Strange Creature caught on Tape during Live News Cast?

Strange Creature caught on Tape during Live News Cast?

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Добавлено: 4 года
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Автор agubaia (5 месяцев)
It was proved that was a fake, made with Effects, the guy who did it
confess in Camera on a TV show 

Автор Shasha Palanco (18 дней)
Seems like a skinny one with a skateboard!

Автор bub yacobozzi (1 месяц)
watch the lady's, head it glitches ...poor editing 

Автор Harpo Django Rose (3 дня)
The important thing is: what will it taste like fried and dipped in garlic
butter? Mmmm ...... now that's good alien!

Автор Potential Kermode (5 месяцев)

My mother's strap on plastic kneecap was on her right knee when she went to
bed and the next morning when she got out of bed it was on her left knee.

Автор She Said (4 дня)
the only strange thing is that as the 'creature' moves the pixels around it
are moving too... and only around it... hmmm - conclusion... haven't some
people got anything better to do??? this video should be renamed ' worst
fake video ever made of strange creature not caught on Tape. :P

Автор PoloponyAZ16 (10 дней)
He contradicted himself within 5 seconds. Is it "easy" to add CGI effects
or is it "a lot of work" to add something like this? I am confused.

Автор Gillmore Sarto (2 дня)
it's just a praying manta

Автор Savannah Tenace (27 дней)
Its faker or could be faked, on this TV show, um I don't remember the name
they basically recreated what you see on the video shooters camera

Автор Jessica Lesh (3 месяца)
It looks like it's walking on something...anyone else see that?

Автор The Omega (6 дней)
It's just something transported on a cable, you can obviously see the posts

Автор Jim Porter (1 месяц)
The story would look better with Jael Pardo in it. A lot better.

Автор CogitoErgoCogitoSum (3 месяца)
Why do all paranormal gobblygoo come out of third world countries?

Автор MinecraftWithQwerty8 (18 дней)
Its a enderman. Has to be.

Автор OurBossFan (8 дней)
So did they interview the stick-guy too? What did he have to say?

Автор stag 248 (15 дней)
are people fucking stupid. look at THE FUCKING SHADOWS. her shadow is
facing another way and the alien's shadow is facing the opposite side.

Автор Crash Novakain (9 дней)
The shadow on the womans face and the shadow cast by the figure are

Автор Christine Perry (26 дней)
Looks obviously fake....look at where the shadow of this creature is
falling...the sun is hitting the reporters face on our
right...uh...oh...someone forgot to flip the image before faking this.

Автор Stephen Grr (29 дней)
If you look, the sun is shining on the right side of the reporters face,
and the creatures shadow is faxing the wrong way

Автор c16h16n2o2 (18 дней)
+Clayton Morris

, .|.. o,o ..|. , Thanks for the hoax.

Автор Cyntia Miley (23 дня)
Not saying its real or fake but if its a love news cast then you proably
should find this video somewhere and it should be the same 

Автор Julia Silva (1 месяц)
its the enderman

Автор Alex Endicott (7 дней)
Its an ender man on minecraft

Автор oldnslowpopi (17 дней)
uh uh it's just an ole skinny homeless man looking for a meal. sorta looks
like my cousin

Автор mark Worcester (19 дней)
This was proven fake on a show the guy admitted on camera that it was
effects and c.g.I sorry

Автор Kaden Bryant (21 день)
Now the sun was on the other side of her and the shadow is facing the sun
that's a real mystery right there

Автор jacob zimmerle (25 дней)
its a fake i watch them make the alien on computer in mexico

Автор Alan Ruiz (21 день)
Fake look at the shadow the lady's is on the left. The figure's is on the

Автор F Robles (20 дней)
it looks like it was just sliding down the hill not an alien

Автор Jesus Ramirez (1 месяц)
It's not compelling, what compels me is the shitty camera they have. Step
it up journalist and purchase a better camera

Автор Thompsonman12 (1 месяц)
The fake thing in behind should have said "I am groot!" 😋

Автор Dominykas Kacevicius (7 дней)
I think it's a allien

Автор Daniela Ibanez (15 дней)
I watched fact or facked and it was a hoax

Автор addy1002 (1 месяц)
You guy's,
I wouldn't go too far with this because It was debunked many many times!.
They even Interviewed the person that did It,and the reason why he did It.
He (the guy who put that funny looking thing there)did It because he
himself Is a huge skeptic and wanted to show how gullible we are as people.
Check It out yourself. 

Автор Gaming CREED (1 месяц)
This is fake. It was proved in a show called "Fact or fake"

Автор Denise Smith (23 дня)
Its a treeroot I saw one before and I no its name

Автор what ever (1 месяц)
theres a cliff behind her an he goes right through it so fake as a water

Автор jack meoff (27 дней)
shadpws atent fight nice try\

Автор oscar nungaray (10 дней)
i seen this in california

Автор chase folis (20 дней)
Its something that wants to see my .45

Автор Blake Lentner (26 дней)
It's fake because you can tell by how it was walking and everything

Автор Lastkingof33 (1 месяц)
Stupid... dude at news station fessed up years ago

Автор Matthew Segura (13 дней)
It can maybe be slender_man 

Автор Allison Schaller (10 дней)
Oh oh ENDERMAN!!!!!😮

Автор Bobby Moreno (22 дня)
This is an enderman from minecraft minecraft is a video game

Автор lucadigiorgio digiorgio (4 дня)
ooooo nooooo its a fake 

Автор Kyro Ravestar (1 месяц)
fake, the shadow of the thing doesn't even work with the actual sun's
location at the time.

Автор The Endermanarmy (5 часов)
Enderman in real life.
It's tall like one.
It has long legs and arms like one.
It looks like it has purple eyes.
It is holding something.

Copy and paste this comment so people can know it could be a enderman pl

Автор Bow and Arrow Gaming (1 месяц)
I actually saw a paranormal tv show, they asked the editor for the newscast
and he said he added it in after it was filmed.

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