New Airfield 1400mm Zero FMS RC Airplane Flight Review

We just got in the new Airfield 1400mm Zero. This new 1400mm Zero has a new color scheme. For any questions or comments please leave a comment in the comment box below.

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Автор RC Menzinger Agrar&Bau ( назад)
It seems very fast! Very nice model!

Автор joepatricolo ( назад)
What scale would that be? 1/6?

Автор 王崇智 ( назад)
War thunder!!!!

Автор JohnnyJTav ( назад)
Very Nice!

Автор Anthony “Blitzkrieg” Gennello ( назад)
The plane flies like perfection. Landing on grass proves futile. 

Автор Lewis Maker ( назад)
Well it's a navy model of the Zero. That isn't a bomb it's a fuel tank.
Flying over oceans for long distances you need more fuel. The green version
has a bomb that's why it has fins on it. The army model. But I like the
quality of Airfield. And if Dynam doesn't come out with a Zero of thier own
in the next year (2015) I'm going to have to get this plane.

Автор Gum Monster ( назад)
This plane is awesome =D 

Автор nauzar88 ( назад)
how much include postage to Malaysia?

Автор james ( назад)
Is this for 1400mm or 1450?

Автор scimitar4211 ( назад)
what transmitter is that?

Автор maxsmodels ( назад)
I just got one. I hope it all goes well.

Автор bou pisey ( назад)
how much?i want to buy

Автор Mister Jujubes ( назад)
Ugly color scheme, won't look good or visible in the sky.

Автор posjoey ( назад)
parkzone or fms?

Автор Mike Mchale ( назад)
Nice job........

Автор JeffGR4 ( назад)
Tony of Nitroplanes is an excellent presenter, and Airfield's second
product line of the Zero fighter is gorgeous!

Автор JeffGR4 ( назад)
A6M2 with the color scheme of 1940 through 1942.

Автор Khairul Hizrin (FizzyBoy) ( назад)

Автор jack reacher ( назад)
should have added folding wing tips because this is the a6m2....com on

Автор SouthernAlp Phil ( назад)
I saw one of these in person today, a really nice model. The continuous
shooting of the stills camera at 11.58 - 12.07 and in other spots sounds a
bit like machine guns firing, LOL. nice.

Автор Jack Mann ( назад)
This model is the A6M2 model-21 the earlier version of the Green one A6M5
model-52 which had a more powerful engine and uprated armament. Light Grey
painted aircraft operated mostly from aircraft carriers. . Green panted
planes were land based planes. The Model A6M2-21 was the type used in the
attack on Peal Harbour.

Автор clinton gillmore ( назад)
More nitro builds and out of box reviews

Автор max ( назад)
How much

Автор William Backes ( назад)

Автор William Backes ( назад)

Автор pantanakarn somboon ( назад)
is that a6m2?

Автор eclipser2004 ( назад)
Nice plane. Looks like a stable flyer. Might be more stable than the real

Автор William Lee ( назад)
not boy *buy* 

Автор William Lee ( назад)
I want to boy 1 but my mum wants to know how much it costs 

Автор Carlos Diaz ( назад)
a japanese in usa showing a plane made in china.. o.O 

Автор TheShiphoo ( назад)
I wasnt done with the intro Subscribed

Автор Adriano Lius ( назад)
Hello Friends, I would like to know if you send to Brazil, and comes
complete as I saw on another site that are not sending along the batteries.
What is the cheapest way to send? Buying two model airplanes freight is
more expensive? has discount? I like this model A6M Zero and a p40 I await
response. Adriano, SP / Brazil 

Автор konstantinosgko ( назад)
which model is the helicopter that u have to your left hand side?? 

Автор eclipser2004 ( назад)
All my FMS warbirds are tail heavy out od the box. P-51D, Bf-109
(unflyable), and the Zero (not as bad). I check RC Groups and RC Universe
before I fly them.

Автор sherwin leggett ( назад)
of course the pilots scared. he realized hes flying against the U.S. pilots

Автор Arthezius ( назад)
Why am I not doing this?

Автор Thuribles ( назад)
Nice Zero. I haven't flown mine yet, but it's much smaller than this one.

Автор KustomKulture1107187 ( назад)
Hiya, my bicycle has a flat tyre.

Автор ahoahoization ( назад)

Автор Ip Paul ( назад)
Very good video, thank you so much for preparation of this video , i enjoy
it so much. 

Автор John O ( назад)
I swear, there should have bullets in ths and air competitions, behind
guarded glass ofcourse lol

Автор 2010THEDRAGON ( назад)
Its the Navy version of the Zero. 

Автор James Evans ( назад)
Nice plane and the pilot handled it very well.

