Joe Rogan Experience #886 - Hank Shaw

Hank Shaw is a former restaurant cook and journalist, Hank Shaw is the author of three wild game cookbooks as well as the James Beard Award-winning wild foods website Hunter Angler Gardener Cook(http://honest-food.net/). His latest book "Buck, Buck, Moose" is available now.

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Автор Billy Whitt ( назад)
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are our delicacy

Автор TheChrisodip ( назад)
At the end of every Michelin star and wheel einds with good shit.

Автор MrChaosRegins ( назад)
MeatEater is there any new episodes of this or does he have a new one??

Автор Baby Mama Moto ( назад)
Guacamole Bear! Yes!

Автор TooTrue2 ( назад)
I want to hunt the most deadly animal of all... JESUS!

Автор 503 503 ( назад)
Bill hicks is Alex jones

Автор Hansel Roman ( назад)
this podcast just makes me want to capture animals and make them eat
different things to see how the flavor of their meat changes.

Автор coalikesdesi ( назад)
too.much comedians. mix it up.

Автор Cisco Cabs ( назад)
joe has hard nipples for this cast

Автор LoveVibez ( назад)
DUDE I can relate with animals giving no fucks on your garden. I used to
love squirrels, until this black one showed up to town and decided he owned
everything. Every day the raised beds were just littered with dugged up
holes for stashing nuts - looked like a world war 2 scene on my plants. I
got my friend to get his crossbow - Never got him before winter came. But
damn you quickly change from love to full on hatred and war.

Great JRE. LVpeace!

Автор D D ( назад)
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Автор Heath Malone ( назад)
Thank you Joe. I need help in this fight! Our river is being destroyed

Автор INDIANA HUNTER ( назад)
Thank you!! We are fighting a big problem in the river system

Автор M Arsenault ( назад)
I've been treated for Lymes 3 times. I work in the woods in the New England
for a living. The 1st time got scary like they said. I started having
moments where I would forget basic shit like Joe was talking about. I was
driving home one day and forgot how to get there. I forgot where I was
going. I had to pull off the road and relax and think. Kind of scary to
experience at 30 years old. After the antibiotics thats never happened
again. But I have a lot of joint pain still 9 years later that I'm
convinced must be a result of having prob. had lymes in my for 10 years
before getting treated.

Автор Damon Curtin ( назад)
Lumpfish are saltwater, orange eggs. Paddle fish roe is grey black and more
expensive,not used for sushi?

Автор Butt Hurt ( назад)
I wanna try doritos! ever tried it?

Автор Sanjay Mistry ( назад)
what a great interview.

Автор Thomas Kernan ( назад)
y'all should check out the youtube channel primitive technology, the dude
builds crazy things in the woods in australia, really cool and fun to

Автор Chad Toots ( назад)
what a disgusting podcast...they talked about disgusting sea creatures for
2 hours....this guest couldn't be more boring!

Автор fdask2007 ( назад)
joe is a guacamole bear! :D

Автор LJRC ( назад)
really like i give a fuck about anyones life now that no women has had my
child after i die at 22 and dont get any real money fuck this shit... dont
tell me that shit dog that you dont need to proc reate in order to be
productive memeber of society I AINT GOT SHIT TO LIVE FOR NOW BRA

Автор chip chap ( назад)
why dont we see the whole youtube vids they are talking about anymore? its

Автор BlackSymphony12 ( назад)
that was awesome

Автор Er C ( назад)
Boring one. Sorry, love Rogan, but this one was a snoozer.

Автор Rob Cala ( назад)
Great podcast this guy is interesting can keep up with Joe in conversation.

Автор myPAINisSELFchosen85 ( назад)
He is the angriest gamer yoy's ever heard... he's the angry nintend-yoy

Автор daddyx7 ( назад)
Aren't enough great whites... 

