Airplane Slot Machine Bonus - Jackpot! Hand Pay!

Airplane Slot Machine Bonus - Jackpot! Hand Pay!

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas - Nickel Denom - $15 Bet



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Автор Lisa Dennis ( назад)
you are hilarious with your drink comments! great win!

Автор Dream Big Productions ( назад)

Автор chestel2011 ( назад)
congrats enjoy your win!

Автор soSAMuk ( назад)
I don't know how many times I've watched this video, but every time I watch it, it puts a massive grin on my face. Keep up the amazing work. Never stop!

Автор Kiff Kiff ( назад)
Exélente vidéo :)

Автор KEITH ATTWOOD ( назад)
I love watching you play,you get so excited it makes the machines more fun to watch.always brilliant vids,thankyou.

Автор Local Gambler ( назад)
Very nice! Gotta love this game.

Автор DJERIQ 1 ( назад)
ur funny hahaha

Автор Carmen Grant ( назад)
If you were straight I'd ride your cock for werks, like somebody on a horse trying to find water in a desert
I'd just keep on ridin' till the fluid came

Автор Nomee Slot Videos ( назад)
This machine hates me, last time I played I picked the credits on 3 of 4 "pick a plane" bonus triggers and when I did get it right, my first seat picked was a "collect" and of course I got the damn 480 credits.. they should award a secret bonus for picking that horrible. Call it the "SDGuy1234 middle finger award"

Автор sgtstreetmeat ( назад)
Give me money

Автор Gabo Madrigal ( назад)
Your voice is very gay jajajaja!!

Автор Flores Chacho ( назад)
I like it. Congrats

Автор Brent's Lucky (& Gay) Slot Channel ( назад)
Mary, I just love watching this one -- it's the first time I ever noticed that Otto can go to the same seat multiple times, and you get the credits each time he does!  LOL

Автор Torosultan ( назад)
puto marihuano

Автор Naomi Tolley ( назад)
This video never get old! Love it

Автор Torosultan ( назад)
se vino el wey????

Автор taesung ahn ( назад)
you are the idol in south korea.fuck yeah,hahaha.....

Автор billfromwi ( назад)
$15 a spin...  yikes!

Автор try rety (970 лет назад)

Автор Der Kleinanleger ( назад)
Best Otto ever

Автор Reb10999 ( назад)
Can you say OM MY GOD any more?

Автор Brent's Lucky (& Gay) Slot Channel ( назад)
Tommy had a nice arm -- I forget what he looked like...  :-P

Автор Justin Smith ( назад)
you are so gay lol

Автор Chevy5Speed ( назад)
How such u win a month

Автор SDGuy1234 Slot Machine Videos ( назад)
mmmm..... Fill me up, daddy!

Автор mase bryant ( назад)
hes a fagget ! hahahaha

Автор Hav Gun ( назад)
Damn......I have never heard a man sound so much like a woman. Are you a homosexual SDGUY? If not you should put some bass in your voice before your dad disowns ya.

Автор moonbat6k ( назад)
I love when you play the Airplane slot machine bonus. Always a great video, keep it up sdguy :)

Автор SDGuy1234 Slot Machine Videos ( назад)
Back up offa my girl! Im gonna be hittin' that shit.

Автор SDGuy1234 Slot Machine Videos ( назад)
Who the fuck cares??? Anything made within the last 12 months is a complete shitloaf.

Автор SDGuy1234 Slot Machine Videos ( назад)
Come again???

Автор Casino Dave ( назад)

Автор Jared Bishop ( назад)
Same video as 4 weeks before nice try

Автор Nico Matavilla ( назад)
I Love Otto Too !!!

Автор SDGuy1234 Slot Machine Videos ( назад)
Is there really anything as too many jackpot airplane videos????

Автор Nicole G ( назад)
Fuck yeah !!! Otto deserves a sip of that Malibu and sprite!!

Автор TheHarmonicWheel ( назад)
You are so much fun to watch playing the slots!

Автор Brent's Lucky (& Gay) Slot Channel ( назад)
I'm right there with ya, DP. I was like "shit did I watch this?" SD has too many jackpot Airplane videos...

Автор GokuFievel32 ( назад)
Hey SDGuy I've been looking for the AIRPLANE SLOT EVERYWHERE! Couldn't find it in Reno. Then this week I went to an Indian Casino I've never been to before and THEY HAD IT. Played it on my FREE SLOT PLAY. Got the bonus and remembered watching your videos. Turned a 25 CENT BET INTO $55 GOT THE GOLDEN TICKET AND FOOD TRAY BONUS! Next time I'll try it on Nickle Slots! I even said OUT-LOUD THANK YOU SDGUY1234 when I won the money. Made my trip!

Автор triggerriot ( назад)
My mom loves u ! Dirty mouth and all lol.

Автор sj burgess ( назад)

Автор sj burgess ( назад)
Too bad it didn't multiply you Otto bonus win...THAT would have been epic! Great win! :-)

Автор stockandroidguy ( назад)

Автор getoutofmyheaddanac ( назад)
We stopped going to twin river because we kept loosing our asses there. I wish we could do better there because its only 25 minutes from our house.

Автор Slot Machine Videos by DProxima ( назад)
Holy shit...I must of lost a brain cell. I watched this three weeks ago and forgot about it. It's just as good the second time.

