Bésame mucho - for solo acoustic guitar

Another classical arrangement on request. For tabs and standard notation, please follow this link: http://profdeguitare.com/

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Автор Tocando De Una ( назад)
excelente interpretación

Автор Jason Hernando ( назад)
very nice I like it so much

Автор zerep11 ( назад)
Beautifully played...

Автор Eunice Gonzales ( назад)

Автор ve ve ( назад)
sambil naek motor ternyata

Автор Michelle Estrada ( назад)
This is amazing! I love it. Would you be able to send me the sheet music
for this? I would be forever grateful

Автор Ray ( назад)
Gorgeous arrangement. Although I enjoy scenery I prefer to just watch
the master playing his guitar.

Автор George Wrigley ( назад)
I have many of Jorge's arrangements; they are all very nice. I highly
recommend his arrangements which are in both notation and tab. You will
need a Paypal account.

Автор jimy ( назад)

Автор 1958mvc ( назад)
Beautiful best version. Fantastic.

Автор Javier Brenes ( назад)
Qué rica melodía .... saludos desde Nicaragua !

Автор The6packsteve ( назад)
Wonderful & Bravo!

Автор Việt Bằng Nguyễn ( назад)
Best version ever!

Автор Ergun Engin ( назад)
(((((( basemee :)))))))

Автор Ek KKC ( назад)
Great !
I like it.

Автор dihorul alb ( назад)
felicitari foarte frumosss

Автор guitaristKAZ ( назад)
Great performance! Beautifully done!! I like it very well. Thanks for

Автор Dunia Maskulin ( назад)
Beautiful arrangement. Well done sir!

Автор maryruff1 ( назад)
I love all your arrangements. So beautiful.

Автор Ольга Вульф ( назад)

Автор Hung Arsenal ( назад)
wow!!! i'm really like it

Автор Béla János Tóth ( назад)
tetszik de nagyon!!!

Автор jorgenolla ( назад)
oui ;o)

Автор Khalid Benaissa ( назад)
c'est Les Pyrénées sur la vidéo ?

Автор Amethyst728 . ( назад)
Simple, uncluttered, just beautiful. Thank you for such listening pleasure.

Автор Rai06f ( назад)
Ohh... I love it... beautiful*****

Автор Joe Toups ( назад)

Автор frank stellajr ( назад)
Great job Im a singer and i do most of Sinatra songs and I loved singing to
you virsion of Wave hope you have time to hear me sing that song on youtube

Автор Mario Jasso ( назад)
Me encantan tus interpretaciones Jorge como me gustaría que tocaras la de
''El Jinete'' de José Alfredo Jimenez y desde su tumba lo harías sentir
orgulloso :) Saludos desde México !

Автор IlchitarristaZero ( назад)
I was wondered if you could do a tutorial of this song. I'd like to learn
to play it Thank you

Автор puppycatandmolly ( назад)
Honestly...the best I have ever heard and I have heard many! I noticed that
many have asked for the tabs...well I am joining those ranks. Please,
please pass on the tabs!!! Where or how can I get them. I will gladly pay
for them.

Автор John Valdez ( назад)
Ive loved this song since my childhood and heard many renditions of this
song....and this is the most passionate and just beautiful version ive ever
heard. Its subtlety goes exactly with the feel of the song...this wanting
and waiting for that woman/man you love and just going into their arms and
feeling their kiss again after a long wait. I hope to have this song at my
wedding...your rendition of it to precise.

Автор Sivan Nagar ( назад)
wow !!!!!! can you Pleas Give me the TAbs ? i really need

Автор Irishcolleen110253 ( назад)
Absolutely gorgeous!! Bravooooooooooo!!!

Автор IlchitarristaZero ( назад)
Eccellente interpretazione! Great job Jorge!

Автор Hyo Hamano ( назад)
This is what I've looked for. A smooth and gentle melody, most suitable for
a love song. The other versions of song seem so fast, I don't like them.

Автор Sebastian Cervantes ( назад)
Simplemente maravilloso !!!! (y)

Автор nafest61 ( назад)
Perfect ! I love this song. Stefan

Автор inner11 ( назад)
muy bien pero .. si separa los acordes no sonaría mas moderno?? digo ..
solo pregunto saludos

Автор eccchung ( назад)
I love the tune and rthym. could you retake to show your plucking and
fingering for the frets for the whole songs again?i would appreciate that
very much.

Автор Franck Philippo ( назад)
Bien vu, félicitations!

Автор DonTuliosS ( назад)
I am Speechless this is Spectacular!!!!!!!!!

Автор TheOldschoolEmulator ( назад)

Автор revedmusic ( назад)
Buy this arrangement. You will love it. I must have 15 different
arrangements of this that I have either bought in booklets or gotten from
the internet over the years. This is the simplest but at the same time the
most beautiful. He arranges these songs to be playable by almost anyone.
Very simple yet elegant.

Автор PapiJuan13 ( назад)
asi se toca!

Автор pvv569 ( назад)
great sir.. can you please share the tab link.. thank you

Автор boge94 ( назад)
The video is wonderful, so is the cover of this song :D

Автор Sissiaraujo ( назад)
Very smooth, sensitive...i like very much... and have beautiful

Автор revedmusic ( назад)
Jorge Votre Besame Mucho devrait avoir des milliers de points de vue.
Certains de vos autres dispositions devraient également avoir plus de
téléspectateurs. You should be getting thousands of views for this. Maybe
the audience is just too young to get it. Art

Автор SouthpawGuitarman ( назад)
Great video and playing. No comment can do this justice.

Автор kejobo ( назад)
Absolutely wonderful! ... I kept expecting to see Cary Grant and Grace
Kelly drive by in little convertible sports coupe. Thank you for the
beautiful playing and the memories it evokes. Be well!

Автор Kalleaboca ( назад)
You know the problem? The problem is: This video should have 100.000 more

Автор Seungmin Lee ( назад)

Автор Leonard MOR ( назад)
Très souhaite, Jorge

Автор Alejandro Ruiz ( назад)
A beautiful song writen by an 18 years old mexican girl... and the
arrangement is wonderful, maestro Nolla... !!! Thanks for sharing..!

Автор T.J. Vilkman ( назад)
Bravo, wonderful!

Автор odomi1973 ( назад)
Bravo Jorge. Magnifique arrangement.

Автор pierre sorhaits ( назад)
comme quoi à Barcelone il n'y a pas que le Barça on trouve des artistes
romantiques à la gratte comme derrière l'objectif milesker

Автор Anh Thu Pham ( назад)
Fantastique ! bravo !

Автор Wolfgang Muller ( назад)
Exelente, muy buena su interpretación, me inspira a seguir practicando con
mi guitarra

Автор Tengiz Kacharava ( назад)
very nice performance, thank you!!

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