Rattle's Porgy & Bess II

Bess, You Is My Woman Now - love duet of a beggar and a cured(?) dope. Willard White (Porgy), Cynthia Haymon (Bess). Lead by Simon Rattle, directed by Trevor Nunn. Based on Glyndebourne production in 1986/87.

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Длительность: 5:45
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Автор Rosa Rodrigues ( назад)
Amo essa música! 

Автор Christian Schonberger ( назад)
Doesn't get any better than this. Brilliant performance of a brilliant
composition. Love the rich orchestral textures embracing the voices. I
guess this song/aria doesn't receive more recognition because it is
decidedly early-to-mid 20th Century: harmonically rich,
complex, interesting and never dull or predictable. Perhaps not easily
accessible to people used to 18th/19th Century music. Fantastic use of
counterpoint and "dovetailing" melody lines. Gershwin was beyond genius. It
is obvious that the great Leonard Bernstein listened a lot (!) to Gershwin

Автор Jago Tremain ( назад)
Absolutely right - that confluence of styles will never occur again. There
were others, though, not just Jewish and Black: the European operetta style
is in there too, as are styles from Latin America and N. American folk
music. And all in one place - New York. It was a peak that popular music is
unlikely to reach again.

Автор sirmercutio99 ( назад)
Too bad Gershwin died so young. I wonder what beautiful operas he would of

Автор John Bent ( назад)
There is still great music being composed, but now it is so much more
difficult to get the attention and raise the money. Where would Mozart have
been without the Emperor's sponsorship? Even the greats need help getting
to the stage. It's so sad, but also unfortunately true.

Автор Andwele Musamba ( назад)
Bess is so beautiful!

Автор Tom Barlow ( назад)
How can that stupid Broadway "version" compete with this? Gershwin's
original magnum opus?

Автор Alexandra Bak (1084 года назад)
No, you're not the only one :(

Автор David Freedman ( назад)
Just perfect! I've been totally entranced for the last 5 minutes and 45

Автор sirmercutio99 ( назад)
Incredible- I think this is the best Porgy & Bess of all times

Автор thirdunkle ( назад)
This is simply some of the most beautiful music ever written and performed
as pure sexual intercourse. The interchange in the second half as the male
and female vocally dances and weaves, calls and responds, is pure sexual
rhythm, the perfect metaphor for life creation and love in musical
form---and as erotic, overwhelming, pure and sensual as the best love
making. A defining composition of heterosexuality in song and music.

Автор Victoria Clark ( назад)
@23Shinin23 Don't worry, there are young people (like me) out there
determined to keep this music alive. :)

Автор Andrew Holborn ( назад)
Love survives strongest where people are not destracted by their constant
longing for more possessions; just have a simple home and their deep
love.This clip has stirring emotion in the acting and singing.

Автор shjakes ( назад)
@23Shinin23 Keep hope alive…after the latest Grammy awards where the retro
songs made the biggest impact, I hope the message is clear to the young'uns
who keep sampling without being original.

Автор mezzolia ( назад)
Maravilloso...! cuanta dulzura y que bien interpretado....bravo...!

Автор ohsnapiam59 ( назад)
Still gives me goosebumps.

Автор RealThaMaskRapper ( назад)
i love this play is so amazing!!!

Автор Eric Padilla ( назад)
@berowne9 Beautifully said. I couldn't agree more.

Автор berowne9 ( назад)
Sheer perfection. What a gorgeous duet, what phenomenal singers. There's no
greater proof than this that sublime art stirs something unique in the
human soul.

Автор Zdena Volfová ( назад)
Nádhera - díky za ojedinělý zážitek - kráné hlasy!

Автор Donald Irving ( назад)
They are wonderful. It's too bad they were asked to lip sync their
obviously prerecorded track. The unnatural "realism" of their acting
undermines the strength of the music... the energy which a singer displays
when really singing heightens the drama rather than detracting from it, as
the director seems to think.

Автор 4Rachy ( назад)
@madamerotten What an astute observation. This is a special synergy and
beautiful, so beautiful...

Автор TruthSerum101 ( назад)
@pphleboman God of Jacob? Damned for eternity? What a crock. Anyway, this
is a great opera.

