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Автор MissBerlinerin ( назад)
I really need to learn russian...

Автор RckrGrl2010 ( назад)

Автор athina ebeslidou ( назад)
euxomai mia mera na paw kai egw ekai (bolshoi ballet academy)!!!!!! <3

Автор ba896898 ( назад)
English please...or subtitles pls :)

Автор presley klinger ( назад)

Автор Isabella Hald ( назад)
Between those minutes 14.17 - 14.52 min. is a really beautiful ballet
leotard! Does anyone no were what brand it is from? russianballetvideo. I
really love it! I hope you will answer me:)

Автор izgoodly ( назад)
It looks like Princess Tutu's school.

Автор lidzyboo ( назад)
왜 KBS는 russina 발레 얘기하고 싶지는 무엇입니까?

Автор Emily Ramon ( назад)
Is this anywhere in english?

Автор Anastasia Darwitan ( назад)
is it ok to have the foot not in line with the knee when you turn out? See

Автор DOu27 ( назад)
The girls are amazing!!!

Автор joenjwang ( назад)
I love EBS. A good Korean Educational channel. Equivalent, perhaps, to
America's PBS.

Автор runningmoonb ( назад)
i thought the language is russian til' the korean title.. IGNORANCE! :)

Автор Angela Aguiarova ( назад)
Poor me, i cant understand nothing =(

Автор Mac Aguilar ( назад)
It's a korean documentary about the russian ballet...good !!

Автор lidzyboo (1417 лет назад)
ill try xx

Автор lidzyboo (1431 год назад)

Автор lidzyboo (1572 года назад)

Автор Bea Nascimento ( назад)
Subs plz!

Автор karinbrueg ( назад)
how about some subtitles? :)

Автор lidzyboo ( назад)
I AM KOREAN woohoo

Автор MissTschukki ( назад)
What language is that??

Автор sugar5111998 ( назад)
Wish I could go there

Автор Manuela Franco ( назад)
I wanna go to this school so badly ! Hopefully I'll audition next year! (: x

Автор Firo Hiro ( назад)
perfect ..

Автор IgbyGrl ( назад)
@ggghhhhgg are you really this dumb? The narrative and text is all in
Korean. Learn the difference you idiot!

Автор Isi LePuschel ( назад)
there is a bolshoi in brazil :) just google it :) escola do teatro bolshoi
no brasil

Автор EcoIceblock96 ( назад)
Japanese, seriously? Anyone can see that that is in Korean.

Автор Rani Lala ( назад)
Why the heck is this in japanese???????

Автор fifig10 ( назад)
thanks a lot

Автор isabella herrera ( назад)
i love ballet, but i think the russian ballet the technique is more
beautiful than the england if i wrote something wrong sorry :s

Автор fifig10 ( назад)
Please what's the song name at 24:22 ?

Автор Sara Samoan ( назад)
amazing turnout!

Автор Dekruta ( назад)
Is there another school in the USA , England and maybe in Brazil where you
live at school like this? I would like to live there , but i live in
Brazil. And i just started , and i want to do it more..

Автор t_ellah (580 лет назад)
So they basically live there, study, dance, sleep there? That's awesome.

Автор leafs121688 ( назад)
Anyone know of a site that translates an audio clip from one language to
another? I was thinking I could make an mp3 from this video and get it
translated if such a site exists

Автор gugola117 ( назад)
I'd like seeing this vid subtitled in English, it's amazing and fascinating

Автор oufc29 ( назад)
do th bos wear a danebelt and support cup underneath their thong leotards
and footed tights ?

Автор msaito36 ( назад)
Very wonderful valuable video!!!!!***** Thank you!

Автор Razalgirl83 ( назад)
OMG! 8:24

Автор zivatony23 ( назад)
can i get into that school at the age of 16?

Автор LILI181920 ( назад)
Mais elles sont trop maigres !!! :o

Автор Gabriela Bernal ( назад)
I read the first comment and I was like: omg no sub? >< Then I read the
second and it says ''Korean' so I was: Finally I can use my Korean for
something LOL

Автор jualk1 ( назад)
it´s wonderful

Автор Mr. Lopez 2681 ( назад)
LOL!!! Great comment.

Автор Pearlaceous ( назад)
I can understand a maximum weight for pdd work, to safeguard boys with
their physique still developing, but 96 pounds for a 5'6" girl seems
excessively low. I could understand 96 pounds for a 5'2" girl, and even
that would be thin, but not for a 5'6" girl. I do not know how tall
Angelina Vorontsova in the company is, but she looks to be an average
height and very healthy weight - nearer 110 than 96 pounds.

Автор woaibailewo ( назад)
At Bolshoi school, if a girl weighs more than 110 pounds, she is not
allowed to dance pas de deux. Also , girls who are 5'6" are only supposed
to weigh 96 pounds.

Автор 96horseluvr ( назад)
anyone know what the music is that starts at 23:29? an answer would be
really well appreciated!!!

Автор Lucy Langley ( назад)
I would love english subtitles :)

Автор Laura Armas ( назад)
necesito una escuela asi YA

Автор PrincessSakuno ( назад)
jesus christ they are all skinny there

Автор Maria Kikina ( назад)
4:21 O.O what an arch :O

Автор sexuallyactivestevebuscemi ( назад)
awww...they have partnering class! There´s very few boys in my school :(

Автор Claudiu Dumitraşcu ( назад)
what the boy from 7:50 said ? and who is him ?

