FNH FS2000 with Urban E.R.T. Sling review.

Another great rifle by FN Herstal and a favorite in my collection. Chambered in the 5.56/.223 cartridge, a compact bullpup design that shoots great and looks like something from the future. There is a coolness to this gun that I just love. Hooked to the Urban E.R.T sling with a single-point setup it is a great weapon to have handy when you need it. This FS2000 came with the factory 1.5 power optic with a black "T" style reticle.

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Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
There is a rubber "dust ring" inside the magwell of the FS2000. If you take
it out I think it will work just fine. I have Pmags that will fit in my
FS2000 but they are really tight. They are hard to pull out and you have to
jam them in really hard to seat them. 

Автор RedRobster ( назад)
Thanks. I was considering the Lancer mags for my FS2000. Think I'll pass on
those now. 

Автор Tec 9 ( назад)
Is that site removable or is it fixed?

Автор Adahy Lewis ( назад)
Also needed to add on that the reason the magazine you got didn't fit is
because they designed the rifle for one type of magazine to keep out dirt
and debris. The rubber that prevents the mags from falling out when you
press the release also line up perfectly with the M-16 style mag to
completely seal it against outside dirt. Downside is that P-mags and other
similar types don't fit, but less dirt will get in.

Автор Adahy Lewis ( назад)
You made one highly inaccurate comment in there. The charging handle is
fixed to the left side of the rifle only, it is the only non-ambidextrous
feature to the FS2000 and cannot be modified unless you restructure the
entire action and level assembly.

Автор Adahy Lewis ( назад)
Most often opening the window on top or pulling out the magazine will clear
the chamber. However, on the rare occasion when multiple rounds are jammed
in the barrel assembly has to be pulled out to clear it. This is actually
quite easy as there is a button on the side that is pushed out and then the
entire barrel assembly slides forward and can be cleared. I've never had to
take more than a minute for the entire clearing process.

Автор Lone Puma ( назад)
With the light behind you, we can't see the gun. You always have the light
in front, showing the object. lolo...Take 2. Sooner or later people will
watch a video on lighting so they're videos will actually enlighten us.
Best regards

Автор Varlwyll ( назад)
I know what I want for christmas.

Автор UBCS Wraith (116 лет назад)
How's that trigger?

Автор Timothy Bennett ( назад)
it has a little window on the back that you can pop open to clear or check
the action.

Автор Justin Sanders ( назад)
They actually are starting to import the tavor now 

Автор Keysforge ( назад)
Nice gun but how you handle fast a misfire round or feed jam?

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@VirenKickedPresAss I just read the comment I thought was for me. Ha ha. I
couldn't figure out why you thought I couldn't spell. I guess I should have
known it was for someone else. Thanks for straightening that out, man.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
Thanks. This review is really old. I should really re-do it in

Автор pnojazz ( назад)
Great review. I love the rifle, and most anything produced by FN! I've seen
these used for as low as $1600. Average used price retail is $2k - $2300. 

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@DjRjSolarStar Thanks, man. Thanks for watching.

Автор DjRjSolarStar (1367 лет назад)
"If you're a good guy, carry a gun" Right on!!! Well said! 

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (2032 года назад)
@santomo0206 Do more research, man. The Tavor is not even being sold in the
US and what do you do when you transition from right to left hand shooting?
Pull out your tool kit and disassemble your rifle to you can change the
ejection port to the other side. If you like the look of the Tavor, get
one, but in my opinion when it comes to better looking guns, the Tavor
definitely isn't it. I don't mind criticism but yours just seems silly. But
to each his own.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@santomo0206 Who is paying $4000 for an FS2000? You need to check your
numbers, bro. This rifle was $2300 3 years ago and is more like $1800 now. 

Автор Dylan Santomo ( назад)
i know calling a tool ugly is stupid dosnt make sence, redundant, a tool is
to do a job. but my god lol. n when its time to play... really come out and
play, leave that toy at home. 4 grand, 4 grand for that gun. is that 4
times the gun of bushmaster or a ruger sr556? Not to me it isnt. sorry. 

