The EXTENDED Top Secret Bonus area I edited with Lunar Magic :P

Name changed for clarity that this is a HACK! NOT REAL!

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Автор kfcnyancat ( назад)
Well, it's nothing special, but it's better level design than most Lunar
Magic newbies.

Автор This channel is dead, take it upon yourself to find the new one ( назад)
well he's putting it off as amazing :V

Автор kfcnyancat ( назад)
Don't you think that's kind of rude?

Автор This channel is dead, take it upon yourself to find the new one ( назад)
Was nothing new 7 months ago either.

Автор funnywarnerbox300 ( назад)
yea, just 7 months old *BADUM TSSSS*

Автор This channel is dead, take it upon yourself to find the new one ( назад)
Dude, it's just Lunar Magic. So much better stuff than this. smwcentral.
net People have made custom bosses and stuff.

Автор This channel is dead, take it upon yourself to find the new one ( назад)
yeah, that's nothing new.

Автор GRAMINI ( назад)
i saw a cut-off-.-

Автор funnywarnerbox300 ( назад)
...That it's a fan-made hack.

Автор MrSmokethatbitch ( назад)
I got that 2 I loved that place

Автор Geovane Moraes ( назад)

Автор dragom2009 ( назад)
this was fucking cool, I don't have any idea of how the fuck did you do that

Автор Eric Fischer ( назад)
0:10 What the...?

Автор RyuhoXMimori ( назад)
@Nzagrean35 Its free. Just gotta go download it. Its really easy too. This
was my first time using it, so I didnt know how to do much. it gets a lot
easier to do more crazy stuff as you use it more (never used it enough to
get the hang of EXGFX though) but yeah, its free and easy

Автор Crystal Flame ( назад)
@JazzyLucario the fact that one area was extended

Автор JazzyLucario ( назад)
No, seriously. How is this hacked? I don't see anything obvious that would
make anyone believe it was hacked.

Автор pivotpapapizza ( назад)
@brollicon lunar magic

Автор Katastrafee dpg ( назад)
@RyuhoXMimori message me wn u make that

Автор heymrk ( назад)

Автор multicoolguy1111 ( назад)

Автор Holdingb ( назад)
when you think of hack you think of hard ... whats hard???

Автор matt redfield (408 лет назад)
epic fail

Автор TheSpencer77 ( назад)
mario colir buttons

Автор Xandy Torres ( назад)
Essa pra mim é nova, mais não vi nada demais --'

Автор Daniel Proaño ( назад)
y como rayos se llega

Автор Matheus Link ( назад)
que mentira aquyele bloco num, tem na fase

Автор William Knutson ( назад)
@singleniceday088 It's not a secret. He edited the game to expand the
level. This won't be on any of the original game copies.

Автор Mat Henry ( назад)
amazing!!!really cool .....^^

Автор SirWillis ( назад)
make a level and replace it with the real level...not that hard. still cool!

Автор anonymous friends ( назад)
I have done this over and over i cant get this level to pop up. I don't see
the box above his head.

Автор 1303iv4o ( назад)
not bad

Автор sahrab11 ( назад)
how do u fly like that ?

Автор metalero551 ( назад)
que hack tan mas mierda deverias de aprender a el item abusivo!!

Автор Kahlas (1132 года назад)
it's even a hack, it's an edit.

Автор XSOLIGEN ( назад)
what a epic title!!

Автор Flávio Santos ( назад)
@CheckaPatrick edited, not fake (y)

Автор Flávio Santos ( назад)
@TheDJNewstyle edited, not fake (y)

Автор Flávio Santos ( назад)
edited, not fake.. (y)

Автор PikaPokemon4ever7 ( назад)
This looks kinda cool :D

Автор Alisa Karter ( назад)
I wonder what neighorhoods in the usa look like this, so peacefull to live
in, eventhough mario and luigi along with their friend yoshi the dinosaur
from jurassic and trissaic times must beat their evil enemies, but yoshi
never enters the castle creepy, lol. Liugi, jumps high than mario

Автор Danilo Silva Castañeda ( назад)
@RyuhoXMimori hey is there really a away to put a new level in the map,
like in a place there WASNT a level before? id make one youd unlock by
beating yoshis house...

Автор Danilo Silva Castañeda ( назад)
@RyuhoXMimori everything but putting a blue yoshi in the first level and
make it LOOK like a blue yoshi...

Автор RyuhoXMimori ( назад)
@268Danilo You can just click and stretch them. everything in that program
is really simple.

Автор Danilo Silva Castañeda ( назад)
@RyuhoXMimori cool. btw i downloaded lunar magic today. how did you make
those bullet launchers in different heighs?

Автор RyuhoXMimori ( назад)
@268Danilo Nah. I am working on an entire remake of this game though: Super
Dry Bones World (theres an out-of-date video of it that I posted up). I am
not sure when its going to be done though. My interest slips in and out so
its taking a while.

Автор Danilo Silva Castañeda ( назад)
@RyuhoXMimori it would be so f*cking cool if you made another level you can
only unlock by beating this one man! imagine if you get that key you go to
that island up there at 0:00 and theres another level... :D

Автор imbanana ( назад)
@brandrocks that he just wanted to upload 1 more fail video on youtube to
waste your time!