Автор Noah Emerick ( назад)
Rogan the pseudo-outdoorsman

Автор Ryan SH ( назад)
V interesting. Big fan of the kinda people he's getting in. I like that
they're into what Joe is into, but I'd like to see some more
women/creative/international guests!

Автор oneils ( назад)
Great episode

Автор Tim Anderson ( назад)

Автор Aufek ( назад)
To answer your question, I have found that generally people of non American
culture do not like root beer.

Автор Daniel B ( назад)
thank you. this is an interesting and informative podcast

Автор Daniel B ( назад)
bread. bread is sweetened here

Автор jay bueno ( назад)
"thats why you dont have more than five kids" lololol classic

Автор Robert Podobinski ( назад)
duck lord

Автор Grey Fox ( назад)
i loved this podcast, its quite interesting Keep up JOE ..

Автор 0010O01 ( назад)
don't give a shit about your squirrels nigga! GTFO

Автор jonathan snyder ( назад)
This was such an interesting podcast. I've been a lurking fan of Shaw for a
few years now. I also grew up fishing and didn't start hunting until I was
almost 30. Thanks to him and Rinella I use game as an introduction into
cooking. If it's something I buy from the store I just dont get that
interested in how it's cooked, but if I gather it myself I take extra care
with it and find the best ways to cook and experience the meat. Now if I
could just find a reliable place to learn how to hunt for mushrooms!

Автор Malik Sucks Ass ( назад)
Ground-nesting birds mentioned at 29:47! For a while, I thought Joe had
forsaken his fine feathered friends.

Автор occupynewparadigm ( назад)
These are some of the most interesting men in the world. All polymaths.
Brian May, Noam Chomsky, James Ephraim Lovelock, Stephen Wolfram, Eric
Lander, Viggo Mortensen, Sir Jonathan Wolfe Miller, Douglas Hofstadter,
Murray Gell-Mann, and F. Story Musgrave. Get one of these guys on the show.
Lets go deep. Personally I think Brian May would be Joe's favorite guest of
all time. Lead guitarist of Queen and astrophysicist who wrote his thesis
on stardust.

Автор K Kangas ( назад)
haha dude I'm an urban liberal and I love squirrel and shark, wtf r u
goofballs talking about?

Автор arc1342 ( назад)
fucking great!!! talking about fish for 2 hours

Автор 2DNoodles ( назад)
Cheese in a spraycan.. to us europeans that stuff is disgusting.. dont know
how you Americans eat that..

Автор Christian Hernandez ( назад)
Guest list :
the rock
Kevin hart
Hamilton Morris
Joe you love talking about excellence and flow state but no one does it
better than this kid. Check him out!!

Автор GlockWiseSB ( назад)
the parasite (horsehair) doesn't "rewire the brain" it dehydrates the
animal until it drowns - if I'm not mistaking... because a LOT of parasites
cause animals to get very thirsty and drown in water.

Автор BenBuzzinGrowse ( назад)
Joe knows so much but yet so little. Didn't know what Rose hips look like I
used to pick them as a kid. On the James Hetfield episode he didn't know
butterfly's pollinate hahaha Time to get out of the concrete jungle and
learn about the basics Joe.

Автор mo paiaina ( назад)
get Dave Rubin on. Better yet get Rubin & Ben Shapiro on together to
discuss a legit moderate 3rd party.

Автор razorback0z ( назад)
Sigh.... polar bears are one of the few large mammals found roughly in
their original habitat and in roughly their original numbers. That is a
quote from the WWF. So please enough with the disappearing polar bear
myths. Look it up FFS.

Автор Aaron ( назад)
San Francisco is NOT Northern California. It is almost geographically
center of California. Its not the cultural center of northern Cali either
(although the culture is different than LA) The culture of true Northern
Cali is very different than the SF Bay area.

Автор kalshnikovkid ( назад)
I enjoyed this podcast! =)

Автор MrWarxhe ( назад)
Get the Diaz Bros on there man!!! Please!!!

Автор Ben Aasen ( назад)
Shout out to North Dakota!!!! What What!!

