Strange Creature caught on Tape during Live News Cast?

Strange Creature caught on Tape during Live News Cast?

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Добавлено: 4 года
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Автор stag 248 (2 месяца)
are people fucking stupid. look at THE FUCKING SHADOWS. her shadow is
facing another way and the alien's shadow is facing the opposite side.

Автор Savannah Tenace (2 месяца)
Its faker or could be faked, on this TV show, um I don't remember the name
they basically recreated what you see on the video shooters camera

Автор Princejammer62 (1 месяц)
Looks like an enderman:
Long, slender limbs
Appears out of nowhere
Look closely, it is holding something...

Автор TheBludgutz (1 месяц)
its a person walking a dog distorted by a camera out of focus and radiant
heat or an alien, I really think this shit is stupid! 

Автор Holymakinaw (1 месяц)
LOL. An obvious fake that only a MORON would wonder about, on youtube.

I guess people will do anything for internet attention.

Автор AnkerAngil69 (1 месяц)
funny. for not being 'altered' the shadow of the "creature" and the shadows
on the woman's face go in different directions

Автор Scott L (27 дней)
Even without the guy who confessed to forging it, you can still obviously
tell it's a fake. How? Because it's covering WAY too much ground for its
stride. The forger failed to make it's move speed match up with the
animation frames. Amateur.

Автор agubaia (7 месяцев)
It was proved that was a fake, made with Effects, the guy who did it
confess in Camera on a TV show 

Автор Troy Nall (5 дней)
fake. shadows not correct. pixel warping occurring.

Автор Rolando Renteria (1 месяц)
CG. Clearly. And, not a a very good job either.

Автор Frankie Wylde (9 дней)
Its a kid dragging a skateboard cgi effects cmon!

Автор Andy Anon (3 дня)
looks like a child holding 2 sticks

Автор RedyHead (17 дней)
Oh Shit! Its a human!!!!

Автор Kemonokami (28 дней)
Big deal, it's just Slenderman going on a beer run.

The guy likes his Samuel Adams.

Автор Messiah Galindez (1 месяц)
it does not look like ender ender is cuter

Автор Yvonne Manning (1 месяц)
That black figure is a mod from minecraft and is not a alien from
Space is the ENDERMAN 

Автор jetpaq (5 дней)
LOL at .17 when they say "Not been altered in anyway"
There is clearly a jump in the video when you see the speed of the
forground persons head movements.. Sigh.. yet another.. F..f,.f..Ake..

Автор Shasha Palanco (2 месяца)
Seems like a skinny one with a skateboard!

Автор andy watts (14 дней)
Another basement-dwelling, no job fool, attention seeker faking shit.

Автор Kacie mac (29 дней)
It's groot from guardians of the galaxy


Автор Saravana Raja (14 дней)
looks like someone walking a dog.....if it was a alien, why would it be
doing that...there must be a simpler explanation to this. Maybe if they
recreate the whole event as close as to the original, the answer would be

Автор rody speake (1 месяц)
This is a hoax and the TV show paranormal files fact or faked interviewed
the people at the TV station.... the editor admitted he faked it!

Автор jairanch39 (8 дней)
How these people are living in our world is beyond me ! what a moronic load
of garbage ! and these guys chatting like ooh it may be real !! holy sh#t

Автор Juliet Anderson (28 дней)
Why is enderman following me?

Автор Harrison Fletcher (5 дней)
On a Tv show people tried to work out what it was, they ended up going to
the studio where it was edited and the guy admitted he put it there for a
joke to see people's reactions. FAKE

Автор Bobby Bailey (6 дней)
Praying mantis... not praying.

Автор gettheleadoutasshole (4 дня)
Shadows are on the wrong side

Автор Oliver Anderson (2 месяца)
Proven Fake.

Автор Carlos Basora (1 месяц)
Dude relax couse your blow up

Автор Nate Calder (9 дней)
It was Photoshop in the producer admitted it

Автор Hiroshi Takahashi (2 дня)

Автор Dragon (8 дней)
low grade CGI and if you blow it up you can see this clearly - complete low
grade trickery - the Journo gets a kick out of having everyone fooled - he
doesn't want notoriety because he knows sooner or later someone will expose

Автор james s (9 дней)
it is a HOAX. it has been revealed that the so-called alien was inserted
into the news cast.

Автор hL.A SasHa (15 дней)
It's fake the shadows are facing different ways

Автор Knightshadow73 (2 дня)
it looks like its carrying something

Автор BigSteve7 (2 дня)
It's a Enderman!

Автор Robert Rowland (2 дня)

Автор Kobe is beast Edwards (21 день)
Slender man

Автор Janet Amemiya (22 дня)
Uhh the Marrionette

Автор Meghana Maggie (5 дней)
slender man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор the jap show (2 месяца)
come on guys what in the world is wrong with you

Автор Dark Devil (23 дня)
That's just Surgat, he likes manifesting for cameras.

Автор Danny Osborne (2 дня)
It looks like its dragging a body. But they moded it in

Автор BudderKitten246 (1 месяц)
kinda looks like it has a snake body, because it moves so smoothly

Автор Family Pranksters (13 дней)
HAHAHAHAHA wow, you guys are tools to buy this. Everyone careful of the
giant stick figures!!!

Автор Cecilia Wilson (1 месяц)
Debunked via Fact or Faked on syfy channel. The show's producer admitted to
adding the "alien" to get attention

Автор fkovacs1 (29 дней)
Oh, yeah- the cameraman just conveniently zoomed up on the woman as soon as
Sparky showed up. Pfffft.....

Автор Barry Arnold (1 месяц)
In order for something to be called a fake there needs to be something
real. Hence my phrase Made Up...

Автор Desmond Dixon (1 месяц)
I think it's an alien.

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