Автор alex root ( назад)

Автор explodingknees1 ( назад)
there is actully a place in the real smw called TOP SECRECT AREA that u get
by beating boo house secrect way its really hard to get it and its in the
same place he put his

Автор 9v100 ( назад)
@brollicon ........Desc.

Автор brollicon ( назад)
how the hell did you do that

Автор Arturo Torres Sánchez ( назад)
@TriforceMan07 Tal vez lo califican mal porque es un hack malo.

Автор Conde ( назад)
awsome ¬¬

Автор blehz ( назад)
you just used lunar magic and edited the secret level

Автор GaNgStAlBeRt ( назад)
why hacked? ive got this lelvel on my brandnew SUPER NINTENDO !!! :D

Автор 12345678971093 ( назад)
lunar magic ¬¬

Автор brandrocks ( назад)
and the point is...

Автор TriforceMan07 ( назад)
we porke ponen malas calificaciones acaso son unos noobs? lean primero el
titulo dice HACK no secreto asi ke piensen primero duhh!!!

Автор Marcos Vizcaíno ( назад)
@flyyourkite95 dont be so morron ¬¬ fake levels

Автор thas1227 ( назад)
dude my friend has this. it's like a level editor.

Автор themotherchode ( назад)
top secret area is an actual level

Автор masterofre51 ( назад)
@flyyourkite95 u cant

Автор Diogo X ( назад)
e muito legal essa hack

Автор Diogo X ( назад)
vc baixou ou crio com o lunar magic

Автор Lucas Fernandes ( назад)
Where download?

Автор sorightitswrong05 ( назад)
how did you mod it? couldn't be on the sn..

Автор Seanistoocool4you ( назад)
mod not hack.

Автор scr515 ( назад)
at one point he got on yoshi but wasnt there

Автор Jeremy ( назад)
@FAs012345678 NO DUH!

Автор 2112Metal ( назад)
get a mother fucking job instead of posting pointless videos you ignorant

Автор X-ray ( назад)
q estupido el video

Автор gmodfan11 ( назад)
@jowthehedgehog DESCRIIIIPTION!!!!

Автор WKmugen ( назад)
@BaLKaNac66 download lunar magic also you will need a rom and emulator

Автор du0lol ( назад)
so pointless lol

Автор BaLKaNac66 ( назад)
How to make that?!...... or How to make Sth

Автор PyroInTheFace21 ( назад)
@dAGriddo lulz

Автор Alberto Rodriguez ( назад)
the key! for what is worth?

Автор dAGriddo ( назад)
@brasiigrl07 uhm how about justfuckinggoogleit(.)com? :P

Автор Nat.Neves ( назад)
can someone please explain to me what is lunar magic??? o.0

Автор chao4356 ( назад)
@jowthehedgehog Really? (omg fail read the title)

Автор TheXurupita500 ( назад)

Автор tazdigoefom ( назад)

Автор AndreasBlix ( назад)
@asialeah07 He hacked the emulator version of the game with a program
called Lunar Magic. ^^ It's not possible in the real game. :)

Автор Xeria Veeros ( назад)
Testing area , for what do you bet the word : Editor . ?

Автор Classysaia ( назад)
Hey I remeber that as a kid but just the first part where it gives you
yoshi and the flower and wing. What did you do to get the rest of that
stage? :)

Автор Mespritroth ( назад)
@piummosso No shit sherlock

Автор Kersyl ( назад)

Автор Josh Fish ( назад)
why did you put in the key? with the regular ending there's a chance of
getting a better item

Автор paulinadejackson ( назад)
bloody hell

Автор produccionesmegas ( назад)
oe y para q sirve la llave si nio abre ni una puerta q estafa

Автор TacticalMuffin ( назад)
@qedda1 omg cuz he hacked the rom with lunar magic your head is hollow

Автор K3fka ( назад)
We say ROM hacking because you hack the ROM.

Автор PenguinCinema ( назад)
Because he's hacking a ROM?

Автор MrArnolddiaz ( назад)
@qedda1 i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор harraldschneider ( назад)
@jorkey0roblox Thats not the point. Everyone knows of this secret area but
he modified it. In the original there is no info-box, you cant go to the
right and there aint any silver coins and stuff. Just watch the whole video

Автор qedda1 ( назад)
hahaha xD Snes xD Super Nintendo Entertaiment System... = SNES xD Nickname

Автор qedda1 ( назад)

Автор qedda1 ( назад)
easy he uses a program called Lunar Magic.. and by hacking he means
Modificatiion... but iddonno why everyone says romhack...

Автор jorkey0roblox ( назад)
lol this is not hacked at all! u lier! i made it to this level, you need
the mario cape in the ghost house then you float to the top of ether i
think its the top right or the top left and you go through a door and leeds
u outside to a secret tape bar then you pass the level and you get to the
secret stage.

Автор Oscar maximus ( назад)
how can u hack it? with a program + nerd?

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