Strange Creature caught on Tape during Live News Cast?

Strange Creature caught on Tape during Live News Cast?

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Автор Kelly Ball (2 месяца)
wtf?...it looks like a oompaloompa

Автор Enderman (1 месяц)

Автор Phoenix (24 дня)

Автор Cian Mulhearne (1 месяц)

Автор Bella Pretty Bear (1 месяц)
that looks like slenderman -
"slender man" is know as a dybbuk. its a malicious spirit of the dead that
possesses people. those 12 year old girls where possessed by the dybbuk to
carry out evil acts. slender man is a physical manifestation of this evil
spirit. i met several rabbis that encountered this spirit and preformed an
exorcism to remove this spirit by invoking the assistance of the 4 arch
angels. Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel to bind it. then asked the spirit
who possessed people what is their name....and they say Dybbuk. the Rabbis
teach that when we are in the acharit ha-yamim ( end of days) that they
would be a increase in the supernatural, which is a major sign that
mashiach is comming. Yeshua is on his way!!!

Автор Xprowinner_FTW (3 месяца)
Omg! Minecraft is REAL that's a ender man!!

Автор Keith Breaux (1 месяц)
damn, that's where my pet alien Flopsy is. please return her.

Автор Ughie Devil (2 месяца)
wow...thats like giant penis...

Автор Camren Bullock (12 часов)
Its enderman heeeeeeeey hey stevey woop woop wop wopen enderman

Автор Jon Garrett Hernandez-Bass (13 часов)
Coulnt see it cuz of the screen

Автор Adam Luna (1 день)
It's fake

Автор j13pagan (2 дня)
It's fake there was an episode on Final Destination where they met the guy
who used SGI and put it into the video news 

Автор Steven Perry (2 дня)

Автор Reed 14 (3 дня)
i found out on fact or fake that the man added the alien with the computer
into the video for a joke because he knew a lot of people in that area
believe in aliens because of the many ufo encounters there in argentina in
the 60's. 

Автор Brianna Runyan (3 дня)
its a hoax watch Fact or Fake the guy admited it he hoaxed it

Автор Brayden Geason (4 дня)
its a gray alien

Автор Leah Roa (5 дней)
It looks like a real enderman wich is impossible

Автор Michael Kane (5 дней)
Digital fuzz = manipulation

Автор David Chiodo (6 дней)
I've seen other footage with this type of creature.... interesting.....

Автор Donaciano Contreras (6 дней)
Et loock like enderman

Автор Mr. FLiP MunEy (7 дней)
cgi...fake! if the person did'nt want to be named then why the hell was it
caught by the news

Автор CrazyBear65 (9 дней)
Looks like Gumby.

Автор Dan Clinton (10 дней)
Im shocked its an enderman 

Автор M Song (10 дней)
Its Gumby!

Автор Anjam Shakeel (10 дней)

Автор Draco gatom (12 дней)
holy shit notch is a wizard

Автор Aiden Schofield (12 дней)
its realy fake thats a fact

Автор Noahcooley2003 (13 дней)
That's easy it's an ENDERMAN

Автор Carmen M. (13 дней)
I'm Gumby dammit.

Автор Michael L Moran (14 дней)
i think its a creature called slender

Автор NekoLover And Mitchell (14 дней)
It's An EnderMan From MineCraft!!! AHHH!!!!!

Автор Edwim Romero (14 дней)
It's a real life enderman 

Автор Devin Tran (4 месяца)
It's a enderman!

Автор Believe.IN.Yourself (15 дней)
They found out this video was faked during the show "fact or faked" and
also the shadows are a dead give away that it wasn't real as well. 

Автор Lacey Winiger (16 дней)
That has to be an alien 

Автор Emma Anne (16 дней)
Looks ridiculously fake...

Автор MUNDI1982 (17 дней)
Faker than a prosties smile. Guys, look at the shadow the "creature" casts,
and compare with how the angle of light falls on the face of the
inverviewed. The angle of shadows does not correspond with one another.

Автор David Thompson (18 дней)
yeah slender man plus what's the dark ally please someone tell me

Автор Dakota Bernard (18 дней)
It's fake because the way the shadow goes on the figure goest to the right
when the sun is on the right side of the girls face which should cause a
shadow to go to the left on the "creature"

Автор Chris Pinzon (18 дней)
Look at the shadow from the thing in the back then look at how the light is
against the womens faces the shadow and the lighting foes not match

Автор olijablings for life (18 дней)
shut up its fake you fake piece of fakeinson

Автор KillerBlue Jay (19 дней)

Автор Joe Puffenbarger II (20 дней)
it looks fake to me. The walk was too strange. weird. my vote is CGI

Автор Sarah Chaillet (20 дней)
Minecraft enderman!!!

Автор Ellie Taylor (20 дней)

Автор Madara Uchiha (23 дня)
he was just taking a good walk wanted to be on television to become a
famouse enderman 

Автор Sammy Yo (24 дня)
The problem is, that every video capture from strange creatures or UFO´s is
never in good quality, even not in modern times like today! Bring back your
VHS and start recording with your gopro or good quality cameras! (Sorry for
my bad english)

Автор Jesse Costa (24 дня)

Автор Bailey Sowl (24 дня)
I love minecraft! :D

Автор kennyg64 (24 дня)
It's fake. It was on Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files Season 2 Episode 5.

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