Mafia 2 - E3 2009: 8 Min. Gameplay Demonstration Buzzsaw Mission | HD

Mafia 2 - E3 2009: 8 Min. Gameplay Demonstration Buzzsaw Mission | HD
Developer: 2K Czech
Release Date: Aug 24, 2010
Genre: Action, Adventure, Shooter
Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Publisher: 2K Games
Website: http://www.mafia2game.com/
Channel: Unknown

Tour Empire Bay and learn about Mafia II's story and setting.

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Длительность: 7:51
Комментарии: 510

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Автор Joel Miller ( назад)
We never got to find out how Henry Tomasino's english is so good >:(

Автор Tin Fung Kwan ( назад)
Too sad that they've only shown a little part of the map and delete a lot
of functions

Автор Jakub Gmur ( назад)
Why they removed all those scripted actions? The mission is by far more
action-packed than in the final game, where police behaves like always...

Автор Tenchu Rikimaru ( назад)
dude GTA SUCKS!!!

Автор Tenchu Rikimaru ( назад)
crap when will there be a mafia 3 game???

Автор GetToHellOut ( назад)
steamcommunity(dot)com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=135420367 You dont
believe screenshots?

Автор lilrobb556 ( назад)
Well, they don't really pull them over. I know i was playing and i was
running from the police. I hid behind a corner and looked for the cop. Then
a cop asks a man who looked like me but was in the military uniform, asked
him to see his ID. That is the only thing I've really seen to a good pull

Автор GetToHellOut ( назад)
Also, police actually pull over peds in the game, the problem is-they
almost never crossing the law.

Автор GetToHellOut ( назад)
All of things you mentioned wasnt in the game-in this video its just
scripts, if the guy turned to the other road-there would be nothing. All
things were cutted because they wasnt finished. Side quest doesnt had
cutscenes, and even JA had only few cutscenes, because its pain in the ass
creating them. They didnt had enought time, or money. Transportation was
cutted because of consoles, a lot of interiers were cutted because of
memory for script. Some things they completed in DLC.

Автор VaesEUROPE ( назад)
They had for example 10 millions $ for this project in 2007, everything
went OK but they realised they only have 500,000$ in 2009 so they were
stuff and made gay DLC's. If you want Mafia 3 like that talk with Daniel
Vavra, open Illusion Softworks 2 and ofc - have 100,000,000$.

Автор lilrobb556 ( назад)
Well, that still makes no sense. They had a complete version of Mafia 2
done..yet they kept pushing it back then the final version comes out, and
it completely sucks.I hope Mafia III is GTA, LA Noire, and Mafia II put
into one game. Transportation, hospital visits, open businesses(like LA
Noire), sitting, buying weapons, new outfits. Make is GOTY!!!!!! Country
driving and city driving. Jail visits. Make it awesome people!

Автор VaesEUROPE ( назад)

Автор Basty Rhymes ( назад)
Does anyone else hate the huge crosshairs?!?

Автор Hitmanfan91 ( назад)
They're not better graphics, just different. There isn't just one type of
great and bad graphics. On the whole GTA is far better, they had 8 years to
make this a game that could compete with GTA and considering the time they
had........Mafia 2 was a huge disappointment, was just left completely
empty after finishing it and despite the story, had no urge to play it

Автор michal stech ( назад)
it would be good if someone did this mod

Автор William J (704 года назад)
MODs are always an option i used MODSN whenever i wanted to make the game
mopre fun. u can make minigames wich are basically like side missions hence
the boring final version . oh n cool features with MODs too for example u
can fire from a vehicle and obtain weapons like knives and baseball bats it
would be cool if MAFIA 3 alredy had these built in so i didnt have to go
and install MODs to make the actual gameplay mo' fun but they made an
awsome , active , and well-built city to have fun in.

Автор Rayne Lawliet ( назад)
Same here. There was also supposed to be full usability with public transit
in getting around. Taking the train, or a taxi, or a bus. Definitely
would've made all the damned driving less tedious.