Автор czerashni ( назад)

Автор oufc29 ( назад)
do these boys wear a thong padded dancebelt and support cup underneath
their thong leotards and footed tights

Автор oldoperafan ( назад)
This is great, thank you, at least I understand the Russian! I am so glad I
can see inside the place where so many of our heroes went, and and in time
new ones are emerging.

Автор Alexette Lara ( назад)
@russianballetvideo WOw, I don't know what part of Korea that was.

Автор russianballetvideo ( назад)
@Orchiidify When I was in Korea, I spoke a lot more Russian than i spoke
Korean. Come to think of it, I did not say one word in Korean.

Автор Alexette Lara ( назад)
@russianballetvideo Haha, ok fine, I'll do the subs. I can translate
whenever the narrator says ani or ye. That's a Deal! :)) hehe I have never
been in Korea though

Автор Alexette Lara ( назад)
@russianballetvideo Haha, ok, I'll do the subs. I can translate whenever
the narrator says ani or ye. That's a deal! :)) I have never been in Korea

Автор russianballetvideo ( назад)
@Orchiidify I have been in Korea and you know two more Korean words than I

Автор Alexette Lara ( назад)
@russianballetvideo I wish... Get another translator, I can only say "ye"
and "ani." Means yes and no :)

Автор russianballetvideo ( назад)
@Orchiidify You are welcome to learn Korean and do subtitles for me.

Автор Alexette Lara ( назад)
Sub please.......

Автор nicole gomez ( назад)

Автор xjackybx ( назад)

Автор Jenny Tang ( назад)
I'm willing to give everything to be a part of that.

Автор Anthony Dancer ( назад)
At 19:42 in the mirror there is my friend! :D

Автор Ariana Penno ( назад)
@russianballetvideo haha Let's be more specific. Are you able to offer any
English subtitles?

Автор nomin tsogzol ( назад)
@russianballetvideo haha. thegreendestiny meant that could you put
subtitles for the video?

Автор thegreendestiny ( назад)
@russianballetvideo Funny.

Автор russianballetvideo ( назад)
@thegreendestiny No I do not offer sandwiches.

Автор thegreendestiny ( назад)
It's in Korean. Any subs?

Автор hikari6986 ( назад)
@AvalonMorley Thanks a lot, I was having a tough time trying to find the

Автор AvalonMorley ( назад)
I particularly love the young man dancing the lead on stage, & partnering.
He looks like he might be Cuban or some such. So full of spirit and
enjoyment, & SO GOOD!

Автор AvalonMorley ( назад)
@hikari6986 It is called the Classical Symphony. Lovely piece. Antony Tudor
choreographed a wonderful, humorous ballet to it (w. a bit of other
Prokofiev as prologue), called Gala Performance, in which each movement
features a different ballerina--I believe one was French, one Italian, &
another Russian? British?--not sure, but in each case, the particular style
was spoofed a bit. Great fun. On recordings, this is often paired w.
Bizet's Symphony in C, which was choreographed by Balanchine.

Автор hikari6986 ( назад)
Which piece of prokofiev are they dancing?

Автор Katie Spiker ( назад)
I wish the subtitles were in English TT-TT

Автор l0lailorc9 ( назад)
It's great having the opportunity of learning from this videos although I
wish they were in English =)

Автор Alexette Lara ( назад)
@EvanescenceROCKSS Yes, she is still there. But it is her last year,
graduation-year!!! :)

Автор EvanescenceROCKSS ( назад)
@Orchiidify don't think so, but she does or did used to go to the Bolshoi

Автор Alexette Lara ( назад)
@EvanescenceROCKSS Is she in this video?

Автор Tvoison ( назад)
Подскажите, что за музыка на 23:22?

Автор EvanescenceROCKSS ( назад)
i'd love to go there. Joy womack is so lucky to have that kind of money to
be able to study there!

Автор Julian MacKay ( назад)
Yes, Julian MacKay, American at the Bolshoi, at 6:28 to 6:46

Автор George Ou ( назад)
@ImCorbi I meant at 6:35. That looks like Julian Mackay.

Автор ImCorbi ( назад)
@georgeou He's russian.

Автор russianballetvideo ( назад)
@pointeoflife Yes, you are correct. I have changed the description

Автор Michelle Chow ( назад)
At 15.34 is Osipova!!

Автор pointeoflife ( назад)
I think it's Margarita Shrainer, not Daria Bochkova..?

Автор George Ou ( назад)
Isn't that the American boy around the 8 minute mark?

Автор yanyuet ( назад)
translation please!

Автор palubob ( назад)
Very nicely done. In their love of ballet the Japanese really stay on top
of things. Now I have to find a ballet-loving native speaker of japanese to
help with the translation.

Автор Liv2Dance22 (1704 года назад)

Автор Roman Zinovyev ( назад)
А есть это же но с английскими субтитрами???

Автор Pearlaceous ( назад)
@FerocityQueen I agree Tsiskaridze should be AD one day - he is a wonderful
ambassador for the Bolshoi.

Автор FerocityQueen ( назад)
I have no words about the tremendous artist and pedagogue Tsiskaridze is.He
holds the testament of the Bolshoi greatness and I would love to see him
finally take his deserved position as an AD.

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