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Автор athina ebeslidou (2 года)
euxomai mia mera na paw kai egw ekai (bolshoi ballet academy)!!!!!! <3

Автор Manuela Franco (2 года)
I wanna go to this school so badly ! Hopefully I'll audition next year! (: x

Автор George Ou (3 года)
@ImCorbi I meant at 6:35. That looks like Julian Mackay.

Автор Isi LePuschel (2 года)
there is a bolshoi in brazil :) just google it :) escola do teatro bolshoi
no brasil

Автор joenjwang (2 года)
I love EBS. A good Korean Educational channel. Equivalent, perhaps, to
America's PBS.

Автор ba896898 (2 года)
English please...or subtitles pls :)

Автор EcoIceblock96 (2 года)
Japanese, seriously? Anyone can see that that is in Korean.

Автор Razalgirl83 (3 года)
OMG! 8:24

Автор l0lailorc9 (3 года)
It's great having the opportunity of learning from this videos although I
wish they were in English =)

Автор RckrGrl2010 (1 год)

Автор Ariana Penno (3 года)
@russianballetvideo haha Let's be more specific. Are you able to offer any
English subtitles?

Автор izgoodly (2 года)
It looks like Princess Tutu's school.

Автор Sara Samoan (2 года)
amazing turnout!

Автор EvanescenceROCKSS (3 года)
@Orchiidify don't think so, but she does or did used to go to the Bolshoi

Автор woaibailewo (3 года)
At Bolshoi school, if a girl weighs more than 110 pounds, she is not
allowed to dance pas de deux. Also , girls who are 5'6" are only supposed
to weigh 96 pounds.

Автор PrincessSakuno (3 года)
jesus christ they are all skinny there

Автор Maria Kikina (3 года)
4:21 O.O what an arch :O

Автор Pearlaceous (3 года)
I can understand a maximum weight for pdd work, to safeguard boys with
their physique still developing, but 96 pounds for a 5'6" girl seems
excessively low. I could understand 96 pounds for a 5'2" girl, and even
that would be thin, but not for a 5'6" girl. I do not know how tall
Angelina Vorontsova in the company is, but she looks to be an average
height and very healthy weight - nearer 110 than 96 pounds.

Автор lidzyboo (2 года)

Автор leafs121688 (2 года)
Anyone know of a site that translates an audio clip from one language to
another? I was thinking I could make an mp3 from this video and get it
translated if such a site exists

Автор Alexette Lara (3 года)
@russianballetvideo Haha, ok fine, I'll do the subs. I can translate
whenever the narrator says ani or ye. That's a Deal! :)) hehe I have never
been in Korea though

Автор gugola117 (2 года)
I'd like seeing this vid subtitled in English, it's amazing and fascinating

Автор lidzyboo (2 года)
ill try xx

Автор EvanescenceROCKSS (3 года)
i'd love to go there. Joy womack is so lucky to have that kind of money to
be able to study there!

Автор thegreendestiny (3 года)
@russianballetvideo Funny.

Автор lidzyboo (2 года)
왜 KBS는 russina 발레 얘기하고 싶지는 무엇입니까?

Автор Pearlaceous (4 года)
@FerocityQueen I agree Tsiskaridze should be AD one day - he is a wonderful
ambassador for the Bolshoi.

Автор russianballetvideo (3 года)
@thegreendestiny No I do not offer sandwiches.

Автор IgbyGrl (2 года)
@ggghhhhgg are you really this dumb? The narrative and text is all in
Korean. Learn the difference you idiot!

Автор presley klinger (2 года)

Автор Alexette Lara (3 года)
@russianballetvideo Haha, ok, I'll do the subs. I can translate whenever
the narrator says ani or ye. That's a deal! :)) I have never been in Korea

Автор Claudiu Dumitraşcu (3 года)
what the boy from 7:50 said ? and who is him ?

Автор Michelle Chow (4 года)
At 15.34 is Osipova!!

Автор fifig10 (2 года)
thanks a lot

Автор oufc29 (3 года)
do th bos wear a danebelt and support cup underneath their thong leotards
and footed tights ?

Автор lidzyboo (2 года)
I AM KOREAN woohoo

Автор Tvoison (3 года)
Подскажите, что за музыка на 23:22?

Автор zivatony23 (3 года)
can i get into that school at the age of 16?

Автор sexuallyactivestevebuscemi (3 года)
awww...they have partnering class! There´s very few boys in my school :(

Автор t_ellah (2 года)
So they basically live there, study, dance, sleep there? That's awesome.

Автор Alexette Lara (3 года)
@russianballetvideo I wish... Get another translator, I can only say "ye"
and "ani." Means yes and no :)

Автор Anthony Dancer (3 года)
At 19:42 in the mirror there is my friend! :D

Автор Rani Lala (2 года)
Why the heck is this in japanese???????

Автор Katie Spiker (3 года)
I wish the subtitles were in English TT-TT

Автор czerashni (3 года)

Автор lidzyboo (2 года)

Автор Lucy Langley (3 года)
I would love english subtitles :)

Автор Roman Zinovyev (4 года)
А есть это же но с английскими субтитрами???

Автор Isabella Hald (2 года)
Between those minutes 14.17 - 14.52 min. is a really beautiful ballet
leotard! Does anyone no were what brand it is from? russianballetvideo. I
really love it! I hope you will answer me:)

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