FNH FS2000 with Urban E.R.T. Sling review.

Another great rifle by FN Herstal and a favorite in my collection. Chambered in the 5.56/.223 cartridge, a compact bullpup design that shoots great and looks like something from the future. There is a coolness to this gun that I just love. Hooked to the Urban E.R.T sling with a single-point setup it is a great weapon to have handy when you need it. This FS2000 came with the factory 1.5 power optic with a black "T" style reticle.

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Автор RedRobster ( назад)
Thanks. I was considering the Lancer mags for my FS2000. Think I'll pass on
those now. 

Автор Tec 9 ( назад)
Is that site removable or is it fixed?

Автор Adahy Lewis ( назад)
Also needed to add on that the reason the magazine you got didn't fit is
because they designed the rifle for one type of magazine to keep out dirt
and debris. The rubber that prevents the mags from falling out when you
press the release also line up perfectly with the M-16 style mag to
completely seal it against outside dirt. Downside is that P-mags and other
similar types don't fit, but less dirt will get in.

Автор Adahy Lewis ( назад)
You made one highly inaccurate comment in there. The charging handle is
fixed to the left side of the rifle only, it is the only non-ambidextrous
feature to the FS2000 and cannot be modified unless you restructure the
entire action and level assembly.

Автор Adahy Lewis ( назад)
Most often opening the window on top or pulling out the magazine will clear
the chamber. However, on the rare occasion when multiple rounds are jammed
in the barrel assembly has to be pulled out to clear it. This is actually
quite easy as there is a button on the side that is pushed out and then the
entire barrel assembly slides forward and can be cleared. I've never had to
take more than a minute for the entire clearing process.

Автор Lone Puma ( назад)
With the light behind you, we can't see the gun. You always have the light
in front, showing the object. lolo...Take 2. Sooner or later people will
watch a video on lighting so they're videos will actually enlighten us.
Best regards

Автор Varlwyll ( назад)
I know what I want for christmas.

Автор UBCS Wraith (116 лет назад)
How's that trigger?

Автор Timothy Bennett ( назад)
it has a little window on the back that you can pop open to clear or check
the action.

Автор Justin Sanders ( назад)
They actually are starting to import the tavor now 

Автор Keysforge ( назад)
Nice gun but how you handle fast a misfire round or feed jam?

Автор pnojazz ( назад)
Great review. I love the rifle, and most anything produced by FN! I've seen
these used for as low as $1600. Average used price retail is $2k - $2300. 

Автор DjRjSolarStar (1367 лет назад)
"If you're a good guy, carry a gun" Right on!!! Well said! 

Автор Dylan Santomo ( назад)
i know calling a tool ugly is stupid dosnt make sence, redundant, a tool is
to do a job. but my god lol. n when its time to play... really come out and
play, leave that toy at home. 4 grand, 4 grand for that gun. is that 4
times the gun of bushmaster or a ruger sr556? Not to me it isnt. sorry. 

Автор Dylan Santomo ( назад)
@MAttsplat1975 well its your gun, i want to know why you would spend close
to 4 grand on this particular rifle or bullpup? If i was going for a
bullpup even thoe i wouldnt, i would get the Tavor. Its to has an
integrated optic, but better. its bore sited n dosnt remov. its built in
the safety to concerve its battery. the Tavor its lighter with a longer
barrel which means longer effective range, a higer rate of fire. n sorry
but that gun is catastrophically ugly. 

Автор Dylan Santomo ( назад)
hate it 

Автор Joshua Williams ( назад)
That's a very sexy weapon

Автор Gabe Bokma ( назад)
@Mattsplat1975 thanks man, ya im looking to get this rifle instead of the
POS Bushmaster ACR i got, problems already starting lol. have u had any
problems with this gun??? 

Автор Gabe Bokma (199 лет назад)
yo, where did u find this gun?? all the ones i find are the ones without
the 1.5 powered scope/ no plastic cover.. i see some with a price
difference most I'm willing to do is 1600. a link where u got yours would
be great, thanks

Автор Bryan Ott ( назад)
@Mattsplat1975 Thanks for the reply, mate. I came over to the States from
New Zealand after 9/11 to join the military and we have some pretty
restrictive firearms laws there, though not as bad as the UK, most of
Europe and OZ. So being able to own one of these weapons is great. At
present, I'm stuck between the ACR, F2000, and the SCAR-C. Choices

Автор Bryan Ott ( назад)
Hoping you can answer a question or two for me. 1. I'm active duty military
and have a shitload of P-Mags. Are there any issues utilizing the P-Mags as
opposed to the stock AR mags with it? 2. Whats the retail on it right now?
I'm stuck between one of these and a SCAR-C. 

