Moody Blues - Candle Of Life (1970)

Moody Blues singing Candle Of Life (1970) in Paris.

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Автор Henny Hagen ( назад)
This song makes my cry.. All forgotten memories came up again.. It's still
breaks my heart.. Such an Amazing Band you are Moody Blues, Thank you so
much for your Beautiful albums.. I still addicted to your songs..

Автор Mark DeVito ( назад)
What an amazing band and wonderful song.

Автор William Wallace ( назад)
What happened to the start of the song ?

Автор ross g (rocknblues) ( назад)
two precendent musical chords to emphazie the lyrics "So love, everybody,
and make them your friend.." by thhemselves great.... combined heaven.
Great composers, that are still underated

Автор ilikeeggs216 ( назад)
Great pop tune! Groovy! I dig!

Автор 3121958bvl ( назад)
Beautiful song!!!!!. but Playback, no live.

Автор Bryan Hellyer ( назад)
Recorded this off a radio special many years ago, and have never heard it
again since.
Love it .. Gorgeous song & sound

Автор hartmutcc63 ( назад)
Although Justin is singing lead, it's John's tune. Not many songs will ever
come close to this....

Автор Norm. Panganiban ( назад)
i give anything to see all the original moodies do 1 album and a tour

Автор Norm. Panganiban ( назад)
its amazing how pinder can play the mellotron and the piano at the same

Автор Marlon Martinez ( назад)

Автор ktpinnacle ( назад)
Not enough truly live pre-Octave Moodies available on video and recorded. I
wear out copies of Live+5 in my CD player (yes, my vehicle and I are that

Автор Becky Hittner ( назад)
great band @area

Автор Montgomery Denzer ( назад)
Burn slowly THE CANDLE Of LIFE man mine is burning from two wicks on
opposite ends

Автор Gabriele 95 ( назад)
excellent song and vocals

Автор Ronald Flores ( назад)
Pinder's work on this song shines!

Автор afa78djd ( назад)
"So love, everybody, and make them your friend.."

Автор spacepatrolman ( назад)

Автор IYAMNI ( назад)
One night when I was around 16 I guess, (too many years ago to remember) we
off-roaded out to a place called Palm Canyon, which is a line of palm trees
ascending up a mountainside in the middle of the Arizona desert. (Palms
aren't natural to the area, migrating birds dropped the seeds long time
ago) We had some herb, some beer and sleeping bags, and we left the truck
doors open and popped in a Moody Blues 8 track (remember those?) and then
climbed up the ravine to a point where we could see the lights of Yuma
about 70 miles away. It was a magical desert night. So clear you could
reach up and grab a star from the sky. Nothing like the Moodies on a cool,
starry night with your friends and a sweet buzz on. Some of you know what I
mean. Fond memories. :-) 

Автор Scott Walker (444 года назад)
Really? I love this band! Was the original soundtrack THAT bad that it
COULDN'T BE USED?????????-

Автор Jerry Murphy ( назад)
Awesome to hear this again...saw them many times in MSG...Justine has one
of the best voices in rock and roll.

Автор Josef Nagy ( назад)
Sorry about the start of the song, in ancient timest we called it "WYSYG".
If you want to hear the complete song, download the "To our childrens
Childrens Children" Album.

Автор George Harrison ( назад)
*It is time to change perspective from being a man/spirit to a spirit/man
~~► Start by reading "The Present" at TruthContest○Com*

Автор Michael Hunt ( назад)
I love the moody's straight through to today....But man they lost something
when they lost Mike Pinder....

Автор fairandpale ( назад)
Gives me chills!

Автор Marcia Brown ( назад)
Love his voice !!!

Автор Jose Tijerino ( назад)
that voice

Автор chloudjzia menezes ( назад)
legends. brilliant.

Автор bobbie hartley ( назад)
love this song

Автор Christine Gagne ( назад)
one of my favorites

Автор keri caye ( назад)
I love them now and then...and remember at this age singing they had no
idea of their future fame big time and how millions loved them

Автор keri caye ( назад)
John and Justin on the right; 2 Gods... when I lived in London 3 yrs; I
walked around all of London/trains/buses and tubes with my ear plugs in
listening to their music every day...magnificent

Автор markj6506 ( назад)
The first time i heard the Moodies i was 6 years old,my dad was playing the
Question of Balance album on 8 track in the car, he was a Cadillac man,
used to buy em used in nice shape, i have been hooked since seen them 3
times in concert. Gonna try to go see them this year all though its not the
same with out Ray,all the signature flute parts and "For my Lady".

Автор Nancyjean24 ( назад)
I feel like a fuddy duddy saying that THIS was real music,but ....this was
real muisc. Love those low notes.

Автор Isabel Roman ( назад)
Una de las canciones más lindas que he escuchado, porqué nadie los trajo a

Автор Daniel Stienkeoway ( назад)
Truly love this band.