Автор Dylan Santomo ( назад)
@MAttsplat1975 well its your gun, i want to know why you would spend close
to 4 grand on this particular rifle or bullpup? If i was going for a
bullpup even thoe i wouldnt, i would get the Tavor. Its to has an
integrated optic, but better. its bore sited n dosnt remov. its built in
the safety to concerve its battery. the Tavor its lighter with a longer
barrel which means longer effective range, a higer rate of fire. n sorry
but that gun is catastrophically ugly. 

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@santomo0206 Why do you hate it? 

Автор Dylan Santomo ( назад)
hate it 

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (704 года назад)
@Nationofhonor Yes, indeed! 

Автор Joshua Williams ( назад)
That's a very sexy weapon

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@gabebokmaUSMC Just some mag compatibility issues. I am told that if you
take the dust seal out of the mag well, it solves those issues. I just
haven't taken the time to take it out and test it. I should, but I have
been reviewing and shooting so many other guns and equipment that it has
kind of taken a back seat. I would go to a local gun shop and handle the
FS2000. If you like the feel, get it. 

Автор Gabe Bokma ( назад)
@Mattsplat1975 thanks man, ya im looking to get this rifle instead of the
POS Bushmaster ACR i got, problems already starting lol. have u had any
problems with this gun??? 

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@gabebokmaUSMC I got mine from a place called Red's Trading Post out of
Idaho. You can do a search for it. I am not sure if you can find one quite
that cheap but good luck. Shoot safe. 

Автор Gabe Bokma (199 лет назад)
yo, where did u find this gun?? all the ones i find are the ones without
the 1.5 powered scope/ no plastic cover.. i see some with a price
difference most I'm willing to do is 1600. a link where u got yours would
be great, thanks

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@JoeDirtESTD Sorry for the delayed reply, I was on vacation. The FS2000 has
an enclosed bolt system that is very different from an AR-type design. With
the FN magazines I haven't had any issues but I have had some issues with
other mags. Some magazines won't fit right and that has caused problems for
me but I have been told pulling the dust-seal out of the mag well fixes it.
FN makes very tight guns to keep dirt out and that seal helps keep things

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@USMCG0811 Me personally, I would go for the SCAR. I handled the SCAR and
the ACR side-by-side at the gun shop one day and the SCAR is WAY better
balanced. According to some of the gun-store guys the ACR was supposed to
have a polymer upper in the original design but they had a hard time
manufacturing it and deadlines came up so they just bagged the idea and did
metal. The result is a more front-heavy rifle. Go handle them yourself and
see what you think. Let me know what you choose!

Автор Bryan Ott ( назад)
@Mattsplat1975 Thanks for the reply, mate. I came over to the States from
New Zealand after 9/11 to join the military and we have some pretty
restrictive firearms laws there, though not as bad as the UK, most of
Europe and OZ. So being able to own one of these weapons is great. At
present, I'm stuck between the ACR, F2000, and the SCAR-C. Choices

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@USMCG0811 Polymer mags have had a hard time seating for me. I am told that
you just need to remove the dust ring up inside the magwell and it will
take them just fine. I just haven't gotten around to removing mine yet.
Retail is just under $2000 these days from what I saw. I love my FS2000 but
one of the nice things about the SCAR is that it is a little more versatile
and will take all the same AR stuff. If I had the money I might get the
SCAR instead. 

Автор Bryan Ott ( назад)
Hoping you can answer a question or two for me. 1. I'm active duty military
and have a shitload of P-Mags. Are there any issues utilizing the P-Mags as
opposed to the stock AR mags with it? 2. Whats the retail on it right now?
I'm stuck between one of these and a SCAR-C. 

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@andrefromnguyen It sounds like you are talking about the black buckle. If
yours doesn't look like mine then you might have a different model harness
or you might have hooked yours up wrong. Do a search for Urban E.R.T.
slings and the FS2000 and you can watch a good instructional video on how
to set it up. 

