Radial Engine powered Motorcycle (Motorrad mit Sternmotor)

Motorcycle with 720 cui 550 BHP Radial Engine
at its first performance.

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Длительность: 8:28
Комментарии: 118

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Автор garvinhooper ( назад)
so what is the purpose of this contraption

Автор Tamires Campos ( назад)
Está moto nuca anda

Автор nozmoking1 ( назад)
There's just something wrong about putting vehicle in the bed of a truck
that has bigger wheels than the truck.

Автор hoplite46 ( назад)
front wheel drive 

Автор Heinz Moser ( назад)
Motorrad ins Museum ! Der Besitzer in die Irren-Anstalt? ha ha ha

Автор David Lynch ( назад)
Very very cool, indeed. Beats the YK2

Автор fangus503 ( назад)
All show no go?

Автор dispatcher7007 ( назад)
Ist das Ding schonmal gefahren? Bisher ist es ein effizienter "Fuel to
Noise Converter", oder?

Автор jimbob500e ( назад)
Vere ist dast propeller mein herr?

Автор votram ( назад)
is this a good first bike?

Автор Joern R. ( назад)
Propeller und Tragflächen ran und schon fliegt man den Cops buchstäblich
davon :D

Автор Hayabusa Turbo ( назад)
go fucked up with euro certified

Автор tarnowek1 ( назад)
ride it will ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???

Автор diceMEass ( назад)
the smoke....

Автор Guzzist11 ( назад)
Hat gut angefangen das Projekt, geil im Rahmen untergebracht, sehr geile
Felgen ausgesucht...aber der Hintern von dem teil? Das sieht leider sehr
billig aus. Da kann ruhig was im Stil von nem Superbike dran, da muss man
das Thema nicht unbedingt versuchen aufzunehmen...und wenn, dann nen
schönen schlank auslaufenden Hintern mit Tragwerk wie bei ner Focke Wulf
oder sowas.

Автор Koaslice191 ( назад)
I'm going to just take a guess....the mileage is.....less than stellar.

Автор hardmanners ( назад)
Gütiger Himmel! Eure Nachbarn werden eine Unterschriftensammlung gegen euch
machen, wenn ihr das Ding in eurer Garage zu oft anlasst. Meine regen sich
schon wegen meiner Motorsense auf. Coole Sache. TÜV kriegt ihr dafür aber

Автор Cdubp01 ( назад)
Wouldn't the torque of this radial spin the bike upside down landing you
flat on your face?

Автор Чак Норрис ( назад)
Дед вообще ебанулся головой.

Автор RivieraByBuick ( назад)
can anyone explain? this is not supposed to transmit engine torque to the
wheel, i mean this is just engine with no actual gearbox? or how is it
planned to transmit this MASSIVE torque to the wheel?

Автор Eduardo ( назад)
If you full throttle while riding.... does it throw you to the ground or it
provides you with a tonneau with a mouth full of asphalt? xD Anyway,
awesome bike, great job, a masterpiece and a great concept for deviant
projects! :D

Автор Jtan Asher ( назад)
que peorra de moto eso ni anda por que no tiene de donde montarle el
arrastre e esa cosa tan estrambotica!!!

Автор Dan Lewis ( назад)
Just throw a basic centrifugal clutch on there and be done with it. ;)

Автор sshardchrome ( назад)
It looks like this engine would need a Santasalo hydraulic engine to its
rear wheel. Other solutions would take too much space. It might be very
expensive, because the gearcase with wheel mounting must be made
idividually. Anyway brilliant work with the steering etc.

Автор produKtNZ ( назад)
How is the engine cooled if it was originally cooled by the prop?

Автор notwocdivad ( назад)
GOW, Yes that too. Thanks always dropping my "h"es. Dave

Автор Hectorite ( назад)
Vorsprung durch Technik :)

Автор GpunktHartman ( назад)
Schon wie der Harley Man sich am schluß verpißt ...

Автор unicyclerider15 ( назад)
all that video and you barely get to see what the bike looks like. learn to
operate a camera

Автор notwocdivad ( назад)
Vorsprung Durc Tecnik (I think). Well done Gentlemen, An amazing feat of
skilled engineering. Of course you know you are completely bonkers!!! Dave
in The UK

Автор draggonhedd ( назад)
i wanna see this being ridden down the road

Автор David Andruczyk ( назад)
very cool!

