how to fix GTA san andreas problem PC

hope this helps you!!! comment and rate!!

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Автор The British R4zorHusky (AmɞєяLєňňoяRoċҡєţċһu) ( назад)
a 5 min video just to download one file?? retard

Автор La Misto Mido ( назад)
It worked 😃😃😃
Thank you very much

Автор Rade007 ( назад)
Doesn't work here.

Автор djamel eddine Belhoum ( назад)
thnkx its Wooooooooooooooork :)

Автор Kaimi Lambert ( назад)
My one says error 0x007474D3 plz help me

Автор GoodGamesBG ( назад)
Thank you soooooooooooo much

Автор AZGameplay y ( назад)
Thank you soooo much
And you are a little bit slow you could just type "delete a file named

Автор Jubox ( назад)

Автор Ionu Mihai ( назад)

Автор Diana Gonzalez ( назад)
tried but failed it still appears encounter a serious problem

Автор Cărbunarii ( назад)

Автор Good Plague Doctor ( назад)
This video is outdated. It doesn't work anymore.

Автор PatrolaSLT ( назад)
its WORKIING OMG I push that LIKE button

Автор arjun chauhan ( назад)

Автор Wassim Fassih ( назад)
merci boucoup

Автор Carlos Antonio ( назад)
slap you just fucked my game even more why dont youtube ban you

Автор VisiKL Kastrati ( назад)
Thanks really it Works!!!!

Автор AceGentleman ( назад)
I delete it but then it re-appears

Автор Gaming Life ( назад)
so is this about the audio

Автор yassine and huha borthers' community ( назад)
lol,this really worked.
Well thanks man.

Автор Crimisimo Games ( назад)

Автор Dude Man ( назад)
Man, I'm I go up there gta site gta san andreas with that image thence
closes and says it has stop working gta

Автор Aishatu Bobbo ( назад)

Автор Cosmic Gaming ( назад)
i can't find gta set

Автор CroInvisible ' ( назад)
Tnx man u are awesome and u save me!!! TNX :D <3

Автор Christian Lopez ( назад)
fuck you My gta Not work

Автор Shahid Afridi ( назад)
when i open my gta sanandreas says cannot find 800 video mode

Автор street grove ( назад)
my game keep getting problem from mod do you know how to fix that

Автор Gavin Sullivan ( назад)
not working

Автор Fouad Zahiri ( назад)
thanks its worked

Автор Mandalorian Gameplay ( назад)
my problem is not solved
my problem is a application error : (0xc000007b)

Автор Ujjal Sinha ( назад)
it really works

Автор The Lonely Lakitu ( назад)
the tutorial starts on 02:07 you dont have to thank me

Автор Saeed Hasan ( назад)
fuck is not working

Автор marlon guzman ( назад)
THank you very much

Автор levis jerome ( назад)
this sucks....this is not working shit
poly video

Автор Eirean Nico Dangalan ( назад)
It not work

Автор Charlo Thegenius ( назад)
thank you soo much u r the best
the only one who helped me
tanks !!!!

Автор MediaJoy ( назад)
can u help me when i play my gta sa , while in gameplay my screen becomes
black and game goes down

Автор RollerOr ! ( назад)

Автор Hassan Mansoot ( назад)
This worked well....:-)

Автор DarkStar 3727 ( назад)
doesnt work you noob stupid ugly asshole

Автор THe Lietuvis ( назад)
WTF ? i dont have gta_sa_set

Автор black hammer ( назад)
hey ani body on
due to mission skip mod my gta sa open but when i click on load game or
new game it shows not responding show solution plz.!!!!

Автор Pitch Gamer (972 года назад)
FIRST right click your gta San Andreas then click delete wait I'm not
joking open your recycle bin restore the gta San Andreas and it will work

Автор Sniper PL ( назад)
don't working....

thanks u soo much becuase i like gta sa game very muck but it not work
after i deleate gta.sa.set it is work

Автор growtopia221 GT ( назад)
not work

Автор Coffie Edwards ( назад)
does anyone know where i can download this game with an easy install?

Автор LeagueOfLegends Kp ( назад)
Thank you bro you have sub from me :)

Автор triponisimo ( назад)
5 min tutorial on how to delete one file.

Автор orian the gamer ( назад)
deam its doesnt work for me' wahen i clike on gta san sandres its start to
flash blak on the scren!