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@andrefromnguyen I have heard the mag-spring issue before and I have asked
professionals about it as well. Here is the answer from people who
know...Mag spring tension issues in modern firearms isn't an issue. I have
an HK mag for the USP compact 9mm that has been loaded for 10 years and
still first flawlessly as fast as you can shoot. Old school springs might
weaken but new ones relax a little stabilize and maintain enough to do the
job reliably. 

Автор hav0c ( назад)
Wouldn't keeping the mag loaded all the time weaken the spring and cause it
to not load the ammo as fast as it could? Also my sling didn't come with
that little black thing behind the buckle on the right side of your gun and
my sling doesn't exactly fit all the way around my gun. What deos that
black thing do exactly?

Автор D R (738 лет назад)
Great vid. Very informative and helpful. I appreciated your short speech at
the end too. 

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@TheForestKan ....ran out of room. Putting a .223 in a 5.56 chambered rifle
is ok because there is just a bigger gap between the bullet and the lands
(lands are the raised parts of the rifling). This is ok because the bullet
just jumps the gap and accelerates quickly. It is a little less accurate
maybe, but not unsafe. I hope that makes sense and answers your question. 

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@TheForestKan The difference, from what I have been told is all about how
far the bullet sits forward and where it makes contact with the rifling of
the barrel. The 5.56 sticks out a little further. This means that if you
put a 5.56 in a gun chambered for .223 it will have a harder time
overcoming the friction caused by touching the rifling and it will cause
the pressure to spike.

Автор nburgwin ( назад)
Is that the Lancer L-5 magazine?

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@Psycholistic1 Yeah, it did. Check out my channel and you will see a much
newer video with good lighting. I replaced the factory charging handle with
a metal after-market one. Much better. Check it out. 

Автор AbuAyyoub Gray ( назад)
Great video. You lighting sucks though.

Автор Deks90 ( назад)
@QQ20034 i shot full auto 180 rounds (6 magazines) and not a single jam....

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@TheQ3XXX Great idea, man. I will try that. 

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@jpap967 Yeah, I am not about to go shooting straight up to see if it will
jam on me. I will let that mystery remain a mystery. 

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@QQ20034 Have you shot the full auto F2000?

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@QQ20034 I have never tried, but I don't think it will be an issue at all.
I have shot up at a pretty steep angle at some rocks in a canyon, not
straight up but maybe at a 45 degree angle. It had no issues at all. 

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@gabebokmaUSMC Real estate in Utah is very reasonable and the skiing is
great. Come move here! We LOVE guns in Utah and we have some of the best
gun laws in the country. The Brady Campaign gave us a score of 0 out of 5.
I am so proud. Ha ha. 

Автор Gabe Bokma ( назад)
@Mattsplat1975 well im out of money now plus i cant buy 30 Round mags since
i live in DOUCHEBAG Maryland. STUPID LIBERALS in charge. thinking of

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@gabebokmaUSMC It is so much cheaper now. I see this thing selling for
around $1600 now and I paid about $2200 two years ago. 

Автор Gabe Bokma ( назад)
Lancer is a good Brand, just bought another 2 for my AR. total of 5. as
well as PS90 mags. I WANT THIS GUN, didnt have it at the gun show :(

Автор karan upadhye ( назад)
hmm k thanks

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@karanu254 I wish I could say. I don't have a TAVOR and I have never
handled or shot one either. Sorry!

Автор karan upadhye (192 года назад)

Автор MultiSr16 ( назад)
@Mattsplat1975 yea they fit nice.., just remove the rubber gasket in the
rifles magwell...

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@MultiSr16 Thanks, man. I will check them out.

Автор MultiSr16 ( назад)

Автор MultiSr16 (87 лет назад)
@Mattsplat1975 yea dude, stay with it, alot of full duty combat optics look
kinda crappy., theyre jus all about durability., my aimpoint m4s with 3x
magnifier looks like shit, but i bet you can break it.., if i had this
rifle you couldnt pay me enough to pull this factory scope offa her.,
doesnt it have tritium to illuminate the already bad ass reticule.., keep
it., bet youll never see another one., not like some shitty eotech where
everybodies got em., shes for 1 thing,. shooting at people...:)

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@MultiSr16 Yeah, I thought it looked cool with it. It isn't a really great
optic but it sure looks sweet up there. You can always pop it off and put
on something else if you want too. There is a full rail under that housing.

