Strange Creature caught on Tape during Live News Cast?

Strange Creature caught on Tape during Live News Cast?

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Автор agubaia (4 месяца)
It was proved that was a fake, made with Effects, the guy who did it
confess in Camera on a TV show 

Автор bub yacobozzi (1 день)
watch the lady's, head it glitches ...poor editing 

Автор Jim Porter (1 день)
The story would look better with Jael Pardo in it. A lot better.

Автор Julia Silva (5 дней)
its the enderman

Автор TheNoiseySpectator (29 дней)
It's a goat! The video resolution is poor and not focused on the
background. It looks like a biped because it is walking directly at the

Автор Jesus Ramirez (7 дней)
It's not compelling, what compels me is the shitty camera they have. Step
it up journalist and purchase a better camera

Автор Foxy From Pirates Cove (25 дней)
either fake or its just a person working -.-

Автор addy1002 (18 дней)
You guy's,
I wouldn't go too far with this because It was debunked many many times!.
They even Interviewed the person that did It,and the reason why he did It.
He (the guy who put that funny looking thing there)did It because he
himself Is a huge skeptic and wanted to show how gullible we are as people.
Check It out yourself. 

Автор 86Wutang86 (3 дня)
the shadow of the white poll and the creature don't add up

Автор Alba Vasquez (2 дня)
Hi I. Am. Not. Good
I thank that a. Ghost
That. Is so so so so. Bad.:-) :-)

Автор Bow and Arrow Gaming (9 дней)
I actually saw a paranormal tv show, they asked the editor for the newscast
and he said he added it in after it was filmed.

Автор Brian Kaz (1 месяц)
shadow is in the wrong direction

Автор michaelCohenlyingPOS (6 дней)
Jim, Jim, Jim... I'm really disappointed in you...

Автор the jap show (3 дня)
come on guys what in the world is wrong with you

Автор paul Z (6 дней)

Автор Kyro Ravestar (20 дней)
fake, the shadow of the thing doesn't even work with the actual sun's
location at the time.

Автор Corey Moreau (12 дней)
It's fake... watch fact or faked paranormal files and on one of the
episodes they find out the editor for that news station added the little

Автор anthony pizzi (1 месяц)
this was supposedly debunked but idk looks kinda creepy

Автор Sean Conway (11 дней)
this is old footage at least 20 years old. CGI was in its infancy then.

Автор Elyas Elvance (12 дней)
is that groot from guardian of the galaxy

Автор Jon Killings (1 месяц)
You can tell it's fake from the edging of her head is very blurry 

Автор Tvarisch Byele (22 дня)
The shadows in the background are falling at a different angle than those
on the woman's face, so it isn't even a good fake, just more amateur

Автор OkieRCguy (27 дней)
Such bad CG! Look at the shadow on the reporter's face (it's on her right
side), and the shadow from the "figure" is clearly to its left. How can
anyone believe that this is real?

Автор Kenneth Guzman Arnedo (8 дней)
Is an alien or a endless content

Автор brian williams (24 дня)
The shadow doesn't match based off of the direction of the sun on her face.
Confirmed fake righty there.

Автор Marcos Rodriguez (13 дней)
Destination truth asked the camera man if it its fake the man said it was a

Автор William Misek (26 дней)
looks like a bunch of wood loosely attached sliding down a thin wire or
cable! WOW

Автор Antiochus III (28 дней)
That looks like the shittiest example of CG of the century

Автор Kenneth Cohagen (1 месяц)
Do you have the entire video?

Автор ItsDarkyP (1 месяц)
Its fake already proven by the creator of the creature

Автор zoren potter (13 дней)
Fake because it is stepping slower than it is walking

Автор Robin Decker (1 месяц)
When the footage appears at 0:17, that stick figure just pops up out of
nowhere and starts to walk. It just appears so it is obviously created by
an editor. Also, they had this exact incident on Fact Or Faked and they
talked with the video editor who said it was a hoax that he made. So, this
is faked and a hoax. 

Автор Alexandra Guerrero (16 дней)
It is fake I am the tv 59 sufy knows to 😐

Автор Dominic Peterson (1 месяц)
it very simple look at the shadow of and the way it move that not real
and the sun is on the same side as the shadow people crazy

Автор Luke Lionheart (24 дня)
Yea... the tv show "Fact or Faked" talked to the people who made this and
they even showed them how they did it. Proven hoax.

Автор Deadlord2000 (1 месяц)
Look at the sun light on the girls face it is coming from the right and her
shadow is on the left but if you look at the creature the shadow is on the
right how do you explain that uh

Автор Adam Kearley (1 месяц)
Huge problem with this is the creature's shadow. Look at the lady in the
foreground. The sun is clearly shining from the right of the frame. The
light casting the creature's shadow is coming from the front left. Proof
it's faked. Just can't see how the makers could have missed that little

Автор Veronica Nolasco (14 дней)
Looks like enderman

Автор Jessica Lesh (2 месяца)
It looks like it's walking on something...anyone else see that?

Автор garrett (2 месяца)
this thing is floating over a dip if u look in the background and the pole
its walking near is in better quality than it is. its on a news cam its got
better quality than a nokia phone found at the bottom of ur electronic box.
im all for there being cryptids in the world i believe there are things
beyond us. more creatures in the ocean to b discovered and things
extraterrestrial are every bit possible we dont have an ioda of an idea of
wats in our world but we can use a little common sense to buff out the fake

Автор Andrew Stagg (8 дней)
I think it is
a enderman

Автор FlameWarden (1 месяц)
The speed at which it is moving and the placement of the steps are off big
time. Faker then Michelle Obama's gender.

Автор Laughsalot and Porkey (1 месяц)
it looks like a character from a game. =T

Автор Grim Reaper (6 дней)
When will people wake up? When it's to late when satan comes and slave all
of you and make you get the mark? Oh he's coming , and I tell you believe
in you God and Christ because there are far powerful then satan God has the
creator power which means satan was made by him so how can he destroy him?
Think about it God exist so does satan 

Автор Jesse Reiter (1 месяц)
Its not fakery but why cant we see more than the clip? because it becomes
apparent what it really is thats why!

Автор Alba Vasquez (2 дня)
no good. Aaaaaaaaaa
I. Am. Scary

Автор True Gaming (13 дней)
It's a ender/slenderman

Автор D Smith (2 месяца)
Shadow is incorrect. Observe the so-called creatures shadow. Now observe
the facial shadows on her face. See the difference? Her nose and cheek
shadow has the sun to her left. The creatures shadow has the sun completely
opposite or to the right. Total fake/CGI.

Автор L.I. Archer (1 месяц)
The creature's shadow is all wrong. The right side of the woman's face is
in shadow, but the creatures shadow is on the opposite side of where it
should be.

Автор Trent Draper (1 месяц)
The shadow looks unnatural 

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