Strange Creature caught on Tape during Live News Cast?

Strange Creature caught on Tape during Live News Cast?

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Автор Shane O ( назад)
lol is that right-wing shill from faux news? fuck this

Автор xXGamingXx Lol ( назад)
Looks like an endermen

Автор Peppy Lugo ( назад)
I Saw That On Fact Or Fiction. an They Seed it Was Fake. an I Watch that
Over An Over.

Автор javier trinidad ( назад)
this is fake. the guy who record the live interview did it as a joke

Автор Jonathan Jacobi ( назад)
if you watch from the beginning it just appears there fuzzing out... ITS A
HOAX... im not stupid

Автор PRO gamer ( назад)
thats a walking pants

Автор T Binz ( назад)
The shadow is on the opposite side than that of the reporter...Left on her
and the right on the thing."FAKE"!!!

Автор Minecraft Kid ( назад)
Enderman are real are you kidding me !!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Guadalupe Hernandez ( назад)
What is it

Автор Sir Josh ( назад)
this reminds me of the time i told slenderman if he keeps stalking me im
ganna butt rape him....

Автор Blanca Jimenez ( назад)
it's a enderman

Автор ledjarde ( назад)
Next time, make sure you get the shadow pointing in the right direction
guys. Rookie mistake

Автор leslee wisner ( назад)
this is a proven hoax... sorry a show did this and the people said they
faked it

Автор leslee wisner ( назад)
this is a proven hoax... sorry a show did this and the people said they
faked it

Автор Lone Mic Productions ( назад)
An alien with a boner jpeg poorly placed in the background and made to
float through the grass mound. "But it gets us views, guys!"

Автор Dominic L ( назад)
and the quality of the video sucks

Автор janna acitan jordan ( назад)
Its a fake stupid ...

Автор Debbie Alain ( назад)
if you look at a season on graivity falls their is a stick person that
looks like that

Автор TonyMon16 ( назад)
i seen this thing before on fact or faked, some mexican dude had cctv
footage of it. They couldn't figure it out then either.if the people e saw
it why didnt they go close to it??must be some kind of hoax, but how are
they doing it?

Автор z31fairlady ( назад)
Obvious editing.

Автор Rachel Hamilton ( назад)
my name is Preston

Автор Rachel Hamilton ( назад)
its a enderman

Автор Dan Solo ( назад)
It's the Sound Man's Assistant behind the Scenes, dragging a Clump of Cable
Out of Shot. That's all...


Автор Max H ( назад)
its endermen from minecraft

Автор Grace Cabag ( назад)
It looks like a enderman

Автор rodolfo gorrin ( назад)
Its really funny that people think people forge videos and fake alien
sightings for money or attention. Dont get me wrong, people do do that. But
some people do it just to see how much stupidity people would believe. If i
could, id forge a fake monster anonymously only to see how many people
would believe its real!

Автор JT PMM ( назад)
could just be a shadow of the person that holds the fuzzy thing that
catches the voice on camera

Автор Ranger Jones ( назад)
I have even seen these in multiples while mad toking

Автор chubbykins23 ( назад)

Автор Sam Mutcherson ( назад)
it has been admitted as a fake computer generated by the camera crew

Автор Qiuyu Shi ( назад)
It looks like a seleton

Автор Alicornz RBLX vampires and mermaids ( назад)

Автор Alicornz RBLX vampires and mermaids ( назад)

Автор Rolando Gonzales ( назад)
It's fake. True fakery.

Автор videowatcher0975 ( назад)
Someone walking a dog

Автор porculizador ( назад)
it's a reflection picked up by the camera of man walking somewhere else...
you can see the figure is not actually walking behind that man because it
walks down the embankment without losing a stride

Автор Andrew M ( назад)

Автор Emily Clark ( назад)
I remember seeing this on a show I used to watch. It was proven to be a
joke, but it would be cool if it was real.

Автор Djinn Ferox ( назад)

Автор Md Shahlal Khan ( назад)
Its a flying Jinn

Автор pinkiepiepig 13 ( назад)
It looks like an enderman from minecraft XD

Автор taffyboy_G1 ( назад)
Looks fake AF

Автор FightingMachine227 ( назад)
its more than likely a person that got blured out by the video quality

Автор Summer Hartung ( назад)
its fake and make up

Автор Rawad Hinawy ( назад)

Автор Drew Dotson ( назад)
it's fake CGI

Автор brittany54875 (719 лет назад)
doesn't slender man come out of no where at times??

Автор Katalyne Harbour ( назад)

Автор rica mae botolan ( назад)

Автор Rxonmymind Rxonmymind ( назад)
18 sec. Stop. Shadow of light bar is left to right from what I guess is
approximately 2pm. "Alien" shadow is a early 9 ish am shadow left to right.
Even the shadow of the lady hair is consistent with the truck. Also that
pole that alien is near is part of this hoax. Shadow going the wrong way.

Автор Marosko Varga ( назад)

Автор Kris Jackson ( назад)
ya and nest

Автор David Gates ( назад)
its Katie Perry streaking again!!

