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Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (5 лет)
I wish I knew, man. Sorry. What I can tell you is that the mag well for the
FS2000 is much deeper than an AR. I had a problem with polymer see through
mag that had ridges to help you get a good grip. The ridges on the mag made
it fight too tight and i had to grind them off with a Dremel tool to get it
to fit.

Автор Chris Eubank (4 года)
Lancer thats and odd sounding mag. I have never even heard of that brand.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (5 лет)
@soviet937 Not a chance, my friend. Sorry. :D

Автор Timothy Bennett (2 года)
it has a little window on the back that you can pop open to clear or check
the action.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (3 года)
@santomo0206 Who is paying $4000 for an FS2000? You need to check your
numbers, bro. This rifle was $2300 3 years ago and is more like $1800 now.

Автор Kaliko Foxtrot (4 года)
@Mattsplat1975 thanks

Автор Max Perez (4 года)
Such a badass gun. Knocks the socks off any AR im assuming?

Автор Adahy Lewis (2 года)
Also needed to add on that the reason the magazine you got didn't fit is
because they designed the rifle for one type of magazine to keep out dirt
and debris. The rubber that prevents the mags from falling out when you
press the release also line up perfectly with the M-16 style mag to
completely seal it against outside dirt. Downside is that P-mags and other
similar types don't fit, but less dirt will get in.

Автор MultiSr16 (4 года)
@Mattsplat1975 yea they fit nice.., just remove the rubber gasket in the
rifles magwell...

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (2 года)
There is a rubber "dust ring" inside the magwell of the FS2000. If you take
it out I think it will work just fine. I have Pmags that will fit in my
FS2000 but they are really tight. They are hard to pull out and you have to
jam them in really hard to seat them.

Автор Sam Jones (4 года)
I wish i was you

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (3 года)
@VirenKickedPresAss I just read the comment I thought was for me. Ha ha. I
couldn't figure out why you thought I couldn't spell. I guess I should have
known it was for someone else. Thanks for straightening that out, man.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (4 года)
@karanu254 I wish I could say. I don't have a TAVOR and I have never
handled or shot one either. Sorry!

Автор MultiSr16 (4 года)
@Mattsplat1975 yea dude, stay with it, alot of full duty combat optics look
kinda crappy., theyre jus all about durability., my aimpoint m4s with 3x
magnifier looks like shit, but i bet you can break it.., if i had this
rifle you couldnt pay me enough to pull this factory scope offa her.,
doesnt it have tritium to illuminate the already bad ass reticule.., keep
it., bet youll never see another one., not like some shitty eotech where
everybodies got em., shes for 1 thing,. shooting at people...:)

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (4 года)
@PaleHorseWC2 Wow, thanks. Ha ha.

Автор Gabe Bokma (4 года)
Lancer is a good Brand, just bought another 2 for my AR. total of 5. as
well as PS90 mags. I WANT THIS GUN, didnt have it at the gun show :(

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (5 лет)
@PunchRockGroin EXCELLENT question and one that many people have asked
before. The answer is that with todays springs, no. I have magazines for my
H&K USP Compact that have been loaded for 8 years or more without spending
more than a few moments unloaded. They still function flawlessly with
plenty of tension. Thanks for asking!

Автор skutvika (5 лет)
@Zombolis federal nation x)

Автор ongolos (4 года)
omg thats illegal in the US!, they only sell the civilian version fn 2000
with no 40 mm launcherO_O/.... oh wait mai bad I thought there was a
launcher, too black I cant see nice toy thought it was real.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (4 года)
@iEATkids44 Nope, this gun in from my gunsafe in my closet. Ha ha. Kidding.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (5 лет)
@MrTplexx I'm sorry you live where you can't own guns like this, my friend,
I truly am. It is truly a great rifle.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (4 года)
@thislittleaznboy This rifle is in a lot of video games. The PS90 too. I
think they like it because of the cool design. It looks really cool.

Автор CossuMaister (5 лет)
it looks like a surfing board XD especially in MW2 when u put fall camo on
it :D

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (4 года)
@ghogandantis It has a different feel than an AR but it is very very nice.
Just under 8 pounds in weight. Sorry, but I am going to have to absolutely
disagree about the mags. This question was brought up during firearms
training with all the trainers standing around (and these men were
experts). The answer was it isn't something you need to worry about at all
and that it won't ever be an issue with todays springs. "If it makes you
feel better you can unload it now and then", one said.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (3 года)
@Psycholistic1 Yeah, it did. Check out my channel and you will see a much
newer video with good lighting. I replaced the factory charging handle with
a metal after-market one. Much better. Check it out.