Автор havanatlc ( назад)
I played Oboe 1 in the Production of Porgy and Bess. I love this particular
song. Wow quite a terriffic experience. This has been one of the most
difficult pieces I have ever played and the most interesting. I think one
of the greatest accomplishments of my career so far as an oboist.

Автор Michael inAmerica ( назад)
This was an awesome piece of music. Thank you George!

Автор Larry Gott (153 года назад)
This was just beautiful!

Автор 4Rachy ( назад)
What a gorgeous rendition. A coloratura soprano and a deep baritone (if not
basso profundo ) duet. I did not know these two before. OK this is my
favorite 'Bess'. Amazing.

Автор Saxation1 ( назад)
@pphleboman i agree that the state of rap is crap these days, but keep in
mind that this opera was written by a white Jew.

Автор TruthSerum101 ( назад)
@pphleboman Oh, please!

Автор Apor Szüts ( назад)
you is:):)

Автор jjmm47 ( назад)
nice high 'b' at the end

Автор madamerotten ( назад)
@pphleboman It was the fusion of Jewish European and Black African musical
styles that fueled the genius of George Gershwin and others of his era.
There is nothing like it being created today.

Автор JayeSpotTV ( назад)
Simply amazing to see and hear such GREATNESS come from such a GREAT and
strong culture. I MISS cultured theatre and music.

Автор jhon smith ( назад)
@pphleboman thats radical

Автор jhon smith ( назад)
@pphleboman ...

Автор Frommerhold ( назад)

Автор imgwg2117 ( назад)

Автор imgwg2117 ( назад)

Автор Kiana Bell ( назад)

Автор bangfarang ( назад)
This is quite possibly the greatest piece of music ever to come out of the
United States, performed beautifully here.

Автор d hayes ( назад)
This is so amazing. Absolute perfection.

Автор Ah Yeah ( назад)
I am the only one who is deeply struck that music will never return to this
beautiful form?

Автор Gisela Lenart ( назад)
@Gaseoushead ti just have found this - great voices ! where is the whole
fil /music to find ? I still remember this from my middleschool in
Aschaffenburg, Germany - The women part was sung by my girlfried /Classmate
B. Rollmann, and the musicleader of the school-choir sung the men part. I
learned the parts of B. just by listening to her perfect clear voice, and i
wish i could. get the film of the evening . I know the evening was
recorded- who knows more about it ?

Автор Buddhaxe ( назад)
This is a wonderful performance... but the lady is not enjoying that kiss
at the ending :p

Автор jewelmarkess ( назад)
This is absolutely beautiful. Great singing and acting.

Автор Daniel Shai ( назад)

Автор Shonta Taylor ( назад)
@FATowlie it was jusz 3asy 2 understand..3spaecially wh3n i had a t3ach3r 2
3xplain parts i cudnt understand..but sur3 u can introduc3 m3 2
others...ill lyk 2 luk n2 mor3!

Автор rovingeye5 ( назад)
"America" is about collaboration-it's about being inspired by the greatest
in all cultures

Автор Nayden Todorov ( назад)
Oh, Gott! GREAT!!!!

Автор madamerotten ( назад)
Amazing... magnificent!

Автор Jason Weisinger ( назад)
@shontabckdat Most opera is just as good. You just gotta find out how to
appreciate it. Why'd you like it? Maybe I could show you more.

Автор Shonta Taylor ( назад)

Автор Kaitlin McKendry ( назад)
greatest american opera ever written! Gershwin is genius, this song has so
many perfect melodies, I cant pick a favorite person.

Автор 27elt ( назад)
What fabulous voices! What engaging music! Such a pleasure to listen to.

Автор Masicians ( назад)
@toobyu2859 It's obviously in playback in order to make this wonderful
movie. But you are right, it's quite a great rendition! I'm a student
singer (from Madagascar) in a "Conservatoire Supérieur" in France and I
hope, one day, I will have the voice to sing Porgy's role. One of my

Автор DAVID CORNELIUS ( назад)
she does a great job at control.. her tone is so full at the the end even
tho she is singing softly...wonderful

Автор toobyu2859 ( назад)
He seems to do it effortlessly.

Автор noel ndoum Assembe ( назад)
toujours aussi emouvante l'histoire de Porgy et Bess. Très bien interprétéé
par ce beau couple

Автор icewirlwind ( назад)
They just open mouths and sing other people))

Автор Jory Vinikour ( назад)
Too beautiful for words! Great singing, especially from Sir Willard

Автор Joseph Muir ( назад)
What an incredible, beautiful voice Willard White has! Thanks for sharing
this video.

