Team Fortress 2 - Till Death Do Us Part (SFM)

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Voting for Best Drama closed in November 2012, a huge thanks to everyone that voted! :)
Congratulations to Zacharia Scott for winning with his amazing 'Bad Medicine' short, i'm truly glad to have been nominated as one of the final 4 nominees for the Drama category!

For anyone concerned about copyright issues, I have been in contact with the fine people at Globus and have received permission to use this fantastic piece of music.

All audio content belongs to 2012 GLOBUS Music- a huge thanks to them!



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Автор Mr. Epic Face ( назад)
Is it me or did this sfm bring tears to your eyes the first time you
watched it

Автор DennizThai OfficialBackup ( назад)
des its sans he its insane *rly not insane*

Автор Mass ( назад)
give that man a saxxy

Автор anthony jack ( назад)
Such art

Автор Spectre 6 ( назад)
Anybody notice how the shotgun's reload texture at 2:47 mess up

Автор Naxonix™ ( назад)
Demoman ;-;

Автор Otaky Ramiro ( назад)
Umm i liked the backround its like "who will save me now?" please tell me
the title or its stealing credits

Автор Sam1Bot ( назад)
the first one is STILL better. c:

Автор Your Friend ( назад)

Автор Comic Kazii ( назад)
I miss TF2, I can't wait to get home and play some

Автор [-T0NKI4 CH0RKln ChonnAl-] ( назад)
It is 2016 But Still Best Drama SFM Saxxy. Sweet

Автор Red ( назад)
I cannot express how much I love this SFM! It has been my favorite for such
a long time now. Words cannot tell how I feel about this.

Автор BlueBTR ( назад)
this video and the other part literaly remind of me when i used to watch
this with a friend that moved away and all the stuff we did its kind of
dramatic and emotional but its a good feeling.

Автор Standard Setter Teo ( назад)
You should win an Oscar for this.

Автор Austin Betz ( назад)

Автор Emanuel Carnero ( назад)
noooooooooo not spy what where's Pyro

Автор Maria Rotella ( назад)
the música is fantastic😁😲🎳🔜🔫🔫🔪💲💰

Автор Otaku095x ( назад)
Sou Br

Автор Bread Muncher ( назад)
Fucking love this sfm :D

Автор an jo ( назад)
guys did you see soiders action wow i likeed soider,scout,heavy and pyro
but wow that soider action thats amazing

Автор Захар Бычихин ( назад)
spy I love you

Автор BugsetLP ( назад)
Its the best tf2 film of the world
Pls make part 3

Автор rayan chebbo ( назад)
please make parte 3

Автор Ikaun ( назад)
what kind of music

Автор Noobz Gaming ( назад)
If spy just went behind a little more..

Автор Andrew Singleton ( назад)
Interesting foreshadowing to part two based off the angle of spy's head and
the gun barrel. Non-fatal gunshot wound. You're gonna have to somehow find
a new jaw and will need to have all your food through a straw, but you'll
theoretically survive since the barrel does not line up with the brain.

I could be very VERY wrong here.

Автор Crynaek The Russian Furry ( назад)
also I listen to this song evry day (ive been doin dat for the past 3

Автор Crynaek The Russian Furry ( назад)
I almost cried (cuz of song)

Автор Joseph Barnes ( назад)
I love this animation

Автор Joseph Barnes ( назад)
What caused that Zombie attack?

Автор That Random Undertale Phangirl ( назад)
Watching this for the millionth time omg

Автор Herobrine GamerPh ( назад)
name of the theme/background song??

Автор QSBK Thunder ( назад)
they don't make em like they used to.

Автор Devin Daisey ( назад)
is there a part 3 yet?

Автор Jorge Ramos ( назад)
even now as I type this, I can't hold these feels. just... thank you.

Автор ProZombie K1ller0 ( назад)
Anyone still watching in 2016?

Автор COSMIC DINO ( назад)
I've been watching this video till 2014

Автор Legit Playz ( назад)
I like ween they fight together i love it

Автор AntSu200 ( назад)
total masterpiece

Автор Legit Playz ( назад)
Scouts a FUCKING SAVER Like look at that beast

Автор Retrogeek 2003 ( назад)
This animation, gets you, right here. (Points to heart and begins to cry.)

Автор Blaze ( назад)
Exactly 4 years later, still one of my favorite tf2 sfms.

Автор Kanykei Asanbaeva ( назад)
damn blue team is brave

Автор Levi Jones ( назад)
Dude, you've created 2 of the most sad, epic, tense and worth watching
video!! (pt 1 & pt 2) You've earned some subs and likes from me ;)

Автор Dennis Weinans ( назад)
2:58 R.I.P. demopan, 2007-2012 "death by lack of stout shako and 2 refined"

Автор NeonWarrior ( назад)
This is so sad.

