how to fix GTA san andreas problem PC

hope this helps you!!! comment and rate!!

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Автор robert voicicovski (4 месяца)
not working

Автор Alex Drinc (2 месяца)
cyber beau is idiot u can comment hem too 

Автор WorldTrapMusic (24 дня)
not work.. the error is "The application was unable to start correctly
(oxc000007b).Click OK close the application gta_sa.exe-Application error!

Автор Matt At Minecraft (2 месяца)
For me, it just says that gta_sa has unhandled exception blablabla's We're
sorry for the inconvenience

Автор beau vanmaanen (4 месяца)
work not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Armend Mustafa (1 день)
my gta san andreas dont work when i click in gta and dont workmy pcp is
black every day

Автор Mark James Frago (1 месяц)

Автор binh vunam (7 месяцев)
hey guys, why when i'm doing the mission ''cleaning the hood'', the gta has
stop working ? plz answer me!!!!

Автор ryan ali (8 месяцев)
man and when u play the game againe it create a new one gta set file
angain u waste our time fock u

Автор ilkan göcer (2 дня)
thanks its working thanks my gta sa starts :D

Автор randy rahim (1 месяц)
omg not working

Автор andreas00tm13 (5 месяцев)
I don't find that file

Автор Peteriplier p (5 месяцев)
IT works, i own you all, you got a subscriber and a like my friend. :) :D

Автор Its the mothafuckin D-O-Double-G (4 месяца)
that did not do shit!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Agnar CZ (4 месяца)
remove fully Gta san andreas user files (or saves put on desktop and remove
gta:sa user files) and reinstall gta:sa (working for me)
and sorry for my engish

Автор sjeon jeon (4 месяца)
"...or sometimes a window will poop" LOL XD :P

Автор Da Boys (4 месяца)
Do You Need Version 1 For This 

Автор Lemar Jhon Revista (3 месяца)
Thanks BRO!!!

Автор Vuk Vukovic (2 месяца)

Автор afif izzuddin (7 месяцев)
lol poop

Автор iDx Dix (6 месяцев)
I do delete the GTA FOLDER
and Download again c:
For 5 Hours D:

Автор fady kraiem (4 месяца)
i have onthore probloeme mod 

Автор Sajiv Abraham (5 месяцев)
Thanks a lot

Автор Jay Immanuel Martinez (1 месяц)
I've read the comments.. To those people who tried this method to fix their
Gta San Andreas game, unfortunately it didn't work out for some of you,
maybe your San Andreas game is just as horrible as my account prof.pic .. 

Автор Lovro Kirn (7 месяцев)
wont work :(

Автор Keke Ruehle (7 месяцев)
didn't work, my mouse still stuck

Автор Reynaldo Jardenico (5 месяцев)
my problem is how to fix a gta freeze problem... plss.. help me ...

Автор Ciorea Darius (8 месяцев)
Thanx Man

Автор christian azores (8 месяцев)
it wont work hey

Автор Jeffrey Liwan (5 месяцев)
tnx man it works!!!

Автор Stefan Brkic (4 месяца)
not working

Автор adnane hoi (8 месяцев)
qul naruto this

Автор Jason White (3 месяца)
u said poop

Автор HITMAN17FULL (6 месяцев)
What is the name of that naruto you have ? xD

Автор Jay Immanuel Martinez (1 месяц)
Thanks man !!! thought i lost my game for ever !! you is a laaiiipppAhh
saver !!

Автор Ciorea Darius (8 месяцев)

Автор BaxzXD (8 месяцев)

Автор clint katipunan (7 месяцев)
i wanna ask how to fix if im already playing then suddenly a window will
appear and tells me that there's a problem and need to close the game,,, it
always happen

Автор Introuder89 (1 месяц)
hehe u said poop

Автор koma proplayer (3 месяца)
jebem ti mater

Автор Mehdi Sellami (8 месяцев)
ty dude

Автор Danielius Masionis (8 месяцев)
fucking u.... it wont work anyway dont trust its just....ERROR !!! Ur
computer crashes after u restart it !!!!

Автор Kan Zhu (6 месяцев)
you should have deep freeze if your in a computer shop then restart the cp
thats all i know.

Автор Bolt the awsm (7 месяцев)
thanks alot m****f*****

Автор trill boy (6 месяцев)
how u do the vorbisfille whien i go to a srver it be saying i need to do
the vorbisfille can u help me....

Автор Sanfran JDC (1 месяц)
IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE DISLIKE BOTTON WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Rati Mamulashvili (26 дней)
thnx man it really works :))

Автор Revo Zather (8 месяцев)
poop lol 

Автор Revo Zather (8 месяцев)
Problem NOT solved

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