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Автор TheOfficialAlucard (4 месяца)
hahahahah just watched this on the show XD

Автор ShadicRothZz1998 (4 месяца)
So The Rock is gonna take his dick, dust it off a bit, turn it sideways and
stick it right up, her candy ass!!

Автор amarsbarr (3 месяца)
Hahaha wow this is why I love family guy!!!! It's unique randomness. I was
laughing pretty hard 

Автор Lea Tzembelicos (4 месяца)
Hahaha fucking hillarious

Автор Andrij Harasewych (1 год)

Автор elhasznalt (2 года)
Shut up you fucking attention whore. So you're a 9gagger? Tell me about
your ideas for a post

Автор Admir Hamzic (2 года)
Seriously the only time i laughed out loud to a family guy episode

Автор CarloCondoman24 (2 года)
U don't see fruity pebbles on family guy!!! TEAM BRING IT!!!! HIT IT

Автор Tania Oscar (2 года)
This is hilarious! xD I love the Rock!

Автор alexisameel017 (1 год)

Автор Jedahchan (2 года)
Everyone is having sex the wrong way. You're supposed to levitate up and
down and knock the woman off the table/bed.

Автор hammycool1 (2 года)
Big Man on Hippocampus

Автор 777digger777 (2 года)
uploader: you should disable comment section for a few days.

Автор Marcus B (2 года)
wonder how much money he got for doing that

Автор SIReviews (1 год)
i dont think this is season 8. i have seasons 1-9 on dvd, and season 11,
and i watch them all the time, even over and over. the other day, when i
saw this first time, i knew it was out of a season i didnt have (season
10). soo, im not sure why people think this is season 8, because episode 10
on that season is actually the OJ simpson one where peter golfs with
him....so this is properly season 10 instead

Автор omarthelegendful (2 года)
Tats the rock tat I want back in the wwe!!!!!!!!

Автор SocialZombie (2 года)

Автор undertakerpitt (2 года)
What do you do when you're both naked? Turn that bitch sideways and stick
it straight up her candy ass!

Автор jelatinMAN (1 год)
what followed was still the most graphic sex shot Family Guy's ever done.
They really must have animated the whole scene.

Автор Silven (2 года)
I like Family Guy, it makes me grin occasionally and it kills the time. But
this fragment... This was actually the first time Family Guy shot me into a
laughing coma. Well played, sir.

Автор superfruitpunch2 (2 года)
dwaynes face

Автор XnagarekidaX (2 года)

Автор Cluez31 (8 месяцев)
me too!! haha

Автор Rick Sheridan (2 года)
Saw this episode today and really had to laugh watching this His look after
he's done: "Ok, i did it. Right? ...Now where's my money? Buncha freaks..."

Автор AngelStar4529 . (2 года)
raping the replay button over and over again >XD

Автор Jeroen Cremers (2 года)
This is my favourite scene of all time :P I lol'd my ass off

Автор WWChampion16 (7 месяцев)
The Rock should have had the Peter action figure give the Lois action
figure the Rock Bottom.

Автор JBLstillRULES (2 года)
I dont think I could do that and keep a straight face

Автор MAKINGMONTERS (2 года)
Lol he looks confused xD

Автор Avi1411 (2 года)
wait... 55 thousand views and a little over 300 likes? The worlds gone
upsidedown O.o

Автор sykregen784 (2 года)
Some of the best acting he has ever done

Автор SkeDav (2 года)
Actually, you're the retard...

Автор El3m3ntXIII (8 месяцев)
The Killer Donuts, exactly!

Автор BlueEyedBabe03 (1 год)
This just kills me!

Автор hajkie (1 год)
s9 e10.

Автор Damnev (2 года)
Only Dwayne can do that and still look dignified.

Автор xuruha (2 года)
shut up we look like little kids because of you. commenting on videos
posted on 9gag saying the army is coming makes us older 9gaggers look like

Автор Teresa (2 года)
Lol x''D

Автор Eiirikafe (2 года)
uhhhh no. you are not the 9gag army... and you are using if you know what i
mean wrong

Автор Annie Leonhardt (2 года)

Автор Jacob Sass (7 месяцев)
as quagmire would probably say " your were "rock"ing that! OH!

Автор Tiger8566 (2 года)
who would rather watch this on a loop than watch the tooth fairy

Автор WWWYKI528 (2 года)
Dwane didn't do too bad after all

Автор seth johnson (2 года)
He looks like. When do I get payed.

Автор James Bond (1 год)
Dwayne Johnson: What am I doing with my life?

Автор djdragoneyes (2 года)
Dwayne's face is epic

Автор beLIEveraliveMJ (2 года)
i'm probably younger than that guy but seriously, how do people think that
saying 9gag on youtube is cool? they must be hipsters.

Автор sunglasskid12 (2 года)
I do not come from your planet. I come from a place called...9gag

Автор TheBowserone (8 месяцев)
Best use of a cameo since jay leno as cartmans cat on southpark

Автор Andrew Lee (1 год)
What's 9GAG?

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