1929 Model A First drive on highway

The 1929 pickup is on the road.The running boards are mounted,the top is on,and the glass is in.Still not sure if I will paint it or leave the rust and patina.

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Автор GunPilot ( назад)

Автор MistaCappuccino ( назад)
That's not a highway.

Автор CARL TORJUSEN ( назад)
leave as is. its got character. will buy it when you are ready to sell.
runs real good and don't have to worry bout first scratch on fancy paint
job on parking at the super market.

Автор FixinThatUp ( назад)

Автор jim holtse ( назад)
I know exactly what you mean about over restored. Helped my dad with a 48
Dodge, not over restored I have a 71 Dodge Super Bee with original paint,
has a scratch and small dint here and there, not rusty. Would like to take
put fresh paint on it but it wouldn't be original. I see so many guys at
the cruise night breaking out the detailing kit. Why not just enjoy the
show, it looks fine the way it is. If mine gets real dirty it goes through
the automatic car wash and call it good.

Автор m schiffel ( назад)
Well, if there are no holes or dents, I still favor originality...Why make
it like thousands of other shiny cars that the owners are afraid to drive
because they don't want to get it dirty or (God Forbid) wet ?..Most old
cars like this are way over restored and are better than when new...That is
unrealistic...But if you do paint it, it won't be original any
longer...Your choice.

Автор jim holtse ( назад)
I agree, it is cool the way it is. Not a big fan of patina myself, if you
are going through that, might as well paint it.

Автор fullstrutn ( назад)
you said it!!!

Автор art 1345 ( назад)
Man, even for 1929, THAT'S FAST.

Автор Vern Padgett ( назад)
That is a beauty. 

Автор Ken Bickel ( назад)
just added you as a sub please add me back thank you 

Автор ew1usnr ( назад)
What a beautiful little truck!

Автор rustyrods34 ( назад)
Sorry,the pickup has been sold.

Автор hotdog428 ( назад)
Leave it as is, so many minds will be blown seeing it drive on the street
like a regular car :D this is too cool

Автор IommiFan70 ( назад)
As long as there are no major rust holes or structural rust, leave it, it
looks so cool right now!

Автор hanknagel ( назад)
Perfect as is!

Автор The Unhappy Orchestra (790 лет назад)
Screw those new fangled cars and racers. This is what I'm going to try get!

Автор njm vermont ( назад)
will she hit 60 with an overdrive.

Автор Da Ba ( назад)
Are you serious?..Who cares.

Автор jaguileraf ( назад)
Leave it as is!!! It is beautiful! 

Автор ushillbillies ( назад)
its a jewel either way

Автор gregwddriver ( назад)
Yeehaa, keep on truckin' you old dog.

Автор m schiffel ( назад)
just leave it as is...its only original once !!!

Автор fatasford ( назад)
what a sweet ride 

Автор biglift1 ( назад)
nice car :) its worth restauring :) including a nice paint job..... black
is the way to go :)

Автор VictrolaJazz ( назад)
I don't know about the pick-ups, but the cars have a 3.78 final drive, much
lower numerically for that day, and with the 200 cubic inches they can
easily cruise at 50!

Автор Kirk Conway ( назад)
buying a 29 AA truck like Walton's TV show. heard that AA disc wheel's were
hard to come by. but that's a fallacy Dad had a 29 leatherback fordor
brigg's 60A, But i liked the AA ,s and the 31 A400, Really Cool Car,s. 

Автор JamesPriceJohnson ( назад)
@splashdown50 the fords from the early years were said to get around 23 mpg
i think

Автор splashdown50 ( назад)
Love it. Just curious does anyone know what kind of MPG those old cars
could get? 

Автор MrElro449 ( назад)
Leave it the way it is, obviously you got the mechanical stuff worked out. 

Автор rpeek ( назад)
That's awesome.. good for you... 

Автор The Shade Tree Fix-it Man ( назад)
A landmark day! I wish I could have been there with you to see your big
smile and you drove down the road. She goes pretty smoothly and sounds
great. Blessings, George

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