Nibiru is Here - Government Cover-Up

Gordon James Gianninoto interview on Coast to Coast AM.
Date: 02-26-13
Host: George Noory

Nibiru is causing climate change and the increase in natural disasters (i.e. floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and landslides).

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Автор Joy Luck (2 дня)
All of this is real.... It's just a matter of time before it takes
place.... All signs seemed to point to this thing..

Автор Tristan Smith (6 дней)
Remember what happened in December 2012? Me neither.

Автор MsBozo1234 (14 дней)

Автор mindsaglowin (9 дней)
Coast to Coast - always entertaining. And that is all.

Автор Matthew Adams (2 месяца)
.>> Ok Nibriu has been Disproven So the Planet does not exist.

Автор Thomas Gilman (14 дней)
Gordon.... your entire enterprise is just sad. You are a magnificent liar.

Автор Ruben Manssens (2 месяца)
This shit caused so much panic in 2012.
People did suicide, people bought a bunker.
This has damaged our society, stop going on with this, because its just not

Автор Rob Falk (25 дней)
How seriously irresponsible to you have to be to give certifiable nutballs
like this air time?

Автор craigbcool (21 день)
So it's going to move the tectonic plates and rearrange the Earth? Then
huge tidal waves will destroy a vast majority of humans? So China builds a
ghost town to save people after this happens? A six hundred foot tidal will
not hurt China's ghost town? This makes sense because no one can see this
huge planet heading our way?
WTF is wrong with this idiot. I could write a book on his own contradictory
If you believe this then, "HERE'S YOUR SIGN"!!!!!

Автор Anthony Zelot (5 месяцев)
Stars do not form in pairs,... who the hell said that?

Автор RetSquid (7 месяцев)
You have to be extremely stupid to believe any of this crap.

Автор AirFiveR (7 месяцев)
It seems so OBVIOUS to me that Im starting to believe that all those who do
not see it is because they just are not looking and don't BELIEVE it could
possibly be there. Even more OBVIOUS are chemtrails and allot of people
can't see that either!

Автор DigikidForever (1 месяц)
What a bunch of nonsense. We would be able to see it. Nibiri does not

Автор Jerry Mael (2 месяца)
does Evergreen International Aviation, Inc. (McMinneville, OR) ring a bell?
The airline was established by Delford Smith (founder and owner) and
began operations in 1960 as Evergreen Helicopters. It acquired the
operating certificate of Johnson Flying Service and merged it with
Intermountain Airlines from Pacific Corporation (a CIA front company) in
1975 to form Evergreen International Airlines.

Автор GodsAndGeneralsBand (6 месяцев)
just heard they have discovered a possible lurking giant unknown

Автор dcos5 (5 часов)
Planet BS

Автор martin tray (2 дня)
If it happens i'll be ready... i made my peace with the lord years ago,may
his love have mercy on you all.

Автор Salfordbluemoon (6 месяцев)
does anyone actually believe any of this bullshit?

Автор Aaron Camellon (3 дня)
In honesty true or not true, it would be a good thing if it did happen!!
Wipe humans from the earth...we are nothing but parasites

Автор ladylillyflower (2 месяца)
why this guys tells people to go to wyoming, and montana, its right next to
yellowstone volcano, he says everything will pop and water and all , but
yellowstone pops and these people die first. He doesnt know what he is
talking about, he is just spreading the fear but not being helpful.

Автор Jerry Mael (2 месяца)
Especially 2)
"The system of claim 1 wherein the material tanks are configured to contain
material selected from the group consisting of at least a water, gel,
decontamination compound, weather modification compound, oil spill
treatment compound, and a firefighting compound. "

Автор Tony Bologna (6 месяцев)
The Unselfish Aliens are going to Help the Unselfish Citizens of the world?
I hope that's the case because I would sure like to be in the TOP 1% at
least Once in My lifetime!!

Автор funkmasterjee (17 дней)
They say that planet X is real and the Daleks who live there are coming to
get us.....

Mind you they said that Elvis was working in disguise down at Cleckheaton
working mens club 

Автор Wayne Clark (3 месяца)
Obama announcing it lol what a joke

Автор Keith Musilli (20 дней)
I can't believe so many people are so ignorant. Yes there may be another
planet out past Pluto (x is 10 in Latin thus the name) it's no coverup. And
when these suede scientists start talking out there ass saying the pole
shift means the crust is going to shift I have to laugh. Pole shifts take
thousands of years. And to anyone who actually believes this crap I'd like
tell you to use your head for a minute... if this was true... that this so
called nibiru comes floating through the inner solar system every few
thousand year, if it were true than we would not even be here now because
life would never have had a chance to start and earth would have most
likely been thrown into the sun or out towards the outer planets and be
destroyed millions of years ago. It's a joke for idiots like those guys on
ancient aliens so they can sell books and make money off of scared or
ignorant dumb ass ' s that believe there bullshit

Автор Lu Tripp (4 месяца)
You nibiru people are IDIOTS.