Автор Ryder Darrenson ( назад)
It looked like a reflection of someone walking a dog on a leash. the stick
man look was distortion from the refraction

Автор John Brown ( назад)
Mexico, Central America and South America are populated by many unusual
creatures. The closer you get to the equator the more astoundingly weird
things become. By time you make to Oaxaca from Texas you will be educated.
By the time you make it to Tegucigalpa you will sleep with a gun in your
hand. Before sunrise banana pickers would walk past my tent single file by
the dozens, I scared them more than they scared me even though they all
carried machetes.

Автор Hazel Hhovendene ( назад)
Omg that's a enderman

Автор Roland Dodd ( назад)
Hello! ... hey Does anyone know the actual Video to this... ? There's no
talking in it.. its only music. I have watched it years but can't find it

Автор Dragon aira ( назад)
it looks like stick man or enderman

Автор kummik09 ( назад)
I don't know why you guys promote fakes. Promote the true things .

Автор kummik09 ( назад)
The shadow is wrong

Автор Zoey angelina ( назад)
enderman enderman nanannaaa enderman enderman he will surely will hunt you

Автор Antimath (667 лет назад)
The editor of the New Report admitted he put it in there to get publicity,
he even showed the model he used, It was revealed on television.

Автор Emilija Sirvydaite ( назад)

Автор Smilealotmore Always ( назад)
what a load of crap

Автор Ronnie Mahn ( назад)

Автор Randy Sitoski ( назад)
beacuse ill be dead if i dont

Автор Randy Sitoski ( назад)
ive seen this thing in a photo in the woods ill go back and take another
photo and post it on you tube
and iff i dont do it in a month call the cops any commenter

Автор CHAI Cunningham ( назад)
it's an enderman

Автор Dontay Toohey ( назад)
My brother has been telling me he was on a live news broadcast


Автор Flying Toast1 ( назад)
It's fake

Автор Deez Nugget ( назад)
It kinda looks like the Shadow Creature

Автор mialph leonarsquez ( назад)
It looks like shadows that were videoshopped, the way it meets her hat
makes me call seinanigans.

Автор Johanna Reyer ( назад)
It's fake. The sun's shadow is on the right side of her face. 'Alien' has
its shadow on the opposite side. Plus, I think someone paranormal group
went and talked to the guy who made it. He admitted it was a fake.

Автор Steve Jones ( назад)
As it's already been pointed out, the shadow is totally facing the wrong
way ...duh.. totally fake.

Автор Derek Peters ( назад)
It could a nealy discovered species, you can name it.

Автор STA Downrange ( назад)
Watch carefully, the sun is reflecting high up in the left lens of the
reporters sunglasses. So the shadow of whatever that is is on the wrong

Автор BlueWolf C ( назад)
I watched this on fact or faked and the news editor admitted to animated
this in being bored so stop thinking it's real

Автор Devin Maybe ( назад)
ITS SLENDY!!!! aka slenderman

Автор Jan Schescke ( назад)
Clayton morris is a liar! He admitted to faking this!

Автор Khalid Reyes ( назад)
i think his holding a weapon or a daed animals or people

Автор pixeladed bunny ( назад)
this creature is call a stick man they can walk on water and is sometime is
really small

Автор BOBBY HAM ( назад)
Fake...come on atleast make the shadow realistic, damn!

Автор Vickie Pyle ( назад)
that thing is carrying a human being wow

Автор Ahviel Levi ( назад)
It's fake....

Автор YZFR1mart ( назад)
pathetic . . . if your gonna take the time to edit an alien into a video
clip. then make sure you put the shadow in the right place dip stick

Автор Havaseet2 ( назад)

Автор Ivan Valencia ( назад)
so far

Автор Ezekiel Chavez ( назад)
so wiead

Автор David R ( назад)
fake as it gets if anybody believes this shit they need help

Автор Callum taylor-Murphy ( назад)
You know

Автор Linda Newman ( назад)
I watched this several times, and I would love to be able to enhance,
mainly because the shadow moves up and you see the shadow a split second
before the figure. If anyone does enhance it and figures it out, let me

Автор john adams ( назад)
A very big stick insect.

Автор Nikki Vest ( назад)
it is fake its shadow is on the wrong side seen it in a show

Автор Carl Frank ( назад)
I'm pretty sure shadows don't points towards the sun.

Автор Daniel Edwardsen ( назад)
the best thing for it would be a higher resolution of the same clip with
more pixels, but it seems legit has the same movement as a normal reptilian

Автор nevyen ( назад)
Absolute BS. You can see blurring at the edge of her hat, right where the
'creature' is walking, and the shadow is all wrong. The notion that it
can't be fake, even though it's easy to add CGI, because you don't know
'the end game' is moronic. If there's a way to make money off the footage,
bingo...that's the end game. Otherwise for a hoaxer, you thinking it's real
is their goal.

Автор Joann Sample ( назад)
it is not a alen

Автор 0yeme0 ( назад)
omg its one of those nightcrawler things they filmed in fresno except
caught outside in the day. theyre white in the videos at night from fresno
so it stands to reason that they would appear black during the day

Автор Deadstroke 1999 ( назад)
its slender mans relative

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