HD Look at Moscow Bolshoi Ballet School Leonova Tsiskaridze

This look at the Moscow Choreographic School, generally known around the world as the Bolshoi Ballet School begins with a brief introduction by the director of the school, Marina Leonova. She is in the same position in Moscow as Altynai Asylmuratova is in St Petersburg with the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet. Then the group of girls in the first year class introduce themselves as first year students. After that, various ages of students all profess to wanting to dance for the Bolshoi Ballet. If the same question was asked at the Vaganova School, all would profess to wanting to dance for the Mariinsky Ballet..
On a big stage, they show rehearsal of the Prokofiev Classical Symphony with Margarita Shrayner, 2011 graduate as the girl in the center. Later, they show a private rehearsal of one movement from the Prokofiev Classical Symphony with Nikolai Tsiskaridze and Marina Leonova coaching a young couple, whose names ilyaballet would know, but I do not.

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Автор MissBerlinerin ( назад)
I really need to learn russian...

Автор RckrGrl2010 ( назад)

Автор ba896898 ( назад)
English please...or subtitles pls :)

Автор presley klinger ( назад)

Автор Isabella Hald ( назад)
Between those minutes 14.17 - 14.52 min. is a really beautiful ballet
leotard! Does anyone no were what brand it is from? russianballetvideo. I
really love it! I hope you will answer me:)

Автор izgoodly ( назад)
It looks like Princess Tutu's school.

Автор lidzyboo ( назад)
왜 KBS는 russina 발레 얘기하고 싶지는 무엇입니까?

Автор Emily Ramon ( назад)
Is this anywhere in english?

Автор Anastasia Darwitan ( назад)
is it ok to have the foot not in line with the knee when you turn out? See

Автор DOu27 ( назад)
The girls are amazing!!!

Автор joenjwang ( назад)
I love EBS. A good Korean Educational channel. Equivalent, perhaps, to
America's PBS.

Автор runningmoonb ( назад)
i thought the language is russian til' the korean title.. IGNORANCE! :)

Автор Angela Aguiarova ( назад)
Poor me, i cant understand nothing =(

Автор Mac Aguilar ( назад)
It's a korean documentary about the russian ballet...good !!

Автор lidzyboo (1418 лет назад)
ill try xx

Автор lidzyboo (1432 года назад)

Автор lidzyboo (1573 года назад)

Автор Bea Nascimento ( назад)
Subs plz!

Автор karinbrueg ( назад)
how about some subtitles? :)

Автор lidzyboo ( назад)
I AM KOREAN woohoo

Автор MissTschukki ( назад)
What language is that??

Автор sugar5111998 ( назад)
Wish I could go there

Автор Manuela Franco ( назад)
I wanna go to this school so badly ! Hopefully I'll audition next year! (: x

Автор Firo Hiro ( назад)
perfect ..

Автор IgbyGrl ( назад)
@ggghhhhgg are you really this dumb? The narrative and text is all in
Korean. Learn the difference you idiot!

Автор Isi LePuschel ( назад)
there is a bolshoi in brazil :) just google it :) escola do teatro bolshoi
no brasil

Автор EcoIceblock96 ( назад)
Japanese, seriously? Anyone can see that that is in Korean.

Автор Rani Lala ( назад)
Why the heck is this in japanese???????

Автор fifig10 ( назад)
thanks a lot

Автор isabella herrera ( назад)
i love ballet, but i think the russian ballet the technique is more
beautiful than the england if i wrote something wrong sorry :s

Автор fifig10 ( назад)
Please what's the song name at 24:22 ?

Автор Sara Samoan ( назад)
amazing turnout!

Автор Dekruta ( назад)
Is there another school in the USA , England and maybe in Brazil where you
live at school like this? I would like to live there , but i live in
Brazil. And i just started , and i want to do it more..

Автор t_ellah (581 год назад)
So they basically live there, study, dance, sleep there? That's awesome.

Автор leafs121688 ( назад)
Anyone know of a site that translates an audio clip from one language to
another? I was thinking I could make an mp3 from this video and get it
translated if such a site exists

Автор gugola117 ( назад)
I'd like seeing this vid subtitled in English, it's amazing and fascinating

Автор oufc29 ( назад)
do th bos wear a danebelt and support cup underneath their thong leotards
and footed tights ?

Автор msaito36 ( назад)
Very wonderful valuable video!!!!!***** Thank you!

Автор Razalgirl83 ( назад)
OMG! 8:24

Автор zivatony23 ( назад)
can i get into that school at the age of 16?

Автор LILI181920 ( назад)
Mais elles sont trop maigres !!! :o

Автор Gabriela Bernal ( назад)
I read the first comment and I was like: omg no sub? >< Then I read the
second and it says ''Korean' so I was: Finally I can use my Korean for
something LOL

Автор jualk1 ( назад)
it´s wonderful

Автор Mr. Lopez 2681 ( назад)
LOL!!! Great comment.

Автор Pearlaceous ( назад)
I can understand a maximum weight for pdd work, to safeguard boys with
their physique still developing, but 96 pounds for a 5'6" girl seems
excessively low. I could understand 96 pounds for a 5'2" girl, and even
that would be thin, but not for a 5'6" girl. I do not know how tall
Angelina Vorontsova in the company is, but she looks to be an average
height and very healthy weight - nearer 110 than 96 pounds.

Автор woaibailewo ( назад)
At Bolshoi school, if a girl weighs more than 110 pounds, she is not
allowed to dance pas de deux. Also , girls who are 5'6" are only supposed
to weigh 96 pounds.

Автор 96horseluvr ( назад)
anyone know what the music is that starts at 23:29? an answer would be
really well appreciated!!!

