The Veronicas - When It All Falls Apart (Simple)

This is the simple version of the song.
because youtube won't let me upload the normal :)

Artist: The Veronicas
Song: When It All Falls Apart (Simple)
Album: None
Video Created By: TVBS2007
Audio Belongs To: Warner Bros. Records

Lyrics Link: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/veronicas/whenitallfallsapart.html

No Copyright Infringement Intended

Просмотров: 233750
Длительность: 3:21
Комментарии: 87

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Автор rikowa yumi ( назад)
i love this song can't get it out of my head ....

Автор Maddie ( назад)
Wow this song describes my life

Автор alanaaaaaax3 ( назад)
i remember listening to this song back in '05.... oh those were the days!

Автор Francisco Overee ( назад)
@tomboyishgal OMG, me too, I had to wake up and look for it, XD

Автор TheKHorseK ( назад)
ich liebe diesen song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Sammy LeeAnn ( назад)
finally some girl singers that sound good without all that autio tone stufff

Автор Fiona Snider ( назад)
This is my life:O

Автор azicon90 ( назад)
love this song

Автор Kate Origliasso ( назад)
@LadyNatasha91 Ya it is

Автор Natasa Radovanovic ( назад)
..it's not them..

Автор Kate Origliasso ( назад)
I think I like this version better then the original.

Автор Giuli M ( назад)
Hey, for all the girls out there: Stay strong ok? Most likely the person
you're crying over isn't worth your tears. <3

Автор dreamsfershi ( назад)
la d eiza?? esta es la orginal no oyes las voces?

Автор dreamsfershi ( назад)
aw!!! i love this song!!!

Автор DaydreamerV ( назад)
it bothers me how for the past 2 years this was the song i had on my ipod
and i didn't know it wasn't the real version until i watched the When it
All Falls Apart music video and heard a difference. thank you for uploading

Автор ERIKITOTUBER ( назад)
Original Eiza fue un cover :D

Автор factory_girl ( назад)
this song is awesome

Автор mariaxarmstrong ( назад)
i love this, thanks for uploadin!

Автор devangelish1 ( назад)
dude i sung this at the talent show at my school when i was dumped

Автор ayniess ( назад)
I love them so much!!!!!

Автор jmodico ( назад)
great song and hot sisters

Автор delaila93 ( назад)
i ove this song :*

Автор vincent E ( назад)

Автор David Rojas (753 года назад)
it means that it was the first version of When It All Falls Apart, sounds
different, in the part of "to stop temptation to scream" the "scream" is
longer :P haha

Автор Emma de klerk ( назад)

Автор tomboyishgal ( назад)
finally i found the song. i have been literally having dreams about this
song. lol.

Автор prettyschatzebobes ( назад)
Album: the secret life!! ♥♥

Автор doosebabi ( назад)
i was wondering who sang this...it comes on sims 2 a lot...im glad its
them, they rock!

Автор xOliviaAmyx ( назад)
it means like you are trying to be really cool and stuff

Автор lautnercyrus1fan ( назад)
lol its so old but itz also my fav song since like 4ever<<<

Автор KateKatKins ( назад)
this is my new fave song by The Veronicas! i cant believe i never heard it
bfore todayy!!! Love Love Love it! ;P =) xx

Автор iluvpudding302 ( назад)
simple? wats that mean? im stupid, sorry.

Автор Abby Shapland ( назад)
coucil housing and violence

Автор redrubyx0 ( назад)
actually there was a music video. i cant find it anymore :(

Автор Shirtje13 ( назад)
Wow good number <33 love it x

Автор Frenchgirl ( назад)
how different is this from the cd version?

Автор Teresa Monsees ( назад)
what does the word 'chav' mean?

Автор Karish Chand ( назад)
i love there music!!!mIts rocks i lovee this songg!!

Автор lipgloss1232 ( назад)

Автор believenyouu (178 лет назад)
Aweeeee; i lovee this songg :-)

Автор Bobsuruncle Mum ( назад)
can't upload the real version..? ugh youtube is getting on my last
goddamned nerve!!

Автор Lulelou Pop ( назад)
THIS SONG IS FROM!!! LOLA ERAZE UNA VEZ!!! o_o original is in spanish

Автор Steffie Mickelson ( назад)
maybe its like "quenchin'"

Автор AdrenalynProductions ( назад)
that makes so much more sense, thanks.[=

Автор Kylefan12341 (1037 лет назад)
Theyre Austrailian(spl)

Автор AdrenalynProductions ( назад)
i dont hear the "ing". it kind of sounds like "quencher" which makes no

Автор Steffie Mickelson ( назад)
could it be 'quenching?'

Автор AdrenalynProductions ( назад)
I think the Veronicas speak/sing in a different language aswell, that may
have something to do with it..

