The 3rd Birthday (Parasite Eve 3) - Shower Scene

А вот и ответ Parasite Eve 2, знаменитой сцены в душе. Айя-сан превзошла сама себя )))

Наслаждайтесь! )))

Enjoy! )))

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Добавлено: 4 года
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Автор jdash82 (3 года)
Ummm.. if you pause at 0:53 it almost looks like you can see a bit more
than intended. lol

Автор Carl Soria (2 года)
finish the game 50 times then go to video log..

Автор cherryrrain (4 года)

Автор Evtrai (3 года)
I fapped

Автор haladacara (3 года)
“You may actually find some of the features erotic or sexy. But that’s not
our intention, really,” -Yoshinori Kitase

Автор Dagens24 (3 года)
I just finished.

Автор Mark Mejia (3 года)
Wonder why female protagonists are like common in horror games? Or I maybe

Автор Animefanboy4life (2 года)
oh i read that in order to get this scene u have to have on the fully torn
clothes suit equipped but i had on the white coat anybody heard about that?

Автор AuryLee (3 года)
@rekcaHmI who gives it a fuck

Автор yellowgameboy (3 года)
i wonder what the women game designers in square thought about this cut
scene... lol would've made me les if i was a girl

Автор Flarggful (3 года)
It's necessary... To keep you interested in the game. *wink*

Автор right2left2 (3 года)
im typing this comment without my hands

Автор ANTICENSURA007 (2 года)

Автор ed fones (3 года)
@loggerPGA im guessing you unlocked it now XD But [for me at lest] get to
episode 2 on new game [not new game +] then go to the locker room and click
"x" on one of the showers you should get it

Автор Tobias King (3 года)
The 30 something lady is made jailbait looking, chickified, and does THIS
for people who've never heard of pornography. Stay classy, Square Enix!

Автор DeadRaen (3 года)
Haha. Heard about this through the Escapist. Can't believe the Japanese
audience has watched this 80,000 times in-game. They really are all
perverts over there.

i heard theres another version of this video, but the camera is lower and
you see more, TEEHEEHEEEEEeeeee

Автор Animefan1ize (2 года)
@192pointzero to see this scenew u have to clear the game 50 times.

Автор Charlie (4 года)
Damn good, this past Monday I downloaded all the videos from this game in
excellent resolution, never is too much shower scene by the way xD

Автор ed fones (3 года)
@Xephon0930 LOL!

Автор Joong Kim (3 года)
@Grannel03 *sigh* When does this get released.......?

Автор Duelm (3 года)
fap fap fap !!!

Автор dantespimp (2 года)
LOL, I've unlocked this shower scene many times just so I can read Aya's
dialogue afterwards. Depending on difficulty level she says something
different. I'm anxious to know what she says after her battle with Kyle on
Deadly Mode. :( I've managed to read her dialogue from Easy to Hard and can
probably get the Insane Mode dialogue. But crikes, for Deadly mode, you
need to not take any tank damage at the start of 'It's The Moment of
Truth'. Anyone achieved that feat? Can you tell me what she says?

Автор 192pointzero (2 года)
Thanks for the reply, you guys.

Автор rekcaHmI (3 года)
@BonMarco16 well...i don't think u would want a wife that is parasited lol

Автор CGmig24 (3 года)
wow what a video game.

Автор SammEater (3 года)
Who thinks this game fails only because of fanservice is a hater. :P Oh
well time to fap... i mean to watch this "horrible" fanservice.

Автор Guilmon470 (2 года)
Totally worth 50 playthroughs.

Автор kenkenth1 (3 года)
I LOVE YOU AYA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор taga paslang (2 года)
you need to clear all the feats in episode 1 and go to the locker room...

Автор gunner clarke (1 год)
this bitch it's so beautiful

Автор Debby saurus (3 года)
@192pointzero u have to compelte the game like 50 times ish to get it...

Автор Lukmendes (3 года)
@haladacara Yeah, that's why the producers made this scene be longer than
the original and show more parts of her body

Автор Marco Bastida (1 год)
name of song

Автор Nhut Le (3 года)
i want Jill and Tifa shower scene, he he...

Автор Onishema (3 года)
@NiNhut90 Oh you *fans hand*

Автор Seelenschwert088 (2 года)
and the other 30 People?

Автор David Wihlborg (3 года)
She seems sad in that last scene...

Автор morris1113 (3 года)
excuse me. i need to go to the restroom for a little while

Автор GSRaziel (3 года)

Автор Grannel03 (3 года)
@Xephon0930 yup :(

Автор Zeemas (3 года)
fuck 0:56 just a bit more.. a bit moree

Автор arham6cools (2 года)
Does anyone know the name of the bgm?

Автор CagezeroGear (4 года)
The only part of the game that didn't suck....Horrible game overall. Feels
like generic anime. Where the fuck are puzzles Square? WHERE THE FUCK ARE

Автор KouriRyu (3 года)
This is a necessary scene for furthering the storyline of a video game.
Don't you troglodytes understand that without the shower scene, we'd never
fully understand her character or the decisions she makes. The fact that we
now know that Aya Brea cleans herself is tantamount to to understanding
events that have already taken place and ones that will occur in the future.

Автор drcrazymario (2 года)
@elitedebby No, what you actually do is go downstiars and look for the
bath, then you enter the bath. This video only appears like once.

Автор Tony Ouk (3 года)
The theme actually fits her

Автор Seelenschwert088 (2 года)
ist about 1 Year, so maybe you know it better now, but Chain of Memories is
not a Spin-off, as you can see in the flashback in KH2 adn the end of CoM

Автор Kagebunji (3 года)
Just because I said to find a real GF, and stop fapping to this video makes
you think I am fapping to it? Oh please, what F'd up logic is that?

Автор 192pointzero (3 года)
Played this game twice and never saw this scene at all. What the hell?!

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