Smoking Fetish TV Heather - More 120s?

Yeah, they look great... but they don't really taste that great lol. Interested in more smoking fetish? Be sure to check out http://www.tgirlsmokersclub.com

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Автор mad mack (1 год)
fantmagical x

Автор mslisagloves (3 года)
Heather you still have it and I still love your style, Baby!

Автор ljf96734 (5 лет)
You lookso great. The hair, nails, and everything! I have to agree with you
though...More's aren't the best tasting but they do look great. especially
watching you smoke them!

Автор Mr120Man (5 лет)
Very sexy light up. I was so hoping for you to double pump it.

Автор Alexistv27 (5 лет)
Mamma mia, this vids is so super sexy and hot. Realy love the hair, makeup
and nails. Honey, your a real hera........

Автор deanm65 (4 года)
Now I love the taste - but then I have had 20 years to get used to it!

Автор Siren Bond (3 года)
I love your Weaves gurl! Classy x

Автор sutalun (3 года)
Heather you look fabulous! A More cigarette, those long fingernails, and
your sexy lips are the total package!! I used to watch Dynasty in the late
80s just to see Joan Collins smoke Mores. She, like you, made it look so
sexy and classy! I liked the More Menthols-they had a great taste! I can't
find them anywhere now. I also liked the VS 120s Menthols and the Max 120s
Menthols. Nothing like a Menthol burst of nicotine from some very sexy

Автор cherriwoods69 (5 лет)
Moore is not my fav either but they do look good between your lips.

Автор picott66 (5 лет)
sweetness you would make any smoke taste hot xxxxxx hugs michael

Автор MIssStrutter (4 года)
So sexy, my fave brand!!

Автор Jean West (5 лет)
very sexy Heather love to see your lips on that Moore 120

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