Автор tlm879 ( назад)
I KNOW! It really doesn't.

Автор AdrenalynProductions ( назад)
it sounds NOTHIGN like "Temptation to scream:" but thats what all the
lyrics says. wtf?

Автор Summer Hart ( назад)
This song reminds me of my best friend, her boyfriend just dumped her and
imma kick his ass <_< NOONE messes with mah girl

Автор kreamerkasey ( назад)
Really startin to like this song!!=D

Автор Ally brown ( назад)
THIS SONG IS TO MICHEAL JACKSON im haveing a day from HELL it was all soo
wellll (befor you left) wiht a kiss from us and not to meanshon the tears
we shead whyyyy-did you hafe to leave uswhyyy did you put us in this
pazishon everythis is f'ed up straight from the heart tell me what do you
do when it all falls apart we put are faith in yo and not to meanshon we
are feeling hung over REPLY TO ME IF YOU WANT TO HEAR THE REST... SONG BY:

Автор Richard van Alst ( назад)
very niice song :) the beginning gives a kinda "weird feeling" which makes
me sad.. also the song "chemicals react" from aly and aj has that in the
beginning. you gotta love those songs :)

Автор HM0914 ( назад)
LUVed last year this year it all fell apart

Автор NicolaJaynexo (2040 лет назад)
Thanks alot "holaxoxitsmanda8 " :)

Автор holaxoxitsmanda8 (1104 года назад)
to stop this quenchin to scream.

Автор crazyhannahfan01 ( назад)
so do I

Автор songbird3171993 ( назад)
omg i love this song!!

Автор NicolaJaynexo ( назад)
I have looked at a few, but on those ones it says "to stop temption to
scream" It sounds like a different language to me!

Автор NicolaJaynexo ( назад)
what do they say instead of " to stop temptation to scream" ?

Автор LemonLime777 ( назад)

Автор Katy Lowe ( назад)
I agree it scares me too! and I'm 16 so yeahh and gave me nightmares too

Автор veronicasnumber1fan ( назад)
can you please ,not post that! that stuff creeps me out and i dont like
posting it on videos casuse i dont want to creep anyone else out, so i end
up getting night mares or something! its not nice and its creepy and gross.
i know im only 12 but there is even yougner kids on this and that might
scare them more then it creeps me, so like if you read it, then dont read
the whole thing, as soon as you read somethin like bloody ,stop reading!
and just dont post stuff like that.

Автор heaviilybrokenn ( назад)
Im sorry guys but you will find a bloody body hanging in your closet it
will haunt you unless you send this to 6 videos in 30 min sorry

Автор xxbrooketaylorxx (930 лет назад)
thats not the lyrics

Автор Gemma Gaughan ( назад)
I think the other version where they say "to stop temptation to scream"
sounds better

Автор SuperCereal15 ( назад)
lol discovered this song throug the sims xD

Автор Brittney (151 год назад)
i absoultly love this songgg.

Автор Arianna C. ( назад)
Don't stop reading this just because u just now realized this is a forward
:) 1.put your hand in your mouth 2. Make a wish 3.Close your hand (fist) 4.
Hold your hand at heart for 5 seconds 5. Send this to 3 more videos 6.
Tommorrow will be the best day ever it actually worked Money- you will find
a wad of $200 in cash Love- Your crush or lover will kiss you or ask you out

Автор Lucky ( назад)
I like this song!!

Автор Brittney ( назад)

Автор NicleKaulitz ( назад)
amore ti amoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
<3 ..... qnt rikordi kn qst kanzone!!!! The veronicas vi adoroooooooooo!!

Автор Flor Tatlonghari Viceral ( назад)
looooooove this song <333

Автор Krista Lynn (1972 года назад)
this is like one of the best songs ever!

Автор Zoeyy2010 ( назад)
♥this song is AMAZINGG and so beautiful!!!♥

Автор Siljeplante ( назад)
I like this song!

Автор bArbieBiitcHxP ( назад)
its on the radio when you hear pop music :) but its on simlish :D

Автор SeXyCaNaDiAnBaBe ( назад)
i love this song <3 my x bf told me to listen to it and turns out i love it

Автор Schierez ( назад)
U_U where where?????

Автор Sutthisak Ruangprad ( назад)
<3s it!!!

Автор xotaylautnerxo ( назад)
freakin <3 this song

Автор PATDcrazy20 ( назад)
i don't get it...is there 2 different versions of the song? this one seems
different than the real one.....=/

Автор bArbieBiitcHxP ( назад)
i love this song :) ♥ its on sims2 too :D

Автор AnnaSnowNadja ( назад)
niiiice <3

Автор Alaina Beaird ( назад)
they are so amazing!!!! love jess and liss!

Автор my2playlist ( назад)
still lovin them

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