Автор tsmgguy ( назад)
And, of course, there's no tail hook. I ended up ordering from Banana Hobby
as Nitroplanes never seems to have it in stock. The aircraft went together
easily and everything on my RTF version worked properly. The only problem
was that the cowling shown on this version was not included. Instead, the
cowl was for the earlier green aircraft which is different. No big deal,
but if you want the cowling shown it's an extra $35. 

Автор cyphertek ( назад)
It is a nice looking type 21 (A6M2) of IJN Akagi, flown by Shigeru Itaya
who lead fighter groups, but the wing 20mm canon should be just holes
without extended barrels. But still very nice looking RC Zero!!

Автор tsmgguy ( назад)
Would love to have one, but this is sold out, like so many things on the
Nitroplanes web site. It's like there was a short initial production run of
these, but they are never to be available again. 

Автор tsmgguy ( назад)
The new color scheme includes a redesigned cowling. The model is now very
close to the A6M2-21 Zero as it operated off of the IJN Akagi at Pearl
Harbor. The bomob on the older version is now a more correct drop tank.
VERY nicely done offering and video. Thanks!

Автор Paulo Rodrigues ( назад)
Hi, you've test flown both zero, the olde and the new scheme, which one is
nicer to fly, and be seen on the air?

Автор Kallum ( назад)
What stuff do you recommend using for this eg transmitter and battery

Автор Paulo Rodrigues ( назад)
Is it already available?...flight wise, which one do you advise, this
colour scheme AM62 ou the green on AM63? cheer

Автор CEPHALEXIN323 ( назад)
Hey I recognize the park its in rosemead

Автор Daniel Arnold ( назад)
How much are one of these?

Автор bzzymatt ( назад)
The reason the cowling is different on this one is because this is a
different type of zero. This one in particular is a Mitsubishi A6M2 "ZEKE"
and the paint job is excellent. most Japanese zeros you see in the movies
would be pearl white, but the actual color was a brownish white
color....almost like aged concrete. Love the plane and I hope to see it on
the market soon!!! I really want one!!!!

Автор maxsmodels ( назад)
I love the early war scheme (Pearl Harbor, Coral Sea, Midway). Easier to
see and historically more significant.

Автор nitroplanes ( назад)
@NubsLucky At the moment we have no updated ETA on the item, when we have
any updates we will post it on the website or on our Facebook page. 

Автор Ken Thomas ( назад)
Any news on availability on the new Zero? Also, any news on any possible
design change(s) that might be made to the new model (specifically the
horizontal / vertical stabilisers). Cheers! Love the video!

Автор brushless55 ( назад)
Great review and the camera work is really good out in the field! 

Автор RockIslandguy ( назад)
I just looked on the website for this color scheme and could not find it. I
would like to get this color because I am not a fan of the green.

Автор jason kunze ( назад)
I purchased the stuka from nitro planes and that one also like this one has
screw on props. Now how come I had to convert to the 2 blade because the
props kept flying off in flight? Will i have this problem with the zero? 

Автор Rcflyyer1 ( назад)
when will this be in stock? I wanna Zero but I can't wait anymore for the
white one.

Автор Michael Seeliger ( назад)
Trying to make a decision on which Airfield to purchase: Zero, Corsair or
the P-51. I like all of them. I'm leaning towards the Zero as it looks like
the easiest to fly. I'll be moving up from a T-28.

Автор kindredspirit ( назад)
Awsome plane, I want one! But have till after christmas.

Автор Smiffew ( назад)
@letzteschlact2 and then midget submarines, and a DIY Wheeler Field kit,
and then you would need 100 acres of land and water just to do RC, but that
would be awesome especially with FPV.

Автор Smiffew ( назад)
@letzteschlact2 The green colour scheme on zero's meant they were land
based, they greyish-beige was the naval colour scheme, so the ones at pearl
harbour would have looked like this. Now they just need to get Aichi D3A's
and Nakajima B5N's.

Автор Jasper Middelbos ( назад)
I like the plane even more now, the color scheme is much better! But why,
when Airfield made this improvements, didn't the make the tail wheel
retractable. This version seems to have rtw That's a shame with almost all
the Airfield 1.4m warbirds, only the Mustang (V4 and higher?) has got the
rtw, why not the other tailwheel planes? I realy think that's a pitty. When
there are improvements being made, please make the tail wheel retractable
too. Only when the real plane has rtw of course.

Автор mack sullivan ( назад)
@j4cko56 Tony is NOT giving this review for free, he is a paid employee of
Nitroplanes. Tony is a swell guy and a good pilot but he shows his naivety
when doing these reviews and constuctive criticism is in order.

Автор j4cko56 ( назад)
@datallc So they can use the correct terms, Tony is giving you this review
for free, he can call it what he damn well want to call it lol.

