One Direction - Live While We're Young

TAKE ME HOME The brand new album out now!
Featuring Live While We're Young and Little Things.
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/takemehome1D
Amazon: http://amzn.to/OXqkoD
Official Store: http://myplay.me/vxl

Music video by One Direction performing Live While We're Young. (C) 2012 Simco Limited under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

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Добавлено: 1 год
Длительность: 3:18
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Автор Inda S (1 час)
Still their best music video

Автор CrazyMofoinlovewith69 (1 час)

Автор klaudia Kakel (14 часов)
I really shouldn't do this to myself :,' )

Автор moogey VanderVelde (1 день)
ahhhhhh still addicted to them

Автор Anita Nicia (11 часов)

Автор Samira Hasib (15 часов)
i needed this after watching that you and i video

Автор Nur Azira (7 часов)
I still love this mv of theirs most. <3

Автор Agnes Lindell (10 часов)
I just love their hair in this video XD

Автор annaklein (4 часа)
hey everyone! I'm a sixteen year old aspiring musician and it'd mean a lot
if you'd check out my music! Thanks! :)

Автор stefaniehearts (13 часов)
lwwy and kiss you were so prime i miss these times

Автор Nicole Brodie (13 часов)
this was prime time for their hair. also by far the best video of theirs
ever tbh

let's be real here what the hell was the you & i video

Автор lolmebecksxD (13 часов)

Автор starbucksbomb (19 часов)
Louis :)

Автор Sadia Hossain (19 часов)
LIKE if you are watching them from 2010 to 2014 growing up and being there
with them from the begging till the end and feeling so proud that sometimes
your heart just wants to burst?

Автор Marie-Véronique Hajucojoalliniwijalo (17 часов)
3:13 A girl, just behind Louis, is crushed by everyone and she makes a face
of disgust.

Автор Mohita Dave (1 день)
lov dis song

Автор CLAUD' JACVILLE (19 часов)
Live While y're Young

Автор bussiere aude (14 часов)
Niall *________* Harry *____________* Zayn *______________________* Liam
*___________* I love you

Автор Kimoya Walker (17 часов)
I think I'm inlove with them. I love 1D forever and always!!!!

Автор Gaby Boni (6 часов)
No los entiendo

Автор Ellie Payne (1 день)
Babies<333 I'm still hopelessly in love

Автор Farahaneez Mohd Ali (51 минуту)

Автор Nohely Tomlinson (6 часов)
Muy bueno

Автор Victoria Nong (6 часов)
*sigh* the good old days .

Автор Jessica Melina (20 часов)

Автор lala mee (16 часов)
Lmao I will never get over the fact that they turned up hard as fuck in
this video

Автор MrVigaso (1 день)
♥ This Song ♥ -> Vigaso

Автор Ziam Stylinson (2 часа)
Best music video of 1d

Автор Maria Solla (1 день)

Автор elisea villines (7 часов)
Niall and Zyan are
the best

Автор Eden Styles Malik (13 часов)
love you

Автор Linda L. (13 часов)
Listening to 1D. .Great music to makes you feel like getting up to dance
and singing along. .
I get tired of listening to swear words and offensive lyrics. 

Автор ana maria cotogoi (1 день)
i love you one direction forever

Автор Sofia Mariani (14 часов)
Siete bellissimi

Автор Maryam Muslih (18 часов)
It's feels like yesterday when I watched this video 

Автор Alexandra Malik (15 часов)
самые чудесные ребята

Автор Tiny Villa (11 часов)
You boys are cool

Автор amanda aguiar (11 часов)
1d i love your...principalmente zayn malik i love,i love,i love zayn malik.

Автор Paco Flores (16 часов)
a mi me gustan todas las canciones de 1D

Автор mohammed moro (4 часа)
Very good one direction!!!!!!

Автор Azhari Mohamed (13 часов)
one direction ilove you
this song is amaizing

Автор Aby G. (5 часов)
The video and song that made me YOUR FAN!!! 

Автор Lala Hannack (10 часов)
Nicole the you and i video is better then any video you would make so don't
be hating on them

Автор Marty Santi (14 часов)
Bert beautiful 

Автор Katherine Dayana (15 часов)

Автор Wercia Pultorak (1 день)
POLSKA flaga wisi 

Автор sumera naz (13 часов)
why does the songs finish on harry everytime 

Автор Candela Vassilion (17 часов)
AHHHH ¡¡ tengo que estar en esa piletaa ¡

Автор Areeya Heemsuhree (1 день)
Love Niall .

Автор kenny ciceron (18 часов)

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