Автор Aracely Murillo ( назад)
☮ ♥ ♫☮ ♥ ♫☮ ♥ ♫

Автор musicrat51 ( назад)
I don't think this live, sounds like the record 

Автор MrBirchmoor33 ( назад)
The audience are within touching distance of these legends.That would never
happen today.There would be massive security,and a gulf between the band
and the audience.How sad is that,as an sign of the times

Автор Dorota Malicka ( назад)
43 lata czekałam na to żeby zobaczyć wersję koncertową tego utworu...on
mnie zachwyca po dzisiejszy dzień...profesjonalizm grupy oszałamia, a głosy
i instrumenty obezwładniają...Strasznie tęsknię za tamtymi czasami...

Автор jiminalbany ( назад)
Tears? Really? Get a grip.

Автор i002492 ( назад)
I was wondering about the Mellotron bit myself. He played a MK II in
concert, but this thing has two rows of keys in a vertical fashion. Also,
the track sounds too good. I was so crazy over the Moodies that I bought an
M400. There was a young girl across the street who was very good on the
piano. She was over with her parents. She played "The Entertainer" on it in
3 strings mode. I switched it to eight voice choir. HILARIOUS!

Автор thatmuse76 ( назад)
I don't think there was any lost audio, I think it was just a mimed concert
with the intention of broadcast. I have seen this video and Pinder mimes
the Mellotron parts on a Hammond B3 the whole concert. If it were live, I
would think he'd actually be playing a Mellotron since he worked on the
damn things. Edge's drum set also seems a bit small.

Автор spacepatrolman ( назад)

Автор irantha rathnayake ( назад)
That is also what the Buddha said

Автор Piggy-Pike ( назад)
Too bad they LOST the original AUDIO to this great song.... i dont know why
John lodge insists on playing lesser songs live...such as :lean on me"
(boring) and not playing this-his masterwork IMO..this has to be his
shining moment musically. 

Автор Gunnar Lund ( назад)
Good old memories.

Автор susie reynolds ( назад)
Agree..but its always been Ray Thomas for me...xx

Автор Thundergod129 ( назад)
You are right The Hall of Shame don't deserve The Moodys....

Автор FredT T ( назад)
This song seems SPIRITUAL to me. I suggest that if THIS song doesn't move
you to tears - you might be dead. Have a friend call the undertaker for

Автор RUDY DEL VECCHIO ( назад)

Автор Outta Disworld ( назад)
It should be about the music not how cute Justin is. Be fair to the band.
They were all great musicians, singers and song writers and all just as
handsome and sexy as each other. As much as I love Justin, I love them all.
Mike Pinder really had the sound from the mellotron that made the Moody
Blues what they were. This band was great because they could all write and
sing and play. It just wasn't about Justin. He is great yes, but so are
John, Ray, Mike and Graham.

Автор MissyCreant ( назад)
Oh yeah.

Автор rubicon1983 ( назад)

Автор Susan Adams ( назад)
John isn't bad either.

Автор RHMAK♥ ( назад)
Bellissima melodia, i Moodies hanno prodotto ottima Musica, e questa Candle
of life lo dimostra ampiamente.Rock On!

Автор AbbyNormal777 ( назад)
They're aliens..

Автор MissDistarr60 ( назад)
I hear you. I was writing to someone one day and I had myself laughing so
hard by what I was writing that I was in tears. Sitting there by myself,
laughing at my own humor. True story. I'm not proud, I'll take a laugh
wherever I can get one. They are good for one's spirit. In my opinion,
there are few things greater than those times when you're laughing and you
simply can't stop. Then your belly starts to hurt from the laughter, your
in tears and still, you can't stop. I love that.

Автор AbbyNormal777 ( назад)
Glad to provide you with a laugh..sometimes I'm the only one laughing @ my

Автор MissDistarr60 ( назад)
I lost my original comment on this one. I was going to close my YT account
(long story) and I did, for about 1 week. But when you close your account,
you lose all the comments you made up until that point in time. That was
nearly a year ago. Geez.. a year. Time flies! I lost a couple of comments
on this page. I can still remember them. Scary isn't it? Will never forget
this reply of yours. It was hysterical. I think we were the only ones
laughing, but hysterical nonetheless. 

Автор Koorosh Zarrinjouei ( назад)
wished my whole life.....Silence and Calm...Just like the way i liked it to
be and never was.My candle is ending..

Автор chloudjzia menezes ( назад)
I totally agree. Have you noticed that people who appreciate these lads are
quite peaceful, nice, neat people ? ;-)

Автор John Bramham ( назад)
Listen you guys, this is only one of the moodies' tracks that changed the
way that people think about people arond them. From a musical viewpoint,
these lads have done more for world peace than most who have received the
Nobel Peace Prize, so please, keep spreding the word - I'm sure that they
would appreciate it even more than I do!