Автор MultiSr16 ( назад)
great choice, the only way to go is with the standard.., that FN optic is
the SHIITE!!!!!

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@FALTUS89 Urban E.R.T. has a website. Look it up. A google search should
find it easily. The guy I talked to there (Matt) was a super nice guy and
very helpful. 

Автор FALTUS89 ( назад)
where did you buy that sling im looking to get one for my 2000

Автор RGreeneRI ( назад)
The FS2000 Standard is the one in the video. It has a 1.6x scope with
decorative shroud, beneath the shroud is the scope which is mounted to a
polymer picatinny rail. The FS2000 Tactical is the other version which
lacks a scope, but instead has a metal picatinny rail for mounting optics.
It comes with no scope, but does have back-up iron sights...

Автор RGreeneRI ( назад)
@wbysniper The FS2000 Standard is the one in the video. It has a 1.6x scope
with decorative shroud, beneath the shroud is the scope which is mounted to
a polymer picatinny rail. The FS2000 Tactical is the other version which
lacks a scope, but instead has a metal picatinny rail for mounting optics.
It comes with no scope, but does have back-up iron sights...

Автор wbysniper ( назад)
@Mattsplat1975 hey man i appreciate the hell out of it. ill let you know
how it turns out

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@wbysniper Looks like they are getting harder to find. I did do a little
research for you though. If you go to gunsamerica and do a search for
"FS2000" the first one on the list is just like mine. Oh and just to
clarify, all FS2000's are the civilian legal version. The "S" in "FS" is
for "semi-automatic" The full auto version is simply the F2000. Good luck.
Hurry, that one I saw on gunsamerica was only $2200. That is a good price. 

Автор wbysniper ( назад)
hey man. i have been saving ujp money for a long time and i finally have
enough money to buy a CIVILIAN version of the fn2000. Is the one you are
showing a civilian version? most civilian fn2000's i have seen have a
picitiny flat top railing system on the top of the gun, yours actually has
a built in 1.6 power scope, which i have never seen. I was wondering if you
could let me know where i could buy one exactly like yours? please get back
with me as soon as you can. I appreciate it, thank you.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@ongolos This is not a toy. I know there is a very realistic airsoft gun.
This is the real FS2000 (not the F2000 which is the full auto verson) .And
sorry about the lighting. I have improve the lighting in my newer videos. 

Автор ongolos ( назад)
omg thats illegal in the US!, they only sell the civilian version fn 2000
with no 40 mm launcherO_O/.... oh wait mai bad I thought there was a
launcher, too black I cant see nice toy thought it was real.

Автор ongolos ( назад)
omg thats illegal in the US!, they only sell the civilian version fn 2000
with no 40 mm launcherO_O/.... oh wait mai bad I thought there was a
launcher, too black I cant see.

Автор ongolos ( назад)
omg thats illegal in the US!, they only sell the civilian version fn 2000
with no 40 mm launcherO_O

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@Twisteddreamer78 I am jealous. You did way better than just good. Where
did you get it?

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@Twisteddreamer78 This rifle is picky with magazines. Standard mags work
just fine but I had problems with a polymer mag I tried to use. It might be
tough to find one that will work. 

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@thislittleaznboy This rifle is in a lot of video games. The PS90 too. I
think they like it because of the cool design. It looks really cool. 

Автор Vietness ( назад)
it looks like an assault rifle in halo 3

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@GoldNCase No problem, man. 

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@GoldNCase Yes, it has a standard rail under the cover. The stock for the
FS2000 is wider than, say an AR, so some might think it feels "bulky" at
first. After you handle it a few minutes you will get very used to it. I
definitely prefer the feel to an AR. The mag release is much more intuitive
than an AR and it is ambidextrous. If you choose this over the MSAR I think
you will be pleased.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@564955charlie In the end it is a rifle that shoots bullets. It is the
design that you are buying here. If you are left handed you will love it
because the shells eject from the front and not in your face. The compact
design makes it nice too. I prefer it, but everyone has their own
preference. But as far as looks go and coolness factor, yeah, it is the
most bad-ass gun around (to me). 