Автор Rick Stout ( назад)
U sir are a true craftsman !

Автор lukas anton j. ( назад)
hab jetz nen hersteller gefunden JRL cycles stellt sternmotorbetriebene
motorräder serienmäßig her ich für meinen teil werd aber beim einzylinder
bleiben, 2 wie 4 taktbauweise^^

Автор Steelereumel ( назад)
Cool! Bei der Ami-Bauart stabilisiert sich das Motorrad selbst. Dieses hier
müßte durch die Fliehkraft des Motors beim beschleunigen übelst zur Seite
gezogen werden. Mal schauen was noch kommt. Gruß Jürgen

Автор lukas anton j. ( назад)
aber es gibt in amerika chopper mit sternmotor die fahren gib den folgenden
begriff ein, dann findest ein echtes sternmotorbetriebenes motorrad^^ JRL
cycles at the sturgis dragstrip

Автор Steelereumel ( назад)
Glaub ich nich

Автор lukas anton j. ( назад)
fährt dat teil überhaupt?

Автор DEDSowok ( назад)
этот мопед когда-нибудь поедет??? его же крутящим моментом завалит!!!

Автор The Twisted Truth ( назад)
this is a horrible idea. but kudos for making an effort at it.

Автор TheAsianDutchman ( назад)
that duude just got pwnd. but this big radial engine, is not very good for
the environment right?:P

Автор artardFTW ( назад)
The next joke is to ride it. Hit the throttle once and you'll lay it down
riding down the street

Автор Ron Wilson ( назад)
Appropriate use-sold for scrap!

Автор jeremy clarkson ( назад)
but the traction and rear or front ???

Автор markmezo ( назад)
Take that hat off you prick.

Автор mazuxxxlt ( назад)
anyone saw it riding???

Автор Tom Lerri ( назад)
ihr seit einfach die geilsten respekt

Автор JuLew1031 ( назад)
5:27 guys was like holy shit!

Автор broomsterm ( назад)
How do you know, fuckface? Any dipshit can purchase an Australian 7
cylinder radial and weld it up...

Автор broomsterm ( назад)
Hmmm...interesting that it's just a static display. Big deal.

Автор Pete Mason ( назад)
It's ok, you can keep your teeny-tiny hobby radial bikes, this how it's
really done with a bomber engine. I understand if you'll need to cry
yourself to sleep for a month or so now.

Автор beardo52 ( назад)
It has two wheels, and an engine, handle bars and a seat, so its a bike.
Perhaps your discernment is dysfunctional.

Автор Scrapheap71 ( назад)
I wouldn't go so far as to call it a bike, it's a dysfunctional machine.

Автор beardo52 ( назад)
Doesn't need a point, just the time, and money. Bike for the sake of bike.

Автор broomsterm ( назад)
Fuck off and die, stinking AIDS-infested African. Go sell your children
into slavery for a few pigs to eat. They'll be forced to kill other
children for your voodoo religion and tinpot dictators who know nothing
about human decency..

Автор Grondhog ( назад)
hahahaha. fucking pig americans

Автор Rodrigo .vila ( назад)
cambiar los aros

Автор Hunter Ziegelmann ( назад)
You should put a radial in the little blue truck. :D

Автор winter sky ( назад)
You could put that exhaust smoke in a can and sell it on Ebay!

Автор Semmel Brösel ( назад)
wieso ist hier alles englisch???? nennt euch um in "german works"!

Автор Scrapheap71 ( назад)
Is there any point in creating such a dysfunctional machine??

Автор Rozni Yusof ( назад)
with that power all you need is a propeller

Автор Bryan Sheriff ( назад)
The ones we built are road driven motorcycles. This is a rolling engine
stand. Add brakes, lights and if you are up to it; a drivetrain. Then it
will be a motorcycle.

Автор Ozi al (409 лет назад)
Sounds like a bit of "Small Radial Syndrome" you have there :)

Автор starmanskye ( назад)
I didn't get the point of that either.

