Team Fortress 2 - Till Death Do Us Part (SFM)

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Voting for Best Drama closed in November 2012, a huge thanks to everyone that voted! :)
Congratulations to Zacharia Scott for winning with his amazing 'Bad Medicine' short, i'm truly glad to have been nominated as one of the final 4 nominees for the Drama category!

For anyone concerned about copyright issues, I have been in contact with the fine people at Globus and have received permission to use this fantastic piece of music.

All audio content belongs to 2012 GLOBUS Music- a huge thanks to them!



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Автор Edward Matthew ( назад)

Автор Mats Andreas ( назад)
All that I am wondering, is what is the name of this beautiful song.

I know, it's a dumb question, but it isn't listed in the description or in the video

Автор SHREDDERFTW ( назад)
I know this comment is today but good work on the animation

Автор Wayne Salayog ( назад)

Автор sonic the hedgehog 4857 ( назад)
Half-Life 2

Автор Blacklight ( назад)
A sfm that shakes me to my core years after upload. Amazing.....

Автор Archimedes and The medic ( назад)
ahhhh spy nooo

Автор Sunky The hedgehog ( назад)
What would be the point of trying to survive a zombie apocalypse anyway?

Автор Kim Jaemjamrat ( назад)
RIP demoman

Автор SpyCrab ( назад)
just sad i died

Автор Christian Jamero ( назад)
I saw this when I was a kid and I was really scared even when I played gmod zombie survival

Автор Kyo The pyromaniac ( назад)

Автор surprisecallanoscopey rekt ( назад)
shouldnt scout have gotten infected when he hit one with a bat so close up and the heavy when he rammed all those zombies?

Автор tromolon motions ( назад)
Holy shit. I remember when this first came out.

Автор ria surya ( назад)
what isdis

Автор Kristy Rose Lao ( назад)
rip scruppy man

Автор Uknown Kellso ( назад)
1 month later and this story is still sad

Автор Dima Bogdan ( назад)

Автор Connor Weimer ( назад)
Most amazing thing ever

Автор The Atomic Fox ( назад)
It always warms my heart to see RED and BLU working together.

Автор Soury Sandvich ( назад)
Where Is Part 3?

Автор Malte Löf Gustavsson ( назад)
i know its just a video game but this video almost made me cry

Автор Maikai Kanechin ( назад)
2/17/2017 :3

Автор AMERICA ( назад)
Soldier has a katana stuck to the end of his rocket launcher. ROCKET LAUNCHER BAYONET THING. AMAZING.

Автор Cheryl Ragin ( назад)
its always the spy who dies am i right

Автор Freeman умеет играть ( назад)
how song named?

Автор mm chanel mnoi ( назад)
good job

Автор Dread Lord ( назад)
I appreciate stuff like this especially because of spy my rating of this sfm is 10/10 I like how much work you guys put into this awesome sfm also I subscribed NO I didn't forget so also can I get 20 subscribers it's my birthday and I would appreciate it if you liked my comment and the video

Автор The Executioner ( назад)
Dude this is amazing 10 outa 10 dude perfect 👌

Автор Leonides820 ( назад)
1:15 when Deadringer got nerfed :V

Автор Simon d. ( назад)
Can I ask one question? I really like this video the music fits well and there is even a nice little story to the videos but I've been asking myself why the scouts mom ragdoll is so out of place. Every other modell looks like a physical dead body besides her what happened?

Автор Sasha Trusov ( назад)
Why? Why i am crying?

Автор Vĩ Kỳ Lao ( назад)
Slow motion

Автор Cody Roberts ( назад)
Who is scout's dad?

Автор Kevin Ermine ( назад)
i feel sorry for the demoman

Автор BOBA FETTS CAT ( назад)

Автор BOBA FETTS CAT ( назад)

Автор Jacenio Willdio ( назад)
Dude... You are one of the best source filmmaker animators I have ever seen hands down.

Автор Klaus Haisler ( назад)
The first zombie think for tf2 I saw 4 years ago today

Автор zomzom900 ( назад)
。゚( ゚இωஇ゚)゚。

Автор Damien Lowery ( назад)
teem spy

Автор jay yu ( назад)
damn spies, cutting onions in the corner

Автор lautaro gamerxx juegos,videoreaccion,gampleis ( назад)
poor spy

Автор Danshea ( назад)
The nostalgia...
I think im about to cry

Автор Xabuza7 ( назад)
5 years later and it still hits me where it counts.

