One Direction - Live While We're Young

TAKE ME HOME The brand new album out now!
Featuring Live While We’re Young and Little Things.
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Music video by One Direction performing Live While We're Young. (C) 2012 Simco Limited under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 3:18
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Автор Syoma Meliqsetyan (26 дней)
I hate this auto-tuned guys. They don't write the lyrics of their songs,
even compose melodies. They're zero musicians. All their brainwashed fans
should listen to the real music. For example Red Hot Chili Peppers, the
Beatles, Rolling Stones, Guns N' Roses, U2, the Police, Siouxsie and the
Banshees, Pink Floyd, Abba, Whitesnake.... but not this kind of pure trash.
Can someone explain why they're so popular????

Автор Esra hamdy (3 дня)
One Direction - Live While We're Young

Автор Z0MBI3PR1NCESSS (9 дней)
this band are hopeless i really feel sorry for people that call this music
and have the need to put people down for saying this isnt trash.
Not one of them can sing and they are not even good looking if they didnt
have that guy from z factor behind them all you fools wouldnt even like

Автор One Direction Perfection (9 дней)
Tonight let's get some AND LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNGGGGGG!!!

Автор Austin Hemsworth (16 дней)
This is, genuinely, a good song. Like, for real, I'm not trolling. I'm a
straight dude, and I like this song...I could totally jam to it. Should I
commit suicide?

Автор Ultimate Venom (24 дня)
I will live m life

Автор まさこ田嶋 (2 месяца)

Автор Αλεξάνδρα basketball player της Κατερίνης (27 дней)
2 χρονια ! 2 μαγικα χρονια ! Αυτα τα δυο χρονια ειναι τα καλυτερα απο τοτε
που ειμαι νταιρεξιονερ γιατι μου χαρησαν ευτυχια λυπη και πανω απο ολα αυτο
που δεν ειχα βρει απο τα αλλα συγκροτηματα ! ΑΓΑΠΗ! ευχαριστω One Direction
που ειστε στην ζωη μου. Την κανετε περιπετειωδη και κυριως με νοημα! Και
παλι ευχαριστω

Автор Ασπασία Μρ (7 дней)
Καλεε Directioners!!που εισαστεε?ελατε να ακουσετε κατι παιδια εδωω;$
<3<3<3<3<3 ^.•

One Direction - Live While We're Young: http://youtu.be/AbPED9bisSc

Автор Constantinos and ΤΕΡΜΑ! (2 месяца)
Καλά αυτό το τραγούδι δν παί2εταιιι...♥

Автор مجنونة علوش (2 дня)
One Direction - Live While We're Young

*فرقة ون دايركشن روعة أتمنى تنال اعجابكم*

Автор One Direction Fan Page ❤ (2 месяца)
*This is what I'm listening to right now :) The best way to wake me up.
Love this song!!*

Автор الاكبر علي (11 дней)
One Direction - Live While We're Young: http://youtu.be/AbPED9bisSc

Автор radhika doraisingam (1 день)
Why are there no comments from fans of the clash calling 1D out on their
blatant plagiarism? They fuckin stole the beginning hook of the clashs
should i stay or should i go and they got away with it? Wow, how does
mainstream music lack so much accountability? 

Автор Chloe I-S (16 дней)
1:41 lol!!! ZAYN! Hahahah!

Автор Pranay Ahuja (1 месяц)
1 direction song everyone

Автор natalia martinez (2 дня)

Автор juliana welch (1 день)
I Hate 1d

Автор Niaz Kilam (2 месяца)
Yeah, we'll be doing what we do
Just pretending that we're cool
And we know it too

Two years ago x

Автор tabitha nelson (10 дней)
LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY PEEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор 吾唯足知 (19 дней)

Автор tracy ann manzano (15 дней)
Like this comment if you're still listening to this in 2014 :)
i sersly just wanna know if im the only one. :D

Автор อนงค์ภัทร์ วงศ์รพีโกวิท (1 месяц)
Live while we're young : One direction 

Автор Levi Mukai (17 дней)
nial is the craziest

Автор ByChoiceMuslim (3 месяца)
I think I am right when I say most of the people who listen to One
Direction are under 18. Most of them are young girls age 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
... So my question is are you encouraging them to have meaningless underage
sex with strangers (or someone you know little about) with these lyrics:

Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy 'till we see the sun
I know we only met but let's pretend it's love
And never, never, never stop for anyone
Tonight let's get some and live while we're young

Hey girl it's now or never, it's now or never
Don't overthink, just let it go

And girl, you and I
We're about to make some memories tonight

I wanna live while we're young
We wanna live while we're young

Автор anounaki (27 дней)
It looks like they are Lip Singing.

