Traxxas T-Maxx's in action

Various shots of the Traxxas T-Maxx and the rocket tmaxx

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Автор Vallen Larsen ( назад)
Let the bodies hit the dislike button.

Автор Jose Figueroa ( назад)

Автор Japple67 ( назад)
you gotta put it out somehow, dirt won't hurt it

Автор deverrefietser ( назад)
Bicycles Rule, Cars suck.

Автор Spencer Mueller ( назад)
Let the bodies hit the muuuutttteee!!! >:D

Автор Vallen Larsen ( назад)
Hahaha... Thats exactly what happened... Fucking music... I wanna hear that
little 2.4cc engine at 20,000 rpm... :x

Автор rastabg23 ( назад)
exactly. i cant stand this shit, its the same song in every youtube video,
posers use this wack ass song to make there videos seem hardcore. lol shit
is stupid.

Автор CRASYKID3066 ( назад)
Crapy music this video sucks dislike

Автор lilphiya ( назад)
lean it out 30degrees

Автор o Axial ( назад)
i just got a t maxx for 150$ at a garage sale but it need tuning... do u
have any tips... also when ever its get warm it kindda bogs when i nail it
please help... and should i put the AL part it came with on it like the

Автор warranqe ( назад)
much rather save 550$ then 50$

Автор TM m ( назад)
hey guys lets throw dirt on my 600$ on fire rc car to cool it off dumb fuck

Автор TM m ( назад)
who hit mute???

Автор Cryfex ( назад)
stupid rednecks

Автор AusMonster17 ( назад)
LET THE BODYS HIT TH .... next video

Автор Luke Lohan ( назад)
i mean dont get me wrong i love stupidly retarded cool things but putting a
rocket in my tmaxx next to my fuel and possiably my truck blowing up yeah
thats not for me

Автор HOWARDSRACING ( назад)
this song was cool...when it first came out but fucking A so over

Автор Jamie King ( назад)
Let the bodies hit the mute

Автор redneckalex08 ( назад)
I agree with everyone else, every other bash video on YouTube has bodies
playing in the back round....

Автор Rattlefish11 ( назад)

Автор Max Kiley ( назад)
fucking emo fag

Автор Kurt Watson (412 года назад)
@RandytheAstonishing a LONG time ago when I was young, I got stopped for
doing 106 MPH on the freeway in a truck. And that was back when the limit
was 55. Ahh, the good 'ol days.

Автор zeppelin67637 ( назад)
christ, buy a camera that records sound you fucking asshole

Автор Dylans503 ( назад)
@lulu1394 it was the shit in 3rd grade though

Автор Neville Wood ( назад)
@cabchbum33 idiots, no one buys music anymore anyways

Автор FuttheWuk ( назад)
I AM so fucking sick of this song being on every other video on youtube.
Immediately disliked and i didn't even watch it

Автор Ian Lucas ( назад)
ha ha channel 8 watched them

Автор Latrell Gambol ( назад)
nice video bad picture. what is with the buggy.

Автор jordanmtoth ( назад)
@JUGGERNAUT41O Thats what I'm listening to right now =] Rockin' out to some

Автор Zombie 41O ( назад)
wow people saying this song is gay needs to go back to listining to their
religious bull shit

Автор RandytheAstonishing ( назад)
Holy shit you did 95mph on the freeway in a truck? Fuck...let the bodies
hit the floor.

Автор MannyFresh1x ( назад)
this proves to me that tmaxx's are tought except when u burn a fucking hole
in the side because it overheats.

Автор Ben Raymond ( назад)
@afterskooldetention it had a rocket on it dumbass

Автор zethora34 ( назад)
@Tommyboyblitz it's better than the molly cyrus music you listen to

Автор Ast Rickley ( назад)
i love idiots who break expensive RC cars LOL JK fuck your shit.

Автор Jon Woodcock ( назад)
don't be hating on drowning pool!

Автор BigJ6706265 ( назад)
does anyone have any street tires for sale for a tmaxx. u can watch my
video of mine on my channel

Автор MrPizzaman09 ( назад)
Rocket Maxx FTW!!!

Автор BigJ6706265 ( назад)
i got a tmaxx 3.3 put a custom .21 o.s. motor on it. cost 500 put another
500 in parts. the thing goes 71 mph. a cop radared it. i will put a video
on here soon

Автор Neil Caulfield ( назад)
nice, imma try the rocket thing

Автор tophatvinny ( назад)
wow must have a lot of cash

Автор 300exkx8597cobrasvt ( назад)
so effin sick of this song

Автор anthony3leaves ( назад)
@coreygnar no, he had a model rocket engine on the back of the car, u can
see it if u look closer

Автор anthony3leaves ( назад)
@afterskooldetention 3 words; model rocket engine.

Автор Robert Walker ( назад)

Автор Lee Teodore ( назад)
1:00 stop drop and roll!!

Автор biggie uriell ( назад)
what happened at 0:58 did the engine blow up or what?>

Автор Junior Romero ( назад)

Автор onefugowie ( назад)
0:16 i have to try that.....

Автор john bigwood ( назад)

Автор john bigwood ( назад)
@thestrahser777 its fuck you

Автор Puch Maxi Upload ( назад)
whats the name of the song?

Автор xeeweexRC ( назад)
song is so bad i think i might gag :P

Автор chris1234667 ( назад)
fucking gayest song, along with others but this one is everyone

Автор Sam Spilde ( назад)
what was with the inferno? lol

Автор sl66ICEcuba ( назад)
@lulu1394 Damn I cant agree anymore, and its the most overplayed youtube

Автор MrKleisterboy ( назад)
wie heißt der song???

