Strange Creature caught on Tape during Live News Cast?

Strange Creature caught on Tape during Live News Cast?

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Автор Callum taylor-Murphy ( назад)
You know

Автор Linda Newman ( назад)
I watched this several times, and I would love to be able to enhance,
mainly because the shadow moves up and you see the shadow a split second
before the figure. If anyone does enhance it and figures it out, let me

Автор john adams ( назад)
A very big stick insect.

Автор Nikki Vest ( назад)
it is fake its shadow is on the wrong side seen it in a show

Автор Carl Frank ( назад)
I'm pretty sure shadows don't points towards the sun.

Автор Daniel Edwardsen ( назад)
the best thing for it would be a higher resolution of the same clip with
more pixels, but it seems legit has the same movement as a normal reptilian

Автор nevyen ( назад)
Absolute BS. You can see blurring at the edge of her hat, right where the
'creature' is walking, and the shadow is all wrong. The notion that it
can't be fake, even though it's easy to add CGI, because you don't know
'the end game' is moronic. If there's a way to make money off the footage,
bingo...that's the end game. Otherwise for a hoaxer, you thinking it's real
is their goal.

Автор Joann Sample ( назад)
it is not a alen

Автор 0yeme0 ( назад)
omg its one of those nightcrawler things they filmed in fresno except
caught outside in the day. theyre white in the videos at night from fresno
so it stands to reason that they would appear black during the day

Автор Amber Raasakka ( назад)
HAHAHA Do people actually believe this is real?! Wow

Автор Deadstroke 1999 ( назад)
its slender mans relative

Автор Cranston Gitserdone (343 года назад)
That's Pedro Manterro, the slim fast Botto.

Автор Shawnaldo75 ( назад)
"yes, it's easy to add CGI.... derrrp.... but what's the end game here"

Internet clicks = money. That's what. Your fake shit can get as many clicks
as real shit.

Автор Paul Barnes ( назад)

Автор Gavino Bautista ( назад)
looks like an enderman you know cause it teleports out of nowhere and
carrys blocks or people well im not sure about a people -_-

Автор Gerry Stamoutsos ( назад)
ok this thing is definately "something" but its not a slenderman you
fucking ass hats theres no such fucking thing as slender man that whole
story was first made for intensions of a joke and then became a huge thing
thanks to the internet and plagierizers. no slender stories are real and
its proven however this has no explanation

Автор hallway35 ( назад)
fact or fake aird it on

Автор hallway35 ( назад)
its fake its cg

Автор Vinod V ( назад)
its carrying skateboard

Автор Suckle MyKnuckle ( назад)
holy shit that guy on the right talking about how its nothing he would want
to tangle with in a dark alley was so creepily pathetic........fake as
fuck, the sun is off to the right you can tell by the way it lights up her
face, and the cgi added "creature" cast a shadow from the sun being behind
and to the left from point of view

Автор Leviticus b ( назад)
fake.. u can see the girl talking her head moves unnaturaly at the moment
the creature appears. fake fake fake

Автор Leo Nunez ( назад)

Автор Immortal_ Dude199 ( назад)
they edit it

Автор Immortal_ Dude199 ( назад)
it's fake

Автор zombie party77 ( назад)
the person who made this film said it was fake

Автор adrisim ( назад)
Haha looks like the alien took his dog for walk lol

Автор lilstraghtie loopy ( назад)

Автор Tears Acid ( назад)
Bad cgi - distortion around image - movements very robotic

Автор Joel Willis ( назад)
the lighting doesn't match up

Автор Su Fitzgerald ( назад)
1.i see something in the sky at night around 11pm that flying up in the sky
2. there a car with lights driving in bog and the fields and in the morinig
i seen nothing broken strange

Автор Debbie Chandler ( назад)

Автор Cliff-Ranger48 ( назад)

LMFAO. He says, "this video has not been altered in any way" as soon as you
see the woman her head is in one position and "skips" position as soon as
this thing appears. Obvious hoax.

Автор Alan Hernandez ( назад)

Автор jdawg_ bcswag ( назад)
sorry but the animation here is to obvious. it almost looks like its
floating across the ground rather that walking. terrible editing...

Автор Gary Ferguson ( назад)
i think it is a shadow of a passing plane

Автор baby10215 ( назад)
a guy on drywall stilts

Автор Payton Ihamaki ( назад)
the sado is on the side you guys are so Suped

Автор tiny fox gaming ( назад)
it's slenderman

Автор karen dunston ( назад)

Автор Saul Combe ( назад)
Looks like it has a dog like thing beside it it may just be the camara
focusing on
the girl making the thing blurry

Автор pp op ( назад)
The pit of my stomach tells me it's fake so I'm going with that.

Автор rizon72 ( назад)
The people who shot this actually came out saying it was faked.

Автор Ronald Matthews ( назад)
Same as the critters filmed by Yosemite a few years ago. Only 3 or 4 feet
high, all legs and a shoulder/head attachment. And yes, there are a lot of
inter dimensional portals being opened now.

Автор robert carl ( назад)

Автор LindyLooo99 ( назад)
totally fake... even I can see the photoshop mistakes...