Автор skuets ( назад)
what's the music

Автор Nicholas Chavez ( назад)
Wow, they've been fighting for that long and spy just gets taken out by 1

Автор Aftermath ( назад)
Can someone tell me what is this beautiful song?

Автор 민정윤 ( назад)
what's the song name?

Автор Kidfirebird shepard ( назад)

Автор Hourseman ( назад)
its been 5 years and he said he would make another? id like to know if he
stopped it it would be great like if you agree

Автор Nightmare octopus Gamer ( назад)
Is the katana combined with the rocket launcher a actuel tf2 weapon

Автор Mass ( назад)
im still waiting for part 3,so.......

Автор Nicknoalot ( назад)

Автор Rees M ( назад)
Amazing and sad

Автор vert343 ( назад)
GG Gud animation

Автор Garrus Vakarian ( назад)
Zombie Movie Cliche Number 1:The Black Guy Who Could Or Is Useful is dead

Автор TheSpycicleGamer ( назад)
Spy:(gets scratched) "Tis' but a flesh wound!"
(Zombification begins)
Spy: "Shit. Well, see you all in hell!"
(Shoots self)

Автор aj belizar ( назад)
is there another way to download this video?

Автор midgerm ( назад)
i imagine its sort of like the same zombie-like virus in marvel zombies. if
you get bitten, a new you takes over, one where you eat your loved ones,
where you have all your previous knowledge, but cant help but obey the
hunger which over powers your former human mind

Автор Banánek Žlutavý ( назад)
This is one of the beautiful SFM videos i ever know

Автор Drewtle ( назад)
Dang this is sad. But really good. I don't typically like zombie stuff.

Автор Jeth ( назад)
dem tryhard zombies

Автор IConix ( назад)
for me the demo mans death is the saddest part (cause he looked so scared
and sad)

Автор Brickyyy 14 ( назад)
This is the best one it makes me cry every time iwatch it

Автор Schpoppin' “Schpoppin'” S ( назад)

Автор Mayank Verma ( назад)
Hey Lozeng3r can you please make another video of till death do us with the
song warriors-Imagine Dragons.(Request)

Автор gaming jabe288 ( назад)

Автор Agg Bass ( назад)
please tell me this won a saxxy

Автор mj minoza ( назад)
the only

Автор mj minoza ( назад)

Автор 鮪魚 ( назад)

Автор Enzo 96 ( назад)

Автор Luckii Xndr ( назад)
this video gave me goosebumps haha

Автор Dirkallen arenas Arenas ( назад)

Автор Valerio TheItalianRocker ( назад)
SFM animations are amazing!

Автор Kenburger burger ( назад)
the song is nice

Автор Dr. S ( назад)
😭😭😭 so beautiful

Автор Split Horizon FX ( назад)
You also get a sub from me and part 2 is great too

Автор Split Horizon FX ( назад)
Greatest SFM Ever I loved it so much my favorite video

Автор Jaybone Wilks ( назад)
I have nothing to say

Автор Sanstheskelapun ( назад)
I haven't seen this since 2013 bro...memories.

Автор an jo ( назад)
lozeng3r you forgot demoman 👿

Автор Andrei CH ( назад)
Fucking love this song!!👍👌

Автор Dirkallen arenas Arenas ( назад)

Автор Girl is a Robot ( назад)
It's like 3 years in my account this video and this is still my favourite

Автор Junior Bunny ( назад)
wait so spy is a zombie

Автор Foxes Pirates ( назад)

Автор Nesty del Rosario ( назад)
one of my fav music and animation too.😁😁 r.i.p spy🔪🔫👔

Автор runningwild09 ( назад)
even after all this time, Im still amazed with how well done this is. Not
just the animation or music, but the plot itself. especially with how Blu
and Red are working together and how Spy saves the engineer only to get
effected and attempts to kill himself inorder to spare himself the pain of
being the undead. So deep

Автор Raging Bees ( назад)
Only problem: Not the tf2 zombies. I know that they weren't there yet but
it would have made it that tiny bit better

Автор cheezkid26 ( назад)
One of the best I've ever seen.

Автор Ermofflol 3rd Animation ( назад)
MUSIC!! :`)

Автор derpy engineer ( назад)
how tf did this even start????

Автор generosa briton ( назад)
Greatest SFM

Автор Jesse Schellius ( назад)
nice song

Автор aj belizar ( назад)
whats the name of the song

Автор จารุพัฒน์ วังหล้า ( назад)

Автор BucketHatGaming 123 ( назад)
This should be a game mode in tf2

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