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Автор Rodrigo Costa (5 месяцев)
Nice dude , so would be possible teacher how to make this fire effect in
head , looks like a ghost ride , please , that's would be much appreciate
, otherwise great video , take care =) peace ...

Автор Radbot Films (1 год)
ok im having a big problem with me fire its not coming out like i want it
to. I finished you tutorial using the Default Render but it still comes out
ugly with fire lines in it. please help me if you need me to send you a
picture just Google plus me please Thanks

Автор theelementslayer (2 года)
No problem, too many people charge for it, and knowledge should be shared
for free. Cheers

Автор TomAtalon (2 года)
Thank you very much for this tutorial! :) The only things I've ever created
with FumeFX are simple candle light and ancient lamps which are nowhere
near realistic lol (they're on my channel). Now that I've wathced your
tutorial about the properties, it's time to put a flame covered dragon in
my showreel. Again, thank you very much!

Автор theelementslayer (2 года)
Not off the top of my head. I do know how to make missle/smoke trails as
you can see in one of my videos and Ill try to quickly explain it. -Attach
a pFlow system to your missile/whatever is moving. (Make it around 5 frame
lifetime for the particles) -Make the particle FumeFX source -Don't show
the fire with FumeFX -Make it so the smoke will stay around a while (cant
really remember my settings) If you really want I might be able to send you
the .max file with the effect if I still have it.

Автор lamuisca (2 года)
thank you so much!

Автор theelementslayer (2 года)
The way I set it up is that I would use the particles from the pflow to
spawn the smoke via Fume. The duration of the particles being generated was
the entire time of my animation however the actual lifetime of each
particle was 5 frames because I felt it worked the best.

Автор theelementslayer (2 года)
No problem, glad you enjoyed :)

Автор Biohazard9012 (2 года)
you wouldnt happen to have a good tutorial for missile/smoke trails would
you? I looked on your site but was unable to find any, unless i just wasn't
looking in the right place

Автор Biohazard9012 (2 года)
nah i can eventually figure it out. Why do you make the particles only a 5
frame lifetime?

Автор Biohazard9012 (2 года)
Hey i don't know if you can help me, but FumeFX all of a sudden won't
simulate anything for me anymore. Whenever i go to simulate it all i see is
the black preview screen, and nothing happens, even when i look at all the
settings you have and in other tutorials as well

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