Team Fortress 2 - Till Death Do Us Part (SFM)

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Voting for Best Drama closed in November 2012, a huge thanks to everyone that voted! :)
Congratulations to Zacharia Scott for winning with his amazing 'Bad Medicine' short, i'm truly glad to have been nominated as one of the final 4 nominees for the Drama category!

For anyone concerned about copyright issues, I have been in contact with the fine people at Globus and have received permission to use this fantastic piece of music.

All audio content belongs to 2012 GLOBUS Music- a huge thanks to them!



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Длительность: 4:1
Комментарии: 14907

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Автор Sanic_king 2 ( назад)
Who watch this on 2017.2018.2019.2020

Автор devilsgaming ( назад)
make more!

Автор Kelvin Lee ( назад)
3:36 Ummmmm Scouts neck? Is he ok?

Автор Kelvin Lee ( назад)
If only the spy could dual wield revolvers.

Автор Light Yang ( назад)
demo man is be an

Автор yigit güneş ( назад)
Still watching.... It's so beautiful

Автор Baha Küçükavcı ( назад)
çok üzüldüm şimdi

Автор Archie Hem ( назад)
...but.....he droped his ringer.....

Автор richard nick salazar ( назад)
Saddest song ever

Автор XXXAngeloXXX ( назад)
How to kill them without damage


Автор Littlepip Plays ( назад)
whats the song called in this vid?

Автор alan phan ( назад)
I haven't seen this in 2-3 years

Автор Mystic Pyro ( назад)
rip demodemo pan

Автор Mystic Pyro ( назад)
one of the best SFM'S ive ever seen and i watch this all the time to bad he
only made part 2 and stopped >:/

Автор Hairi0417 Hairi ( назад)
R.I.P demo

Автор Hairi0417 Hairi ( назад)
Cool song dude

Автор Tyler Martin ( назад)
Cool song is it called till death do us part or is it a different song

Автор Melina Brovislov ( назад)
Someone tell me this song please...

Автор MR. Jon ok ( назад)

Автор YUSUF ENSAR SEVİM ( назад)
no drama

Автор zealot elite123 ( назад)
this song is awesome and depressing

Автор Niel Tamares ( назад)
RIP spy

Автор Dilya Kadirova ( назад)

Автор kullzme rator ( назад)
what is the name of the song

Автор Lemuel Jay Ferranco ( назад)
poor demoman have to die he cant handle to hold the bridge side so he hace
to suicide for mercy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Автор sultan sasuke ( назад)
song is save me globus

Автор nafa nafa ( назад)

Автор Issac Coltman (Thucket Bucket) ( назад)
The edgy music ruined it.

Автор TheDoctor4Life ( назад)
What makes this better is when you realize that Scout is Spy's son.

Автор shafie matpilus ( назад)
12:34 secrets we keep XD

Автор shafie matpilus ( назад)

Автор Ecto Biologist ( назад)
i cry ever tim ;_;

Автор MR. GOD lust ( назад)

Автор Kristy Rose Lao ( назад)
your not a child spy

Автор Ward2200 ( назад)
Valve we need new rocket

Автор Strident ( назад)
this brings memories ...
we need to take a silence to remember the past as we embrace the future.

Автор Butter Chunks ( назад)
i like spy and pyro and medic

Автор brian mccarthy ( назад)
Who else when they first saw this video (which when I first watched this it
was new)jumped when red spy rises from the dead as one of... those things.

Автор Tony Rojt ( назад)
i was cring its so beautiful

Автор MDDMband ( назад)
Guys the music is save me from globs

Автор Huma Rizvi ( назад)
make a song about halo plaes

Автор MDDMband ( назад)
If this doesn't get a saxxy I'm gonna suicide

Автор MATHEUS LEAL ( назад)
please, do the till death do us part 3

Автор Josh Arcos ( назад)
My favorite tf2 video + i like the chosen song (save me)😃😢 and i cried a
little because memories

Автор Caleb Baker ( назад)

Автор Тим Илятов ( назад)

Автор Mr. PainTrain ( назад)
this is fake, that arrow went way to close to engies head without hitting