Автор Anthony Jack (Derpy Gaming) ( назад)
my game save corrputed can you fix ?

Автор Logan Swansea ( назад)
0:45 ''Or sometimes a window will poop''

Автор lindi noli ( назад)
how to fix gta san andreas close the program

Автор Oussama ZéGGai ( назад)
Works for me Thanks

Автор rhuel justin Ramos ( назад)
not working my gta sa is only restored the to default control 

Автор Gilgameshz ( назад)
can u help me when i play my gta sa , while in gameplay my screen becomes
black and i can hear sounds but cant do anything not even Ctrl,Alt,Del so i
can only restart it

Автор Yashil Lal Singh ( назад)
did not work

Автор hun TauruX ( назад)
Thank you very much it helped :)

Автор Pewking ( назад)
Merci Thank you :)

Автор monster82226 ( назад)
thank you very match 

Автор Ayo Glizzy ( назад)
Thanks !!!!

Автор Speed ArtNO1 ( назад)
OMG thanks dude worcking

Автор Eyal Ben Saadon ( назад)
thanks, my gta is now working

Автор GEI AAA ( назад)
not working

Автор CobraGaming ( назад)
lol poopxD

Автор Mylaram SREE KARAN ( назад)
wont work

Автор Charisto Milleano ( назад)
It's work thank's .. becaused why

Автор yadhi zap ( назад)
hi my gta san is working normaly but i have a problem that when i shoot a
person or entering a mission it comes to window and shows error i can't
able to atten a misson also pls help me bro

Автор PyroKing5236 ( назад)
Thanks dude. Helped a lot

Автор GhostPhantomSK ( назад)
Thx :)

Автор TʜᴇBʟᴏxxɪɴɢBʟᴏᴄᴋs ( назад)
I only have 2 folders in user files...oh yea, ur an noob

Автор Muhammad Halbi ( назад)
thanx for video my games is no error again

Автор NUNUTHEKILLER28 “Alfredo Acosta” KD35 ( назад)
thank you this worked !!!!

Автор sasker94 ( назад)
I have no gta san user file, and the game want not running! HELP ME

Автор Наиль Султанов ( назад)
Is guis germ wimop Redi!

Автор Наиль Султанов ( назад)
такая же херня

Автор Herobrinecooper cooper ( назад)

Автор Armend Mustafa ( назад)
my gta san andreas dont work when i click in gta and dont workmy pcp is
black every day

Автор ilkan göcer ( назад)
thanks its working thanks my gta sa starts :D

Автор BRabbitMCGaming ( назад)
It Worked :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Автор WorldTrapMusic ( назад)
not work.. the error is "The application was unable to start correctly
(oxc000007b).Click OK close the application gta_sa.exe-Application error!

Автор Rati Mamulashvili (VioliNMasteR) ( назад)
thnx man it really works :))

Автор Introuder89 ( назад)
hehe u said poop

Автор Jay Immanuel Martinez ( назад)
I've read the comments.. To those people who tried this method to fix their
Gta San Andreas game, unfortunately it didn't work out for some of you,
maybe your San Andreas game is just as horrible as my account prof.pic .. 

Автор Jay Immanuel Martinez ( назад)
Thanks man !!! thought i lost my game for ever !! you is a laaiiipppAhh
saver !!

Автор Sanfran JDC ( назад)
IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE DISLIKE BOTTON WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Mark James Frago ( назад)

Автор randy rahim ( назад)
omg not working

Автор Pumpkin Head ( назад)
cyber beau is idiot u can comment hem too 

Автор Jason White ( назад)
u said poop

Автор TheHorizon Gaming ( назад)
Thanks BRO!!!

Автор koma proplayer ( назад)
jebem ti mater

Автор Saif Jeon ( назад)
"...or sometimes a window will poop" LOL XD :P

Автор Agnar_CZ 18 ( назад)
remove fully Gta san andreas user files (or saves put on desktop and remove
gta:sa user files) and reinstall gta:sa (working for me)
and sorry for my engish

Автор beau vanmaanen ( назад)
work not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор fady kraiem ( назад)
i have onthore probloeme mod 

Автор Jahavis Films ( назад)
Do You Need Version 1 For This 

Автор Orange Peelz ( назад)
not working

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