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Автор grez14 (5 лет)
i always now how to get there u have to go to the castle bihind and fly to
the roof on the first part of the stage throw the ghosts,

Автор [_]guy (5 лет)

Автор grez14 (5 лет)
is true man is true just get an emulator and do it as i said before man i
always go there when i was a child to get that flaying plume and yoshi

Автор z MANG (5 лет)
@aj19bcx first they buy a rom and play on their comnputer and there's this
really cool thing you can do called lunar magic where you can create your
own levels and edit levels and other stuff

Автор metalero551 (4 года)
que hack tan mas mierda deverias de aprender a el item abusivo!!

Автор chao4356 (5 лет)
@jowthehedgehog Really? (omg fail read the title)

Автор jetten jetta (4 года)
I have done this over and over i cant get this level to pop up. I don't see
the box above his head.

Автор Dragoniten (5 лет)
at least he has a brain

Автор Arycke (5 лет)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Автор narutokingchidori (5 лет)
Actually, I need to correct myself. it ISN'T faked, just hacked

Автор Diogo X (4 года)
e muito legal essa hack

Автор annamclark (5 лет)
@cheesymcnuggets123 i've seen worse, actually. lunar magic + a clever idea
= irritated folks. at least RyuhoXMimori said they did it with lunar magic,
and didnt try to pass it off as some glitch or secret. (plus i was in a bad
mood when i wrote that, hence the mean-ness) -- no harm intended.

Автор jorkey0roblox (5 лет)
lol this is not hacked at all! u lier! i made it to this level, you need
the mario cape in the ghost house then you float to the top of ether i
think its the top right or the top left and you go through a door and leeds
u outside to a secret tape bar then you pass the level and you get to the
secret stage.

Автор TheSpencer77 (3 года)
mario colir buttons

Автор SirWillis (4 года)
make a level and replace it with the real level...not that hard. still cool!

Автор Katastrafee dpg (3 года)
@RyuhoXMimori message me wn u make that

Автор sahrab11 (4 года)
how do u fly like that ?

Автор masterofre51 (4 года)
@flyyourkite95 u cant

Автор juppipoju (5 лет)
the start is real just fly up from start of ghost house and then go on...

Автор This channel is dead, take it upon yourself to find the new one (1 год)
Was nothing new 7 months ago either.

Автор plutgamer (5 лет)
cool hack

Автор RyuhoXMimori (4 года)
@268Danilo You can just click and stretch them. everything in that program
is really simple.

Автор Danilo Silva Castañeda (4 года)
@RyuhoXMimori hey is there really a away to put a new level in the map,
like in a place there WASNT a level before? id make one youd unlock by
beating yoshis house...

Автор MrFrostingbutt (4 года)
@XiAphexXi what?

Автор produccionesmegas (5 лет)
oe y para q sirve la llave si nio abre ni una puerta q estafa

Автор pivotpapapizza (3 года)
@brollicon lunar magic

Автор Geovane Moraes (3 года)

Автор piummosso (5 лет)
jajaja buen efecto pero no es real : )

Автор Classysaia (5 лет)
Hey I remeber that as a kid but just the first part where it gives you
yoshi and the flower and wing. What did you do to get the rest of that
stage? :)

Автор Flávio Santos (4 года)
@CheckaPatrick edited, not fake (y)

Автор André Tinti (5 лет)
porquê é um hack. ¬¬

Автор MrArnolddiaz (5 лет)
@qedda1 i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор K3fka (5 лет)
We say ROM hacking because you hack the ROM.

Автор BaLKaNac66 (4 года)
How to make that?!...... or How to make Sth

Автор cheatsykoopa98 (5 лет)
como faz isso caramba ?

Автор luigi321 (5 лет)
yea we know read the discription

Автор teemuteam11 (5 лет)

Автор alex root (4 года)

Автор 9v100 (4 года)
@brollicon ........Desc.

Автор Flávio Santos (4 года)
@TheDJNewstyle edited, not fake (y)

Автор PyroInTheFace21 (5 лет)
@dAGriddo lulz

Автор kcglee8288 (5 лет)
this is real 1st gost house go in fly up towards the start and turn around
the follow the path

Автор Diogo X (4 года)
vc baixou ou crio com o lunar magic

Автор Kahlas (4 года)
it's even a hack, it's an edit.

Автор cheesymcnuggets123 (5 лет)
why is this the biggest crock youve ever seen

Автор TriforceMan07 (4 года)
we porke ponen malas calificaciones acaso son unos noobs? lean primero el
titulo dice HACK no secreto asi ke piensen primero duhh!!!

Автор XSOLIGEN (4 года)
what a epic title!!

Автор Alberto Rodriguez (5 лет)
the key! for what is worth?

Автор cheesymcnuggets123 (5 лет)
ok i thought you just didnt read the description and did not see that it
was lunar magic and you thought that he was trying to make it look like a
glitch or a secret so i was just gonna tell you

Автор qedda1 (5 лет)
easy he uses a program called Lunar Magic.. and by hacking he means
Modificatiion... but iddonno why everyone says romhack...

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