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Автор Lozeng3r (1 год)
Hey guys! I've just created a fan page on Facebook- I plan on using it
regularly to provide everyone with updates about what i'm working on! I'm
fully working on new videos now so check it out, there'll be new content
coming very soon! https://www.facebook.com/Lozeng3r

Автор YoungGamer (3 месяца)
Best fan sfm of tf2 on youtube.

Автор Lozeng3r (1 год)
Ok...I think i'm finally done. Till Death Do Us Part Two will be released
within the next 24 hours, maybe a little earlier than expected!

Автор Copper Droplet (5 месяцев)
Alright, so, the zombies can infect you with a scratch (as demonstrated by
spy), and yet the heavy is seen basically hugging them in his first
introduction and fighting bare handed later on... Some one give that
Russian bastard a fucking gun please

Автор James Robbins (5 месяцев)
Can somebody explain how part II is possible?
At the end, Spy is seen shooting himself in the head. You see the flash. He
shouldn't have became a zombie, then...?

Автор Jay Night (1 месяц)
This is beautiful. After 5 years of youtube being a *serious* pastime, this
is one few videos that I really and fully loved enough to like. It was
packed with so much raw emotion and thought provoking action that I feel it
could have been a full length movie plot. It truly felt like an amazing,
well produced, and well thought out movie condensed into 5 minutes. This is
more skill than I've seen from many actual producers with big screen
experience (at least plot-wise) and I 100% enjoyed it. This was amazing, as
was the rest of your Till death do us part series. Thank you for giving me
a 5 minutes I do not regret taking away from my day.

Best regards,

Автор Dick Semens (13 дней)
Wow, just wow. damn this is better then 90% of the latest blockbusters XD

Автор Robert Wagner (2 месяца)
Name of the song if you didn't know:

Globus - Save me

Автор Morttik The Groundpony (24 дня)
+phinx the fox
+Foxy the Pirate
+Ahvulon Qiilaan Faal Khajiit ((+Soar Wing The Pegasus ))
+Koneko/Toy Chica 

Автор Dragonyte Animationz (2 месяца)
tf2 should have ZOMBIE MODE

Автор Lozeng3r (1 год)
Part Two has finally been released! - Till Death Do Us Part Two (Saxxy
Awards 2013 Best Drama Entry) Voting appears to be live already so please
consider voting if you enjoyed it! :)

Автор Xenopug (3 месяца)
Save Me really was the best possible soundtrack to this

Автор absalom israel (2 месяца)
+Haaskalintu help...imma cry

Автор Insanity (epicg0dz1ll4223) (15 дней)
I have a story to this

An engineer was making a teleporter, the teleporter broke and created a
portal to the Half-Life universe which started a war between those headcrab
zombies and all the teams did nit fight anymore and just instead try to
kill all the zombies till theres hope

Автор Jorge Aguilar (21 день)

Автор Angus Maclae (1 месяц)
i,m going to kill myself give reasons not please

Автор Zach Mandel (3 дня)
Valve should make a Zombies mode for TF2

Автор Golden Chomper (19 дней)
I almost cried

Автор Kody Dishaw (1 месяц)
Make a part 3 for tf2 death show

Автор FEdoorASs Zhukov (2 месяца)
I got the idea, I liked the video, I liked the music, but the one thing
that I don't understand is why all of them (survivors?) were sad about demo
being dead? Some of them could, but guys on the other team shouldn't be.

Автор Mehdi Ali (6 месяцев)
The black guy dies first hahahahaha

Автор HawkView the Dubs Master (13 дней)
Why SFM was made.

Автор doc Son (2 месяца)
How do you make the still images with the camera moving?

Автор jeff the gamer (8 дней)
The most original film I know and love <3 such inspiration to the love of
this team no matter how much hate they have they will save themselves in a
effort to keep their lives together... Team Fortress 2

Автор AC1D (3 месяца)
When EA buys tf2. Makes a tf3 adds a zombie mode. Not much people play tf3.

Автор Red Bird Chanal (13 дней)
R.I.P Demoman T_T

Автор The Danish Medic (1 месяц)
Team Fortress 2 - Till Death Do Us Part (SFM): https://youtu.be/9nDtI51ub0I

Автор Luke Green (18 дней)
Cool video!

Автор jmygamers (3 месяца)
Dear Lozeng3r,
Ive been thinking about what to do for a new animation and I watched
your video "May death do us part 2" and I thought it was amazing. One of
the best animations ive ever seen. Yet I have one question for you, can I
try (TRY, It wont be as good) to make a mine-imator version. I started to
work out how to animate some parts of the video. May you
please answer back. And thank you for your time
-From a fan, Justin
Yetto (Jmygamers)
P.S: It wont be the same song which is a sad thing for me, Its one of my
new favorite songs 

Автор Jindřich Prchlý (2 месяца)
whats the song please ?? :)

Автор MultiFjgh (28 дней)
самая епична анимация в тем форсесс

Автор Jalen Show (19 дней)
is it normal i almost cried?

Автор NuclearNuke41 (2 дня)
For those who keep spamming how the spy survive a gun shot to the head,
heres how..The medics medi gun can regenerate limbs, remember meet the
medic? scouts teeth regenerated, so the spy's damage brains must of grown

Автор Ntyrr Gfgn (21 день)
мне понравилась супер

Автор Ero Sennin (1 месяц)
Part 3??

Автор Flaming Gaming (1 месяц)
lol you can make anything emotionaly with slomotion and a sad song

Автор BountyBeast (2 дня)
Should've kept the Dead Ringer...

Автор Gregor Ross (24 дня)

Автор Jay McDowell (20 дней)
I cryed so hard 

Автор Fatty Monkey (1 месяц)
what song is this i like it

Автор Philip Bechamp (19 дней)
You should make more of these

Автор leo rey (9 дней)

Автор Jack Leveille (19 дней)
How was this not nominated for a saxxy?

Автор MariStallion (15 дней)
Something so beautiful yet sad...I have no idea how you pulled it off dude!
Nice job! X3

Автор lee ming spork (4 месяца)
So was demoman already dead?

Автор Kimheng Cheng (28 дней)
team fortress

Автор Юрий channel (2 месяца)
а что здесь яза музыка игравет 

Автор Nhật Seto (12 дней)
again have some like people this was too cool

Автор IDied200YearsAgo (6 месяцев)
This reminded me of an SFM where the scout sees a bunch of people he lost
that he loved... anyone know the video?

Автор Gold miner / Medic Plays (3 месяца)
If i woud be a survivor i woud be soldier

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