Автор mack sullivan ( назад)
@j4cko56 There's a lot of ww2 buffs who's interested in purchasing these
planes who knows all the correct terms. Otherwise you can call Retracts as
folding wheels and the canopy as the glass window thingies.

Автор j4cko56 ( назад)
@datallc Does it really matter? I'm not so sure it does...

Автор Larry Rhea ( назад)
Very nice classic color scheme love it

Автор mack sullivan ( назад)
Tony needs to brush up on military colours. Its JN grey/green. Also on the
P 40 review he described Olive drab as "brownish green. Also it doesnt come
with 4 propellers, it comes with 4 blades for a 3 bladed prop.

Автор ThatGuyWhoFanDubs ( назад)
Dear Santa..

Автор flyingm1 ( назад)
I really like the Airfield (FMS) planes-I have 3 others. Thanks for your
honesty Tony.

Автор KSU__EMAW ( назад)
@ibdtoolman No I didn't I'll check it out though.Thanks

Автор Arthur Chapman ( назад)
LOVE IT! That is my FAVORITE zero paint scheme. Its so classic. Now I need
to get my kid a 1400mm corsair so we can do some high flying fun!

Автор Trituri1337 ( назад)
Awesome plane, the high speed passes are badass! Very nice review Tony!

Автор Sam Quarles ( назад)
When will it be available????

Автор anderman72 ( назад)
Awesome plane!!!!

Автор ibdtoolman ( назад)
@roastedghost A little secret.... mineral spirits will soften the dried
glue if you ever need to remove the glued parts.

Автор ibdtoolman ( назад)
@7jsm7 Did you try PW-RC. Philip carries the FMS 1400mm parts.

Автор Alvaro Gonzalez ( назад)
I like this color scheme & it flies good. I saw a video of someone flying
the green scheme model & it flew very well. I also like the gear door mods.
When is Jeff doing a build video? Al 

Автор SuperAirsoft09 ( назад)
I see Gear door Problems already

Автор PatBALEX ( назад)
Nice review Tony..Good flying...The paint scheme on this one is for
carrier-based Zeros...The green ones are land-based..

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
Looks like a keeper.

Автор 2000S10V6 ( назад)
12:57....butt pliers!

Автор KSU__EMAW ( назад)
@furrytaco007 Yeah I know how you feel. I have the 1400mm P-47. I broke the
prop and spinner. That was almost exactly a month ago, and they still don't
have them in stock. That means they didn't ever order them back in stock.
I'm going to have to use the T-28 prop and spinner, which is fine but I did
like the 4 blade look and sound. Also on these planes, you should use a 60
amp ESC, it will work better than the stock 50 amp one.

Автор startazz ( назад)
Yeah nice one we got Tony doing the unboxing and flight reviews again ;-)
keep up the good work man and that is one sweet Zero with out any
doubts,just hope we don't have to wait to long before we see this one in
the UK or Europe ;-) thumbs up.

Автор e alejo ( назад)
I like the Zero but until nitro planes start carrying more replacement
parts, I will not buy another plane from them. Two months out of stock WTF.

Автор Hobbyandtech ( назад)
really nice / scale

Автор shylildude ( назад)
drop the hero get with the zero

Автор amsTsi ( назад)
i love zeros

Автор platterhof ( назад)
The camera man worths all the gold on Earth. Nice filming!

Автор leewaffe3 ( назад)
@SlyDawg951 no problem, WWII Aviation is my specialty :)

Автор wongikbing ( назад)
nice looking plane!

Автор mreid08 ( назад)
It would be nice if it had plastic thumb screws holding the wing on so it's
easier to assemble at the field. Those tiny screws will get lost, this is
the only reason I wont buy one, I am getting lazy now and dont feel like
messin with tiny screws.

Автор Dwayne Tipton ( назад)
Hey Tony, I have to say the color scheme on this one is better but would
rather see a torpedo than the drop tank like on the darker green one. I
miss the build vids so please keep up the great work .

Автор Mike Roy ( назад)
When is it available?

Автор HiAlphaHobby ( назад)
Deeply enjoy, the FUNN, flight review as always :) Awesome appearance as
well!! :D

Автор SlyDawg951 ( назад)
@SlyDawg951 Great Thanks for the information my friend

Автор leewaffe3 ( назад)
@SlyDawg951 Personally I prefer the A6M2 model because I think it looks
much nicer than the later model, plus it was the model that Saburo Sakai
shot down most of his 64 Kills in the war. Google Saburo Sakai and prepare
to be amazed at one man's amazing flying skill and determination. Although
he was the enemy he was an outstanding flyer, and that's why I admire him. 

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