Yugioh Anti Meta Stun deck

This is the deck I won my locals at Coolectors Mall in Owensboro Ky. It is the deck that I was running when the format changed back in March. Through this format I have been trying to find something I like better, Gadeget Stun, Chaos Stun, Machina Stun, X-Sabers..... Never found anything I really liked. So about 2 weeks ago I rebuilt this stye of Stun deck. Then shortly after I found out that this was close to the same as the deck that won the GenCon YCS.

I went X-1 in swiss, then won out the top 4. I beat Herald of Profection, Blackwings, Machina, X-Sabers, Gladiator Beast. My only lose came to BWs and two well timed Brain Controls.

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Автор Paris cruz ( назад)
U suck dude

Автор PsyhicPanda HS ( назад)
redneck yougioh player? ive seen every thing..

Автор Jonathan Rosas ( назад)
wheres z XYZ~? xD

Автор Κύριος Μαχαίρης ( назад)
anti meta is really meta right now

Автор uberbotz ( назад)
i just need to ask wat happens if u cant afford cards like doomcal, thunder
king, fossil dyna?

Автор maddysdaddy12 ( назад)
@curveballz101 This video is from a year ago. Its 2 formats old.

Автор D Streater ( назад)
heavy storm is band now

Автор Melchisedec1234 ( назад)
try skill drain and 3 trap stun, works well for a guy at my locals

Автор YugiohDueling1 ( назад)
i had a playset of SJCS ultra doomcals, til a guy stole two

Автор wizardx18 ( назад)
lol ichigo

Автор waspjerk1 ( назад)
sell me 2 doomcals plz lol

Автор maddysdaddy12 ( назад)
@Kazir24 I keep a lot of back row, and Gorz was dead a lot.

Автор maddysdaddy12 ( назад)
@911PROFROG Didnt have the room. I do have 2x sided for a match up when I
think I need them.

Автор maddysdaddy12 ( назад)
@911PROFROG I had been running it. I found Burden to be a bad draw. It is
great if I open it.

Автор maddysdaddy12 ( назад)
@Keepingitreal141 Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo, Secret Rare from LODT. "Neither
Player can Special Summon Monsters. When this card is flipped face-up,
destroy all Special Summoned Monsters on the field. 1200atk 1300 def.

Автор Keepingitreal141 ( назад)
i can hardly here you what was the name of the card at 2:47

Автор TheBlazeJp ( назад)
My decks similar to this except i only run 1 DD, 3 Fossil dynas, And i run
3 Burden of the mightys to help out banishers/dynas and they combo with
King tiger just rapes :)

Автор maddysdaddy12 ( назад)
@purplemist24 It is a Bleach TCG card that I used along with a token that I
got out of a tin.

Автор maddysdaddy12 ( назад)
@dmann0010 I will be back in that area in Sept. Not sure if I will be able
to make any of the tournys.

Автор Heroduothecomedian ( назад)
awesome deck,we kentuckyens have to stick together xD

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