Phun Algodoo UAZ Hunter

Algoryx ophroad driving school algodoo

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Длительность: 4:24
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Автор Maks Uskov ( назад)
Привет кирил! А я думал что ты не русский!

Автор Kirill Ilinich ( назад)
Да, линк добавлен в описание.

Автор MrCoolAlien ( назад)
Могу я скачать карту?

Автор Ham Mohd ( назад)
Nice crash effect and i play it to! Really amazing!

Автор Kirill Ilinich ( назад)
Сейчас это намного проще - спроси в группе /algodoo вконтакте

Автор Lucas Kroon ( назад)
Hey Kilinich, i made that Lada 2107. I'm going to make a UAZ 349 hunter
now! :)

Автор Paradurodov ( назад)
@antipend название ролика

Автор zainuintel ( назад)
Guyz, it was lagging on my pc, but there is a option in my graphics to
switch to Gaming mode, then i get 30/40 FPS :D TNX DUDE

Автор NFSlegends ( назад)
Awesome. The suspension is really nice

Автор Bepo Burazer ( назад)
dude epic

Автор fudgun ( назад)
2 things, one, that is bad-ass. two, WHY THE HELL DID YOU CRASH IT?!!? it
looked bad at the cuz u did! that is all.

Автор blackmist212 ( назад)
can we get the game

Автор Kirill Ilinich ( назад)
@0111649116 well than, you need to wait for a good times

Автор Youssef Aly ( назад)
@Kilinich i live in egypt and i'm only 14 years old plus its my dsktop
computer it is dell optiplex 280 and it has the graphics card built inside
of the motherboard so i cant obtain a new graphics card

Автор Kirill Ilinich ( назад)
@0111649116 "intel 82915g/gv/910gl" - that sux. Get good graphics card.

Автор Youssef Aly ( назад)
hi i have algodoo v1.8.0,pentuim 4 computer,windows xp professional
edition,2.80 ghz single core intel prossessor,1.0 gb of ram,my c:/ drive is
sata hdd of 2 partions C=9.5gb & D=27gb and i have 1.72 gb of free space in
C,my graphics driver is:intel 82915g/gv/910gl express chipset family and i
download this scene you are playing and when algodoo runs it it runs very
slow as a scene not the whole program or whole computer (coud you PLEASE
post help?)

Автор joshua moore ( назад)
@Kilinich fine then

Автор Kirill Ilinich ( назад)
@sabatondriftclub NO

Автор joshua moore ( назад)
hey could you design me a inpreza that can skip along water please

Автор Alex Noir ( назад)
Всем русским не прочитавшим название видоса, игра называется Algodoo!

Автор Alex Noir ( назад)
@antipend Она не бесплатная, но можно полную бесплатно скачать с сайта
small - games . info

Автор JoNniixD ( назад)
i want it!!

Автор TiTanAEfull ( назад)
@Kilinich hmmm. i think when i played phun my computer start to sleep,
windows 7 is more than enough. ok i don,t want to disturb you anymore ,

Автор Kirill Ilinich ( назад)
@TiTanAEfull maybe your computer is too slow? check FPS and try to set 0.8
sim speed for example

Автор TiTanAEfull ( назад)
@Kilinich jou jou, i did that all bevore you sayed that. i,ve reached only
70. beleave me that is only the shakeing bug . i see in your vid the
objects didn,t shakeing.

Автор Kirill Ilinich ( назад)
@TiTanAEfull np, so just turn off 4wd and lock (make it rwd only), pump up
tires and switch gears in time (like in video) to reach 100km/h before ramp

Автор TiTanAEfull ( назад)
@Kilinich so, I have phun because the tools are much better for me to use!
everybody thinking differen but i think phun is the best (forget laser and
other stuff, its unusualy)

Автор Kirill Ilinich ( назад)
@TiTanAEfull I have 2 versions - for phun and for algodoo. did you pick
right one?

Автор TiTanAEfull ( назад)
hey,i cant drive fast to jump, because the objects are shakeing when there
are on pressure, or the axes ,too(i have the best version but there are
still shakeing ( when under pressure)

Автор Zach123187 ( назад)
download link plz

Автор Kirill Ilinich ( назад)
@mariopianist It's not fail, it's fun ;-)

Автор mariopianist ( назад)
fail haha at 3:05

Автор AVENGER4565 ( назад)
@antipend Я бы дал ссылку но она не даётся)

Автор Kirill Ilinich ( назад)
@48rusCAHEK В каком смысле "кто-то"? ;-)

Автор 48rusCAHEK ( назад)
все равно прикольно)) кто-то создатель явно фанат УАЗа! старался!

Автор Kirill Ilinich ( назад)
@48rusCAHEK ну да, максимум надо было 4500 нарисовать ;-)

Автор 48rusCAHEK ( назад)
при таких оборотах движке в реальле уже давно ГГ!)))

Автор Sousleek ( назад)
@antipend Эта "игруха" называется Phun. Физический конструктор. Скачайте и
охуейте от того насколько крут автор )))))

Автор reymysterio136 ( назад)
me i thing 6 hours

Автор reymysterio136 ( назад)
cool aahhh

Автор Kirill Ilinich ( назад)
oh IC, true. I plan to completely rebuild transmission so it will be more

Автор mibars ( назад)
In real-world car if you rapidly take off ypur foot from clutch car jumps
voilently and there is a high chance of turning off the engine. (providing
that it has a clutch in good condition) Look at 0:28 - You can stall wheels
without using clutch! I know that it might be difficult to implement but
you might add second button which will engage clutch partially to allow
easy starts, or something like clutch gradually increasing it's strenght
after disengaging it.

Автор Kirill Ilinich ( назад)
I didn't get it - what's wrong with clutch?

Автор mibars ( назад)
This UAZ is awersome! I think, that the only thing that is bit wrong is the
way the clutch works - You can rev engine high while wheels are almost in
stall (without clutch pressed)

Автор antipend ( назад)
а че за игруха, где скачать?

Автор FamousRootBeer ( назад)
one prob then i do it the spedometer messes up and im not in cluch once it
gets to five it spins around some times D: please fix this

Автор KaratePilz ( назад)
do you have got the correct graphics settings? experiment a bit with it in
the options.

Автор Saunaperuna ( назад)
I've got SCALEO Pa 2680 processor: PH 4x 9550 AM2+ graphics: ATI radeon
HD3850 (512mb) memory: 2 X MEM 2048M DDR2 and so on

Автор Zony66 ( назад)
jeez..,.,... how llong did that take to make??

Автор Kirill Ilinich ( назад)
true, and which was most realistic before?

Автор tonyb24242424 ( назад)
now this one is the most realistic i saw

Автор KaratePilz ( назад)
oh hmmm weird... mine is 2 years old and it's running at 100%. the cores
are clocking at 2,67GHz

Автор Saunaperuna ( назад)
I've got only 6 months old pc!

Автор KaratePilz ( назад)
only 10%??? then you have to buy a new pc

Автор Tank2333 ( назад)
this is the most epic scene ive seenits ..so... perfect...

Автор Saunaperuna ( назад)
how did you get phun running so fast??!! on my computer that's running like
10% :( and your kamaz driver is also running 10% realtime D:

Автор Kirill Ilinich ( назад)
Как думаешь - русскую версию надо сделать?

Автор vtkrey ( назад)
Nice work :P

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