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Автор Steve Smith ( назад)
Woohoo! I'm the 1000th like!

PS: I fucking died laughing

Автор Uriel Septim ( назад)
The rock is like "What am I doing? What did I even agree to this?!"

Автор desu38 ( назад)
How do you Do it? in a nutshell. Game of the year!

Автор minnichman ( назад)
He looks so uncomfortable.

Автор stevied2k10 ( назад)
The way he keeps looking sideways loool

Автор WorldWalker128 ( назад)
"Wow! That was what-"
OMG what was he talking abut?! We may never know!1

Автор Alex Angel ( назад)
He is about to laugh.... :3

Автор mahou shoujo ( назад)
I fucking love Dwayne Johnson.

Автор Iridescent Noise ( назад)

Автор Trinispace ( назад)
Do anybody else smells what the rock is cooking? :D

Автор GhostMW2dude ( назад)

Автор Bada Bing Bada Boom ( назад)
Family Guy brought me here.

Автор ThreeEyedPea ( назад)
The Rock? More like The Cock. :D

Автор UniqueSKD ( назад)
Anyone else think The Rock was enjoying doing that?

Автор TG Dedam ( назад)
No wonder why he is called "the rock", cuz he makes peters toy dick "rock"
hard on Lois. (Bad-um crash).

Автор Rose Kitten (Kittydere Art) ( назад)

Автор amarsbarr ( назад)
Hahaha wow this is why I love family guy!!!! It's unique randomness. I was
laughing pretty hard 

Автор ShadicRothZz1998 ( назад)
So The Rock is gonna take his dick, dust it off a bit, turn it sideways and
stick it right up, her candy ass!!

Автор Jinmaru ( назад)
hahahahah just watched this on the show XD

Автор Lea Tzembelicos ( назад)
Hahaha fucking hillarious

Автор Mati Pryjomko ( назад)
Love his face at the end.

Автор Rainbow Dash 4Ever ( назад)
The Rock should have had the Peter action figure give the Lois action
figure the Rock Bottom.

Автор Jacob Sass/Minime ( назад)
as quagmire would probably say " your were "rock"ing that! OH!

Автор The Bowser one ( назад)
Best use of a cameo since jay leno as cartmans cat on southpark

Автор Jacob Sass/Minime ( назад)
I bet if quagmire replaced Dwayne Johnson, he would throw away the Peter
doll and just "play" with the Lois doll. Giggity : D !

Автор Cluez31 ( назад)
me too!! haha

Автор TheKillerDonuts ( назад)
[adultswim] FTW

Автор TheKillerDonuts ( назад)
Just saw it again tonight.

Автор LychaonNightspell ( назад)
I'm here becouse I saw the episode, and I had to post this on facebook !

Автор Sinjin Beem ( назад)
Best thing on Family Guy since its comeback from cancellation!

Автор WG23456 ( назад)
He's like, "Can I get my check now?"

Автор Jman2113 ( назад)
Go gag on 9 cocks, you cock-itch.

Автор GeneralCane ( назад)
He probably made more in those 9 seconds than most of us would make in
several years.

Автор Taoc Hoddock ( назад)
Holy shit, Family Guy was actually funny for once. Awesome.

Автор Tornado1994 ( назад)
Season 9 Episode 10.

Автор The Pink Man ( назад)
Dwayne Johnson: What am I doing with my life?

Автор Turtle Lover ( назад)
Best part in the history of Family Guy. Dwayne Johnson is good people.

Автор BlueEyedBabe03 ( назад)
This just kills me!

Автор AhmedScotland ( назад)
I used this footage to end a dispute between two street racers in one of my
vids, hahaha... Thanks again Mr. Johnson :)

Автор CapaccioCoD ( назад)

Автор SSJ1Igor ( назад)
all I read was "I am a faggot"

Автор JulesThe HoneyBadger ( назад)
What's 9GAG?

Автор Matthew Noto ( назад)

Автор Bluntasaur ( назад)
Christ, The Rock's been taking so many bit parts lately. First Cliffjumper,
now this.

Автор TheMattofG ( назад)
Gagging for 9 dicks.

Автор KamenriderDeblade ( назад)
Wonder How Much Did They Pay Him For A Guest Appearance...

Автор TheLordofComments ( назад)
When the Rock says it happened this way... then it happened this way...
Never argue with a Rock... you wont get answers... just broken bones...
Yeah I realized the double entendre...

Автор kyuii ( назад)
the rock says

Автор kragnorgrub ( назад)
Basically the retarded red headed step child of 4chan that screams
everywhere for attention.

Автор nikolaiprotovski ( назад)
This is from season 8 episode 10

Автор hajkie ( назад)
s9 e10.

Автор Steven Diaz ( назад)
Besides it's all about reddit

Автор jelatinMAN ( назад)
what followed was still the most graphic sex shot Family Guy's ever done.
They really must have animated the whole scene.