Автор hav0c ( назад)
Wouldn't keeping the mag loaded all the time weaken the spring and cause it
to not load the ammo as fast as it could? Also my sling didn't come with
that little black thing behind the buckle on the right side of your gun and
my sling doesn't exactly fit all the way around my gun. What deos that
black thing do exactly?

Автор D R (738 лет назад)
Great vid. Very informative and helpful. I appreciated your short speech at
the end too. 

Автор nburgwin ( назад)
Is that the Lancer L-5 magazine?

Автор AbuAyyoub Gray ( назад)
Great video. You lighting sucks though.

Автор Deks90 ( назад)
@QQ20034 i shot full auto 180 rounds (6 magazines) and not a single jam....

Автор Gabe Bokma ( назад)
@Mattsplat1975 well im out of money now plus i cant buy 30 Round mags since
i live in DOUCHEBAG Maryland. STUPID LIBERALS in charge. thinking of

Автор Gabe Bokma ( назад)
Lancer is a good Brand, just bought another 2 for my AR. total of 5. as
well as PS90 mags. I WANT THIS GUN, didnt have it at the gun show :(

Автор karan upadhye ( назад)
hmm k thanks

Автор karan upadhye (192 года назад)

Автор MultiSr16 ( назад)
@Mattsplat1975 yea they fit nice.., just remove the rubber gasket in the
rifles magwell...

Автор MultiSr16 ( назад)

Автор MultiSr16 (87 лет назад)
@Mattsplat1975 yea dude, stay with it, alot of full duty combat optics look
kinda crappy., theyre jus all about durability., my aimpoint m4s with 3x
magnifier looks like shit, but i bet you can break it.., if i had this
rifle you couldnt pay me enough to pull this factory scope offa her.,
doesnt it have tritium to illuminate the already bad ass reticule.., keep
it., bet youll never see another one., not like some shitty eotech where
everybodies got em., shes for 1 thing,. shooting at people...:)

Автор MultiSr16 ( назад)
great choice, the only way to go is with the standard.., that FN optic is
the SHIITE!!!!!

Автор FALTUS89 ( назад)
where did you buy that sling im looking to get one for my 2000

Автор RGreeneRI ( назад)
The FS2000 Standard is the one in the video. It has a 1.6x scope with
decorative shroud, beneath the shroud is the scope which is mounted to a
polymer picatinny rail. The FS2000 Tactical is the other version which
lacks a scope, but instead has a metal picatinny rail for mounting optics.
It comes with no scope, but does have back-up iron sights...

Автор RGreeneRI ( назад)
@wbysniper The FS2000 Standard is the one in the video. It has a 1.6x scope
with decorative shroud, beneath the shroud is the scope which is mounted to
a polymer picatinny rail. The FS2000 Tactical is the other version which
lacks a scope, but instead has a metal picatinny rail for mounting optics.
It comes with no scope, but does have back-up iron sights...

Автор wbysniper ( назад)
@Mattsplat1975 hey man i appreciate the hell out of it. ill let you know
how it turns out

Автор wbysniper ( назад)
hey man. i have been saving ujp money for a long time and i finally have
enough money to buy a CIVILIAN version of the fn2000. Is the one you are
showing a civilian version? most civilian fn2000's i have seen have a
picitiny flat top railing system on the top of the gun, yours actually has
a built in 1.6 power scope, which i have never seen. I was wondering if you
could let me know where i could buy one exactly like yours? please get back
with me as soon as you can. I appreciate it, thank you.

Автор ongolos ( назад)
omg thats illegal in the US!, they only sell the civilian version fn 2000
with no 40 mm launcherO_O/.... oh wait mai bad I thought there was a
launcher, too black I cant see nice toy thought it was real.

Автор ongolos ( назад)
omg thats illegal in the US!, they only sell the civilian version fn 2000
with no 40 mm launcherO_O/.... oh wait mai bad I thought there was a
launcher, too black I cant see.

