NAPALM DEATH - Utopia Banished

01. Discordance (Intro) 0:00
02. I Abstain 1:25
03. Dementia Access 4:56
04. Christening of The Blind 7:24
05. The World Keeps Turning 10:45
06. Idiosincratic 13:41
07. Aryanisms 16:17
08. Cause And Effect (part 2) 19:25
09. Judicial Slime 21:33
10. Distorting The Medium 24:09
11. Got Time To Kill 26:08
12. Upward And Uninterested 28:36
13. Exile 30:44
14. Awake (To A Life of Misery) 32:44
15. Contemptuous 34:50

Просмотров: 262278
Длительность: 39:15
Комментарии: 204

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Автор João Emmanuel ( назад)
Master piece

Автор IconsOfEvil 666 ( назад)
Napalm kicks ass

Автор Epi-Demic ( назад)
Gotta be their best death metal album.

Автор Vinicius Durães ( назад)
delicia de album!! o harmony corruption é foda, mas esse daqui é supremo,
disparado o melhor da banda.

Автор Patrick Hof ( назад)
This album together with Harmony Corruption are my personal favourites!!!

Автор Liberty Schulz ( назад)
Traitors of the white race, these vermin need to die impaled by big black
cocks since they love exotic black cocks so much. filthy antifa scum.

Автор Вик060672 Юрген ( назад)
Суперский альбомчище

Автор jozef śimurda (1829 лет назад)

Автор Duhalde DAFT PUNK ( назад)
BIEN cheto amigo

Автор Michael Houston ( назад)
You people need some Bieber in your lives. ;)

Автор nazrat1st ( назад)
Maybe their best album so far! The guitar work is great and the drummer
(Herrera) is amazing! Nice to re-hear this old epic record!

Автор Akrolatronic Fantasic ( назад)
buena buena buena..

Автор marcos silva ( назад)

Автор Grimlock Ludemquist ( назад)
To be able to enjoy noise like this the ear has to be trained. It is a
gradual ascent it takes years before you can come to this level.First one
must start off not always but usually with listening to simple heavy metal
if that is not enough you move on to thrash if thrash is not brutal enough
and you seek faster and heavier music you will usually end up in this
awesome realm.

Автор João Correia ( назад)
It's a good album, bur far from their brilliant days of old.

Автор Rotsen Nioslavo ( назад)
..............凸(^_^)凸 (Rotsen) 凸(^_^)凸...........

Автор leihoa ( назад)
this is one of last good records by ND. Later on it bacame so shit or I
just got older. Probably the latter one ;)

Автор rsmi2289 ( назад)
Oh mannn, the John Carpenters They Live sample in the beginning. >_< Im not
much for Napalm, Saw them live once with Municipal Waste, They shredded it
though. Starting to notice how good Death metal is too, maybe time to take
a moment with this band.

Автор Cannibalistic Terror ( назад)
Is this the best Napalm Death, very hard Question.

Автор Kailash ( назад)
going to see them this sunday \m/__\m/

Автор explicito estampados ( назад)
tal como empezo en chile

Автор TheBoilin ( назад)
First record! Oh the memories! Thanx! Grind & Thrash on! ♫ \,,/

Автор asso mon ( назад)
awesome...kwel lil tune

Автор ljrdnmrts (2005 лет назад)
Cool, but it gets boring so fast... I want to understand what's so good in
Napalm Death, but, until now, I'm listening to their 4th album , and they
seen to get better with every release (Scum was plain bullshit, sorry), but
I haven't seen any reason for they being considered so awesome...

Автор Fretslayer2003 ( назад)
Timeless metal classic.

Автор !Sven Tanneberger ( назад)
Great !!!!!

Автор yanomami shabono ( назад)
Judicial Slime!!!!

Автор Ultratyp3 Mania ( назад)
Feckin hell Forgot how good this album is

Автор Ultratyp3 Mania ( назад)
Summer, 1992, Düsseldorf, me and Toot in ma brothers flat, case of diebels
every morning and Balentines whisky listening to this, watching Live
Corruption, Eraserhead and Faces of Pain. What a Summer

Автор Ultratyp3 Mania ( назад)
Summer 1992, D7

Автор DANIEL MURAKAMI ( назад)

Автор countsmyth ( назад)
This album got me into heavy shit, I was in my teens listening to Megadeth,
Slayer, Metallica etc. My mother got me this on cassette for Christmas 92.
I was mentally raped. And so continued my decent into extreme metal and

Автор Serdar Yumer ( назад)
It was 1994, I went to a rock bar in a multi national summer touristic
place. DJ was playing hard rock things, later I gave and requested him to
play the tape of this album. DJ said okay. But he does not know what Napalm
Death is.