Автор k ( назад)
Get Dylann Roof on the podcast

Автор Jon Snow ( назад)
I am surprised Joe didn't know what is rose hips. I drink rose hips tea
since I was a kid and is very well known.

Автор S. Smythe ( назад)

Автор Peter R ( назад)
46:11 Porra

Автор GTS4tw ( назад)
Steak and mashed potatoes are American food now!?? Damn.

Автор Harrison Gooch ( назад)
this guys got such a relaxing voice like my god, I can smell the weed in
his voice

Автор byrdman360 ( назад)
Joe has the discussions I want to have.

Автор Emre Mazursky ( назад)
the last of us. anyone?

Автор James Dean ( назад)
Yo, wheres the pussy! 2016 motherfuckers, I'm here now. Soon to disappear!

Автор Rick Hatch ( назад)
How about Paul Stamets on the JRE?

Автор vDuckers ( назад)
Some of these guests can be so boring they put you to sleep.

Автор Chris Time ( назад)
It's a rare land lmao

Автор Pete De ( назад)
Squires eat baby birds to.

Автор Hawaiian Ryan ( назад)
Hell yes we Hawaiian's eat them!!! (marlin)

Автор Wise Mantis ( назад)
🤔 Joe looks related to Trump in this podcast.

Автор Frank A ( назад)
good one

Автор The Jesus ( назад)
I'm a retired chef { 2nd generation } I used to tell my cooks " It's all
poop tomorrow "

Автор Zzyzzyzzs ( назад)
I appreciate the sentiments made about game hunting and fishing, but Hank
and Joe are a little misguided. When people say that we shouldn't fish
sharks, it isn't because we love them more or whatever, it's because we
understand their biology well. Sharks are naturally long-lived, with
delayed maturity and low fecundity. Putting lots of fishing pressure on
them means removing all the childbearing individuals, with none left to
keep breeding stable. Only keeping males isn't a good strategy either, all
it does is imbalance the population.
Hank is also fundamentally misunderstanding the meaning of the lUCN. Yes,
it weighs whether species are threatened or not, but that's on a global
scale. The right metric to use when weighing up commercial exploitation is
the CITES index, which will tell you that many shark species, while still
reasonably common on a global level, are vulnerable to over-exploitation
and should therefore not be harvested.
Meanwhile, it's even more important to consider what goes on at a local
level. Checking an international listing is of no use when the species is
going to collapse or go extinct locally. And with sharks that can happen
incredibly quickly. In the wake of a ban on commercial shark fishing (we
call it flake here), the fishermen turned to the spiny dogfish as an
alternative because it commonly showed up in nets as by-catch. But within
10 years the dogfish was close to collapse because people started targeting
them specifically and couldn't understand that even this small shark could
live for 60-80 years.
The pattern is these things appear common, right up until the population
collapses. So encouraging more people to go out and catch their quota just
because something appears common isn't good advice, and it certainly isn't
good to tar everyone who stands against it as over-sensitive and emotional.
I'm not an animal rights/vegan person and indeed l loved eating flake, but
as soon as l figured out it wasn't sustainable based on fisheries data, l
stopped buying it.

Автор Baba Booey ( назад)
hunting and factory farming are the same thing! come on joe. youre in
denial! elitist and pretentious Joe. You live in the second largest city in
the US! LOL

Автор Chicago Bears Superfan 5 ( назад)
Great episode

Автор Jordan Browne ( назад)
Get cowboy back on or Novitzky

Автор Chris Young ( назад)
the red spots on the catfish....I've pulled the same thing in Utah lake.

Автор Myera TV ( назад)
got to 1:27:41 and I'm bowing out. Can't watch this one no more. Not sure
who/what this guy even is after almost 2 hours. Hate to say it

Автор mastrbutcher ( назад)
Ignore these tender footed sissies joe More hunting!

Автор Jonathan Laine ( назад)
There are cougars and coyotes popping up on an island in the PNW.

