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Baydu Adams interviews Eugene Mathews and he teaches me to Gayle (gay language)
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This is my very first visual interview using a handy cam and nothing has been edited so everything is as is :) It turned out rather funny as Eugene...
Baydu chats to ex Springbok Conrad Jantjes on Baydu TV!

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Ex Springboks Conrad Jantjes and Bolla Conradie are getting into a boxing ring in Dubai to each fight opponents from the North. Organised by ex Bok...
Claire Phillips sings at the Baydu Adams Event (Capitec Bursary Day)
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Capitec as a bank hands out bursaries every year to learners who have real Maths and meet certain criteria in their interview process. This is the...
Baydu Adams playing a tambourine in minstrel street march with Star Spangles
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I wanted to experience what it's like to dance from District 6 up Darling Street into Adderley then Wale into Rose Street in Bokaap with a minstrel...
Cape Town Carnival 2013
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The annual Cape Town Carnival through the "fan walk" in Somerset Road in Green Point direction Cape Town Stadium. A float procession seeing...
Band practice ahead of Ou Jaar Aand march #2 - Violets Sporting Club

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Oh please stay by me Dianna. That's the song they're playing ;)
Band practice ahead of Ou Jaar Aand march - Violets Sporting Club

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The song is an old South African Afrikaans song called "Sproetjies" :)
Burger Happy Boys - Minstrel Road March in Cape Town, South Africa 2013 - 2de Nuwejaar

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athlone towers gone
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St George's Park Brass Band and spectators sing "iYOH!"

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One of the many songs and chants that happens at Axxess St George's in Port Elizabeth (PE) This was day 3 of the Test between South Africa and...
La danse de liberté des Ménestrels du Cap

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Al Qarra -- Tous les ans, le Cap célèbre un carnaval peu ordinaire. C'est une tradition qui remonte à la période de l'esclavage.
The Cape Carnival 2013 By PeteN

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The Cape Minstral Carnival http// PeterNilson@youtube.com Held annually in the streets of Cape Town starting at 12 am 1 St...
Next to St George's Band in PE at cricket. Proteas vs Australia.
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Another day at the cricket in Port Elizabeth. South Africa's Proteas take on Australia in the 5 day test. This is day 3 and I'm back tomorrow for...
Expresso Sport - JP Duminy Interview (09.01.2012)
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Joining us in our Expresso Studio's is South African star all-rounder, JP Duminy. After suffering an injury in the Proteas tour in Australia, he...
wellington superstars roadmarch 2010

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wellington superstars
Baydu Adams bowls a few balls to Protea batsman JP Duminy live on air
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The radio station I worked at I bowled a few (tennis) balls to South African batsman JP Duminy live on air after I kept telling the dj Lee Downs...
Fri2 11 0001

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The Voice of the Cape Golf Day 2011

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Highlights of the inaugural VOC Golf Day 2011 on the 17th November 2011 held at the Rondebosch Golf Club. The event was convened by GreenHouseInc....
Minstrel Road March in Cape Town, South Africa 2013 - 2de Nuwejaar
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I didnt't get the name of this troupe...
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d6 roadmarch in bonteheuwel 10/06/2012
2012 Currie Cup: DHL Media Delivery Run

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For the first time, eight of the country's leading bloggers and Twitterati competed in the halftime DHL Delivery Run at DHL Newlands, to win R1000....
Minstrels Update 2013. FAQ
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Просмотров: 64
Music Classes Begin February 4th @6pm: Vocal Classes Begin February 16th @6pm: Answers to FAQ: lol 1. Price $145 for 8 weeks of class 2. There...
Céline Dion - The Power Of Love
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Просмотров: 16313486
Music video by Céline Dion performing The Power Of Love. (C) 1995 Sony Music Entertainment (Canada) Inc.
Minstrel Carnival 2013

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Azja i Badu za rozpędzoną MAgdą......... 130km/h
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odcinek drogi za Manasterzem w strone sieniawy pościg Rometem...z 125

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