Автор Hansueli Müller ( назад)
Great music even my son loves the Moody Blues an am proud of it !! 

Автор pfeidpf ( назад)
Lip Synched!?!

Автор chloudjzia menezes ( назад)
I did the same. Didn t have the money to buy headphones ! lol! cheers.

Автор GoodyBob ( назад)
Yep, right on. They're like intellectual/peaceful type rockers. When I was
a teenager my parents didn't have any headphones back then, so I'd lay & on
the floor with the speakers against my ears listening to Nights in White
Satin, & drift away to my favorite album of theirs - To Our Children's
Children Children & crank up the volume on "Gypsy". Kind of a mesmerizing
escape at the time. Good memories & feelings.

Автор chloudjzia menezes ( назад)
The harmony of moody blues fans interaction in and outside youtube amazes
me. A place for those who have chosen kindness, elegance and beauty. Just
like these gentlemen, neat souls, theMoodyBlues....class ! amazing artists
and human beings. God bless us all.

Автор GoodyBob ( назад)
Exactly, thanks. Paul wrote it based on the teachings of Jesus. Just as he
learned from what Jesus said as per Matthew 22:37-39(NIV): Jesus replied:
“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and
with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the
second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself'. The Moodies sang about
that second part. Take care friend. 

Автор HVYMETL (938 лет назад)
They weren't a 'rock and roll band'. They were magical.

Автор Kari Jälkö ( назад)
In fact, the man was Paul, who wrote these words to the Corinthians.

Автор Stephen Kornfeind ( назад)
I remember hanging out on a street corner in '72 with a bunch of guys and
we were singing "So love everybody and make them your friend." Beats
causing trouble.

Автор heybooboo757 ( назад)
They were so thin back then, I remember being that way Myself, lol. That
was so long ago but the music is Full and rich as it was

Автор Daniele Carotta ( назад)
justin is a wanderfull song writter and singer and guitarist aswell of

Автор chloudjzia menezes ( назад)
isn t it lovely....cheers.

Автор henri62abril ( назад)
y never forget this song

Автор chloudjzia menezes ( назад)
amazing Mike Pinder s mellotron and piano, fantastic band.

Автор chloudjzia menezes ( назад)
lovely, both the song and Justin Hayward.

Автор Behzad Hodaee ( назад)
It's so beautiful. but would somebody please upload the complete video
because unfortunately this is not complete. Thanks

Автор BK Swanson (Buffy) ( назад)
DITTO again

Автор BK Swanson (Buffy) ( назад)

Автор RedlovesThunder ( назад)
Amen to that!

Автор Jackie B ( назад)

Автор Jackie B ( назад)
So true. Look at him at 1:22. It's very brief, but oh so gorgeous! He
always seems to know when the camera is coming in for a close-up and he
turns his head away every time....darn!

Автор oksana price ( назад)
He's such a cutie! 

Автор oksana price ( назад)
I agree! Justin is so sexy! I could just eat him up!

Автор Jackie B ( назад)

Автор Jackie B ( назад)
Sorry to be precise about it, but Justin is technically from the West
Country. He was born in Swindon in Wiltshire. I was just there recently.
The rest of the guys are indeed from the Midlands (Birmingham). LOL

Автор Jackie B ( назад)
Damn, Justin was good-looking! I wish he'd look directly at the camera more
often. Those eyes.....

Автор Jackie B ( назад)
I love your comment. Justin has not only a very strong voice, but a very
distinctive voice. When you hear him, you know it cannot be anyone else
singing. Just love these guys.

Автор Jackie B ( назад)
Why does everyone seem to be hung up on this lip-sync thing? Don't you know
that ALL bands did this back in the 60s/70s from time to time? All I can
say is that I've seen this band in concert many times and they are the best
live band I've ever heard, so no worries about them not being able to
recreate their music in front of an audience. I also saw Justin in Chicago
on his View From the Hill tour. Just him and his guitar. No lip syncing
there and he was magnificent (and gorgeous as always)

Автор Jtm ( назад)
justin's voice is out of this world. humble and great band

Автор Clotilde Costa ( назад)
What a fake! It's lip-sync...

Автор Kim Wilson ( назад)
there a very talented sombre band keep up the good work

Автор GoodyBob ( назад)
"So love everybody and & make them your friends" = that's the eternal truth
& one of the important keys of life. As Jesus said, "The greatest of these
... is love". ;)

Автор Barbara Brinkmeyer ( назад)
Look beyond the players to HEAR the message. It's one puzzle piece of
several. Thanks to MB's for their persistent dedication. You're slowly
awakening the masses. Hugs...David. 

Автор borgduck ( назад)
@Msdistarr I hope for his sake he was joking, because they ARE English.
From the Midlands.

Автор happypappies ( назад)
Nothing like the Moodies to bring you back to yourself 

Автор AbbyNormal777 ( назад)
@Msdistarr Thanks..I'm funny like that.. 

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