The tape was adjusted B side.

A few minutes later Judicial Slime has been heard, DJ wide opened his eyes
and did panic a lot. But instantly some 4-5 foreign tourists stood up and
came into the middle of the bar and headbanged like maniacs.They ordered a
lot of drinks. DJ and Bar owner liked the situation and played 2 more songs

Автор Extreme Noise ( назад)
Check out my grindcore project!

Автор TheSmashingTesticles ( назад)
*YAWN!* This album aint got shit on the brutality of Nirvana's "Nevermind"

R.I.P. Kurt Cobain (1962-1994)

Автор Johnny Mireles ( назад)
Grindcore pioneers....

Автор Johnny Mireles ( назад)
Scum, and Harmony Corruption, well all of them are badass!!!!!

Автор MassiveTrash86 ( назад)
Much thanx for the upload - I really appreciate!
This was the first NAPALM DEATH album, i've listen to years ago.
Great shiiiiiiiitttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Сергей Иванов ( назад)
a freak puts dizlayki, group of super !!!

Автор milusia1989 ( назад)
4 song best

Автор A Leaving Reality Production | Official Archive ( назад)
3:10 - 4:01 min. Fanatic Force!

Автор joao Pereira ( назад)
best intro ever...

Автор norton sampaio ( назад)
Napalm !!!!

Автор Freddy Valero ( назад)
"Christening of The Blind"... the best track.

Автор ec101dm ( назад)
Intro track is brutal as fuck. Scared the shit out of me when I was a kid.

Автор uncletomsrice ( назад)
Fucking gospel, man. Lets go smoke some doobies to show our protest. I

Автор Neo Jeo ( назад)
Back to the old Earache production! Way better than HC.

Автор Andres Reyes ( назад)
La mejor Banda.. recuerdos de antaños

Автор Florian Jagel ( назад)
Hallo Martin gut B-) B-) B-) 😎🎵🎻🎸🎸

Автор wewew ( назад)
it's fucking awesome!!!!

Автор Rotsen Nioslavo ( назад)
Crecí con esta banda ...........\m/.

Автор gregg wearth ( назад)
i love that grinding noise on discordance thats fucking aces...

Автор Brook kent ( назад)

Автор Siddharth Bhattacharya ( назад)
Cannot have enuff of this!!!!!

The boss thing about Napalm was they were always into great music besides
metal!! C Twins as an example! XXX LOVE EM...

Автор patricio miranda ( назад)
demencial de bueno
good full band

Автор Gabriela Moncada Valentín ( назад)

Автор Dubalakobako ( назад)
Item obrigatório!!!!!!!

Автор claus sørensen ( назад)
11 virgin cunts

Автор Jorge Pereyra ( назад)

Автор John Doee (1179 лет назад)
10 cunts
Fuuuuuck is wrong with you fuckers

Автор Carlos Arnedillo ( назад)
Thank you for upload it. I love this record, was my first Napalm Death
album ever :D \m/

Автор UnionPacific .BNSFJunkie ( назад)
all hail Barney!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор MILLS SMITH ( назад)
This is my second favorite album from NPD, Harmony corruption is the first,
but this is a very close second, reminds me of driving to work after
school, those were the hay day of METAL.

Автор Fredrik7575 ( назад)
i cum

Автор strangersound ( назад)
The poor and the underclass are growing...

Автор tournication ( назад)

Автор Carlos 1992 (1408 лет назад)
buen disco pero Harmony Corruption tiene mas poder!! No se compara!

Автор Luciano Fiumara ( назад)
Aguante madonna!!

Автор Jimmy Littlefield ( назад)

Автор Sousa Pereira ( назад)
quem vai falar mal ?

Автор MAD THRASHER ( назад)
Heard it. Loved it. Addicted to it. Need it:|
[parody's to brian g's book]

Автор Tom Beneens ( назад)
One of my NPD favourites \m/

Автор cs k ( назад)
Harmony Corruption is a superior album 

Автор Scott Martin ( назад)
They Live

Автор Michael Davidson ( назад)
Fukin luv it aahhhhhhh

Автор Klaus Guedes ( назад)
do caralho 

Автор João Alcântara ( назад)
12:13 + the subsequent seconds are just pure bliss.

Автор James Last ( назад)
Me Likey!

Автор mgkpraesi (1144 года назад)
Im a Teen again. I would murder to get this Times back.

grind gods

Автор MrCaveman77 ( назад)
I used to listen to the last song contemtuous to go asleep as a teenager
used to relax me loved this album one of the best

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