Автор LaRandy Dankston ( назад)
The memories

Автор Oscar Marsh ( назад)
what be le song

Автор Charlotte Davies ( назад)
Is spy killing his self because his wife died is that why spy is killing his self

Автор MDgamer 120 ( назад)
perfect film 100000000000*******

Автор Doktar Noschiit ( назад)
compare this animation to a lot of overwatch fan animations

Автор Merle Dixon ( назад)

Автор SaRYzE MCPE ( назад)
This is good

Автор Anh Đoàn Thiên ( назад)
If the engineer stay at the spawn (if the spawn still ok) then the engineer would be OP because he can grab the metal from the spawn to repair the sentry gun and keep on fighting

Автор LongDaShot ( назад)

Автор Pieseł Spy ( назад)
beautiful video ;"(

Автор André dorgas kk ( назад)
i cry every time

Автор Smileandwavelol ( назад)
A classic.

Автор charles moreno ( назад)
Lol Because of this is discovered Tf2

Автор Kamil Cerklanski ( назад)

Автор Hairi 563 ( назад)
wow scout save spy

Автор woody chainyom ( назад)
Soldier yolo

Автор Night The Shadow ( назад)
Can someone give me a load of tissues because I think i caught a lot of tears in my eyes!!!!!

Автор Vldud 》》《 ( назад)
did he wrote that song?

Автор ALPHA ( назад)
Holy shit I used to watch this when I was a kid playing tf2... now I've moved to other games and am a teen. Time flies so fucking fast

Автор Tanner Bruning ( назад)
Why am I almost crying at a tf2 sfm

Автор juan francisco robles araiza 2 de la manguera cecilio 3,carlos 6 ( назад)
scout had to save his dad dammit!

Автор Rhonda Arnold ( назад)
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i am sad crieg

Автор Bonnie Gaming ( назад)
so playing scout

Автор tian ti ( назад)
scout the best

Автор George Pulbere ( назад)
scout its a good guy, he dont want bad to no one he just saved spy because hes all left

Автор Lucius Zakk ( назад)
"Why are we still here... Just to suffer?"

Автор I Love Moustaches ( назад)
You can always respawn

Автор MasterZ GamerZ ( назад)
Song Name Pls

Автор sall not my name vu ( назад)
Is there part 3

Автор Jackson ( назад)
I wish there was a part 3

Автор Cheesei Games ( назад)
Bloody Onion Spies. Every headshot and they still wont give up.

Автор Football TY ( назад)
прикольное видео

Автор Захар Бычихин ( назад)
Requeste in pace spy

Автор Scout CRAZYNESS ( назад)
this animater is the best this series only if there is 2 vid is the best sfm vid I ever seen like wow

Автор teresa lynch ( назад)
Rip demoman and spy😔😔

Автор Sanic_king 2 ( назад)
Who watch this on 2017.2018.2019.2020

Автор Pro_devilsgaming ( назад)
make more!

Автор Kelvin Lee ( назад)
3:36 Ummmmm Scouts neck? Is he ok?

Автор Kelvin Lee ( назад)
If only the spy could dual wield revolvers.

Автор asriel deermer ( назад)
demo man is be an

Автор yigit güneş ( назад)
Still watching.... It's so beautiful

Автор Baha Küçükavcı ( назад)
çok üzüldüm şimdi

Автор Archie Hem ( назад)
...but.....he droped his ringer.....

Автор richard nick salazar ( назад)
Saddest song ever

Автор XXXAngeloXXX ( назад)
How to kill them without damage


Автор Littlepip Plays ( назад)
whats the song called in this vid?

Автор alan phan ( назад)
I haven't seen this in 2-3 years

Автор Mystic Pyro ( назад)
rip demodemo pan

Автор Mystic Pyro ( назад)
one of the best SFM'S ive ever seen and i watch this all the time to bad he only made part 2 and stopped >:/

Автор Hairi 563 ( назад)
R.I.P demo

Автор Hairi 563 ( назад)
Cool song dude

Автор Tyler Martin ( назад)
Cool song is it called till death do us part or is it a different song

Автор Melina Brovislov ( назад)
Someone tell me this song please...

Автор MR. Jon ok ( назад)

Автор garen crownguard ( назад)
no drama

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