Автор Toxis ( назад)
1:33:05 - what is an american food that other people say it's gross? Where
do I start? Peanut butter jelly sandwiches - wtf?! All the sugar lumps you
eat for breakfast. Deep fried butter.. or is that one scottish?:) Ah, no,
deep fried mars bar is a scottish thing:). I don't get the obsession with
bacon, but that might be just me. Your obsession with milk and guns and
stealing oil from sand nations...

Автор Brad Lancaster ( назад)
I'm at around 12:38 and I hope they start discussing rose hip wine, mighty
fine time.

Автор Nick Kuether ( назад)
Fuck you jaimie. Put stuff on the screen longer. Stop using shitty apple
computers as well.

Автор M Gran ( назад)

Автор Kokainuser ( назад)
Get Jason Genova on the podcast.

Автор amberdam ( назад)

Автор newton2013 ( назад)
Youtube is farked up. When I try to share a show- it shares the show before
it. wtf youtube. Even when cutting and pasting the James Hetfield link- it
links to this video.

Автор Carlos R. Martin Toledo ( назад)
I live in Puerto Rico and the first fish I ever tried was Marlin and it was
absolutely delicious, a lot of fiber in that meat, sucks that they are
illegal to eat now

Автор Stephen Fegan ( назад)
Billy Connolly or Sadhguru... Thank you, please 😳

Автор nick s ( назад)
Lol like racing stripes on one of those tricked out sports cars like a
Nissan Maxima! Loool...

Автор Myera TV ( назад)
27:37 powerfully stupid Hank Shaw

Автор Anthony Lopez ( назад)
get Jesus Christ after his birthday nextweek

Автор MrVideoyoulike ( назад)
There is a chinese resturant in Los Angeles that has a 12 course python

Автор BARNEY ( назад)

Автор vincent benavides ( назад)
can you explain how you field dress a Deer so it doesn't taste "gamey".we
gut and skin as soon as possible. others leave the skin on what is your

Автор SurrealiS ( назад)
There's a Stephen King book about the "twin absorbing twin in the womb"
phenomena called "The Dark Half" , it's not bad.........and my dad would
have Completely agreed about the squirrels are "tree rats with good
PR".........saw him drop one from about 200+yds with a .22 , I couldn't
even "glass him" (sry YMH reference!!) until he dropped out of the
tree....when I saw him falling.

Автор Chadasana Yoga ( назад)
Joe you need to get David Seaman back on ASAP.....

Автор LordKira ( назад)
I'd practically eat anything but human if I'm in a deserted island
dog, shark, whale, I don't give a fuck
the only problem is, the animals listed above has far better chance at
eating me than I eat them
fuck I'm weak as hell

Автор OOUGGE ( назад)

Автор CHRIS LANDRY ( назад)
Hunters and fishermen are scum. F this guy.

Автор Draw Mix Paint ( назад)
Hey Joe, you misunderstand the double slit experiment. The results are
proven to be unaffected by whether or not you "turn on" the detector (take
a measurement).

In fact they have now run the double slit experiment where the measurement
is taken after the photon has already passed through the detector (but
before the photon reaches the wall where the wave pattern will show or not
show). So therefore the photon (or particle) would be required to "go back
in time" and change its' behavior based on whether or not you observed it.
What is really crazy is that if you use a galaxy 5 billion light years away
as your light source, and place a gravitational lense (like a black
hole)between it and the earth - such that the photon has a 50-50 chance of
going to the left or right of the black hole. Then you could run this
experiment so that the photon would have to change its' course (5 billion
years ago)based on something that would happen 5 billion years in its the
future. I am pretty sure that 99% of physicists would agree that this is
how the experiment would go down.

I can explain it better if you would like me to. Once you understand the
implications of this, it truly is perhaps the most mind warping thing we
can observe in our "reality".

Автор hey 1 ( назад)
get sam hyde on the podcast

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