Автор Theresa ELVINS ( назад)
Lol so fake it's funny 

Автор Trav Culp ( назад)
I saw this on an episode of fact or faked and its computer generated

Автор Humbo Blackbox ( назад)
It's a blurred out image of a person walking there dog and carrying a stick

Автор Werewolf-Pasta ( назад)
It looks like deoxys 

Автор TooLong ( назад)
This is stupid, look at where the sun is hitting womans face anf then look
at aliens shadow, COMPLETELY OPPISITE DIRECTION. These guys are joke.

Автор lps collie ( назад)
I think its just a robot

Автор Joana v.n ( назад)
Strange Creature caught on Tape during Live New

Автор Graham Orm ( назад)
It's clearly a 5 foot tall Meerkat, the disturbing thing is that it appears
to be *dragging a body!!!!!!*

Автор Hyde Ike ( назад)
It wants to skate

Автор slenderbot 2000 ( назад)
The manager was doing a april fools thing and yean

Автор eat shity ( назад)
This Clayton morris is dumbass bullshit

Автор Seth Winters ( назад)
Oh for fucks sakes, the alien is just trying to get directions to the
nearest skate park.

Автор Susan Bunn ( назад)
Ender man!

Автор Tara Morris ( назад)
That observation in one take ....

Автор Tara Morris ( назад)
Shadow is in the wrong place morons .

Автор ShaDy Brutality ( назад)
This video is ooooollld havent saw it in forever

Автор Rose B. ( назад)
A skeletal praying mantis walking his dog?

Автор Ian Milton ( назад)
It looks like it's holding a sword. Like a Hunter almost but beast like.

Автор Marcellus Scipio ( назад)

Автор dougie1 ( назад)
he's walking a dog on a lead!

Автор STHFGDBY ( назад)
And of course the camera man saw nothing...

Автор di b ( назад)
haven you seen fact or fake it was a joke idiots

Автор Richard Deary ( назад)
It was a hoax 

Автор mssunnylunarain7 ( назад)
Its a fake. The maker actually came out and admitted it. 

Автор xviper scopexx ( назад)
sord of you know that alien reptillians are in all the world living among
us and eating people worldwide PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!

Автор penguin chick ( назад)
just a guy walking.

Автор Alex Murdoch ( назад)
"Is it an alien appearing out of nowhere or just some fakery..."
Are those the only two alternatives? Seems like a false dichotomy. What
about neither? A bad digital artifact from crappy compression?

Автор Angela Schnovel ( назад)
That looks like a stick preason

Автор robin raz ( назад)
Looks like its carrying a body

Автор Roh Laren ( назад)
LOL... yeah, to me it looks like the 'alien' is just out for stroll in the
Cosmos and accidentally steps into a portal and strolls into the camera
view...he/she/it/they/them...lol... whomever... well, they're not camera
shy are they to be caught like that?....lol... yes, Virginia, there is St.

Автор Explodinator ( назад)
Why doesn't anybody acknowledge that the shadow is going in the wrong
fucking direction? Idiots, all of you.

Автор Joseph Gordon ( назад)
thats slendy you dumb fuck

Автор skepsys ( назад)
what a bunch a shit this youtube channel is :)))))))))

Автор myundeadman ( назад)
tree demon

Автор Silverjerk ( назад)
The assumption that there is no logical endgame as a means for validation
is silly at best, irresponsible at worst. Even though it might look like "a
lot of work," hoaxers need no other reason (or endgame) than to fool as
many people as possible; and to inspire debate, and derision. That, in and
of itself, is their endgame -- they are the oldest form of troll, and are,
oftentimes, the most talented and motivated.

Автор Kittentalia Animates ( назад)
Maybe its walking his dog,poochy

Автор manarayofhope23 ( назад)

Автор Glenn McMann (Paradox) ( назад)
It's a fake.

Автор Ulap Alapaap ( назад)
GROOOOOTTTTTT.... walking along with Rocket....

Автор Kim Hanson ( назад)
This is what gets your attention? Ya gotta get a life!

Автор jerry brazille ( назад)

Автор jonathon carichner ( назад)
looks like a real enderman

Автор Donald Dalpian ( назад)
It's Enderman! It's holding a minecraft block!

Автор KerbalEssentializera 2422 ( назад)

Автор Ahmad Alhafeez ( назад)
When the girl shouts,it frecks me off.man

Автор Jayden Saldana ( назад)

Автор Travis Houck ( назад)
Damn it Gumby!

Автор Isaiah carrillo ( назад)
No it's a fake one of the camera guy did this animated thing and it told
use he did it 

Автор Andrew Meagher ( назад)
The show destination truth on syfy looked into this video and the guy who
worked for that news crew admitted that he put the "alien" in it. He faked
it. Case closed. Suck my cock 

Автор kenny wall ( назад)
omg this ghoulish creature mj moon walks across debris 2 lol

Автор mauricewolly ( назад)
whats up with the scene cut at 0:17 to 0:18?

Автор Gfgfgfgf Blobgirl ( назад)
A person walking a dog? Or an alien 👽🐶lmao

Автор freddcas1 ( назад)
Is a enderman careing a block

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