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Автор George Harrison (4 месяца)
*It is time to change perspective from being a man/spirit to a spirit/man
~~► Start by reading "The Present" at TruthContest○Com*

Автор Michael Hunt (5 месяцев)
I love the moody's straight through to today....But man they lost something
when they lost Mike Pinder....

Автор IYAMNI (1 месяц)
One night when I was around 16 I guess, (too many years ago to remember) we
off-roaded out to a place called Palm Canyon, which is a line of palm trees
ascending up a mountainside in the middle of the Arizona desert. (Palms
aren't natural to the area, migrating birds dropped the seeds long time
ago) We had some herb, some beer and sleeping bags, and we left the truck
doors open and popped in a Moody Blues 8 track (remember those?) and then
climbed up the ravine to a point where we could see the lights of Yuma
about 70 miles away. It was a magical desert night. So clear you could
reach up and grab a star from the sky. Nothing like the Moodies on a cool,
starry night with your friends and a sweet buzz on. Some of you know what I
mean. Fond memories. :-) 

Автор Jerry Murphy (3 месяца)
Awesome to hear this again...saw them many times in MSG...Justine has one
of the best voices in rock and roll.

Автор Scott Walker (3 месяца)
Really? I love this band! Was the original soundtrack THAT bad that it
COULDN'T BE USED?????????-

Автор George “GFreedom” Eleftheriou (7 месяцев)

Автор Josef Nagy (4 месяца)
Sorry about the start of the song, in ancient timest we called it "WYSYG".
If you want to hear the complete song, download the "To our childrens
Childrens Children" Album.

Автор ScotRanger1960 (9 месяцев)
What happened to the start of the song ?

Автор Joe Barry (1 год)
The magnificence that is The Moody Blues

Автор George “GFreedom” Eleftheriou (7 месяцев)

Автор Jose Tijerino (7 месяцев)
that voice

Автор spacepatrolman . (17 дней)

Автор Marcia Brown (7 месяцев)
Love his voice !!!

Автор chloudjzia menezes (8 месяцев)
legends. brilliant.

Автор Christine Gagne (9 месяцев)
one of my favorites

Автор bobbie hartley (9 месяцев)
love this song

Автор fairandpale (6 месяцев)
Gives me chills!

Автор Odest Gresham (1 год)

Автор markj6506 (1 год)
The first time i heard the Moodies i was 6 years old,my dad was playing the
Question of Balance album on 8 track in the car, he was a Cadillac man,
used to buy em used in nice shape, i have been hooked since seen them 3
times in concert. Gonna try to go see them this year all though its not the
same with out Ray,all the signature flute parts and "For my Lady".

Автор Isabel Roman (1 год)
Una de las canciones más lindas que he escuchado, porqué nadie los trajo a

Автор genesee (1 год)

Автор Aracely Murillo (1 год)
☮ ♥ ♫☮ ♥ ♫☮ ♥ ♫

Автор Daniel Stienkeoway (1 год)
Truly love this band.

Автор keri caye (1 год)
John and Justin on the right; 2 Gods... when I lived in London 3 yrs; I
walked around all of London/trains/buses and tubes with my ear plugs in
listening to their music every day...magnificent

Автор keri caye (1 год)
I love them now and then...and remember at this age singing they had no
idea of their future fame big time and how millions loved them

Автор Nancyjean24 (1 год)
I feel like a fuddy duddy saying that THIS was real music,but ....this was
real muisc. Love those low notes.

Автор David Evans (4 года)
Moneyusper, they won't mean anything to most 'young kids of today', except
maybe to a very small minority. And on the whole, music no longer has the
same significance it had to fans who grew up with this stuff. To most kids
the Moody Blues come from a different era altogether. You just have to
accept these things.

Автор missinglink66 (4 года)
@konstcenter yes this world as we know it will soon come to an end for some
of us, but for others it will continue for only to get worse...

Автор vasevas1 (4 года)
@moneyusper Yes my friend. YES!

Автор BK Swanson (2 года)
DITTO again

Автор georgia lang (3 года)
this is a old one

Автор Tyler Smith (3 года)
@moneyusper I have. Along with the 3 bands you listed. Moodies I can sit
back and enjoy for hours. Their concept albums make me cry, think and see
music floating around. Beautiful. 19 and will love this music for life.

Автор Trevor Maddison (4 года)
these guys know how to write and sing without question one of the best
bands in my lifetime the music still sounds good even today!!!

Автор whisky2roxy (3 года)
I remember listening to the inspirational works of the MBs back in high
school and college. We had just landed on the moon, that asenine war was
coming to an end, and the future looked unimaginably bright. Now look at us
40 years later. Same shit, only worse. Oh sorry, I forgot...we now have
ipads and facebook. What a joke.

Автор guldrseusss (3 года)
@moneyusper Im young and I get it. Truly.

Автор alicia stef (4 года)
thanks for sharing Gaz!!

Автор Thundergod129 (1 год)
You are right The Hall of Shame don't deserve The Moodys....

Автор Susan Adams (2 года)
John isn't bad either.

Автор Piggy-Pike-Music-Like (4 года)
@uzi4u182 You are bitching they "let" Springsteen in? LOL..Springsteen is
God compared to the ILK they have recently "inducted" --madonna, john
mellonballs, ABBA, grand Master Flash, Run DMC...etc.

Автор oksana price (4 года)
Brits are sooooo hot!!!

Автор Dejael Long (4 года)
I love this song! One of my all-time favorite songs by The Moodies!!! Moody
Blues 4-Ever!

Автор elinor vonzahm (3 года)
I had my own Moodies albums, but I snuck in and played them on my older
brother's excellent Pioneer stereo, and got in trouble for it every time.
Didn't stop me. But to this day I expect to hear "Get out!" at the end of
certain songs...

Автор oksana price (4 года)
@afgreyparrot They are all such hot babes!

Автор Cindy Afgreyparrot (4 года)
@pricla777 I have been looking at Ray's butt in these videos. LOL!

Автор pauljeffreymiller (4 года)
@Trondoc Would you rather see a slide show of sunsets and group photos?

Автор Lori Coleman (3 года)
I LOVE the Moody Blues...they came from my generation and I truly feel that
we were blessed to have had their music...I still love their music today
and listen to them all the time...their music is timeless and cosmic and
universal and every song has a deeper meaning...they sing of oneness and
love and friendship...I agree...they get my vote for the Universal Band of
the Millennium...I hope the younger generation gets to know them as I have..

Автор Daniele Carotta (2 года)
justin is a wanderfull song writter and singer and guitarist aswell of

Автор heybooboo757 (2 года)
They were so thin back then, I remember being that way Myself, lol. That
was so long ago but the music is Full and rich as it was

Автор rubicon1983 (2 года)

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