Автор 5SOS FAN FAM (28 дней)

Автор Chi sogna non ha regole *-* (15 дней)
La mia canzone preferita degli 1D 😍

Автор Michael Durnlinger (3 месяца)
One Direction Sucks Ass. They have "Nanananan" parts in their songs. They
say the word "stuff" in at least one song (Really? Can't be any more
detailed or come up with a word for "stuff?" Lame.) Every song is about a
girl (C'mon guys...there's more to life than women...). Their hair is
ridiculous. Their fan base is annoying as shit (It consists of mainly 13-18
year old girls who can't spell the word 'intelligent.') If you dare insult
their precious music or appearances, you get dirty responses. One Direction
have as much musical talent as a potato. Musicians, play instruments, write
their own music and don't succumb to Auto tune. They are worthless and
talentless, they can't sing. Their fanbase consists mainly of pre-teenage
girls who don't know the real music and their songs are garbage (which are
all basically the same) tell them what they want to hear. Like that they
are beautiful. It's absolutely depressing that they are so famous because
they really are pathetic, makes me sick to my stomach. All their Songs are
composed and produced by their producer, All they do is to sing with a
Shitty voice using Autotune to sound more girlish. One direction are big
headed, stuck up and darn right ugly. They sound like they're having anal
all day. They are talentless hack. They're a bunch of talentless queers
who's music is more painful than castration. They are stupid and worthless
and the world would be better if they would go away. These boy bands like
One Direction, Big Time Rush, and The Jonas Brothers are abominations who
should have never attempted to make that garbage they call music. Kids
these days have the worst taste in music. They don't deserve to be
successful. lmao

Автор One Direction Makes Me Strong (1 месяц)
Harry is very sexy 

Автор I love one direction (1 месяц)
Y the like

Автор Meriem _XOXO (14 дней)
One Direction - Live While We're Young

Автор Boris Janssens (2 дня)
Fake!! How can there be 300 000 000 views when there are only 7 000 000
people on the world?!

Автор Draculaura Henderson (2 месяца)

Автор Thomas Kristiansen (1 день)
What!? im a 19 year old boy and i love their songs :P

Автор Betty 68 M (17 дней)
B pomeriggio 

Автор Shiva Oswalt (23 дня)
Sure sounds a lot like Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash..

Автор Jolly Monkey (19 дней)
What the fuck, the verses are an almost exact rip-off of the Clash.
Honestly, the fucking asshole songwriters in the music industry these days
are more than a joke.

Автор Katerina LeporeSW (27 дней)
I don't get how people can hate on this band. I'm not a fan but I do like
their music. I get that most of the fans are people are under 18 but that's
with most bands/boybands. And One Direction IS a boyband. 

Автор Hayley Schlink (1 месяц)
I love this song does anyone else comment if u do!

Автор Hugh Chalmers (19 дней)
how does this junk have 14 million subscribers, there r only 7 million ppl
in the world!! hax.

Автор joseph garcia (24 дня)
Am I the only one who thinks they stole the intro to Should I stay or
should I go by the clash? 1D doesn't write their own songs so this kinda
thing is expected.

Автор FuzzyFilmsGaming (16 дней)
can someone plz comment me the name im forgetting out of the band?
I know the names are Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam but who is the other one

Автор ALEX !!! (20 дней)
i am their newest fan....................luv them.......all of
them............they r just awesome
i thank all my monkey friends who suggested their song to me..............

Автор 1dkaren12 (1 год)
Loz amo tanto zon lo mejor ke le a pasado ami vida sin duda loz mejores :*
Directioner Forever :,)

Автор jamie lashelle (1 год)
i love you one direction! i'm gong to marry louis!!! keep going in life,
you guys are VERY talented!!!

Автор Kamila Nieznańska (1 год)
I love 1D !!!! 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Автор manozz dhamala (1 год)
Thumbs up if u r allergic to JB as well as 1D

Автор Liquor Pink (1 год)
Hey Directioners! Let’s get Story of My Life to 100 000 000 views! After
watching this awesome video, Please take a second & click our name to check
out Liquor Pink’s Music. We are an Electronic Pop Writing Duo. If you enjoy
it, please subscribe. We Love You

Автор auroraciao95 (1 год)
Questo video mi ricorda troppo l'estate *-* i love 1D

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