shit though

Автор Liv Pana ( назад)
They should do a Fringe one! I love the show Fringe

Автор Ola Olenska ( назад)
please make a doctor who parody with 11th doctor!

Автор Josh Andress (Modbreach) ( назад)
Was very well convinced David Tennant did his own voice work. Props to

Автор Kitty Plechaty ( назад)

Автор JeM. DJ ( назад)
What happened with Rose?

Автор twilightkitty19 ( назад)
i got one question why does the 10th doctor look like a girl

Автор india harrison ( назад)
The actual song starts at 0:44

Автор Athena Mercedes ( назад)
You know youre a true fan when you can name all the characters/monsters and
the episodes they were in

Автор Karen Blair ( назад)
How did they get the actual actors voices

Автор RCLJ Kane ( назад)
they should do a parody for the 11th and 12th doctor I think.

Автор Dawn Weeks ( назад)
you should have one where the dr. gets out of the tardis and starts
vomiting lol. Motion Sickness/Spinning.

Автор india harrison ( назад)

Автор Philip Hamilton (Idk which one :v) ( назад)
first of all, I never watched doctor who. but I'm sure this is a great
parody for the fans, because It is one of the best parodies for me. thank
you hilly!

I REALLY want to watch doctor who, but I can't find it anywhere! I even
looked up on YouTube!
can someone please tell me where to find it? (for free, maybe? if it
doesn't exist, or something similar, I'll try on somewhere else)

Автор Emi ( назад)
doesn't allons-y mean 'lets go'

Автор myheartssay ( назад)
my favorite doctor 😍

Автор vaderboy121 ( назад)
nice brany specks

Автор Kash Potato ( назад)
I live for this

Автор Stephanie Nielsen ( назад)
I love how much Hannah looks like Catherine Tate. I demand a meet up and
pictures. That would be a sure highlight of my life.

Автор breyer_neigh ( назад)
Who played the doctor's voice? that's pretty good!

Автор Mega Houndoom ( назад)
Do the harry potter one whos a agree

Автор Hi HIramdomPERSONscrolling through the comments ( назад)

Автор HyperMelodies ( назад)

Автор Deanna Lee ( назад)

Автор Candyroxnrulz ( назад)
What's the song? It sounds so familiar

Автор Glambert BB VIP ( назад)
I like know every word

Автор Maze GamerX500 ( назад)
how did ya get the voices

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