Автор carlos gutierrez ( назад)
cool tmaxx

Автор anthony gaona ( назад)
gay song over used

Автор Reece Nero ( назад)
that song stinks so bad. get some taste man.

Автор blackdew80 ( назад)
the jumps were badass and the abuse these little guys can take is amazing.
that rocket shit is stupid as he'll tho, but the big air was rad . I can't
wait to break my new T-Maxx 3.3 in.

Автор abcdwes ( назад)
i whold love just to crash my rc truck like that but ther kind of cost a
lot nice vid

Автор traxxashater ( назад)

Автор trx1961 ( назад)
what motors did u use??

Автор sk8rWWE ( назад)
@trx1961 im not and me and my dad have 2

Автор Jacob Wilson ( назад)
did it still run??

Автор WhatAreWeDoingForFun ( назад)
438? goodbye motor.

Автор rubinmeneps ( назад)
324 degrees.. no biggy lol.. my t maxx got stuck wide open an by the time
we caught it,, we took the temp and it was 438

Автор CaptinBlackHawk9845 ( назад)
3:55 = Holy Shit!!!

Автор actl32 ( назад)
nice video, but music just ruins it. how bout hearing that tmaxx scream
instead of this

Автор FeRmazeeR ( назад)
man that t-maxx is really awsome

Автор trx1961 ( назад)
must be nice to b rich...sheesh!

Автор OsamaGuitahLin ( назад)
Tmaxx burgers anyone?

Автор Xdpoika ( назад)
Little bit too much power :D

Автор Hollandden ( назад)
i had a traxxas t-maxx it was alot of fun hahaha it goes about 120 km/h it
was sick and he made auto wheelies and burning al 4 tires

Автор CharlesL33 ( назад)
the rocket t-maxx is an epic fail..

Автор 77perudo ( назад)
DUDE!!! sic video man... the song bodies fit that perfect.. the deal with
the rockets AWESOME!!!!... wish i still had the old vhs tapes when i was
doinf that with my midnight pumpkin back in the late 80's.. very cool vid..
5 stars... check out some of my vids too when you get a chance

Автор SUMTINGTODO2288 ( назад)
haaaaaa i bet u guys where drinking and had some rockets and tmaxxs and
said let strap thes fuckers togerher fucken sweet vid man

Автор Lurp06x ( назад)
best tmaxx vid ever come on people yeah hes wrecking his tmaxx but its not
ours it his an thats just awesome that hes video taping it for us to watch

Автор IcedTea543 ( назад)
do u guys not care or what? holy fuck!

Автор traxxxxxxas ( назад)
r/c is amaizing

Автор nitrocrazy13 ( назад)
nice but the only thing i really do like is the rocket my friend gor a revo
wit a .18 os and he put a rocket on it and ran it into my sis car he messed
the door up but his car got recked he put at least 800 dollars with parts
into it after the crash

Автор Zonda95a ( назад)
mine got to 470 and how ever i tune it it doesnt change

Автор Jesse Jouan ( назад)
I like the Savage XL 5.9 better. Don't get me wrong the T-Maxx f**king
rules but The Savage XL 5.9 has alot more power and get up and go from the
start... And the cornering is tighter with the Savage, Nice Video by the

Автор Tyler28125 ( назад)
he hit 324 from the rocket didnt you see the big hole in the head because
of the rocket

Автор Ashton Reich ( назад)

Автор trxslashdriver ( назад)
i mean richen it hahahaha i'm backwards today

Автор trxslashdriver ( назад)
dude if your running at 324 degrees fahrenheit u gotta lean that thing out
or your going to have a fried engine

Автор staticxmako ( назад)
NO dont listen to all these dumbases yes most gas trucks from traxxas are
4x4 but they have a s-maxx wich is 2wd, and they have a nitro stampede
truck with is 2wd drive the s-maxx is the 2wd verson on the t-maxx the
t-maxx is a basher the s-maxx is ment to be raced, the nitro stamped and
electric stampede are both bashers check out all of traxxases trucks they
are nice

Автор narutofan0000000 ( назад)
no....4x4 is the way to go!

Автор Jarad B ( назад)
i did that and the steering is great i was told that by someone else also
and i also found out it has 2 speed l0l!

Автор giantdavid89 ( назад)
could be a bad servo, if its the stock servo which is a standard servo it
may just stript the gears, which is vary common. if i was you upgrade to a
high torque metal gear servo for steeiring, and run a reciever pack either
1200mh or 1600mh 6v 5c battery.

Автор unbreakablebond500 ( назад)
no only the electric traxxas stampedes are 2wd, the t-maxx is only 4wd,

Автор braxxtonn (483 года назад)
i just bought a t maxx 2.5 for 100 bucks at a garage sale , but its 4x4 ,
arent most of these made 2wd??

Автор Juan Marrero ( назад)
Mm true, true XD

Автор WhatAreWeDoingForFun ( назад)
ok traxxas = racing. HPI= more bashing.

Автор Ziegen Meister ( назад)
ein teures vergnügen!!!

Автор Luis Bermudez ( назад)

Автор afterskooldetention ( назад)
nice vid but shit music it would be better to actually hear the cars! how
did 1 of them set on fire?

Автор zZiglaf ( назад)
they are a lot the same, I personally prefer the Revo though. I don't own
either, but have played with both. I own the Revo VXL.

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