Автор Aslizan Zainal Abidin ( назад)
very sad story

Автор Astro Gamer ( назад)
This is soo emotional! I am a tf2 spy, So this means alot to me,
#AllTf2playerslivematter #Spieslivesmatter #Bestsongever, Keep up the good
work! -player name: astroscience

Автор arthur ryan ( назад)
this made me cry when spy died

Автор hung nguyen ( назад)
soon touchy

Автор สปา ตั้น ( назад)
me to

Автор Sheila Montefalcon Kops ( назад)
song please

Автор wtf_bob ( назад)

Автор Phúc Gaming gaming cs ( назад)
R.I.P REd spy

Автор Nur Asyiqin ( назад)
so many walking dead flashbacks fUCK

Автор Ninja Bugs ( назад)
This isn't his content

Автор Marek Vejvalka ( назад)
SMUTNI XD 2 dil bil dobry i ten 1 dil :) : ): ): :) :) :)

Автор Killing Time ( назад)
This is so Beautiful <3

Автор MLG The hedgehog ( назад)
Why did the demo man die first

R.I.P red spy 😢

Автор Maria Rotella ( назад)
it's berri u el

Автор Marek Vejvalka ( назад)
good video ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Matthew Whitman ( назад)
the song is super good!!

Автор Soniclover 123 ( назад)
what spy your still alive

Автор Left4Freddy 1# ( назад)
What's the name of the song ?

Автор Left4Freddy 1# ( назад)
What's the song ?

Автор Sheila Montefalcon Kops ( назад)
why spy turns into zombie

Автор Selena Villatoro ( назад)
I want to see part Three now

Автор Dontloseme ( назад)
it's good

Автор I am Dead ( назад)
Back when Tf2 was filled with SFM's and Gmod Parodies. So much FUCKING
Nostalgia when i watch this.

Автор RGC 892 ( назад)
I thought this was a video for TF2 showing actual gameplay, And I thought
it was just a bunch of dudes killing zombies. Boy were I wrong

Автор Jack Pineda ( назад)
If Freddie Mercury was still alive, I think he would of sing this song

Автор ZeUbermensch123 ( назад)
Scout was like:
Fuck ur Mother!!

Автор niko bell ( назад)
сука до слёз довёл аж душевно стало

Автор Hilen Moro ( назад)
Let me download your video, pls :v

Автор Panvasion ( назад)
Who Watched This Again Before Watching Part 2?

Автор Tf2 Pyro noob ( назад)
2:57 demopan is dead

Автор Keyemku ( назад)
I think this is my favorite of the more emotional videos

Автор netrex ( назад)
Watching this over four years later, still amazing!

Автор Erika Ibarra ( назад)

Автор Erika Ibarra ( назад)

Автор Erika Ibarra ( назад)

Автор Erika Ibarra ( назад)

Автор Jasen Gorillo ( назад)
Im looking for this one vid, equal to this one, but the its a bunch of
monsters and it has to do with enginners i guess?, can some one find it

Автор rodolfo sabater ( назад)
The song is not sad

Автор artur luzzi ( назад)

Автор Duc anh pro ( назад)
What happened before that?

Автор Dubstep 4 Dayz ( назад)
Adrev for a third party employee 1: Oh this video seems really good. Better
strike it for no good reason
Adrev for a third party employee 2: But people will think we strike things
down unlawfully
Adrev for a third party employee 1: Just drop a video with no relevancy in

Автор invisible 10 ( назад)
this is super video are you best

Автор Rumble Walker ( назад)
this is so sad to see spy live then die for another person

Автор STAR ( назад)
why no part 3 :(

Автор justunnam3d ( назад)
no wonder he didn't die. he only hit his jaw bone and cheeks with that

Автор Dr. S ( назад)
Who has not seen this Video for a while and thought the song sounds like
the song from back to the future that goes like this "my darling sue please
be mine I was a fool"

Автор Wan 明康 ( назад)
dont save spy

Автор Peridot Facet 5 ( назад)
I'd love to see a remake of this! Because I could see this being smoother,
buts its great even after 4 years!

Автор Jundi Hanif ( назад)
the song name please?

Автор DRAGON SLAYER ( назад)
can't get enough of this song

Автор Lynne Santos ( назад)

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