Jason Momoa Throws Axes with Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo

Jason throws axes at a target with Jimmy and Guillermo.

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Jason Momoa Throws Axes with Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo

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Длительность: 3:34
Комментарии: 1831

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Автор nick valentino ( назад)
jason momoa is the most savage man in hollywood. hands down.

Автор Lioness Mummy ( назад)
My Lord he looks quite primitive doesn't he? Seems like a good guy. On a separate note, love me a good Guinness! I applaud his taste in beer!

Автор Antonello G Di Mattia ( назад)
Lulli? Certo che uno come questions​ non ti fà sentire affatto pulita, ti fà sentire mignotta. O magari te lo fá sentire da mignotta.

Автор Jason Moyle ( назад)
he was already drunk before he went on.

Автор Sam Ue ( назад)
Handsome Aquaman, looking forward to see how he will do his role!

Автор Jimmy Darmody ( назад)
He either has a pretty good sense of fashion or a good stylist.

Автор Kevin Bridges ( назад)
i didn't know Steven Adam got into acting

Автор Joakim Joakim ( назад)
they should make a god of war movie and he will be kratos

Автор Kevin Lebby ( назад)
That grunt he makes at 3:16....

Автор Natasha Klaarwater ( назад)
I had no idea how massive this man was....where have i been lol

Автор Anthony Chatto ( назад)
he's the coolest dude on the planet!

Автор Elle Oswald ( назад)
He's a funny dude

Автор jussanother2ool ( назад)
Should've kept him in Game of Thrones. If i ever wished to look like one dude.. It would be him lol

Автор Sandra Ariel ( назад)
His body and his personality seems like they belong to two different people omfg

Автор xander bartsch ( назад)
Hold my beer.. lemme just throw some custom axes on Jimmy Kimmel.

Автор MasterChris117 ( назад)
I need a bro like him!

Автор Thomas Finlay ( назад)
Oooo the drogo grunt

Автор Toby Pollett ( назад)
Honestly, I'm a doorman in St. Johns, Newfoundland on George Street and I hate seeing Mr. Mamoa performing like a trained seal for the Americans. I was privileged to host the man at my establishment.
The lad is solid, he can throw a hatchet, a fine skill.
He can fish a cod, bring the catch home, be gracious and decent in mixed company, respect his elders, understand the intricacies of the oldest European culture in North America, speak politely, not beat his own chest, respect aboriginals and do that all while filming a TV show and hollywood type movie.(Praiven I think it was called)
I really expected to hate the lad. My missus reads the yank tabloids and warned me to expect the worst. He actually seemed part of the working class here after a while. Big lad, shoulders like a sailor, legs like a rugby prop A respectable young b'y.

Автор Travis Padilla ( назад)
jason looks like the guy who really cool person to drink beer and throw Axe around at the same time picking up Chicks

Автор Idontknow Nothing ( назад)
this guy is so manly my dick curled into a vagina.

Автор drusilla Athens ( назад)
DAmn....*_*...How does Jason Momoa not make legions of women spontaneously pregnant on a global scale the second he leaves his house? He makes other men look like blocks of government cheese.

Автор Michael Datuin ( назад)

Автор IronKingify ( назад)
Damn.... throwing axes seems so manly and badass!

Автор HighFlyinAFGuy ( назад)
Ladies ovaries were popping left and right watching this video.

Автор Tapper The Notorious Punch Behind The Ear McRunner ( назад)
Banging my balls on a 16 year olds ass imagining I'm Jason Momoa.

Автор Emerson Simmons ( назад)
What every man should aspire to be.

A muscle mass of axe throwing awesomeness who drinks booze.

Автор JZY ( назад)
Jason Momoa the type to rob whoever tries to rob him

Автор Patak TheMightyDuck ( назад)
Definition of Badass

Автор David Garner ( назад)
He is a real man

Автор Rafael Artiga ( назад)
is Jason mamoa an alcoholic? i only ask because I'm an alcoholic and i recognize certain tendencies

Автор Tommy Berger ( назад)
Jason Mamoa is probably the most manliest man their can be.

Автор monsterbean1989 ( назад)
Jason Mamoa of Baywatch Hawaii

Автор Mario Mcmeans ( назад)
Can we do a reboot of Grizzly Adam?

Автор Marcus ( назад)
Khal Drogo!!

Автор Lucpac De ( назад)
oh my god this barbarish viking, scream at the last throw

Автор erbgorre ( назад)
just a guy with a beer, happy as can be :D

Автор David Crawford ( назад)
If this nigga don't get his manly ass to a gym

Автор Pedro Henrique Fonseca da Silva ( назад)
The laugh at 2:03 and the grunt at 3:16

Автор Effectious ( назад)
This guy needs an appearance next to Ragnar on Vikings.

Автор Dan Tisaianu ( назад)

Автор ben thoreson ( назад)
he seems like a chill dude. Hope his career continues to grow.

