Strange Creature caught on Tape during Live News Cast?

Strange Creature caught on Tape during Live News Cast?

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Добавлено: 4 года
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Автор John Karson (16 дней)
İts move someting

Автор agubaia (1 месяц)
It was proved that was a fake, made with Effects, the guy who did it
confess in Camera on a TV show 

Автор stuart vaughan (3 месяца)
Some walking their dog thicko 

Автор Enderman (3 месяца)

Автор Pretty Bear (3 месяца)
that looks like slenderman -
"slender man" is know as a dybbuk. its a malicious spirit of the dead that
possesses people. those 12 year old girls where possessed by the dybbuk to
carry out evil acts. slender man is a physical manifestation of this evil
spirit. i met several rabbis that encountered this spirit and preformed an
exorcism to remove this spirit by invoking the assistance of the 4 arch
angels. Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel to bind it. then asked the spirit
who possessed people what is their name....and they say Dybbuk. the Rabbis
teach that when we are in the acharit ha-yamim ( end of days) that they
would be a increase in the supernatural, which is a major sign that
mashiach is comming. Yeshua is on his way!!!

Автор Phoenix (2 месяца)

Автор wkeil1981 (11 дней)
Clearly the shadows are wrong

Автор david maclaury (12 дней)
The people who made the thing already said it was fake. It was cause they
were bored on a slow news day and they were experimenting with some effects
and they forgot to remove it. They actually almost got fired cause of it.

Автор Cian Mulhearne (3 месяца)

Автор Bonnie Bun (20 дней)
It's a troll or..
An ugly stick xD jk

Автор Alfred Menace (1 месяц)
The shadow on her face from the sun is opposite of the "thing" walking -
its fake!

Автор Xprowinner_FTW (6 месяцев)
Omg! Minecraft is REAL that's a ender man!!

Автор Potential Kermode (1 месяц)

My mother's strap on plastic kneecap was on her right knee when she went to
bed and the next morning when she got out of bed it was on her left knee.

Автор Bobbo Ruiz (1 месяц)
Guys do you know how fake this is? It's so easily animated! It was even
proven fake, the man who released this video had a friend that put a
animation (the alien) into it. COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!!!

Автор Reid Shadle (1 месяц)
its probably a Monkey 

Автор 0reaver01 (1 месяц)
its fake the guy showed them how he did it on paranormal files

Автор Logan Jewkes (1 месяц)
it was proven on fact or faked to be faked.. they asked the man who posted
it and he said it was hoxed

Автор Jim Murphy (2 месяца)

Автор Joe Krenzelok (2 дня)
Why is it every time they have footage of something odd or questionable it
is always out of focus or so shaky you can't make it out. When I shoot
video it never looks that way.

Автор Andres Salas (3 дня)
it fake i see the real video of that and it show how they did it

Автор Trenton Manaco (6 дней)

Автор Ayla Sanborn (3 дня)
Its fake. 'Fact or Faked' did this case and has proven that is was faked. 

Автор nvrgvupdafite (4 дня)
Like an ender man

Автор love and hope (1 день)
I've click on it bcuz of the girl..see no creature..lol

Автор redconvoy (3 дня)
Did you guys notice he came out of those white poles? It might be a
"stargate" of some sort. 

Автор Dell Flores (1 день)

Автор Brent Bradstreet (2 дня)
Oh Lord these two guys are complete MORONS for believe that this was real,
hey guys lay off the dope will you.

Автор Michael Riccardi (3 дня)
the shadow is on the wrong side. The light is hitting the news anchor's
face from the right casting a shadow on the left side of her face, whereas
the 'stick figure' in the background appears to be getting light from the
left and the shadow is being cast off to the right. totally fake 

Автор dave stumpf (4 дня)
lmao---- try again

Автор Lennon Torres (5 дней)
It,s slender man 

Автор elena elena (3 дня)
Looks like the video has been tampered with, looks fake.

Автор Tashany Davidson (6 дней)
What the heck is that?

Автор Pete Garcia (5 дней)
I dont know the real directions but let's just say: the sun is in the west
but the thing's Shadow is facing almost towards the sun. Oh and slenderman
was not created by Minecraft. They simply used the non claimed character
for a game.

Автор Douglas Ito (14 дней)
Not altered in any way my foot. The shadows cast by the "alien" and the
person are on different sides

Автор Furyan451 (6 дней)
lol just strolling along.....

Автор Viviana Homol (3 дня)

Автор spiritlaughing (5 дней)
I think I will peruse the comments before watching the video. Cuts down my
time watching fake stuff.

Автор Warren Day Chief (10 дней)

Автор Fritz Idler (18 дней)
It looks like a blurry stick man walking a scrawny seal on a leash. Or
being led by it. By the way, where in South America would a white woman
need a parka and stocking cap, but the stick man does not?

Oh. And it's a lot of work to use CGI effects, even though it's easy to do?
That clinches it. I'm convinced. If it's hard to do, no one would ever go
to the trouble. 

Автор ThunderboltPS (21 день)
It's fake.The shadow on the girls face is on one side and the shadow of the
creature looks like the sun is on the opposite side.

Автор Amy Hudson (16 дней)
I think it's just an edit because the way they were saying it is the way me
and my friends would make a fake video on a ghost or something

Автор Chris lydic (20 дней)
Its the enderman from minecraft lol

Автор Joe Clilverd (20 дней)
I hate shit like this.
I believe in aliens but 80% of the videos i check out are utter crap, if it
wasn't for assholes like the guy who made this video, the subject would be
much less ridiculed and much more interesting and easier to check out.

Автор Maria Gonzalez (21 день)
omg its a enderman

Автор AJ Usog (27 дней)
Wow... even I knew it was fake. The "creature's" shadow goes to the right,
while the sun is on the right of the person and throw shadows left..... BAD

Автор Isis Ruiz (21 день)
It looks like a enderman from mincaft

Автор Matthew Galvan (4 месяца)
A guy did it as a joke he even admitted it on a show called fact or fake
paranormal files

Автор Elia Lopez (1 месяц)
It might be fake but seems real . Hi I am Elia

Автор capcomaniac (25 дней)
it just appeared as if it came from a distant photoshop dimention. XD

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