Joe Rogan Experience #890 - Fight Breakdown

Joe sits down with Eddie Bravo & Brendan Schaub to discuss upcoming fights in MMA.

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Автор John Smith ( назад)
Eddie Bravo is the smartest person in that room.

Автор Marty Mcfly ( назад)
I feel like I can relate to Eddie Bravo like 99% of the time. The man
speaks sense!!

Автор pinche mariwano ( назад)
triple h wtf Eddie lol fucking troll

Автор Eiki Guðmundsson ( назад)
Gesus Kryst. I am from a country without a military and I know more about
your most major war(Korea) since WW2. And you guys are the intelligent ones
(U.S. citizens)

Автор Michael Lee Ack ( назад)
The Ron White story had me in tears

Автор Asparuh Ivanov ( назад)
The podcast would be so much better without Eddie Bravo talking dumb shit
all the time.

Автор Sinisterage ( назад)
Brendon is convinced that he is 16 years old. He is CONSTANTLY talking
about "My generation." Nigga you are 33 years old. You are not 16. You were
born in the fucking 80s. You are absolutely not part of the current youth
generation, you fucking half a retard. You are literally an old man to
young people. You might as well be 176 years old.

Автор Sinisterage ( назад)
Eddie Bravo might be one of the least intelligent, most belligerent,
ignorant, diluted motherfuckers walking this planet. He is absolutely
insufferable. I really wish Joe would stop inviting him. The show would be
so much better without him.

Автор Austin Brown ( назад)
took wayyy to long to get to the fights. lol

Автор Saiga762x39mm AK47 ( назад)
1:37:00 I fucking love EDDIE BRAVO. AJ-IW all day!

Автор Kurt Adams ( назад)
it's strange watching this after Rhonda rousey got her ass handed to her

Автор Andrew Saldate ( назад)
that left hook from Rhode Island laugh out loud

Автор Kimberle Salter ( назад)
joe: he's a really good guy.
brendan: is he out of prison?


Автор M ( назад)
Rhonda wasn't focused lol

Автор MaxVG Vapes (Chouse) ( назад)
I'm just a nobody from nowhere, but I wish I could be a regular on your
show just to call the bullshit. btw even if you solve the logistic problems
of the hyperloop and the thermal problems with expansion and contraction of
a rigid metal tube over such a long distance, you'd still have the problem
with how vulnerable the hyperloop is in design. If anything punctures that
vacuum it'll send a massive air collum down the tube at incredible speed
and crush the passenger vessels. And any crazy asshole could shoot at the
tube to create a breach. And if you ever want to know more about vaping
(since you mentioned it) I'd be glad to fill you in. The royal college of
physicians released a 206 page report called "Nicotine without smoke,
tobacco harm reduction" last year. Research has shown that because of the
lack of combustion and chemicals like those found in cigarettes, Vaping is
95% less harmful for you. Anything you read about popcorn lung and Vaping
is bullshit, there's more diacetly present in cigarette smoke. And there's
a handful of ingredients used to make eliquid which are used across a huge
range of consumer products and medicine. Propylene glycol, Vegetable
glycerine, food grade flavoring, and sometimes nicotine from concentrate.

Автор TheRooster2012 ( назад)
and ribeye...

Автор bryan cuevas ( назад)
i like eddie but he is a bit loony

Автор Jon Mattingly ( назад)
lol joe and his old man glasses

Автор florbgorp ( назад)
Have Alex Jones on you fuck

Автор Noah Price ( назад)


Автор luke rogers ( назад)
Crunkshaw, excuse me sir.

Автор Jessie James ( назад)
the killer whale video is fake

Автор Jessie James ( назад)
Roosters are racist. Everyone knows that

Автор Rawdiswar ( назад)
I feel like Eddie Bravo and I would get along really well.

Автор John Demsay ( назад)
I don't know shit about MMA, but this show was interresting as fuck !!!!

Автор CE PASa! ( назад)
Hustling alpacas!!! Brendan!!!!! needs to be put on a tee shirt!!!

Автор jlrockafella ( назад)
@02:24:00 boy were they wrong lol

Автор MrMojo13ification ( назад)
ffs eddie is right about the fake news. its so they can censor alternate
media putting out anything true.

Автор MrMojo13ification ( назад)
Joe's wife sucked off a stripper dude haha

Автор C Gree ( назад)
Did Joe just say Michael Page got exposed because he didn't get a knockout?

Автор heated up julian ( назад)
How old Joe is when 10 000 podcast comes out?

Автор Douglas Macdougall ( назад)
I think Ronda will be knocked out early in the first round.