Автор Moneer Castaners ( назад)
@Retrovibes gta was released in 2008 so of course this one will be better
graphically :) and for the story i guess both torched my emotional heart
but this game is limited as u said but GTA IV IN THE PC can live 2x longer
then mafia 2 with the mods and all the other stuff, my opinion

Автор Jerzy le Kamil ( назад)
5:29 - look at the right lol

Автор phoenix9610 ( назад)
the graphics here are not completed i think :D:D:

Автор Mr13X13 ( назад)
i like mafia 2, but after the storyline, there really isn't much to do

Автор lilrobb556 ( назад)
I don't understand, Beta - awesome, side missions, random encounters
(police pull overs, polcie chases, car wrecks, etc.) Final Version - WTF,
no random encounters, no side missions, i would of rather had the beta then
final version

Автор Retrovibes ( назад)
Graphically, this makes GTA IV look like a kid's drawing. Gameplay is
excellent, too, be it driving or shooting. It's too bad the developers
don't seem to make their mind whether they want the franchise to be a true
sandbox game or not. You do the missions and that's it. Very limited. For
Mafia 3, just go for a whole fictional US state with all the details and
possibilities you can cram in. Go crazy! Don't be afraid to compete with

Автор SpecialAirService141 ( назад)
@rich8642 Too bad the game doesn't have free-roam.

Автор smellytoilet1996 ( назад)
For me, this footage looks a bit different than the actual game itself

Автор TRUCKER2ish ( назад)

Автор Mr2zigzags ( назад)
@MegaFoch yea, and has no free roam! LOL

Автор TheLuxor ( назад)
@b00mYou cool... you certainly took the time to make it personal.
unfortunatly i have a life so i wont argue with you. i have my right for my
opinions. screw u if it doesnt give u a hard on. maybe you should get a
life. dont jump to conclusions about people smart ass

Автор wallesshelby . ( назад)
@b00mYou nope just didn't like the cross-hairs fucking dick head

Автор HamzaHawksKing ( назад)
@b00mYou Not saying that its a bad game. I loved it and is one of my
favourite games, but I expect to do something else in free time not just go
mission to mission.

Автор b00mYou ( назад)
@SemihUysal96 Sometimes I drive normal, but only when cops are around. The
computer AI is too idiotic to try to drive correctly all the time. They
totally don't know how 4 way stops work.

Автор b00mYou ( назад)
@HamzaHawksKing You mean how you can go out to eat with someone in GTA 4,
where all you see is a black loading screen, then it tells you to take them
back home? It would be different if these activities had awesome cutscenes
to go with them, but the way they're implemented it would've been better to
leave this garbage out. Personally, I'd rather have the living breathing
exciting world in Mafia 2 than the side activities in GTA 4 that are so
shady they should've been left out.

Автор b00mYou ( назад)
@TravisWeninger Play it again. The story is just that damn good if you
actually pay attention to. Plus, it's a 10-12 hour story, which is average
length. Not to mention, there are 159 wanted posters, loads of artwork, 50
Playboy playmate magazines, pin-ups (which can only be obtained on hard
mode) and tons of other stuff to find! Do you have 100% completion? If not,
you really haven't beaten the game. ;)

Автор b00mYou ( назад)
@EstupedMexicanz Play it again, simply because the story is just that damn
good? Gather the 159 wanted posters and 50 playmate Playboy magazines?
There's tons to do! If you're not finding anything to do in this game then
you need to open your eyes, because there's hundreds of hours of enjoyment
here easily.

Автор b00mYou ( назад)
@rayking2901 You don't. It depends on what part of the story you're in. It
starts out in the 40's in the winter time, you go to jail, and when you get
out it's summer time in the 50's and the rest of the game takes place
during that time.

Автор b00mYou ( назад)
@5dffdff You couldn't be any more wrong, son. They are two totally
different games. The Godfather is about controlling your own Mafia team and
fighting over control in a city. This game is about a guy coming to America
from Sicilly and getting involved in Mafia activities.

Автор b00mYou ( назад)
@MrIlanKudlis There's PLENTY to do! I don't understand why people praise
the activities you can do in GTA 4 when there's nothing to them. I got all
excited when I took that chick out to bowling in GTA 4 and we actually
bowled. Then we went out to eat and when you arrive you go to a loading
screen, then it just says "Take so and so home." I'd rather not even have
these activities in the game if they're going to be this shady.

Автор b00mYou ( назад)
@akrock47 This was a gameplay demonstration. He was demonstrating how you
could damage the environments by shooting pillars, bottles, etc. You know,
not every video is about your e-peen and having 100% headshot accuracy. Get
a life.

Автор b00mYou ( назад)
@manyakols9 To each their own, but I'm going to have to respectfully
disagree. I find this game tons more fun than GTA 4, mainly because the
story is actually... good. The driving physics are also a lot better and
more realistic. The city is also a lot more alive in this game. Seeing
stuff like a car pulled over on the side of the road with a couple standing
around it arguing, and a car parking, and a civilian getting out of it and
walking into a store add extra details GTA 4 lacks.