Автор Lucy Langley ( назад)
I would love english subtitles :)

Автор Laura Armas ( назад)
necesito una escuela asi YA

Автор PrincessSakuno ( назад)
jesus christ they are all skinny there

Автор Maria Kikina ( назад)
4:21 O.O what an arch :O

Автор sexuallyactivestevebuscemi ( назад)
awww...they have partnering class! There´s very few boys in my school :(

Автор Claudiu Dumitraşcu ( назад)
what the boy from 7:50 said ? and who is him ?

Автор czerashni ( назад)

Автор oufc29 ( назад)
do these boys wear a thong padded dancebelt and support cup underneath
their thong leotards and footed tights

Автор oldoperafan ( назад)
This is great, thank you, at least I understand the Russian! I am so glad I
can see inside the place where so many of our heroes went, and and in time
new ones are emerging.

Автор Alexette Lara ( назад)
@russianballetvideo WOw, I don't know what part of Korea that was.

Автор russianballetvideo ( назад)
@Orchiidify When I was in Korea, I spoke a lot more Russian than i spoke
Korean. Come to think of it, I did not say one word in Korean.

Автор Alexette Lara ( назад)
@russianballetvideo Haha, ok fine, I'll do the subs. I can translate
whenever the narrator says ani or ye. That's a Deal! :)) hehe I have never
been in Korea though

Автор Alexette Lara ( назад)
@russianballetvideo Haha, ok, I'll do the subs. I can translate whenever
the narrator says ani or ye. That's a deal! :)) I have never been in Korea

Автор russianballetvideo ( назад)
@Orchiidify I have been in Korea and you know two more Korean words than I

Автор Alexette Lara ( назад)
@russianballetvideo I wish... Get another translator, I can only say "ye"
and "ani." Means yes and no :)

Автор russianballetvideo ( назад)
@Orchiidify You are welcome to learn Korean and do subtitles for me.

Автор Alexette Lara ( назад)
Sub please.......

Автор nicole gomez ( назад)

Автор xjackybx ( назад)

Автор Jenny Tang ( назад)
I'm willing to give everything to be a part of that.

Автор Anthony Dancer ( назад)
At 19:42 in the mirror there is my friend! :D

Автор Ariana Penno ( назад)
@russianballetvideo haha Let's be more specific. Are you able to offer any
English subtitles?

Автор nomin tsogzol ( назад)
@russianballetvideo haha. thegreendestiny meant that could you put
subtitles for the video?

Автор thegreendestiny ( назад)
@russianballetvideo Funny.

Автор russianballetvideo ( назад)
@thegreendestiny No I do not offer sandwiches.

Автор thegreendestiny ( назад)
It's in Korean. Any subs?

Автор hikari6986 ( назад)
@AvalonMorley Thanks a lot, I was having a tough time trying to find the

Автор AvalonMorley ( назад)
I particularly love the young man dancing the lead on stage, & partnering.
He looks like he might be Cuban or some such. So full of spirit and
enjoyment, & SO GOOD!

Автор AvalonMorley ( назад)
@hikari6986 It is called the Classical Symphony. Lovely piece. Antony Tudor
choreographed a wonderful, humorous ballet to it (w. a bit of other
Prokofiev as prologue), called Gala Performance, in which each movement
features a different ballerina--I believe one was French, one Italian, &
another Russian? British?--not sure, but in each case, the particular style
was spoofed a bit. Great fun. On recordings, this is often paired w.
Bizet's Symphony in C, which was choreographed by Balanchine.

Автор hikari6986 ( назад)
Which piece of prokofiev are they dancing?

Автор Katie Spiker ( назад)
I wish the subtitles were in English TT-TT

Автор l0lailorc9 ( назад)
It's great having the opportunity of learning from this videos although I
wish they were in English =)

Автор Alexette Lara ( назад)
@EvanescenceROCKSS Yes, she is still there. But it is her last year,
graduation-year!!! :)

Автор Abigail ( назад)
@Orchiidify don't think so, but she does or did used to go to the Bolshoi

Автор Alexette Lara ( назад)
@EvanescenceROCKSS Is she in this video?

Автор Tvoison ( назад)
Подскажите, что за музыка на 23:22?

Автор Abigail ( назад)
i'd love to go there. Joy womack is so lucky to have that kind of money to
be able to study there!

Автор Julian MacKay ( назад)
Yes, Julian MacKay, American at the Bolshoi, at 6:28 to 6:46

Автор George Ou ( назад)
@ImCorbi I meant at 6:35. That looks like Julian Mackay.

Автор ImCorbi ( назад)
@georgeou He's russian.

Автор russianballetvideo ( назад)
@pointeoflife Yes, you are correct. I have changed the description

Автор Michelle Chow ( назад)
At 15.34 is Osipova!!

Автор pointeoflife ( назад)
I think it's Margarita Shrainer, not Daria Bochkova..?

Автор George Ou ( назад)
Isn't that the American boy around the 8 minute mark?

Автор yanyuet ( назад)
translation please!

Автор palubob ( назад)
Very nicely done. In their love of ballet the Japanese really stay on top
of things. Now I have to find a ballet-loving native speaker of japanese to
help with the translation.

Автор Liv2Dance22 (1705 лет назад)

Автор Roman Zinovyev ( назад)
А есть это же но с английскими субтитрами???

Автор Pearlaceous ( назад)
@FerocityQueen I agree Tsiskaridze should be AD one day - he is a wonderful
ambassador for the Bolshoi.

Автор FerocityQueen ( назад)
I have no words about the tremendous artist and pedagogue Tsiskaridze is.He
holds the testament of the Bolshoi greatness and I would love to see him
finally take his deserved position as an AD.

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