Exxxotica "Angela Summers"

http://www.A3Network.com. Angela Summers At Exxxotica! EXXXOTICA Miami Beach, presented by HotMovies.com, celebrated love and sex, and the six-year expo has become a staple in the SoBe community. Thousands of returning fans and first time attendees flocked to the convention center despite the high temperatures and impending rapture. Leading national and local media reported from the expo floor, documenting EXXXOTICA's wide range of seminars, stage shows, contests, exhibitors and adult stars. The media and fan consensus labeled the fan expo as an immense triumph and a rousing success.

"EXXXOTICA continues to improve every year, and as a result, we experience overwhelming support from the community of Miami," said J. Handy, Director of Victory Tradeshow Management. "An increased female focus of attractions made for a much higher percentage of women this year. We spoke with as many female and male attendees as possible, and the feedback was extremely positive. Thank you to all the sponsors and exhibitors who contributed to the overall success of the show. We are looking forward to our next stop, EXXXOTICA Chicago."

MiamiBeach411.com states that the fan experience was even better at the 2011 expo. Matt Meltzer of the popular South Beach website wrote, "EXXXOTICA is one of the most accessible, carefree, fun events that comes to South Florida every year. Because much like the [adult] industry itself, EXXXOTICA doesn't take itself too seriously and just wants people to have a good time. And as long as the good folks who run it maintain that attitude, they'll always be welcome in South Florida."

"A walk on the wild side," is what Miami's CBS 4 called EXXXOTICA in its news segment from the convention. The popular piece ran 12 times, while focusing on all the expo offered to fans, from videos and gadgets to celebrities. "People loving love!"

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