Автор b00mYou ( назад)
@PrinceHabbo They look similar because they're both based off New York
City. Not because 2K Games copied GTA's city, but because they both chose

Автор b00mYou ( назад)
@SotosPetsidimos Agreed! I enjoyed the snow part (the 40's) better than the
summer time (the 50's), but the game as a whole is just amazing.

Автор b00mYou ( назад)
@dalienbuster Really? Name some, please? The combat is horrible in GTA 4 --
auto aim FTL. Character animations are terrible.. Vehicle physics are
terrible. The story is so bad most people don't even bother with it. The
city in GTA 4 is a ghost town compared to Mafia 2. Please show me footage
in GTA 4 where people are parking on the side of the road, getting out of
the car, and walking into a store. Oh yeah, you won't, because GTA 4
doesn't do that.

Автор b00mYou ( назад)
@wallesshelby I'm sorry this game isn't ez mode like GTA 4 and Crackdown
with auto targeting. Perhaps that game is more suited for players like

Автор b00mYou ( назад)
@MegaFoch Couldn't agree more. Sure, it doesn't have all the random
activities like GTA 4 does, but they are so shady in GTA 4 it would have
been best to just leave them out. As you said, better optimized, looks way
better, physics feel more realistic (they're exaggerated way to much in GTA
4), better story, and the city just feels ALIVE!

Автор Max Ranalla ( назад)
@MegaFoch yea

Автор ipimees ( назад)
@MegaFoch yet gta4 is still better

Автор wallesshelby . (1016 лет назад)
this games gunplay is the only reason that i didnt complete it... oh well

Автор stroggowy666ppp ( назад)
Thumb up and favourite.

Автор Johnnie Little ( назад)
gta4 is way more fun than this game!!!!!

Автор TimeBandit12 ( назад)
I want this game so badly

Автор Trezbel Rayz ( назад)

Автор Reeadon1991 ( назад)
@rich8642 I love that you say that it has been a joke since CoD 5. It's
not. Why do you wanna give it negative comments? Call of Duty has its own
way, and the same with GTA 4, Mafia 2 and all other games.

Автор rich8642 (366 лет назад)
@ergerq The Call of Duty franchise has been a joke since Call of Duty 5, at
which point, they decided that publicly appeasing multiplayer was better
than original gameplay. Maybe to YOU, the CoD games are greatest games
ever, but to anyone who actually has an idea of what good gaming is, the
CoD games are worthless.

Автор ergerq (842 года назад)
@rich8642 dude, so shitty of me i must be mistaken but i sounded for a
brief moment that you in fact do not love black ops, and do not worship the
legend, the god, the life powering and undisputed king of the universe that
is the call of duty franchise. i do love mafia 2, great game and the
storyline really is nice + the playboy magazines are awesome but if i had
to choose it would ALWAYS be COD

Автор الدعوة الأسلامية ( назад)
this is incredible

Автор Matt Dinkins ( назад)
Quit saying this game copied GTAIV's map. Newflash: NEW YORK CITY LOOKED
LIKE THAT BEFORE GTA. Don't bitch just cause you don't know the layout of
the greater NYC-area.

Автор Aaron Richards ( назад)
@MegaFoch and yet it is inferior...

Автор Incrediguy ( назад)
@dalienbuster not just because gta was created first, it doesn't mean that
all other games in the same genre that are created after gta are just a
copy. @rich8642 was right, if you find realistic dialogue and an immersive
storyline boring then mafia 2 is not for you, gta is more of a game where
in you can do whatever you want, roam around the city, kill people, destroy
things, and mafia 2 is more about story, it's got a great story behind it,
i guess your happiness is too shallow. so just STFU!!

Автор tralala tralalo ( назад)
I love this kind of games and one more reason I like mafia to is that it is

Автор TheFurberball ( назад)
hey this is dead good grapics better than the first:)

Автор RafaelD1994 ( назад)
@rich8642 I have both :D

Автор TheXuxalaxusTeam ( назад)
@PrinceHabbo That i ment was: That street he's driving in the first, is
like gta iv's.

Автор TheXuxalaxusTeam ( назад)
The map is just like GTA IV's. Just this is a little bit bigger.

Автор okiedoke ( назад)
the game may look great but its not as fun as GTA

Автор TheLuxor ( назад)
wow, cant aim for shit?

