One Direction - Live While We're Young

TAKE ME HOME The brand new album out now!
Featuring Live While We're Young and Little Things.
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/takemehome1D
Amazon: http://amzn.to/OXqkoD
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Music video by One Direction performing Live While We're Young. (C) 2012 Simco Limited under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

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Автор RobertAllenLive (4 дня)
Hey :)
i know some people kinda hate these comment but I don't really have money
for advertising so all I can do is comment on videos like this
Im a 17 year old from Ireland and I have a few covers on my channel and I
just covered Payphone by Maroon 5
If you can spare 4 minutes and want to tell me what you think, I'd
appreciate it.

Автор Siobhan Pippard (7 дней)
Has anyone else noticed that niall is after Zayn is before Niall in Kiss
You and Live While We're Young?

Автор Henry Cooke (11 дней)
i think i found my new favourite song
One Direction - Live While We're Young

Автор OneDirectionVEVO. (2 месяца)
never forget that this is all thanks to you,we love.

Автор B Lidge (19 дней)
Whether or not you think 1D are rubbish, they still wrote that amazing
guitar riff.
So simple and yet so emotive. It will surely distinguish them from the
actual fake boy bands out there.

Автор Bella The Fabulous Kawaii Wolf Shipper (27 дней)
i havent been a fan of 1d....but i like this song...should i listen to more
music by them?

Автор Christi Horan (1 месяц)
Greece loves you <333

Автор evi kara (24 дня)

Автор Andrea Grassi (4 месяца)
This isn't music

Автор Ayla Fayyaz (15 дней)

Автор AcidSkull (1 месяц)
These fags copied The Clash's Should I Stay or Should I Go. Fuck you 1

Автор Mariela Styles (1 месяц)
Alguna Directioner LATINA??? :D ♥

Автор Durah Santino-Aguilera (2 месяца)
This was Liam's best hair to be honest. 🌹

Автор PARVEEN KAUR Gill (2 месяца)
even though i don't like 1D but I like this song of them

Автор Michael Durnlinger (5 месяцев)
Fuck You Gay Erection You Suck Ass. lol

Автор Margaret phimister (2 месяца)
You are the worst band I have ever heard

Автор Mely Ibarra (28 дней)
Cambien de Opinion ahora soy Rusher & Directioner amooo 1D

Автор KARY NEVAREZ (6 месяцев)
Niall i love u i love this video is so fun and craizy 

Автор Tatu Gomez (1 час)
Vamos one directionnnnnnnnnn

Автор varsha R (19 часов)
awesome ..................

Автор grace aybar (7 часов)
Just notice how sexual this song is!

Автор Arsenio P (1 день)
Can you guys PLEASE checkout my Covers? from this point the reaction from
people is Great!!

Автор louis reyes (1 день)
I love them :)

Автор SongLite Gaia (20 часов)
Nialler <3

Автор Ana Beatriz (1 день)
Nialler ♥♥♥♥

Автор connor (1 день)
I like how right after this song they all grew beards and got wrinkles. 

Автор Payne Malik (2 дня)
I love so much
Is my life

Автор Badr Rhezouane (3 дня)
I love this song, and the Minecraft version of it, (Before monsters come)
i'm not advertizing i'm just sharing my opinion, :D

Автор Stephanie Castro (3 дня)
When I have a bad day I watch this video and immediately feel better...who

Автор Dracopet (4 дня)
They make me so happy :)

Автор 1davd97 (4 дня)
What's with all the copying shit? Like seriously. Just because it sounds
similar, doesn't mean they stole it. It could've been a coincidence. Damn
you people are so fucking annoying, stop assuming shit

Автор logan magner (4 дня)
OMG I'm in love with this band but I kinda don't understand y louis is the
least favorite he's sooooooo HOT!!!!

Автор Elani Soriano (6 дней)
#livewhilewereyoung #4yearsof1d 

Автор Ioanna Mpakola (5 дней)
Ma babes:*

Автор Elena Prvulović (7 дней)
This song is amzing!

Автор Annachiara Boffa (7 дней)
incredibile i love 1D <3

Автор Sarah Flude (8 дней)
I'm not a fan of boy bands but this isn't actually Soooo bad? I don't see
why they get so much hate for their music -____- I mean it could be worse.
it could be like nicki manaj or whoever that wierd freakalope is with the
meat dress... 

Автор Ally Simpson (7 дней)
Louis said LWWY was based off his and Harry's trip in Leeds 2011. This song
has a whole new meaning to me now.......the lyrics especially play a keen
fact too.. 

Автор Amina Setrallah (8 дней)
liam t shirt 2.00 lol 

Автор SongLite Gaia (20 часов)
Nialler <3

Автор Aparna P.R. (9 дней)
live while we're young.......................
Love u one direction......best band ever in the planet.....................

Автор Hiba Ahtmam (9 дней)

Автор Adam Whitney (19 дней)
Hello everyone :)
I know most of you probably pass up these kind of comments, but for those
who are still reading this, thanks!
I don’t have any money for advertisements, no chance of getting heard,
nothing. I live in such a small town...
If this comes off as spam, sorry.
I’m an instrumental songwriter from Columbus, Mississippi. Please go to my
channel and check out my original music.
It would be highly appreciated if you thumbs up this comment so my music
can be heard!
Thank you,
Adam Whitney

Автор Šárka Jandorová (9 дней)
This song is so energy, i love it

Автор NiCoLe StiLinSoN (11 дней)
#oflineforschool :(
Happy #LouisAppreciationDay ⊙ω⊙

Автор Jessie K (11 дней)
Live while you're young = not having a kid in your teens

Автор Daniel Skye (4 месяца)
My name is Daniel Skye and my dream is to become a singer!! Plzz check out
my latest covers!

Автор Maggie Klein (11 дней)
This has to be my fav music video by them

Автор Celina Arnaud (12 дней)
LOVE cette chanson

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