Автор scojoseattle ( назад)
Especially when they've never even put an .049 engine in a model airplane.
I admire the engineering, but I have an issue with it being called a
motorcycle, when it doesn't move by its motor... but thats another issue.
Our fellow contrymen that really fry me are the racists!!! They sure know
how to make us look bad! Thanks for being a decent person! Peace and
Blessings to All!

Автор scojoseattle ( назад)

Автор broomsterm ( назад)
I agree - and agree it's no great feat of engineering as well. Big fucking
deal. Put a tranny on it, register it, and ride it down the road. And then
it's STILL been done.

Автор pavelavietor1 ( назад)
hello you no need a transmission plenty of HP just get that power to a
wheel be careful with torque

Автор scojoseattle (832 года назад)
errr, that should be "engineering"

Автор scojoseattle (1206 лет назад)
Motorcycle? There's no transmission, no drive line. In my book, and I'm
sure some others, this ISN"T A MOTOR VEHICLEH! PERIOD! When it propels
itself, THEN it is a motorcycle! Why not drop it on a skateboard. Then it
will be a rotary bomber skateboard. I'm not hating on it. I am very
impressed with the work and enginerring involved! IMHO, as it is in this

Автор scojoseattle (1749 лет назад)
D'ja happen to notice there is no transmission or drive train??

Автор SURTO FAK ( назад)
Wow what a piece of crap. Whats the point of a bike that takes like 30
minutes to start up and then never drive it.

Автор Dylan Van Osten ( назад)
ok well why does it matter if its been done before? maybe he just wanted
one so built it. nowhere in this video did he state how he was the first to
build this and that its better because its german. he built the bike and
you started hating on it. im american and its people like you that make us
look like cocky assholes

Автор broomsterm ( назад)
It doesn't matter one whit. The point was that radial-engined motorcycles
have been done. That it's a larger German bomber radial makes little

Автор Dylan Van Osten (1162 года назад)
why does it matter what country builds one?

Автор broomsterm ( назад)
The fact that this engine was used in a Nazi warplane isn't something to
boast about. The radial-engined motorcycle has been done. As well, this
motorcycle does nothing but sit there and blow smoke in people's faces,
making it even less impressive. Sieg Heil!

Автор dwerke ( назад)
We use a real Radial, which ever flew with a warplane and just simply
9000cc more than the other US-Radial bikes.

Автор dwerke ( назад)
It has a short wing inside the rear wheel and the front wheel also has a
suspension through the central axle. A central spring does the job.

Автор broomsterm ( назад)
Excuse me, but this has been done here in the USA, albeit with a smaller
radial. What's the big fucking deal?

Автор Slugg0matic ( назад)
It would be interesting to see how he handles the torque when or if he ever
pins the throttle.

Автор Roman Dybala ( назад)
Are you serious? The tiedown on the pushrod tubes. Really?

Автор glideroad03 ( назад)
where's the dog ride?

Автор cydonianman ( назад)
who needs a transmission? just mount a propellar

Автор krzykid6969 ( назад)
y did they build this??? because they are German and fuck you!

Автор Hargak ( назад)
the engine won't last long without a prop cooling it, especially just
sitting there

Автор Hargak ( назад)
looks like it's california emmissions compliant

Автор thra5herxb12s ( назад)
Very nice engineering. For the transmission you need a 2 speed overdrive
unit from a car. It may not need any gears at all because it has enough
torque to pull a fixed gear through a diaphragm clutch.

Автор Sketch1994 ( назад)
Yeah..ghost rider 2

Автор Sketch1994 ( назад)
Seems the bike's harder than you...xD

Автор ปริญญา อักษรดิษฐ์ ( назад)
Cool ! That to use in MOVIE.

Автор mony chem ( назад)
Haha wanna see this thing fail down.....will become a piece......

Автор bloodynuggets ( назад)
Skip to 5:10 and save your life.

Автор BORN2CHILL90 ( назад)
hol den tregger!

Автор SaintMarneusCalgar ( назад)
wie viel säuft der 50L/h ?

Автор somebodyinok ( назад)
One good rev and you would flip that baby over!

Автор martin vaccaro (511 год назад)
sounds like loose bolts are in it as the starter trys to start it!

Автор Joe Garcia ( назад)
Chicks dig big ass radial engines!

Автор VinnyMartello ( назад)

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