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Автор stag 248 (3 месяца)
are people fucking stupid. look at THE FUCKING SHADOWS. her shadow is
facing another way and the alien's shadow is facing the opposite side.

Автор Vixen The Animatronic Mew (13 дней)
Slender ☑
Skinny limbs ☑
often holding something ☑
interdimensional traveler/teleporter ☑

Автор Meulin Leijon (18 дней)
i saw something on this and it was fake, the guy who put it in there
admitted it.

Автор Princejammer62 (2 месяца)
Looks like an enderman:
Long, slender limbs
Appears out of nowhere
Look closely, it is holding something...

Автор Savannah Tenace (3 месяца)
Its faker or could be faked, on this TV show, um I don't remember the name
they basically recreated what you see on the video shooters camera

Автор TheBludgutz (2 месяца)
its a person walking a dog distorted by a camera out of focus and radiant
heat or an alien, I really think this shit is stupid! 

Автор Karen Grainger-Allen (9 дней)
I've seen this before ,some one caught two of the same sort of thing in a
park ,one bigger ,taller than the other ,but didn't have arms !
Also seen another thing climbing up a building under another name ! It's in
Russia !!!

Автор Ralph Duddles (18 дней)
Gumby lives. Looking for Pokey.

Автор Blaze0357 (16 дней)
This is so bad!! Actually.. it's so bad that the person who done it could
probably get a job at the Sci Fi Channel as a visual effects artist. You
know.. cause Sci Fi Channel movies are so freeking BAD! x))

Автор JD11 (9 дней)
ok ok really, what is that thing!? I saw the exact same thing on a tv show
where they caught almost the exact same thing on camera! nobody in that
neighborhood new what the hell it was ! so strange !

Автор Troy Nall (1 месяц)
fake. shadows not correct. pixel warping occurring.

Автор Hayden Charles (1 день)
It's a blowing piece of material. I saw this episode on fact or faked.

Автор Frankie Wylde (1 месяц)
Its a kid dragging a skateboard cgi effects cmon!

Автор Andy Anon (1 месяц)
looks like a child holding 2 sticks

Автор Rob Evans (27 дней)
With these sorts of videos, there are ALWAYS going to be sceptics, no
matter how real or legitimate the footage is... But why can't this be
real??? Why can't alot of tge vids on YouTube be real? Because it's online?
Because people in the comments say it's fake, & they have 'proof'? Because
the internet lies? Not everything u see or read is true, I know that, but
also not everything is a lie either... Far from it. I don't know or pretend
to know alot about supernatural beings or ghosts etc... But I DO believe
there's other life forms out there somewhere... There has to be, doesn't
there? And why can't they visit us every now & then? People just need to be
more open minded & less sceptical

Автор jasmine delorey (6 дней)
Check out this video on YouTube: the hell

Автор Otto Carius (25 дней)
it is either slenderman or photoshopped and gee it takes a lot of work
according to you guys, but people who need a moment of fame will do just
about anything.

Автор HIFI man (14 дней)
Some one with their dog, was just probably behind the structure, so it
could go pee, then they both left, after that...

Why would anyone think that the tall thin man is an "alien?" What does
that make his dog?. Don't you think people would be laughing at you, right
about now? LOL

Автор Nathan Loving (17 дней)
That's an alien and they got other videos of the same thing because if you
look closely at it there's something smaller that's walking right under the
thing that walking tall but it's a little bit smaller than the other.

Автор jetpaq (1 месяц)
LOL at .17 when they say "Not been altered in anyway"
There is clearly a jump in the video when you see the speed of the
forground persons head movements.. Sigh.. yet another.. F..f,.f..Ake..

Автор Oregon SunriseSis (13 дней)
Uh...perhaps the guy could erect a screen behind him to hide his ugly messy

Автор alex madison (16 дней)
It's simple take a good look 1:52 the news girl head jumps, the image was
remade there is no alien there.

Автор Dan M (19 дней)
It has already been debunked. It was done by a technician and he claimed he
added it.

Автор Chelsea R (8 дней)
This looks like horrible cgi, sorry! I do believe in aliens but I don't
believe this is one!

Автор Saravana Raja (1 месяц)
looks like someone walking a dog.....if it was a alien, why would it be
doing that...there must be a simpler explanation to this. Maybe if they
recreate the whole event as close as to the original, the answer would be

Автор Bob Ayers (16 дней)
all fakes you think governement will let it on youtube and the people see
thoses things then go on panic ? seriously !!!

Автор mike csordas (7 дней)
fakery does not look alive i think it's bogus film

Автор ThatSillyItchyTurian (4 дня)
Xiao Xiao from the 2nd Dimension, he out for blood...

Автор Harrison Fletcher (1 месяц)
On a Tv show people tried to work out what it was, they ended up going to
the studio where it was edited and the guy admitted he put it there for a
joke to see people's reactions. FAKE

Автор jairanch39 (1 месяц)
How these people are living in our world is beyond me ! what a moronic load
of garbage ! and these guys chatting like ooh it may be real !! holy sh#t

Автор Bobby Bailey (1 месяц)
Praying mantis... not praying.

Автор gettheleadoutasshole (1 месяц)
Shadows are on the wrong side

Автор woxow (29 дней)
alien - lalalalala such a nice day for walking "whistle whistle

Автор Herobrine Nate (8 дней)
It's minecraft in real life lol might be a enderman

Автор Josh The Tasty Pancake (16 дней)
Sorry to say this guys, but its fake. I was watching a show called Fact Or
Faked, and they interviewed the cameraman, and he said that he edited it,
and even showed them how he did it.

Автор Kobe is beast Edwards (1 месяц)
Slender man

Автор Nate Calder (1 месяц)
It was Photoshop in the producer admitted it

Автор Penny Hay (8 дней)
it look like it is holding a gun or a babay or a stick

Автор Hiroshi Takahashi (1 месяц)

Автор Dragon (1 месяц)
low grade CGI and if you blow it up you can see this clearly - complete low
grade trickery - the Journo gets a kick out of having everyone fooled - he
doesn't want notoriety because he knows sooner or later someone will expose

Автор Michael Richardson (5 дней)
Its real people..stop it,,,,im not of this earth my real name is
orthon,,,im from the planet clarian,,,I can appear out of thin air,,,iam
ahead of ur time..I have seen outside of this whole solar system I have
even seen the big and little dipper up close,,,we have been coming to earth
sense the begining of time,,,here on earth iam 29 but in real life iam 500
yrs old I have seen some of u born in the hospital and ur parents couldnt
see me standing there,,,my galaxy is far more advanced,,,who do u think
created yalls planes and some of the weapons u fight with,,,they want our
secrets but we wont give the secret to gravity in yrs to come we will take
over eath...Orthon from planet clarian

Автор Bovine Parrot7 (13 дней)
It looks like a animation

Автор Beverly Brooks (11 дней)
This is cool I like learning about new misterious creatures!!

Автор Knightshadow73 (1 месяц)
it looks like its carrying something

Автор SShooligan (24 дня)
total shit fucking nobs!!

Автор james s (1 месяц)
it is a HOAX. it has been revealed that the so-called alien was inserted
into the news cast.

Автор BigSteve7 (1 месяц)
It's a Enderman!

Автор Brady Epps (10 дней)
That is real getting my shotgun beside me that's so creepy

Автор Sean Melville (1 день)
What's is it dragging?

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