Team Fortress 2 - Till Death Do Us Part (SFM)

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Voting for Best Drama closed in November 2012, a huge thanks to everyone that voted! :)
Congratulations to Zacharia Scott for winning with his amazing 'Bad Medicine' short, i'm truly glad to have been nominated as one of the final 4 nominees for the Drama category!

For anyone concerned about copyright issues, I have been in contact with the fine people at Globus and have received permission to use this fantastic piece of music.

All audio content belongs to 2012 GLOBUS Music- a huge thanks to them!



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Длительность: 4:1
Комментарии: 14476

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Автор yt gamer ( назад)
ohhh my god its awesome

I saw part 2 on a TOP 5 both made me cry

Автор Michael Borja ( назад)
Cox ta

Автор dap rap10 ( назад)
sometimes there is hop when there is no hope to be alive that 1 time I
reborn and different when I dy god give me life and power to protect my
self when my sister born I share half of my power to her now me and her
strong together

Автор dap rap10 ( назад)
me too

Автор Сотел Сотел ( назад)

Автор Сотел Сотел ( назад)

Автор LegoBrickTV ( назад)
2:58 WTF, did Demopan participated in that battle?

Автор Paratrooper ( назад)
i watched it with the shrek ear rape playing....

Автор Red Scout ( назад)
Red Scout here

Автор Yuicbe ( назад)
nice the black guy dies ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор Marcus hungidas ( назад)
This is so a some but said to cuz the next part

Автор Stephen Rapuano ( назад)
Holy crap this amazing I love it pore spy doe

Автор CreepyFriki ( назад)
Why can't I hold all these feels? T-T

Автор Dogefishy ( назад)
This should be an SFM classic.

Автор Zhan Yerezhepov ( назад)
what's music?

Автор eren dogan ( назад)
out of 10 i know i underrated it

Автор hantu timun ( назад)
Can somebody give me link for this song?

Автор Shaina Gonzales ( назад)
The zombie just scratched him...and he's done diddly dead?! WHY?! *cries in

Автор Mr. Meatball ( назад)
Wtf this is made 4 years ago?!?

Автор very meh but good ( назад)

Автор M games Channel ( назад)

Автор M games Channel ( назад)

Автор very meh but good ( назад)
this is the best tf2 animation I've ever seen keep it up also YOU EARNED A
LIKE :-)

Автор eygreat888 ( назад)
All there were doin was searching mewtwo... But fighting for it... Pokemon
Go... Kills people...

Автор Connor McLeod ( назад)
what song is this

Автор Greentoad64 ( назад)
After Overwatch

Автор Jimmy Letton ( назад)
When's part three

Автор Jorge Hurtado ( назад)
part 1

Автор ShadowX Rocker ( назад)

Автор Gabriel Gordillo ( назад)

Автор Daniel Paolen ( назад)
To When He WSas Becoming A Ghost

Автор Daniel Paolen ( назад)
3:43 Look At Engineer He Is Scared!

Автор Мадина Муратова ( назад)
why black always dies first????!!!!!

Автор SplendidG4M3R #016 ( назад)
this animation not win??
wtf ;-;
omg demoman dead T^T
i cry again ;-;
i see this animation and cry ;-;

Автор DeWafflez ( назад)
how can a person be infected from a slash instead of a bite

Автор Nailrox ( назад)

Автор lasha khmelidze ( назад)
best video

Автор Alexorzel 152 ( назад)
Im cry

Автор Mariopoop 90 ( назад)
I'm Speechless...

Автор Mr. Legitness ( назад)
How bout at the end of battlefield campaign and there's a cinematic
cutscene of zombies with this song what do you think

Автор 사선이tv ( назад)
아주 감동적인 네요 (한국인들이 봐도 감동적)

Автор ЕНОТ МЕН! БУМ ( назад)

Автор 꽃라인 ( назад)

Автор Ashtonnator138 ( назад)
Holy shit this is still the best bloody damb good sfm I have watched and
it's 2016 :/

Автор Hausemaster - of 2b2t ( назад)
This is one of the best SFMs ever.

