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Hako: GT-R 1972 stroker L20 at Edward Lee's
02 97440539

Просмотров: 35713
Длительность: 4:39
Комментарии: 61

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Автор Landrar ( назад)
Oh I hate you. I'm currently looking for one to bring to the US.

Автор Jesus ( назад)

Автор austin young ( назад)
can you get one shipped to the us?

Автор MrDunkman6 ( назад)
Beautiful car 

Автор GaNgStAlBeRt ( назад)

Автор Ninjanity ( назад)
fast and furious we're coming!

Автор jordanmeyer66 ( назад)
ive seen this car on ebay 

Автор crisprapper ( назад)
That is glorious.

Автор kazporkaz ( назад)
WAO Great condition !! 

Автор Johnny Palacios ( назад)

Автор NothingToLose94 ( назад)
That is an amazing car. That is my dream car, I just wish I had the money
to get one here in the U.S.

Автор János Zoltán Tamás ( назад)
Congratulations for the car! I'm really envy you! Stroker engine? Exact

Автор Suprastar77 ( назад)
Phil i would really like to sit down and talk with you about classic cars
like these. it is my dream to own one. i will come to edward lees in a few
years. i am highly interested in your imported cars

Автор handymannification ( назад)
nice ride

Автор belliott69 ( назад)
That is so gorgeous, dream car.

Автор Brandon P ( назад)
do you think Nissan would build me a brand new Nissan Skyline R31
Silhouette 1990 brand new for a good price?

Автор okokokok ( назад)
Whats the price on that car i have cash

Автор Euphorica ( назад)

Автор Eric Severson ( назад)
i would love to drive it

Автор sumosami ( назад)
lets trade u get my wife and my skyline r32 :D

Автор marsdog (309 лет назад)
get a better camera for fack sake!!!

Автор Adzmax ( назад)
Dude this thing is mint! Impressive C10. I'm building a C110 myself at the
moment. Are you heading to the Skylines Australia Nationals this year?
Would love to see this car there. 

Автор Tanner Young ( назад)
Clone one 25-30K USD, Real 30ishK and up USD. If you're in the US check out
JDM Legends.

Автор OddyseyKane1627 ( назад)
Wife and kids for a GT-R clone? 

Автор AYUDAPC1 ( назад)
oooo por dios pero que hermoso auto te lo cambio amigo por mi vida 

Автор AYUDAPC1 ( назад)

Автор Toby Schneider ( назад)
hey how much did you buy it for?, and how much was it to transport

Автор Emaster255 ( назад)
I love this car. I want one. 

Автор lawlshane ( назад)
My god, it's beautiful. I would love one of these in Canada.

Автор eminem48 ( назад)
simply beautiful. bought an S15 autech from u guys about 4 months ago in
terrific condition. how much for a trade in?

Автор ozzyla1234 ( назад)
Apart from the engine being a bit rattly its very nice.

Автор Longstuff ( назад)
needs a front lip

Автор Jigsjigz ( назад)

Автор 1oldskoolluvr ( назад)
she's top of the line brother! ;) tbh, you'd have to throw in a new GT-R
for it to be a fair trade xD honestly, that has to be THE slickest 1st gen
Skyline i've seen. should command top dollar.

Автор ramir233 ( назад)
i have a boner

Автор Edward Lee (920 лет назад)
Is the wife in good nick? Is she low milage / low maintenance? Will
consider.....!!!! Ha Ha

Автор 1oldskoolluvr (1806 лет назад)
would you take a trade? i was thinking....my wife & kids? xD

Автор Logan Breeding ( назад)
i'll trade you a 1987 nissan 300zx for it

Автор WhutThePhuq ( назад)
oh my god i think i just came in my pants.. i love that year.

Автор Edward Lee ( назад)
@djdev123 Wakefield Park Goulburn 22 May

Автор ferrarisarebomb666 ( назад)
wish that was in ohio i like those old school skylines!

Автор djdev123 ( назад)
wheres the track day going to be held 

Автор gav240z ( назад)
Happy Days Matey!

Автор IGotFlow93 ( назад)
YES!! i want to fuck this car!

Автор zeroexpress ( назад)
Very nice and very clean this will sell quick 

Автор ohhdayyum ( назад)
if i had money i would buy a xy gt and this and a 64 mustang left hand
drive, but this is gtr is terrific 

Автор geksii ( назад)
doesn't it come with a fresh pair of briefs because i just had an accident

Автор artakisthebest ( назад)
oh unreal finally got it, im feeling exactly the same got my sp23 today
from the auctions. Im sure that things gna be a beast on the track

Автор xDarhalx ( назад)
wish to buy this someday...

Автор Dudits15 ( назад)
Yes bring more of them!

Автор kaoss92 ( назад)
btw how much are you selling tihs for?

Автор kaoss92 ( назад)
oh fuck yeahhh! 

Автор horeR34 ( назад)
I want it!

Автор chicawazzzzzzza ( назад)

Автор chicawazzzzzzza ( назад)
i saw hako and i was like NO WAY!!! i am literally crying now

Автор slovenski123 ( назад)
gorgeous car 

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