Jason Momoa Throws Axes with Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo

Jason throws axes at a target with Jimmy and Guillermo.

Hatchimals Rebrand Following Lawsuit https://youtu.be/mqDw4k1JdQY

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Jason Momoa Throws Axes with Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo

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Длительность: 3:34
Комментарии: 2260

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Автор Tronze Slew ( назад)
he looks so scary but i was wrong

Автор xamurai00 ( назад)
Sure hes not 100% Irish ?

Автор BlahBlahBlah Blah ( назад)
Dovakhin is that you ?

Автор Rob Depaz ( назад)
Now that's a man's man!

Автор yourboiifrance ( назад)
who else thought his grunt in 3:16 was too manly to handle

Автор Aaron Soto ( назад)
aquaman doesn't suck anymore

Автор Ezzad ( назад)
The moment when he threw the axe while grunting is the manliest thing i've ever heard.

Автор MLAA2 ( назад)
Jason is the type of guy that will kick your ass then take you to the hospital and pay for your medical bills while he helps you through physical therapy. Like damn you just got to love this man.

Автор Hulk Wolverine ( назад)
bulls eye

Автор nija baby ( назад)
This man is not human..... 😍

Автор Heidy Ellenore ( назад)
that grunt at the end.. my ovaries are doing the happy dance 😂

Автор Liu Fu Yo ( назад)
Steven Adams

Автор Savage Tiger ( назад)
I'd love to see a fight between Momoa and Chris Hemsworth

Автор TARE ( назад)
Where can one buy these axes?

Автор Tatiana Rivera ( назад)
How can one male specimen can be SO gosh darn sexy?!?!?!

Автор Emily Markley ( назад)

Автор Prosper Kelley ( назад)
home made axes of evil

Автор SE7EN1NE7ES ( назад)

Автор Charles Owens ( назад)
he is......the "New" most interesting man in the world.
"stay thirsty my friends"

Автор Azat Mkrtchian ( назад)
is it weird that i have a hard one right now

Автор MiguelJ 0727 ( назад)
Jason Momoa=Raider

Автор Laber Kadaver ( назад)
I love how there are mostly male and not female comments saying how hot this dude is xD

Автор Cynthia Ambali ( назад)
I would not let him pull out

Автор TheLegend27 ( назад)
3:15 that viking grunt though

Автор Chasper Jay ( назад)
His facials when he laughs are pricless

Автор WastedWombat ( назад)
He's so manly wtf! Hahaha

Автор I am Wanted ( назад)
He's seems so badass but such a nice chill down to earth guy at the same time

Автор allie winchester ( назад)
god he's so beautiful

Автор jobelle87 ( назад)
told my gf.. if I'm gonna sleep with a man.. it would be Jason Momoa

Автор ChillingLikeANarnian InNarnia ( назад)
I'm scared for Lisa bonet's vagina

Автор Chhetri Spencer ( назад)
Jason Momoa Is Soo F*kin Cool !!

Автор Llyd ap Dicter ( назад)
dude chugs Guinness while chucking axes the he makes himself. Like, WTF, man. How are we supposed to compete with that?

Автор Regan MacNeil ( назад)
Lmao at the comments section. Some really funny comments.

Автор Regan MacNeil ( назад)
Oh this guy. My ultimate fantasy.

Автор Lukas Morian ( назад)
He'll always be Ronon Dex to me

Автор John Smith ( назад)
I would definitely leave my wife alone in a room with him! My wife is German! She would kick his ass, get turned on after bludgeoning him and then rape me! Then we would go eat her famous home-cooked Fuhrmannsbraten!

Автор Rodrigo Cruz ( назад)
This guy behaves like a true conan. Producers must hire him for another go as the cimmerian. He is Barry Windsor Smith's Conan. Don't you agree?

Автор Welfaleno ( назад)
Guillermo couldn't stop clapping

Автор Sno H ( назад)
Omg his laughter 😂

Автор paloma Bastidas ( назад)
just listen to 3:13

Автор king rosario ( назад)
manliest man alive

Автор johnulcer ( назад)
Dude has zero charisma.

Автор 414MrMilwaukee ( назад)
Me: I can you can talk to fish

Автор Marcus McJelly ( назад)
He's so figity and awkward lol

Автор greenflower360 ( назад)
Clicks on this from Google goes back and YouTube is totally different

Автор Lian Lisondra ( назад)
I think I'm pregnant with twins

Автор Karan Tiwari ( назад)

Автор Rooy Topia ( назад)
Aquaman should meet Thor, they'll make good friends out of each other

Автор John Wick ( назад)
the number of cucks gathered here is OVER 9000!