Автор Josh Birk ( назад)
At the end he was like okay uhh where my money?"

Автор SteRDLK ( назад)
Lois Griffin wants The Rock's strudel.

Автор SIReviews ( назад)
i dont think this is season 8. i have seasons 1-9 on dvd, and season 11,
and i watch them all the time, even over and over. the other day, when i
saw this first time, i knew it was out of a season i didnt have (season
10). soo, im not sure why people think this is season 8, because episode 10
on that season is actually the OJ simpson one where peter golfs with
him....so this is properly season 10 instead

Автор varcolac5 ( назад)

Автор RRR X ( назад)
lol thumbs up if you JUST SAW THIS

Автор Shinsei Tsurugi ( назад)
He's like, ".......Really?"

Автор Foreignstar ( назад)

Автор maddichibi ( назад)
All of you are giving me cancer.

Автор drunkenfish07 ( назад)
Well that was awkward.

Автор bryan460 (1061 год назад)

Автор shutthefuckuploser (2038 лет назад)
whats a 9gay?

Автор Lemongrab ( назад)
no you're not

Автор undertakerpitt ( назад)
What do you do when you're both naked? Turn that bitch sideways and stick
it straight up her candy ass!

Автор ZX2ManDave ( назад)
Sex Ed with The Rock.

Автор Chiki San Jose ( назад)
okay 9gaggers, stfu about us being on 9gag. don't make 9gag look like a
fucking internet spam. seriously, you're just making us look annoying.

Автор XnagarekidaX ( назад)

Автор FlashFire40 ( назад)
Thank you. Damn, why isn't this the top comment yet?

Автор Propagandalf100 ( назад)
why don't you 9fags shut up ?

Автор EditsThatAreChrome ( назад)
hahaha! love your sarcasm!

Автор TheOmnissiahProtects ( назад)
We come from 9gag . We come in peace .

Автор danielh95 ( назад)
yeah i think i am so i can anger u cunt fucks and make u rage like lil
sissies sucking there own dads wang so fuck urself u twilight shit fuck

Автор zoran bogdanovic ( назад)
Back to 9gag now

Автор Fabian ( назад)
which episode and season is that?

Автор XnagarekidaX ( назад)
Oh. People arguing about 9Gag. Hmmm....I might have to go bring back
generic YouTube comments. ..... Th15 v1d is rly funni. Tumbs up if u agree!
I did my best.

Автор beLIEveraliveMJ ( назад)
learn to spell right, fucker. you're ruining 9gag for everybody and
hipsters like you are not allowed to shove your candy ass in it.

Автор beLIEveraliveMJ ( назад)
i'm probably younger than that guy but seriously, how do people think that
saying 9gag on youtube is cool? they must be hipsters.

Автор San Hydraxon ( назад)
Shut up you fucking attention whore. So you're a 9gagger? Tell me about
your ideas for a post

Автор RedOktob3r ( назад)
God, some people are so stupid, 9gag here 9gag there yeah yeah we get it
CHILDREN...srsly, that site is going to waste soon enough.

Автор vdchgffgv ( назад)
Dude, SHUT UP. Who CARES if you're a 9gagger? So am I, but I don't go
around commenting it in every other video. Please go to Hell. You're making
the REAL 9gaggers look like their a part of some gay-ass imaginary boy band.

Автор xAce ( назад)
Gay top comments are gay and unoriginal.

Автор simpsoncheat ( назад)
Typical internet tough guy. You would get your fat ass kicked in about 15

Автор pizol.exe ( назад)
wow....you from 9gag?? you must be so awesome... dumbass

Автор Maurice Richards ( назад)
So you're part of the 9GAG army? You must be so badass.

Автор JC Santos ( назад)
JESUS CHRIST, 9GAGGERS, Seriously, I Love you guys, but STOP MAKING US LOOK

Автор theLanceInPants ( назад)
HAHAHAHAH. so random

Автор scandalous_lime (1498 лет назад)
I do not come from your planet. I come from a place called...9gag

Автор p00pkrap ( назад)
this is by far the best use of a guest star in a show

Автор Jedahchan ( назад)
Everyone is having sex the wrong way. You're supposed to levitate up and
down and knock the woman off the table/bed.

Автор SocialZombie ( назад)

Автор Eiirikafe ( назад)
uhhhh no. you are not the 9gag army... and you are using if you know what i
mean wrong

Автор xuruha ( назад)
shut up we look like little kids because of you. commenting on videos
posted on 9gag saying the army is coming makes us older 9gaggers look like

Автор lohkaith (15 лет назад)
youtube, brace yourself 9gag army is coming. if you now what i mean

Автор Outer Heaven (299 лет назад)
I love that everytime a 9gag post is link to a video the top comments
become ruined by their overused dumb jokes.

Автор Avi1411 ( назад)
wait... 55 thousand views and a little over 300 likes? The worlds gone
upsidedown O.o

Автор Hardee Yusoff ( назад)
fuck u..stop messing here

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