Автор FAGBABY WHAT ( назад)
Eddie for president, making the rogan with his "wild out of the
box-thinking" look like a sheep yet again

Автор Tony Kovachev ( назад)
Eddie "They're goin' China style" Bravo

Автор Master Exploder ( назад)
conspiracy theorist without proof. why do you keep having this guy on your
show. he constantly, consistently says shit to ruffle feathers and
illlogically spouts bullshit.. smh

Автор 12733s ( назад)
its amazing how little 3 middle aged men know about history, them talking
about the korean war made me cringe

Автор Darragh O'Sullivan ( назад)
Joe talking about coyotes, theres literally nothing he cant give an
educated insight into in some way!

Автор Aaron Bruce ( назад)
I made it half way through...I deserve a purple heart

Автор Aaron Bruce ( назад)
you jokers are soo rural/ag illiterate....Jesus frigging Christ...you guys
need stranded in real America for a decade or so

Автор Marc G ( назад)
When you guys bring up a video clip, I wish you would leave it up longer
instead of showing it for 2 seconds and then taking it away.

Автор Mr Billings ( назад)
Schaub has a good haircut for traveling in tubes...

Автор ukyfug ( назад)
Fog horn leg horn is racist????????? Schaub voted for Clinton

Автор Scott Fawcus ( назад)
girls go crazy at male strippers.... I have seen some fellas go all the way
- queing up to fuck strippers in the back room but you ain't gonna see that
in spearmint rhinos son... maybe Europe is a bit more 'liberal' lol

Автор Savage Savant ( назад)
Fog-horn leg-horn was NOT a racist.
He said "I, say cum'er Boi"....to those animals younger than him.

Автор ArkastorSS ( назад)
Brendan "he's more athletic" Schaub

Автор JokerCirca66 ( назад)
Brendan has such a one track personality, you could cut and paste him into
like any JRE and he seems 100% the same, he can be really funny but Damn
I'm tired of him and Joe going back and forth on fighters, first they
disagree than they find common ground before both exaggerating the
unbelievable skill of the fighter and than moving on.

Автор JokerCirca66 ( назад)
Are you fuckers crazy, any soda out of a fountain is the best form of that
soda. Same as beer from the tap at a bar, it's smoother and crisper, why do
you think every fast food place sells Coke that way? Stick to your
knowledge on healthy topics ya fucks.

Автор Piss von Pot ( назад)

Автор Adam B ( назад)
Hilarious to hear them talk about the era of enlightenment we live in due
to Google and smartphones, where even "rural people" can educate
themselves, yet seconds later nobody knows when Korean war happened and why
exactly. "Well I dunno, it was prolly fucked up!"

Автор Cisco Cabs ( назад)
eddie don`t like schaub

Автор BuddhamanJB ( назад)
Eddie Bravo saying Breibart and Info Wars are the real news. What a fucking

Автор Juan Vazquez ( назад)
Hard ass... Sports.. Lol

Автор L X Flowers ( назад)
Love listening to all 4 you guys together only one missing is uncle Joey ❤️

Автор Brad ( назад)
I don't think they gave Eddie Bravo enough credit for his fart sucking seat

Автор al zolez ( назад)
Showing lomachenko some love. Dude is a beast and deserves attention

Автор USNA2008 ( назад)
3:33:20 Yeah...Zoroastrian Pahlevani. Good try Uncle Joe. Persians have
practiced that religion since before Muhammad was told by an angel to take
a prepubescent child as his bride.

Why does Eddie Bravo seem like a dude that would fuck you over, and then
get mad if you called him on it.

Автор johnny12796 ( назад)
Skip to 1:30:00 for conspiracy talk

Zakk Wylde had that crazy ass viking beard. I don't know if he cut it. But
that shit was gnarly. Then you've got Rob Zombie. Also Alan Moore

Автор Jacob “THE MUNTED ONE” Clark ( назад)
Can someone give a reason why Joe Rogan wasn't a fighter. I don't just mean
the ufc, I mean has he ever been in a mixed martial art fights/competitions
professionally. He is an amazing fighter and I feel like it is weird that
he has never fought professionally.

Автор Vebjorn A ( назад)
Why not use 2 hour weigh-ins to stop the weighcutting?

Автор Paul Capo ( назад)
How long after the live shows are they uploaded to Youtube?

Автор lovetownsend ( назад)
They should get multiple organizations of MMA, UFC isn't a sport, MMA is.
If we had like 4 or 5 organizations and they came together for an MMA world
tournament (kinda like dbz :p) they'd be huge for everybody. Throw
wildcards in there too!

Автор BlitzkriegRap ( назад)
Cro Cop won RIZIN!! 42 years old LEGEND!!

Автор max bean ( назад)
I love Eddie Bravo but damn has he gone down a rabbit hole with his total
conspiracy bollocks

Автор Viktor Varga ( назад)
You didn't comment on Cro COP vs KING MO.
Cro COP won RIZIN 4 tournament.

