Smoking Fetish TV Heather - More 120s?

Yeah, they look great... but they don't really taste that great lol. Interested in more smoking fetish? Be sure to check out http://www.tgirlsmokersclub.com

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Автор mad mack ( назад)
fantmagical x

Автор sutalun ( назад)
Heather you look fabulous! A More cigarette, those long fingernails, and
your sexy lips are the total package!! I used to watch Dynasty in the late
80s just to see Joan Collins smoke Mores. She, like you, made it look so
sexy and classy! I liked the More Menthols-they had a great taste! I can't
find them anywhere now. I also liked the VS 120s Menthols and the Max 120s
Menthols. Nothing like a Menthol burst of nicotine from some very sexy

Автор Siren Bond ( назад)
I love your Weaves gurl! Classy x 

Автор deanm65 ( назад)
Now I love the taste - but then I have had 20 years to get used to it!

Автор Mr120Man ( назад)
Very sexy light up. I was so hoping for you to double pump it.

Автор ljf96734 ( назад)
You lookso great. The hair, nails, and everything! I have to agree with you
though...More's aren't the best tasting but they do look great. especially
watching you smoke them!

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