Автор BusyBeeCompany ( назад)
Didn't seem to be...I got like $100 win on one but the others were kinds boring....some were not even getting to bonus rounds after $40 in 1cent plays....I walked out of there with money cos I was so bored..thankfully the food was good at the bar an grill

Автор Slot Machine Videos by DProxima ( назад)
I was at Twin River last fall and found many of their machines a bit dated. Have they brought in any newer WMS games?

Автор johnnycasino75 ( назад)
Awesome thnx for all the great videos. ...

Автор BusyBeeCompany ( назад)
Sweet win...just took a $250 spanking at twin rivers...but it was fun...didn't see one machine set off the light today..mean Saturday..maybe just cos the social security was yesterday for many folks

Автор 808wtf808 ( назад)
My second time watching this vid. Awesome!!!!!

Автор Chris Holguin ( назад)
That's my boy! When he puts Vegas, that's code word for his

Автор VisionaryUrbanTactics ( назад)
Want some Malibu and Sprite? I ruffied it for ya. Bahahahaha

Автор Whokikiwit ( назад)
Hit that shit!!

Автор patrick doolittle ( назад)
great job, congrats on kickin ass take that casino bitch, a loyal fan

Автор RNA ( назад)
Very nice even though otto got most of the picks problem was you were left figuring out which seats had the last bonus enders. But doesn't matter you got a hand pay and you had a good time.

Автор 20cardmg ( назад)
that bitch is definitely goin on TILT lol

Автор Sjsuman5000 ( назад)
This has to be the highest amount Otto has given out to you and I must say you are now the king!!!! I'm really glad Otto threw you a huge bone here.

Автор Adam Grabske ( назад)
I got to play airplane for nickels at Cosmo in July. Much smaller bet but still got to surprise my wife that it was nickels. So much Kore fun than pennies. Never seen Otto go crazy before but that was awesome!

Автор frank vasquez ( назад)
dude i never see otto go ape shit like that gud job man

Автор Sandra Halverson ( назад)
Your AWESOME Brian, love your videos!!!!!

Автор pinoypapapizza ( назад)

Автор Pejarox7620 ( назад)
Damn nice hit again! I just got a vid with me getting all three plane symbols again, but i picked horrible :( Anyway Get dat Shit!

Автор VegasLowRoller ( назад)
Hi. :)

Автор al diaz ( назад)
hit that shit bitch

Автор PMT's Slot Hit's n' Stuff ( назад)
Wtf?? I thought you are supposed to multiply the Otto bonus which was 16k?!?! Damn I would have been so disappointed! Nice win anyway man.

Автор MLG Show ( назад)
Ok look I'm 22 years old I'm a girl, I love to gamble and I'm fucking obsessed with you I watch your videos all day and I need to gamble with you ASAP I live in vegas next to south point can we meet there tomorrow???

Автор MLG Show ( назад)

Автор SDGuy1234 Slot Machine Videos ( назад)
Already spent.... I bought a Wizard of Oz Pinball Machine!!!

Автор SDGuy1234 Slot Machine Videos ( назад)

Автор Deegee Weegee ( назад)
Another hand pay! Can I borrow $1604????? ;)

Автор Teresa Ortiz ( назад)
Good Job Buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Der Kleinanleger ( назад)
otto did all the job
you sucked with hand picking

Автор Der Kleinanleger ( назад)
thats more like it

Автор jenfol2000 ( назад)
Wow!!! Congrats!

Автор nvidiaMT ( назад)
otto had a malfunction, he hit already opened seats multiple times

Автор SDGuy1234 Slot Machine Videos ( назад)
Get it gurl!

Автор SDGuy1234 Slot Machine Videos ( назад)
He picked the wrong week to stop smoking crack.

Автор SDGuy1234 Slot Machine Videos ( назад)
Im always the right top.

Автор SDGuy1234 Slot Machine Videos ( назад)
Well... to join the crew you must be able to deep throat a cucumber.

Автор SDGuy1234 Slot Machine Videos ( назад)
Fuck yea, Anthony!!! I didn't even know that was possible!

Автор SDGuy1234 Slot Machine Videos ( назад)
One of the many!

Автор Steve Buchanan ( назад)
2:41....that sounded nothing like you hahahahah. Could that possible be the demon inside you coming out?

Автор SlotsOfFun33 ( назад)
I do not know what I enjoy more....Watching you lose your friggin mind on wins or the comments off th cuff. Wanna try some Malibu and Spice...I ROOFIED it for ya!! LOL!! Would have paid to see the face on your friend. LOL!! When I hit LV...We so have to play in teh same casino dude! WE would have a blast! Grats on the great win.

Автор Diana Lynn ( назад)
Congrats! Otto loves ya! Since I'm spending 1 night at Cosmo on my next trip I guess I'm going to have to play me some Airplane there. :)

Автор BigDaddySMF ( назад)
Nice Going!!!

Автор Anthony Hayes ( назад)
Love out when otto hits shit that's already been hit! How do I become part of your homo slot crew? Lol.

Автор Brent's Lucky (& Gay) Slot Channel ( назад)
EPIC bonus. I can't believe all the bonuses were in the top. You even picked the top at the end, but not the RIGHT top. get it, "right top". :-)

Автор kramerica2k10 ( назад)
Otto was on crack or something, jesus.

Автор Jplan72 ( назад)
I heard echo!

Автор Slot Machine Videos by DProxima ( назад)
Saweet!!! Another kick ass bonus buddy.

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