Автор ongolos ( назад)
omg thats illegal in the US!, they only sell the civilian version fn 2000
with no 40 mm launcherO_O

Автор Vietness ( назад)
it looks like an assault rifle in halo 3

Автор Max Perez ( назад)
Such a badass gun. Knocks the socks off any AR im assuming?

Автор ghogandantis ( назад)
Here's a suggestion for you. Don't leave your mags loaded all the time. The
constant tension on the spring will lead to malfunctions and jams. If you
have multiple mags then alternate between loading one and having the other
empty. Same with your semi-auto pistols. Your concealed carry gun isn't
much help if you need it and it jams after the first shot. Anyway, sweet
rifle. A little expensive, but still very nice. How much does it weigh?
Looks pretty bulky.

Автор villagepunk ( назад)
@iEATkids44 No, this gun is from FN Herstal.

Автор Sam Jones ( назад)
I wish i was you

Автор strummingnerd ( назад)
Thanks for the post. I've got an ERT sling for my PS90. I don't have a real
use for my sling either. Comes in handy on the range I guess. Just looks
just so freakin' cool! Getting my FS2000 in 2 weeks, OD green.

Автор 03CobraR ( назад)
@TahuStar147 You can usually find them (new) for around $1900-$2300USD. Up
in Canada, I bought a non-restricted version (special 18.7' barrel) and it
cost me $3400.. then with GST it came to around $3600. The restricted
versions were $2900 (before GST). So.. you guys are getting a deal down
there.. well, it's more like we're getting screwed up here due to the gun

Автор 03CobraR ( назад)
@mandalore1000 FN makes a 3-point sling specific for the FS2000 (serial
number 3830147520). I have one coming in... but I have yet to see a photo
of one actually on an FS2000...

Автор Kaliko Foxtrot ( назад)
@Mattsplat1975 thanks

Автор Kaliko Foxtrot ( назад)
what kind of other slings can I use on this gun?

Автор p8ntballtrav ( назад)
that case ejection system seems like it will jam often

Автор DoUEvenOper8Bro ( назад)
Oh btw, just for sake of mis-guidance to the viewers, the charging handle
cannot be reversed.

Автор mattifikation ( назад)
That gun looks huge in your hands, but it looks tiny on the shelf at the
gun store.

Автор soviet937 ( назад)
you sellin that by any chance???

Автор CossuMaister ( назад)
it looks like a surfing board XD especially in MW2 when u put fall camo on
it :D

Автор PunchRockGroin ( назад)
Does keeping that many rounds in your clip for an extended period of time
wear down the spring in the clip?

Автор Zombolis ( назад)
@R0FLLMA0WTF Fabrique Nationale

Автор 1876alamo ( назад)
Did you fire both rounds? Did you find any difference in firing them?

Автор dick ryder ( назад)
Would you recommend this or a ps90? I personally love both

Автор dick ryder ( назад)
Does the rifle with the integrated optic have the full top rail? not sure
why it wouldn't but i figured i'd ask

Автор peepers56874346 ( назад)
Thanks for the info

Автор peepers56874346 ( назад)
Do you need a class 3 to own that rifle?

Автор Morgan Block ( назад)
I very much enjoy the F2000, I have my Class III and enjoy the 5.56 at the
range, the forward ejection of the casings is a blessing from firearms...
As far as RomTheSpaceKnight arguing that firearms are bad, I agree and
disagree. I myself being a connoisseur of guns own some for target
practice, teaching people marksmanship, some for work, some to carry, some
for home defense, and some for competition. Guns do NOT kill people, people
kill people, if it is not guns its knives or worse!

Автор KingOfZilla ( назад)
tell me if you remove the optical sight will you have iron sights there,
and is it compatable with a sound supressor?

Автор ESQU1RE ( назад)
Great review. I got one last month and love it. If you bought the standard
FS around the same time or so, you should check to see if you can get the
$250 rebate from FN. On another note, I wish there were more accessories
for it. But in the end, I don't need it. Like you, I'm not police or some
sort of operative. I just think this stuff is awfully cool. Cheers.

Автор Chris Fletcher ( назад)
Nice video but you need to work on your lighting.

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