Strange Creature caught on Tape during Live News Cast?

Strange Creature caught on Tape during Live News Cast?

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Добавлено: 4 года
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Автор CogitoErgoCogitoSum (23 дня)
Why do all paranormal gobblygoo come out of third world countries?

Автор Jessica Lesh (16 дней)
It looks like it's walking on something...anyone else see that?

Автор John Karson (1 месяц)
İts move someting

Автор Potential Kermode (2 месяца)

My mother's strap on plastic kneecap was on her right knee when she went to
bed and the next morning when she got out of bed it was on her left knee.

Автор agubaia (2 месяца)
It was proved that was a fake, made with Effects, the guy who did it
confess in Camera on a TV show 

Автор Alejandra Avila (19 дней)
The fact or fake show it says a Mexican guy has an application that he
could use to make aliens or any creatures.

Автор Dopesauce42 (21 день)
why does it have a strong shadow and the beam to the left doesn't? no
answer,....then its fake.

Автор stuart vaughan (3 месяца)
Some walking their dog thicko 

Автор Falcon887 (22 дня)
It is not real but it looks like to me a deer skateboarding 😀

Автор Enderman (4 месяца)

Автор Pretty Bear (4 месяца)
that looks like slenderman -
"slender man" is know as a dybbuk. its a malicious spirit of the dead that
possesses people. those 12 year old girls where possessed by the dybbuk to
carry out evil acts. slender man is a physical manifestation of this evil
spirit. i met several rabbis that encountered this spirit and preformed an
exorcism to remove this spirit by invoking the assistance of the 4 arch
angels. Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel to bind it. then asked the spirit
who possessed people what is their name....and they say Dybbuk. the Rabbis
teach that when we are in the acharit ha-yamim ( end of days) that they
would be a increase in the supernatural, which is a major sign that
mashiach is comming. Yeshua is on his way!!!

Автор Phoenix (3 месяца)

Автор wkeil1981 (1 месяц)
Clearly the shadows are wrong

Автор david maclaury (1 месяц)
The people who made the thing already said it was fake. It was cause they
were bored on a slow news day and they were experimenting with some effects
and they forgot to remove it. They actually almost got fired cause of it.

Автор Cian Mulhearne (4 месяца)

Автор Bonnie Bun (1 месяц)
It's a troll or..
An ugly stick xD jk

Автор Alfred Menace (1 месяц)
The shadow on her face from the sun is opposite of the "thing" walking -
its fake!

Автор Xprowinner_FTW (6 месяцев)
Omg! Minecraft is REAL that's a ender man!!

Автор Derrick Smith (6 часов)
Shadow is incorrect. Observe the so-called creatures shadow. Now observe
the facial shadows on her face. See the difference? Her nose and cheek
shadow has the sun to her left. The creatures shadow has the sun completely
opposite or to the right. Total fake/CGI.

Автор Jessica Vongvivath (4 дня)

Автор SweeyoPranks (3 дня)
Guys it's just a penis! Jeez

Автор Isshu Sugimura (3 дня)
It looks like a stickman enderman with longer arms and it is light brown
not black

Автор Jadyn Germany (3 дня)

Автор Juan Diaz jr (8 дней)
Ender man

Автор Elisabeth Laamann (11 дней)
Fake as fk, because i can see where sun is coming

Автор Dawn Coffey (14 дней)
I can't believe after the news reported it was them this is still on

Автор Bigfoot-Alien Timetraveler (17 дней)
You sir have wasted nearly 1.5 million people's lives. Roughly 2 minutes
of video times 1.5 million views is like 3 million minutes wasted from
peoples lives collectively. How many years of life has this fake video

Автор garrett (9 дней)
this thing is floating over a dip if u look in the background and the pole
its walking near is in better quality than it is. its on a news cam its got
better quality than a nokia phone found at the bottom of ur electronic box.
im all for there being cryptids in the world i believe there are things
beyond us. more creatures in the ocean to b discovered and things
extraterrestrial are every bit possible we dont have an ioda of an idea of
wats in our world but we can use a little common sense to buff out the fake

Автор Maria Perez (13 дней)
Wen he walks u can see the sombra del sujeto son demonios buscando akien

Автор L Bennett (21 день)
That alien is acting entirely too casual. it's definitely up to something.

Автор John Hayden (13 дней)
Yeah u can tell its fake because the sun is on the left side if her face,
but the creatures shadow was on the left as well.

Автор Hibou-53 X (13 дней)
this is GUMBI...No it's a man with is dog. and Close up sometime make
picture distorded like it.

Автор Renea Pina (12 дней)
That was a tree walking

Автор kream puff (14 дней)
it slender man runn

Автор Madison_ Pintrest (13 дней)
but in the end, ITS ALL FAKE

Автор JAGG is BACK (14 дней)

Автор kenneth brown (17 дней)

Автор Shawntay Sims (15 дней)
Look at its shadow, the suns is on the lady left side lol. I seen this on
fact or faked 

Автор El Mañungo (20 дней)
I am groot

Автор Aaron Edlund (15 дней)
Old video proven to be fake I believe I saw it on scifi channel or
discovery channel 

Автор Cedric Quiroz (16 дней)
the sun is comeing one way on the girls face and the fake monster shadow is
not in the right place

Автор ash jak (26 дней)
Minecraft is real a ENDER MAN WOW!!!

Автор Joe Krenzelok (29 дней)
Why is it every time they have footage of something odd or questionable it
is always out of focus or so shaky you can't make it out. When I shoot
video it never looks that way.

Автор NinjaBobGaming (22 дня)
Confirmed Enderman. Strongly recommend wearing a pumpkin on your head to
avoid further trouble.

Автор Andres Salas (1 месяц)
it fake i see the real video of that and it show how they did it

Автор Kristian Ofsteng (21 день)

Автор elijah besaw (23 дня)
Run the fuck away its fucking enderman

Автор Trenton Manaco (1 месяц)

Автор Abby Sanborn (1 месяц)
Its fake. 'Fact or Faked' did this case and has proven that is was faked. 

Автор nvrgvupdafite (1 месяц)
Like an ender man

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