Автор isokessu ( назад)
@5dffdff Mafia 1 is older than Godfather games so you should say that
Godfather games are rip off from the Godfather movies and from Mafia 1
game. Many actors of Godfather doesn't even like the Godfather game and btw
in Godfather 1 cars doesn't even have windows, so you can't shoot the
driver -.- that doesn't make sense when Mafia 1 and Gta 3 have windows in
cars it means that the makers of Godfather game just fucking suck if they
can't make something so simple what should be in every game

Автор MrIlanKudlis ( назад)
@EstupedMexicanz Damn right!! i downloaded a free ride mod,but still u dont
got much things to do...

Автор Patrick Saintjean ( назад)
wtf does it snow on a period caus ei bought the game it snowed i was
expecting summer how do you like take off snow and put it on?

Автор GIwillo ( назад)
@TombMan12 yes i know about it.but the latest "story addons" are just
stupid.joe's adventures was fun for the first few missions, but then it is
so simmilar to jimmy's vendetta.dissapointing in my opinion.they should
have worked half a year more on the game, but i think they were not able to
because of several agreements or something. we will see what comes
soon.hopefully new story , envirenment, cars and stuff.they could use the
city for a whole new story.would be awesome!

Автор TombMan12 ( назад)
@GIwillo do you have any idea how much they scrapped to get it out in
time?dozens of weapons, working cab and train system like in gta.. and a
crap load more

Автор EstupedMexicanz ( назад)
This game is awesome but once you beat the missions What the heck do you do.

Автор HamzaHawksKing ( назад)
This game could have beaten GTA 4 if it had more things to do in off time
and if the ending wasnt the way i expected(in my opinion)

Автор GIwillo ( назад)
the storymode was absolutely awesome!!!a pitty that 2k games did not finish
the game 100%.there are a lot of things that are not working as they
should.you can see a few by moving through the city.the metro for example.i
am pretty sure they would have made it work if they had a few moth more
time.but still good.hope it comes with updates and stuff.has very much
potential.maybe another story could be added.(exept of the stupid jimmy's
vendetta...) :)

Автор TravisWeninger ( назад)
it was funny how great this game was but yet it was so short and there was
nothing you could do once you beat the game

Автор Soundlmpact ( назад)
very very good game!!

Автор Antti Eerik ( назад)
santa claus told me I will get this game for christmas, CAN'T WAIT!

Автор rulejordan5 ( назад)
@Meli5644 no offence, but godfather 2 was pretty much GTA:sa. Because The
whole game was like, Go kill this dude, kill him, go get some more
gangsters, like, it got really boring.

Автор Turk Aslan ( назад)
why people always drive so fast :p i drive like normal people :p and wit 40
or something :p

Автор conor Super ( назад)
@owner876 rockstar are making a game called L.A Noire which is basicly the
same as mafia its set back in around the same year as mafia

Автор nathan forest ( назад)
i use to kill a lot of cops in Mafia I, lol. at Pete's and at train
stations. lol

Автор allex3004 ( назад)
@MegaFoch absolutely!!!

Автор allex3004 ( назад)
@rich8642 totally, it's like an interactive movie! the dialogues are by far
the most sophisticated ones in an open world game :D

Автор rich8642 ( назад)
If you find realistic dialogue and an immersive storyline "boring", then
this game is obvioulsy not for you, and you should probably go play an
explosions galore game like Call of Duty: Black Ops in order to keep your
simple mind occupied.

Автор owner876 ( назад)
@gtasandman :D found some!!!! Thanks.

Автор gtasandman ( назад)
@owner876 they have some check gtainside com

Автор owner876 ( назад)
@gtasandman I meant the cars and stuff -_-

Автор gtasandman ( назад)
@owner876 snow?

Автор owner876 ( назад)
They should make a mod like this for GTA IV...

Автор MrBobsrevenge ( назад)
who ever is playing sucks at this game

Автор MegaFoch ( назад)
dude this game has way realistic gameplay , realistic interactions , and is

Автор megapimp9999 ( назад)
@MsUnnamedPlayer1 Dumbass this game is AWESOME,if you want a boring game go
buy an Xbox gay60!

Автор Olanov ( назад)
@vasyasol Well, gta ain't for little kids either.

Автор stonecropadcqe ( назад)
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Автор khronoGTA ( назад)
@vasyasol gta londo 1961 > mafia 2

Автор vasyasol ( назад)
@dlongo74 this game is not for little kids like you, stick with GTA or some

Автор Enzo MANCA ( назад)
it's cool

Автор pasquale248 ( назад)
lo finitoooo

Автор K Lock ( назад)
Well good thing some guy gifted this game for me on steam.

Автор KyleD ( назад)

Автор dlongo74 ( назад)
@llSephirothII want my advice? buy any game but this one.

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