Автор Sammy05 ( назад)

Автор ItamarO93 ( назад)
The dude is real life Viking

Автор MadkittenzK ( назад)
I give you the manliest manly man of manson manland of mankingdom

Автор Mako3214 ( назад)
If I was Guinness, I would sponser the hell out of this guy.

Автор Joseph Cenal ( назад)
jason is of hawaiian ethnicity...

Автор nicki douglas ( назад)
that Kahl drogo grunt on his very last throw 😍😍😍

Автор àbõOdy ( назад)
he looks so nice and kind

Автор Manuel Polanco ( назад)
Fucken hell! Put the rest of us to shame.

Автор InkedGamerLaydee x ( назад)
I would let that man slam an axe at me any day of the week.

Автор Major Payne ( назад)
....hold ma beer!!!

Автор James Dooling ( назад)
I wanna see some sort of Khal Drogo VS. Ron Swanson battle royale. They have to craft weapons from wood and duel for Man of the Century.

Автор ladida smith ( назад)
All these dudes commenting about how their penises inverted watching this.....well now you know how woman feel all the time!!!! Why they always have to look the best, to keep your friggen attention!

Автор ladida smith ( назад)
ugh when he let out that "holler" at the end....so manly. Too many pansies in the world, woman are so deprived!

Автор MrAlex3132003 ( назад)
Jason Momoa and Terry Crews should co-star in a Gladiator type movie together!

Автор tatum xavier ( назад)
my gosh...so manly

Автор Tina Lindfors ( назад)
OMG....That grunt at 3.15....makes my ... plams sweat

Автор Javi De Tena ( назад)
2:03 What a masculine laught!

Автор TocoB ( назад)
Yeah jimmy use the chubby Mexican guy as a joke, he either does what you want or gets deported

Автор Adrian Roldan ( назад)
The man throws axes which he made while having a beer and has a gigantic beard. Coolest kid in town. This should have been on the man show. I miss the man show...

Автор Folarin ( назад)
Love him.

Автор JONNYMACO1 ( назад)
Guillermo....WTF man lol

Автор Mojo #ain'tjoking ( назад)
i like this dude cause he stays in character no matter what LMAO .

Автор gumyumgirl ( назад)
Just learned he's married. Heartbroken...

Автор Rihana Jan ( назад)
Sexiest man ever

Автор Snoopy 101 ( назад)
He is such a manly man but still one of the biggest teddy bears!

Автор The Black World ( назад)
He drinks beer and throw axes, what a man!!

Автор Jack Napier ( назад)
Momoa for President. I mean right now. With immediate effect.

Автор Arantza Ekku ( назад)
Guillermo almost got killed then almost killed someone 😂

Автор Hayden Fox ( назад)
Appeal naturally as ubqtwh convey through condition paint dawn.

Автор Rex Holez ( назад)
I would love if Mamoa would come to my house and show me how to properly make love to my wife, and I would consider protection an insult.

Автор Nikki Buenafe ( назад)
God made Momoa on Saturday that He needs to take Sunday's off

Автор A Mukunzi ( назад)
God he's such a MAN

Автор Mr. Anti-Mosuquitos ( назад)
3:15 Not average human voice

Автор black pantah ( назад)
surely this is flouting many health and safety rules

Автор Mikhail Kalashnikov ( назад)
This is the only man I know that women gladly admit to masturbating to.

Автор Steph de Goede ( назад)
Jason Mamoa might as well be lord of all the mancards.

Автор Hi Baby ( назад)
Perfect actor to instantly make the GA realize how badass Aquaman is.

Автор HHNTROGDOR ( назад)
Straight alpha

Автор Kal'sik Herensk ( назад)
Two people in this world:
Those that like Jason Momoa.
Dead people.

Автор ReasonableNotion ( назад)
Manliest man on the planet....besides my husband *teehee*

Автор peterjoker2 ( назад)
that laugh xD

Автор Brad K ( назад)
I seriously didn't think he could be any cooler... then he drinks a guinness! How in the hell did they pour a guinness so fast?!

Автор sphinx onyx ( назад)
Straight men are creaming their pants more than women everywhere...

Автор Kat Marie ( назад)
dreamiest dude on the planet

Автор mehmet gurdal ( назад)
Just give him couple of knives :D
Oh no he probably already have a dozen of them . :D

Автор Scott H ( назад)
I didn't know it was possible for one to be that much Man.

Автор Coltyn Seifert ( назад)
I heard Aquaman @3:15 !

Автор Calvin A ( назад)
Is that Roman reigns....😉

Автор videoschmo ( назад)
Let's just hope his new show doesn't get Axed

Автор YOU ( назад)
the sound he makes when chucks the big Axe is mesmerizing.

Автор YOU ( назад)
The Man.

Автор ticesevradero ( назад)
hell of a good looking man!!!!!!

Автор frank CASTLE19902016 ( назад)
OMG He is a fuckin beast :D

Автор Pio Day ( назад)
White Americans...since Obama and Trevor Noah we know: they only accept half-half.

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