Автор BBRENTTAGHAPP ( назад)
absolutely awesome! my youth orchestra is playing selections from this
opera and it sounds so amazing in its original form :D

Автор madamerotten ( назад)
The highest form of art. Incredibly beautiful.

Автор Kortland Whalum ( назад)

Автор classyteacherdiva ( назад)
Why is Bess so fascinating? Does she really know what she wants? Is it
drugs, or a man? Does she want an escape from the trials of life? As Linda
Richman would say, let's discuss!

Автор Astonyshing ( назад)
Brilliant song superbly performed

Автор UndertakerFan56 ( назад)
you so right sirslady

Автор UndertakerFan56 ( назад)

Автор crazylericaun ( назад)
this song is so beautiful and sad, one of gershwins best i love it
<33333333 :'(

Автор Jmely ( назад)
That's exactly what I was just replaying 20 times. breathtaking.

Автор Yokandyman ( назад)
Just Wonderful

Автор forgetmenot1937 ( назад)
First time I heard this version on the radio I was enchanted and like
others on here think it the best sung version ever. I am sure Gershwin
would also have thought so.

Автор bangfarang ( назад)
When I get around to listing my favorite popular music—to use the term
broadly—of the last hundred years, this always makes a quick appearance. I
live, and will likely die, in an Asian mountainside forest, and when I
think of the United States, my home, this is one of the pieces of music
that best represents the beauty of what my country once was, warts and all.

Автор Nadine Fresko ( назад)
teeeheee bess has funny eyebrows l:o great song though

Автор sirslady ( назад)
I think my fifth time listening in the last three days. Just wonderful.
Gets better every time.

Автор monsoonalley ( назад)
At 5:08 goosebumps

Автор dordogne24 (193 года назад)
ohhh......so beautiful

Автор tomferent ( назад)
I've watched this video a dozen times. I'm smitten by Cynthia Hayman!!!!

Автор foxtrotnow ( назад)
truly great music. simply beautiful.

Автор bosquetango ( назад)
Wow! Thanks for posting this. I love Gershwin and especially Porgy and Bess.

Автор cuckoo879 ( назад)
lol, good luck

Автор FancyUnicorn (731 год назад)
Godspeed Music 10. I'm doing the final while I type this!

Автор Blaw716 ( назад)
yea this is the one i saw as well awesome

Автор Philip Thompson ( назад)
Willard White is Jamaican.

Автор Lebowski53 ( назад)
Chaps. Easy on the whole African American stuff. Gershwin was a white
jewish gent. Music is music is music. Leave it at that.

Автор morticiaaddams77 ( назад)
I am so happy (and grateful) to have found this collection on YouTube. I
saw this production of Porgy and Bess on PBS quite a few years ago. It's
THE BEST!!!!! Thank you, Trisolde. I feel the same as Kittyburgha.

Автор Kitty Butler ( назад)
I can't stop weeping, so heartbraking beautiful.

Автор Solyn Cassia ( назад)
I love Cynthia Haymon!

Автор Assumpta Canadell ( назад)
Great Williard.

Автор KeithB08 ( назад)
Amen. that's all i have to say.

Автор OrientalNumber33 ( назад)
*tear* Stay representing for the Bass-Baritones of the world Willard!
Absolutely fantastic art.

Автор zlatanosibsen ( назад)
For the eyes and ears - this is perfection!

Автор Christine Angel ( назад)
MORE PLEASE as this was so wonderful. Willard White can't be beaten in this

Автор smeriau ( назад)
+1 about that. for me, this is the best version of this unbelievable opera,
thanks to Willard White & Cynthia Haymon for their brilliant performance
here. now....Shhhh ! just listen & enjoy ....

Автор EmoneyCT313 ( назад)
Gershwin is very talented, and Summertime is very well known, But I believe
this should recieve more recognition. This is truely a great song!

Автор EmoneyCT313 ( назад)
i agree!

Автор BigTabby33 ( назад)
Perhaps the definitive treatment of Gershwin's tale of love and loss, this
particular performance never fails to make me tear up. Such remarkable

Автор BitterlyAmused ( назад)
Porgy and Bess is truly the great American Opera.

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