Автор themondoshow ( назад)
If you skipped the political conspiracy talk you're a pussy

Автор MrROKinROK ( назад)
2:16:54 "100%" according to BS
2:17:20 The actual facts.
This happens quite often.
Rogan may have lost Goldie for UFC but he's got Schaub for JRE.

Автор Ronald Boer ( назад)
hahahaha funny shit

Автор Ronald Boer ( назад)
hahahaha marry christmas motherfuckerss :PPP

brandon with the gold watch and gucci shoes, promote your own brand son.

Автор discostoo ( назад)
On the plus side, we get to see either a rematch or Cruz v Lineker next.
Cody v Lineker would have been an absolute stand up war. One day...

Автор Cmd Ctrl ( назад)
Poor Eddie, he's surrounded by fucking morons.

Автор Osiris3344 ( назад)
"That was not a push, that was an assassination" LOL

Автор Cmd Ctrl ( назад)
Shout out to Brian Callen!!!!!

Even though are you a Cuck with shitty political opinions and grew up over
privileged and disconnected from the average working human which no doubt
drives your failed and blind political opinions; you are OUR Cuck and we
love your gay fucking face. <3


Автор flippyhambone ( назад)
OVERTON WINDOW. OVERTON WINDOW. fake news story scare tactics

Автор Alex Noonan ( назад)
honestly believe the one sided promotion was a win, win regardless because
ronda was what going to sell the fight regardless and now that nunes one
shes gonna be the next thing that everyone wants a piece everyones gonna
wanna know everything about her thus making your next superstar . . . i
also strongly believe that was taken into deep consideration and the ufc
and myself had no faith in winning that fight

Автор ediot6969 ( назад)
Love it when Joe asks Brendan... do you remember?
Pure silence... NO! He doesn't remember. He's not a student of the game, at

Автор Ben Abundance ( назад)
fuck brian

Автор Brant Charlow ( назад)
Honey dick in yo face!

Автор Dynamic Dan ( назад)
Brendan "No Crop" Schaub

Автор dope boyz ( назад)
shuab is very, very corrrect on his fighter analysing... puts rogan to
shame for sure..

Автор John Hotine ( назад)
people keep alpacas for their wool like sheep. you've never seen American
gangster? " that's five thousand dollar alpaca you blot that shit"!

Автор Tisah Thompson ( назад)
Joe Rogan is like one of my favorite people.... ❤ He's so funny... 😁

Автор Christopher1985er ( назад)
Joe you need to start talking about Michael Venom Page more. The guy is the
next Jon Jones.

Автор Lucien WMoon ( назад)
I love that Brian wasn't here for this. The fact that each topic could be
discussed without him filibustering over everyone is great. That guy is the

Автор bigbakaboon ( назад)
"if rousey doesn't strike with her and gets her on the ground she'll be

Oh man. Eddie called it. But in the wrong way.

Автор bboykixx ( назад)
lmao average person doesn't use tor and should also in order to get such
fake video you would have to be searching sites for it.. think how fake
celebrity sex tapes work.. click here to see xyz... no need to actually
have the video made just gotta see who wants to see said video doy

Автор Robert Rutger ( назад)
Funny how Eddie sees conspiracy in virtually everything but remains
completely oblivious as to why the major tv networks and media outlets
promote the homosexual lifestyle. Bottom line - it's a direct assault on
the 1st Amendment guarantee of freedom of religious worship and an attack
on the very foundations of western civilization. Like most people Eddie's
evidently been victimized by the bastions of political correctness to the
point of not even daring to question it.

Автор AssortedBerries ( назад)
Stop hating on Schaub cause his hair is better then yours

Автор Joey Kewitz ( назад)
I was wondering why this podcast was so much fun to listen to. then I
realized callen was missing

Автор David Diaz ( назад)
Eddie! I love you brother, but You may have a concussion.

Автор QBUBUU ( назад)
The lack of promo is a disservice to Amanda nunes

Автор Mo Sheik ( назад)
eddie's conspiracy shit is getting a bit monotonous and boring now

Автор Lill Erik ( назад)
Joe would get diaz brothers on the podcast but they want 20 milion.

Автор Probable Soliton ( назад)
joe joe joe when did rationalism turn into gulability.
You should listen to eddie more instead playing the mature middle line

Автор deadboys007 ( назад)
Great companion
I'd love it if joe schilling was there
Man of few words but adds to the MMA insight.. plus I've been wondering
about the street fight he was just in

Автор William Dalebout ( назад)
I love you Eddie

Автор Dustin Le ( назад)
lol eddie is way deep into that conspiracy theory rabbit hole

Автор Dale Alberts ( назад)
I so hope the monkey loses the title, but the lesbian bitch won.

Автор jibbagooch ( назад)
i bet eddie is hitting the bong when the camera is not on him

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