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@ghogandantis It has a different feel than an AR but it is very very nice.
Just under 8 pounds in weight. Sorry, but I am going to have to absolutely
disagree about the mags. This question was brought up during firearms
training with all the trainers standing around (and these men were
experts). The answer was it isn't something you need to worry about at all
and that it won't ever be an issue with todays springs. "If it makes you
feel better you can unload it now and then", one said. 

Автор Max Perez ( назад)
Such a badass gun. Knocks the socks off any AR im assuming?

Автор ghogandantis ( назад)
Here's a suggestion for you. Don't leave your mags loaded all the time. The
constant tension on the spring will lead to malfunctions and jams. If you
have multiple mags then alternate between loading one and having the other
empty. Same with your semi-auto pistols. Your concealed carry gun isn't
much help if you need it and it jams after the first shot. Anyway, sweet
rifle. A little expensive, but still very nice. How much does it weigh?
Looks pretty bulky.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@TheGlazer19 $2300 almost 2 years ago.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@PaleHorseWC2 Wow, thanks. Ha ha. 

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@iEATkids44 Nope, this gun in from my gunsafe in my closet. Ha ha. Kidding.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@MrSamjones1993 Ha ha. I wish I was me too. Oh, wait I am. Glad you like
the guns. 

Автор villagepunk ( назад)
@iEATkids44 No, this gun is from FN Herstal.

Автор Sam Jones ( назад)
I wish i was you

Автор Chris Eubank ( назад)
Lancer thats and odd sounding mag. I have never even heard of that brand.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@strummingnerd Thanks, man. You should make a vid when you get it. I would
love to see it in OD. 

Автор strummingnerd ( назад)
Thanks for the post. I've got an ERT sling for my PS90. I don't have a real
use for my sling either. Comes in handy on the range I guess. Just looks
just so freakin' cool! Getting my FS2000 in 2 weeks, OD green.

Автор 03CobraR ( назад)
@TahuStar147 You can usually find them (new) for around $1900-$2300USD. Up
in Canada, I bought a non-restricted version (special 18.7' barrel) and it
cost me $3400.. then with GST it came to around $3600. The restricted
versions were $2900 (before GST). So.. you guys are getting a deal down
there.. well, it's more like we're getting screwed up here due to the gun

Автор 03CobraR ( назад)
@mandalore1000 FN makes a 3-point sling specific for the FS2000 (serial
number 3830147520). I have one coming in... but I have yet to see a photo
of one actually on an FS2000...

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@TahuStar147 When I bought this about a year and a half ago it cost me
about $2300. I am not sure if the price has gone up or down since then. 

Автор Kaliko Foxtrot ( назад)
@Mattsplat1975 thanks

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@mandalore1000 I wish I had a better answer for you. To be honest this is
the only one I have used. Just in front of the scope housing is an attached
sling loop. The stock has a small slit on the bottom that you can feed a
strap through for the sling. The sling you see on the video utilizes this
strap mount to keep the whole thing from moving around. You could probably
use any old sling and it would work fine as a two-point sling. 

Автор Kaliko Foxtrot ( назад)
what kind of other slings can I use on this gun?

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@p8ntballtrav Nope. Runs like a champ. I haven't had any jam problems at
all. I did have some compatible magazine problems with a polymer magazine.
But the standard AR mags run without a problem. But the forward ejection
has never failed. There are other rifles going to this same forward
ejection system too. 

Автор p8ntballtrav ( назад)
that case ejection system seems like it will jam often

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews ( назад)
@mcxznbv No problem. I remember when I was first researching the FS2000 I
found some video and I watched it forever before I realized it was a stupid
airsoft gun. The guy pulled out a battery pack from the stock and I was
like "What the hell?" I shouldn't have known when I heard his British
accent. Those guys love toys because they can't own the real guns. 

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