It is not here, it is not coming, it does not exist.
It's made up bullshit by a science fiction writer.

Автор VS24AT (1 месяц)
always with the bullshit

Автор Bunny Hugger (6 месяцев)
One year later and where the fuck is Nibiru?

Автор darthkotya (3 месяца)
Hi,2014 here. We are still alive :)

Автор joe callus (3 месяца)
you people need to get serious help

Автор Jerry Mael (2 месяца)
Okay this is for the chemtrail naysayers.. read it and wake the fuck up

Автор Tia Joseph (1 месяц)
Reasons why this video is a bunch of bull:
1. What da hell is Niberu orbiting around? Clearly it cant be the sun! I
mean, just look at how off it is!

2. Surely we would've noticed something of such a huge magnitude. I mean,
cant we see the sun and moon just as easily with our naked eyes?

3: Again. Show me some fuckin proof! Not just some artist's interpretation!

4: Finally, if that planet does have an orbit, why isnt some of the planets
in its path messed up yet? They all seem completely in line to me! Explain
to me how come we're not all dead yet from this gigantic planet's huge
gravity pull? Cuz im guessing that that planet has not been staying in the
same spot for that long, without already doing a complete orbit around
whatever dafuq its orbiting, and all this catastrophic shit that they're
talking about would've already happened by now!

If I am wrong, then can someone PLEASE make me right!

Автор MsBozo1234 (14 дней)

Автор ilander27 (6 месяцев)
Council of worlds?!?! Lol ... Lost all credibility right there ....

Автор Max Carter (1 месяц)
i may have a piece of this planet NWA 2999 They thought it was a piece of

Автор Zac Sky (3 месяца)
bullshit is what this is. there is no nibiru. lots of bible bashers talk
bull. others want to sell books and some are losers that want to feel

Автор TehKazlehoff (9 месяцев)
So it looks like the 2012 idiots just move the date when there wrong? so
now there 2013 idiots, and will be 2014 idiots next year?

Автор Chris Brown (1 месяц)
still on the nibiru

you all got your foil hats you need your foil hats

Автор Ion Racer (5 месяцев)
There is no nibiru, its pure fiction!! Dont be so gullible people!!!

Автор kanwarjit sidhu (5 месяцев)
diagram from 1.35 onwards is not technically correct. same with fellow at
start who said a gas giant or a brown dwarf, actually they mean the one and
the same thing.

Автор ArcanE LogoS (theGhost) (8 месяцев)
Read your Bible

Автор lalchevelle (2 месяца)
I only listened to this because I was pooping

Автор Antonio Tassara (2 месяца)
I will say this... you belive what you want to believe. 

Автор Jayson Hodge (2 месяца)
Fucking stupid.

Автор Maurice Rodriguez (5 месяцев)
44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will
do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth,
because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of
his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

I c y u have such a hard time accepting the truth. U ask for proof. U don't
want proof. U want to continue to live your lie. 

Автор Natalie Johnson (5 месяцев)
You guys please open your eyes god is COMING the bibles speaks of these
things !!!pray

Автор Ron P (5 месяцев)
Do people really believe this B.S.? The ignorance of the general public is

Автор Don Saito (5 месяцев)
Heh! I remember "Nancy," who channeled the alien race of "Zetas." They
informed her that Planet X (Nibiru) would strike or have a near pass to the
Earth and all hell was going to break out. This was back around May of
2003. When the appointed time came and went, she said the Zetas were "only
fooling," and that the real date was still yet to come.
Gordon J. Gianninoto and "Nancy": two lost souls, craving attention, making
weird shit up in a vain attempt to be relevant. I saw some of Gianninoto's
"pictures" of Nibiru (otherwise known as "lens flares"). It's just so
ridiculously foolish, it makes me ashamed to be of the same species as
these two.

Автор aaron allenson (5 месяцев)
I saw an article in two diferent newspapers and two popular magazines in
1983. They spoke of the altering of the orbits and tilting of uranus and
saturn, due to a large planetary body orbiting outside our solar system.
Then nothing for 20 years or so. I believe nancy leder was wrong in her
interpratation if indeed she was in contact. The zetas would not fool
around with something this serious. Folks, This is very real and we are
very close to these changes. I suggest we roll on with life ,and if we get
hit or whatever then so be it, we all have to go sometime. And frankly,I do
not relish the idea of living in a mad max type of world,God bless us all.

Автор mlmr11 (3 месяца)
You know what I've learned?
Nobody knows what the fuck they're talking about.
The truth is not out there - it's in you !!

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