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Автор Don Saito (16 дней)
Heh! I remember "Nancy," who channeled the alien race of "Zetas." They
informed her that Planet X (Nibiru) would strike or have a near pass to the
Earth and all hell was going to break out. This was back around May of
2003. When the appointed time came and went, she said the Zetas were "only
fooling," and that the real date was still yet to come.
Gordon J. Gianninoto and "Nancy": two lost souls, craving attention, making
weird shit up in a vain attempt to be relevant. I saw some of Gianninoto's
"pictures" of Nibiru (otherwise known as "lens flares"). It's just so
ridiculously foolish, it makes me ashamed to be of the same species as
these two.

Автор LisaDawnn (18 дней)
Let's recap. According to this dude......

1) The president should announce this
2) The president is trying to announce this
3) The president won't announce this because they want you to perish

1A) No one knows when this will arrive
2A) I've been taking photos of 2 objects in the sky all the

Sounds credible to me!

Автор GodsAndGeneralsBand (27 дней)
just heard they have discovered a possible lurking giant unknown

Автор ilander27 (28 дней)
Council of worlds?!?! Lol ... Lost all credibility right there ....

Автор Damian Perez (2 месяца)
En Ingles

Автор Salfordbluemoon (1 месяц)
does anyone actually believe any of this bullshit?

Автор UlTrApLeX (1 месяц)
The Bible explains the end times and all the tribulations that are coming
our way and it was written 2 thousand years ago.

Автор RetSquid (1 месяц)
You have to be extremely stupid to believe any of this crap.

Автор AirFiveR (1 месяц)
It seems so OBVIOUS to me that Im starting to believe that all those who do
not see it is because they just are not looking and don't BELIEVE it could
possibly be there. Even more OBVIOUS are chemtrails and allot of people
can't see that either!

Автор sciencoking (3 месяца)
"The government" seems to be doing an amazing job at hiding the end of the
fucking world from the public

Автор Tyler Christensen (2 месяца)
Woot still here!

Автор tharleyify (3 месяца)
Obama would say "I've just had a personal one on one meeting with the mayor
of Toronto & we'd like to announce we've found a new planet called Nibiru"

Автор Motorcitymadman (3 месяца)
Guess it was nothing afterall

Автор darren s (3 месяца)
stop talking crap.

Автор Frenchis Giuliano (2 месяца)
Why are you talking to someone who believes in the zeta???? Oh bit that
knocks coast to coast way down in ratings!!! The Zata talk????crazy

Автор Lloyd DesRoches (2 месяца)
Good one for a bartender,"can I new beer you"?

Автор Tony Bologna (1 месяц)
The Unselfish Aliens are going to Help the Unselfish Citizens of the world?
I hope that's the case because I would sure like to be in the TOP 1% at
least Once in My lifetime!!

Автор rock etman (1 месяц)
Kneebuhroo. I been there. Its chill.

Автор RacingRoy (2 месяца)

Автор Uthu Santuhan (2 месяца)
There is no time table, glad to hear that. No fake date setting, I like :)

Автор aaron allenson (2 дня)
I saw an article in two diferent newspapers and two popular magazines in
1983. They spoke of the altering of the orbits and tilting of uranus and
saturn, due to a large planetary body orbiting outside our solar system.
Then nothing for 20 years or so. I believe nancy leder was wrong in her
interpratation if indeed she was in contact. The zetas would not fool
around with something this serious. Folks, This is very real and we are
very close to these changes. I suggest we roll on with life ,and if we get
hit or whatever then so be it, we all have to go sometime. And frankly,I do
not relish the idea of living in a mad max type of world,God bless us all.

Автор Maurice Rodriguez (4 дня)
To all of you NAYSAYERS what is it to you what someone chooses to believe.
What benefit you get from being disagreeable unless you are working for
those who want to keep the masses deceived. REALLY WHAT DO YOU CARE? The
help you think I need you need to reserve for yourself cause you really
need it.

Автор kastytis221 (10 дней)
Fake and gay

Автор Gianni Posada (8 дней)
Fuck u let me the expression liberty

Автор Mark Duxberry (7 дней)
moore bollocks

Автор chyrd (13 дней)
The zetas? Bwahahaha

Автор Karim Alami (10 дней)
Haaaaa Gosh, I'm so scared, mama Godzilla is coming to grap humanity's ass.
Hold on a second I thought that thing called Nibiru was due for 2012, well
wait a second, it's already 2014.

Автор Thomas Wallner (13 дней)
I'm also here, but Government Cover me up

Автор Jeffrey Carelly (25 дней)
Fuck u old fuck

Автор Dave Miller (2 месяца)
For entertainment only--this thing has been late more often than an Amtrak
train--NO credibility left.

Автор Daniel Torres (2 месяца)

Автор Emma Tolson (2 месяца)



Автор PanagosGr33kG134EVER (2 месяца)
Its like we are at 2012 again...

Автор Bam Chug (2 месяца)
God, I wish I was this kind of crazy. Talking to Zetas, seeing two
suns....You know this guy is NEVER bored...

Автор Richard Loaiza (2 месяца)

Автор Anthony Zelot (1 месяц)
Nibiru is crack rock for the dumbest conspiracy theorists out there.

Автор Gray Matter (2 месяца)
This as all B.S. Every buddy Knows the Aztecs are Aliens, 

Автор Ashley Lowe (3 месяца)
hey people :) ! i have a question. i have been visited in another
density during a meditative state 3 times so far by a huge being with so
much gold covering his body. like he had a gold helmet gold cheek plates
and gold shoulder chunks formed in sharp triangular 3d shapes pointing
outward very sharp. and he would re-assure me not to worry. i thought it
was some higher of the highest high high spirit or being from a deep
collective place. 

Автор Yasin Diouri (16 дней)
Synopsis: crap.

Автор Patrick Ols (1 месяц)
I remember being call a blind idiot who believed the lies of the
governments of the world for not thinking the end would happen on December

Автор Giovanni Rosales (1 месяц)

Автор Bunny Hugger (1 месяц)
One year later and where the fuck is Nibiru?

Автор AL PACIANO DESPO (21 день)
this planet is behind pluto , it is very far, they doesnt even know where
it come from, so how can they know where this going? i dont believe that
this plant is going to cross path the orbital
ath of each planet here in oour solar system. it doesnt apply the law of
physics as well as the basic balance of a space vortex. each planet has its
own orbital path with a wide distance between.

Автор Neil070 (3 месяца)
I thought it was gay marriage that was causing all the weather anomalies.
That's what UKIP told us! :)

Автор deadeyegamin (3 месяца)
I would think that if a planet that is going to crash into the fucking
earth would be visible for everyone to see BEFORE it crashes into the
earth, unless the government is able to fly up to it and cloak it to
prevent mass hysteria.. in that case, KUDOS to the Government because
they're doing a damn fine job.

Автор Ray november (1 месяц)

Автор BOETHIUS (15 дней)
Its the end of the world as we know it and i feel fine

Автор Michael Zimmermann (2 месяца)
Why are independent or other nations reporting this if it's true. 

Автор Jared McDade (2 месяца)
Agree on no dates. That would ruin everything. I'm also glad the "planet"
with the fake name is of insufficient mass to affect the orbits of the real
planets in our solar system. Sorry, I'm obscuring this "issue" with facts.
It's one of my failings as a rational person.

Автор thepoormansprepper (1 месяц)
Fruitcakes on a fruitcake show....... Aliens, bigfoot, hollow earth.......

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