F H Brundle - Beecher Bender - Metal Worker "Plus" - 2

The Beecher Bender is the most advanced cold metal bending machine, requiring no heat or power. By simply turning the handle it will cut, scroll, bend, form circles and shape arches from solid flat steel bars in seconds.
All major parts of the machine are cast in strong, durable and heard wearing SG iron and it's cutting blades are made from high tensile D2 heat treated steel.
The Beecher Bender comes complete with a demonstration DVD.
Buy NOW from F.H.Brundle

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Автор arody sepulveda (3 месяца)
Hola estoy en Santiago de Chile,mi correo es azurcannex@gmail,com,estoy
interesado en sus maquinas,podrian enviarme informacion y

Автор jose canto (10 месяцев)
boas ,estou interessado em adquirir esse kit
quanto custa , com envios para portugal

Автор Иван Будько (11 месяцев)
Классная приспособа!

Автор Nildimar Silvania (1 год)
tem no brasil ?

Автор marcos carpio (1 год)
HOLA estoy interesado en adquirir este kid cuanto cuesta mi correo

Автор fhbrundle11 (1 год)
£120 - £395 You can find it here:

Автор fhbrundle11 (1 год)
£120 - £395 You can find it here:

Автор محمد الحداد (1 год)
شباب اي حد من مصر يعرف الماكينه بتلف حليه بوابات بعد حضرتو ممكن يتصل عليه
وله هديه جامده رقمي01068466012

Автор youssef elasri (1 год)
Tro kooool mirci tu ma aider

Автор fhbrundle11 (2 года)
You can buy one from the website fhbrundle.co.uk and search Beecher Bender
Or call: 01708 25 35 45

Автор Ryou Natuski (1 год)
how much this tools..

Автор fhbrundle11 (1 год)
You can buy one from the website fhbrundle.co.uk and search Beecher Bender
Or call: 01708 25 35 45

Автор Betto Reyes (2 года)
sorry by my english, i want the beecher bender how can i buy one?? any

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