Автор Lily ' ( назад)
I want him for Christmas

Автор Ryan Turner ( назад)
I have some more work to do on being manly. And I thought I was doing well for myself.

Автор Getaway 2000 ( назад)
First celebrity to protect his bodyguards...

Автор Adrianna Serna ( назад)
amazing muah

Автор Fadel A ( назад)
3:15 that scream tho, love it

Автор Venom Symbiote ( назад)
Imagine him being the next wolverine... that would make Hugh look like a pussy

Автор Sharell J ( назад)
I'm so jealous of Lisa Bonet. *sigh

Автор DeathStalker ( назад)
i wish he was my friend

Автор Pablo Garcia ( назад)
And I thought I was a man.....

Автор Shawn Sodhi ( назад)
Don't mess with Kahl Drogo

Автор Corey Williams ( назад)
him and nick offerman should do a woodworking And ax making crossover show where they do each others craft.they are Hollywood's manliest men.i want my cut!

Автор Bryan Truong ( назад)
Where's the fish Aquaman??? 😂😂😂

Автор Rodrigo Rodriguez ( назад)
All I could think of while watching this was: Badass

Автор Amarah Dodson ( назад)
Can you believe this dude is married to Lisa Bonet?!?

Автор Sascha Kalupke ( назад)
Isn't this Karl drogo?

Автор Mr.&Mrs. Villamizar ( назад)
i feel like he could take a nap with a pack of wolves

Автор Nicoplays MC ( назад)
That is a beautiful man

Автор D Money ( назад)
my God what a total badass

Автор ProfessorZoom ( назад)
Jason has an awesome laugh 2:03

Автор TrashWang Shabbaz ( назад)
That's how you pull all the girls to the yard

Автор Jildert R6 ( назад)
what series are they talking about ?

Автор WolfGamer211 ( назад)
dont give jason any axes at all and beer just in case something bad happens

Автор Jason Bean ( назад)
I can do that.

Автор donnaz vrede ( назад)
if Vikings existed today it would be this d8d

Автор Gaunjee Major ( назад)
he is adorable!

Автор Sarah Tani ( назад)
marry me please lol

Автор Sarah Tani ( назад)
he is actually so adorable

Автор aidiLkodel ( назад)
The "hiah" for the last axe

Автор Piotr Wyszkowski ( назад)
this dude is too awsome to be Aquaman

Автор Lord Frieza ( назад)
This guy looks a warrior man they chose a great guy to play aquaman

Автор Thierry Henry the legend ( назад)
most dangerous talkshow ever

Автор Jake Holm ( назад)
I can say I've hoped this man would get bigger roles since Stargate. Either way I think he'd kick Thors ass

Автор lairyleroy87 ( назад)
'That there bear is wearing people clothes'

Автор Billie Cresta ( назад)
I mean Daaaamn!

Автор Four Wheels & Testosterone ( назад)
Jason seems like such a cool dude !! I can't wait to see him as Aquaman

Автор Pipa123 niedy ( назад)

Автор Ivanna Rawff ( назад)
My man.

Автор Li Hongyang ( назад)
Actor version of Steven Adams

Автор Mind your buisness ( назад)
I read the title as "Throws axes AT Jimmy". Slightly disappointing.

Автор 2008kemal ( назад)
.. and he can talk to a fish!

Автор dat boi ohsht waddup ( назад)
i am slightly turned on

Автор Mya McCoy ( назад)
That growl though

Автор solidsnakeisme ( назад)
Teal' C can still kick his ass.

Автор Lik Daklit ( назад)
I should start doing this

Автор Michael Megelsh ( назад)
Frontier is a pretty paltry show. Underwhelming.

Автор Garrett Greene ( назад)
Throws homemade axes and drinks a tall Guinness in the process....

Автор Marky Potter ( назад)
He's great with trident too 💪

Автор Johnathn Cohen ( назад)
i think he would have made a perfecr spartan in 300

Автор metallifreak101 ( назад)
Did you guys hear that?? Every ovary popped in the first grunt...

Автор Prassy Venketesh ( назад)
I have a better beard, hair and body.

Автор jesus ferran ( назад)
But this guy isn't from Hawaii? Why he does norweigan/swediss staff?

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