Автор MultiSr16 (4 года)
great choice, the only way to go is with the standard.., that FN optic is
the SHIITE!!!!!

Автор azmanic (5 лет)
alot of people say it look horrible but i think it looks very futureistic
and pritty

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (5 лет)
You're very welcome, friend.

Автор ongolos (4 года)
omg thats illegal in the US!, they only sell the civilian version fn 2000
with no 40 mm launcherO_O

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (5 лет)
@Transporter1022 Wow, sorry about that. I got some bad information
somewhere along the line and being right-handed I never had the need to
look into it. Thanks for the comment!

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (4 года)
@564955charlie In the end it is a rifle that shoots bullets. It is the
design that you are buying here. If you are left handed you will love it
because the shells eject from the front and not in your face. The compact
design makes it nice too. I prefer it, but everyone has their own
preference. But as far as looks go and coolness factor, yeah, it is the
most bad-ass gun around (to me).

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (5 лет)
I don't know where you live but that is really sad. Why would your country
allow you to protect yourself "just a little". Seems ignorant to me.
Anyway, certain weapons such as short barreled assault rifles and full-auto
machine guns have classes that limit ownership and require a sort of permit
or "stamp". Short barreled rifles fall under Class 2 and Class 3 would be
for fully automatic weapons.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (4 года)
@TahuStar147 When I bought this about a year and a half ago it cost me
about $2300. I am not sure if the price has gone up or down since then.

Автор TahuStar147 (4 года)
How much is the gun cuz me and my dad are huge gun favs and love to shoot
and he says it like $2000 to $3000 im just wonderin if thats true and also
thank you for puting up a real gun revew unlike that airsoft garbage!!!

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (3 года)
@JoeDirtESTD Sorry for the delayed reply, I was on vacation. The FS2000 has
an enclosed bolt system that is very different from an AR-type design. With
the FN magazines I haven't had any issues but I have had some issues with
other mags. Some magazines won't fit right and that has caused problems for
me but I have been told pulling the dust-seal out of the mag well fixes it.
FN makes very tight guns to keep dirt out and that seal helps keep things

Автор Sandline99 (5 лет)
Very informative video, thanks for posting it.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (4 года)
@TheQ3XXX Great idea, man. I will try that.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (5 лет)
They are both great guns. The PS90 is my favorite gun of all. If I had to
choose just one, it would be the PS90. I can shoot quicker, more
accurately, and be back on target faster with the PS90. The PS90 is also
SUPER compact. Even with the factory barrel it is a tiny little gun. It is
easier to field strip and clean as well. But if caliber is an issue another
person might want the .233/5.56. But like I said, choosing just one, I
choose the PS90.

Автор Gabe Bokma (4 года)
@Mattsplat1975 well im out of money now plus i cant buy 30 Round mags since
i live in DOUCHEBAG Maryland. STUPID LIBERALS in charge. thinking of

Автор 1876alamo (5 лет)
Did you fire both rounds? Did you find any difference in firing them?

Автор DjRjSolarStar (3 года)
"If you're a good guy, carry a gun" Right on!!! Well said!

Автор Kaliko Foxtrot (4 года)
what kind of other slings can I use on this gun?

Автор D R (3 года)
Great vid. Very informative and helpful. I appreciated your short speech at
the end too.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (4 года)
@QQ20034 I have never tried, but I don't think it will be an issue at all.
I have shot up at a pretty steep angle at some rocks in a canyon, not
straight up but maybe at a 45 degree angle. It had no issues at all.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (4 года)
@MultiSr16 Thanks, man. I will check them out.

Автор MultiSr16 (4 года)

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (5 лет)
No you don't, my friend. There is nothing illegal about this gun. I think
some of the absolutely stupid Californian communist laws might restrict
this gun for some even more stupid reason but if you live in a free state
you can own one.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (4 года)
@gabebokmaUSMC It is so much cheaper now. I see this thing selling for
around $1600 now and I paid about $2200 two years ago.

Автор mattifikation (5 лет)
That gun looks huge in your hands, but it looks tiny on the shelf at the
gun store.

Автор Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (4 года)
@jpap967 Yeah, I am not about to go shooting straight up to see if it will
jam on me. I will let that mystery remain a mystery.

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