Автор Rusher “Green-Random” ( назад)
Its best what im seen

Автор Gigi Pishny ( назад)
no demo

Автор SupDawg 410 ( назад)
Poor Demoman

Автор Golden Freddy ( назад)
and i was almost about to cry eaven sence i am an animanatronic

Автор :Y Fear ( назад)
dis is so retarded

Автор Vladimir Dmitriev ( назад)
лооонрооришптнпорпорсьра расопаиппмирсирммор

Автор Elzombi Rey ( назад)
alguien habla español? ?? o solo yo??

Автор OtherNigelOT ( назад)
I have this problem with these "dramas". i think th ey're overdramatic and
unfitting for tf2

Автор Khanh Thitrantuankhanh ( назад)
Best song I ever love

Автор Arrarr Lacanilao ( назад)
so sad

Автор TheEpicGamer1 1 ( назад)
I love Globus- save me

Автор Sup Barh ( назад)
Im so old...

Автор Joshua Brewer ( назад)
You only know how good this and part two are until you hear the original
soundtracks. Go search "Globus - Save me" and "les friction - who will save
you now"

Автор fat engie ( назад)
i have a theory that spy became a zombie first and them shot himself

Автор Conga ( назад)

Автор Mrburger 123 ( назад)
3:50 when i cant take anymore of playing spy

Автор Amber McLain ( назад)
Spy nooooo 😢

Автор Yzaka ( назад)
Music ;C?

Автор FD The Gaming Animator ( назад)
2:24 Made in georgea

Автор sneaky bullet ( назад)
In my opinion this should have been mvm another way Blu and red teamed up
and Mann co is closed aswell so

Автор Mahmut Selim ( назад)
Abi harika

Автор KleinerGrüner Kaktus ( назад)
The animation is very good
But the music sucks

Автор Jaron Lam ( назад)
Poor people

Автор Marmalade ( назад)
Almost 4 years later and it's still one of my favorite sfm animations

Автор Kbh Phantom ( назад)
can you make part 3 that was awsome

Автор Anthony Gonzalez ( назад)
the spy remains me of Rick

Автор Ames Lee ( назад)
the soldier part is the most badass to me

Автор sDraxt ( назад)
anyone else just watch this for the song?

Автор OP papyrus ( назад)
amazing song that most people in the world probably forgot about

Автор generic lets play watcher ( назад)
i know ive found this video only a few months ago, which even then was
still over 3 years since this was made but....
this will always hold a special place in my heart..
so i just wanna say...
thank you :)

Автор Brandon's Blue Gaming ( назад)
2:36 what is physics

Автор Irena T ( назад)
najlepsze na świecie

Автор Agent Mathswiz53 ( назад)
Best SFM ever

Автор KingSombra4 AJ ( назад)
Where is part 3 mann

Автор real time gaming ( назад)
dip shit dropt his dead ringer maybe hed survive the end than

Автор Igie Tipsay ( назад)
that zombied are from hlalf life right?

Автор Dawncloud Royal Guard ( назад)
Question for everyone, where would your Tf2 main class be in this
apocalypse situation? My pyro would probably either run of ammo or with a

Автор The PostalGuy ( назад)
I cry every time

Автор Minecraft - LackOfTruth ( назад)

Автор Kaneki TV 123456tnt ( назад)

Автор Penguenler Oyunda ( назад)
ı am crying

Автор sharkbait 292 ( назад)
wow I'm gonna sub just because of this vid

Автор csayle 32 ( назад)
you need to make more videos from this

Автор Narwhal Gaming AKA The Winner ( назад)
i played this video on mute while lysning to lulaby of a dead man and it
fits perfect!

Автор THE ROBLOX NOOB AND MR.Cuddles ( назад)
Is this the continue of zombiu crossover because demoman is dead

Автор THE ROBLOX NOOB AND MR.Cuddles ( назад)
This is a great video

Автор osmanq gutierrezq ( назад)
demoman :(

Автор Coyote Stark ( назад)
Fear of death is pointless, you will die nomether what...

Автор baconbicknell ( назад)
this is awesome

Автор Allan Paz ( назад)

Автор NeonWarrior ( назад)
Please make part 3. This is an amazing series and I really want it to

Автор Maria Jinx ( назад)
2:36 that leg animation tho

Автор Rumble Walker ( назад)
that was sad and I really hope that we all come together one day if this
ever happens

Автор Shim ( назад)
The only thing I can think about while watching this is "WAKE ME UP (WAKE

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