One Direction - Live While We're Young

TAKE ME HOME The brand new album out now!
Featuring Live While We’re Young and Little Things.
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/takemehome1D
Amazon: http://amzn.to/OXqkoD
Official Store: http://myplay.me/vxl

Music video by One Direction performing Live While We're Young. (C) 2012 Simco Limited under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 3:18
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Автор MagicChrissy (11 дней)
Lets change the lyrics to:
Stupid stupid haters that should rot in hell
I know its kinda harsh but they need to die
Tonight lets kill them
Cos they deserve it

Автор Rajat Jain (17 дней)
awesome song.... :)

Автор innocent girl (23 дня)
ammazing song dude

just live while we're young

Автор alitzy belivers.directioners.mahomes (15 дней)
I am Directioner

Автор Caroline Yattone (10 дней)
I love this song. +ForEver Dreams +Jacqueline Olson +JOHN CAHILL-LEMME +King
Hans Westerguard Of Arendelle 

Автор Akshay Bharadwaj (21 день)
They're all so cute and great singers. Don't talk about the autotune, talk
about the idea, how they came up with a great idea for a song.

Автор ThatRandomChick13 (26 дней)
1D is so gay and their fans are obsessive and crazy "things".

Автор sonia nayak (21 день)
listen to this song while u're young

Автор Horacio Salazar (1 месяц)
One Direction - Live While We're Young: http://youtu.be/AbPED9bisSc

Автор Zahra Rassool (14 дней)
Is it true that the video is being removed ?!!! 😱😱😭😭

Автор Mariam Mimo (11 дней)
Like if your watching in 2015

Автор Barbies ugly (13 дней)
4ever young with +Axecelle Hemmings 卌 

Автор tyholzwarth (9 дней)
I don't understand why people still hate on one direction, first their not
auto tuned, (if u don't believe me watch one of their concert videos) they
write there songs now ( they wrote most of their songs since the third
album) and their nice lads. Non if them do any drugs and they love all of
their fans unlike some pop stars. And their songs are also pretty good. If
u don't believe me stop judging them by their first album. And if u still
think they suck, they won more awards then the amount of boy\girl friends
then u will ever get 

Автор Haruhi Fujioka (14 дней)
I love this song

Автор Gloria Estefania Sanches Sanchez Ramos (6 дней)
One Direction - Live While We're Young: http://youtu.be/AbPED9bisSc

Автор Olivia Burton (21 час)
I actually like reading hate comments. It's weird yet satisfying. Just
reading the ridiculous hate comments that's are far from the truth, and
just seeing how far 1D has come. Their success is unbelievable and their
support is much more powerful than all the hate. Basically the haters make
me laugh at their jealousy and I think of how far they are going to get. I
realize that they are unhappy and have nothing better to do than to drown
others in their unwanted hatred for talent. :) One Direction has
accomplished more than most of the haters ever will combined. While 1D is
traveling the world and living out their dreams, most of the haters are
just sitting behind a computer screen doing nothing with their lives.

Автор Joanne Benyon (8 дней)
Love you Louis

Автор JustCallMeArabella (1 день)
Anyone who says this song ISN'T about sex is a huge liar

Автор gakuto tanaka (2 дня)
It's my favorite song
Thank you for coming to Japan
We love you

Автор Kaitie Kat (2 дня)
this is inapropriate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ewewewewewewewew

Автор michelle devia (19 дней)
#AtencionDIRECTIONERS: Para el 23 de julio, como es el aniversario, Vamos
ha hacer lo siguiente vamos ha hacer que What Makes You Beautifull llegue a
ser el video mas visto en toda la historia y superar los 1.126.647.600
visitas de baby (justin bieber) que hasta ahora es el vídeo mas visto de la
historia. Para esto necesitamos que peguen este mensaje en cada pagina,
grupo, evento y en todo que este relacionado con One Direction. Corran las
voces se que podemos lograrlo!!! GO GO GO!!! empecemos desde ahora porque
tenemos que superar millones. Seamos verdaderas Directioners y rompamos el
récord mundial de la historia GO!! LA IDEA NO ES DESPLAZAR O DESTRONAR A
Pasen la cadena a grupos, páginas, amigos, etc.

Автор Keira Watroba (2 дня)
First 5sos is better b cause write own songs Australia and ameisa

Автор Holly Farned (47 минут)
I love you guys so much I just want to meet yall

Автор Shiromura Rin (13 часов)
cutest 1D music video. EVER.

Автор TheNotRealMiranda (2 дня)
in 2012 Zayn's Hair looked the best <33

Автор Jakaria Miah (2 дня)
One direction song are👌P E R F E T and they are everyone favourite band i
the whole wide world BEST BAND ever LOVE , 💞ZAINAB HUMAYRA BEGUM ISLAM
💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💜 😇 😇 👄 👄 👑 👑

Автор Hugo LD PLAY (1 день)
Slt et oui je suis français donc je tien a préciser que je n'aime pas les
1D m 100000 pouce rouge ça me dégouté il y a quand même eu du travail
derrière tout sa les realisateurs ont prit leur temps pour çà et vous vous
êtes !a entrain de dire que c de la merde par ce qu'ils sont gay perso ont
s'en fou bande d'homophobes

Автор Sofia Patricia Maldonado Britez (2 дня)
Vengan a Paraguay

Автор Leandra Sansotta (4 часа)
Like if ur watching in 2015

Автор ANGELA FUSCO (2 дня)
poi vi ho risbloccato 

Автор Dj Wess (1 час)

Автор Miguel Achega (6 дней)
.....i already had cancer. my doctor said i had 2 years to live. After
earing this, he told me i had 2 days... I hope u gaylords are proud of
this. U just killed me, thx a lot!

Автор Carolina Argañaraz (8 дней)
One Direction - Live While We're Young: http://youtu.be/AbPED9bisSc

Автор Kat Everett (3 часа)
I'm one d favorite fan number one

Автор S Carlson (20 часов)
Please agree that Niall playing the guitar is one of the most sexiest
things ever!

Автор Hamzah Jameel (2 дня)
Like if your watching in 2015!!

Автор Hunter Ketels (1 день)
I wish I could listen to this song but I cursed and my mind automatically
processes the lyrics to the BO2 parody of this song

Автор Dinara Elenis (9 часов)
Live While We're Young

Автор Lucka Bendová (10 часов)
Best video I have ever seen

Автор VegasZ (2 дня)
Like if you're watching this in 2016

Автор Madison McBride (3 часа)
im the number 1 fan

Автор Michael Warren (1 день)
dear 1D u could do have come to my school call prescott PLEASE 1D in 301 on
a day that u are not busy ok love u zayn ade niall

Автор Taide Martinez (20 часов)
¡Ni que Yolo!, ni que nada, Live While We're Young! 

Автор Sofia Garcia Rr (2 дня)
Te a o

Автор Maria Lopez (2 дня)

Автор Ximena Hd (2 часа)
I💜 you Harry😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🆔🆔🆔🆔🆔🆔🆔🆔🆔🆔

Автор Gabi Urbina (2 дня)
+ThatRandomChick13 dear stupid haters
i hope you fucking die and go to hell 1D is not gay.

Автор something.great (26 дней)
I'm not even going to bother reading the comments fucking lifeless loser
commenting on how bad they think this is, get a fucking life damn. 

Автор Helena Dantas (1 месяц)
N nós podemos esquecer das primeiras. 

Автор 凌太村上 (43 минуты)

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