DIY Pond Waterfall Diffuser / Spillway

NOTE: The text in the video scrolls kind of fast, so unless you are a speed reader...you might need to pause the video.

An easy to make waterfall diffuser for your pond at a cost of around $25 or less if you have some of the parts laying around.

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Автор Eli Oliveira (6 месяцев)
Good job!

Автор rurutu M (6 месяцев)
so damn loud

Автор scott macarthur (9 месяцев)
I have been trying to decide how I can create a water fall effect. Went to
a pond supply today and they wanted $199.99, for a diffuser.
This looks like its going to be my answer. Home Depot here I come.

Автор Rudy O (10 месяцев)
+ignatz962 beautiful water fall, outstanding job! 

Автор Angie Parker (11 месяцев)
Love this idea! I have a question though......I want to do two waterfalls
in two totally different areas of my pond.......probably within 10 feet of
each other. Could you use the same pump for both to run off of if you
build two separate spillways?

Автор Harry Paul Garcia (1 год)
nice job. I plan on building one myself, that falls into my swimming pool.
DIY rocks

Автор sissy murphy (1 год)
what brand pump did you buy and how many watts of power and how has it held
up .I need at least a 3600 gph also

Автор benjamin massie (9 месяцев)

Автор Outdoor Living Systems (1 год)
Wow, Nice work! 

Автор Allison Eigenbrod (1 год)
Is it really that loud or just your camra because i wouldn't be able to
have mine that loud

Автор opugilist (1 год)
That's a nice flow, but the secret is your pump. The diffuser works well,
but you could probably unhook it (with the even drop off for the waterfall)
and have it flow out of one spot in the center, and you would still have
the nice rapids, given your GPH. Again, its nice. However, along with your
other modifications, the diffuser is not solving anything that your bigger
pump would not have.

Автор ignatz962 (2 года)
Thanks, glad you like it. Yes, it is a pre-cut 2 foot length of 4" PVC
purchased at Home Depot and the outlets are 1" PVC. They may appear smaller
in the video in comparison with some of the rocks as some weigh 200 pounds
or more.

Автор macdox69 (1 год)
If you just drill holes, the force of water causes the streams coming out
of holes to be angled and not perpendicular to the main pipe. You do not
end up with an even sheet of water, but more to one side.

Автор ignatz962 (2 года)
That's why I suggested pausing the video...

Автор plowmaster1206 (2 года)
i couldnt fucking read any of that.

Автор ignatz962 (1 год)
The hose is 2" and is connected to the bushing with a PVC Hose-to-Pipe
Adapter, a short piece of PVC, and a stainless steel clamp. The 2" PVC
pieces are flush with the inside of the large PVC pipe...so they extend
about 1 3/4".

Автор ignatz962 (1 год)
Me either...that's why I put a note in the comments, below the video, that
unless you are a speed reader you might want to pause the video.

Автор ignatz962 (2 года)
Thank you.

Автор ignatz962 (1 год)
Yeah, I agree...we've been talking about redoing it soon. Thanks.

Автор adairsr53 (2 года)
I found your video very good and well explained. You'd mentioned about
using a 20 gallon barrel filled with filter media and water flowed out thru
a 2" PVC pipe. What type of media did you use in the barrel and is it a
certain way the media will be placed. How does the water return back to the
waterfall I'm new at this project trying to get my plans together.

Автор gtariman03 (1 год)
Oh ok. Makes more sense.

Автор Candace Welsh-Payne (1 год)
can't read that fast

Автор ignatz962 (3 года)
@BaldKnobHunter Thanks.

Автор ignatz962 (3 года)
@coldwarsailor We've been having pretty good results using a barley straw
extract and algae relief to control algae and we add a little Rid-X each
month to break up the solids in the pond.

Автор ignatz962 (2 года)
That is a pvc pipe.

Автор BaldKnobHunter (3 года)
Nice job!!!

Автор ignatz962 (2 года)
The barrel was the original setup and required taking the waterfall apart
to clean the filter media. The media was a combination of those plastic
mesh pot scrubbers, coarse scrubbing pad, and lava rock. We had those
layered on an elevated stand in the barrel. The water ran from the pump
hose to a PVC pipe to the bottom of the barrel and then flowed upward
through the filter media and over the waterfall spillway.

Автор Mike Wazowski (1 год)
its called the pause button. duhh stupid bitch

Автор ignatz962 (1 год)
We tried that before the diffuser...the water shot straight out about four
feet and blew all the plants to the end of the pond.

Автор ignatz962 (2 года)
Thanks,,,I was worried I would get holes in our liner from moving the rocks
around the edge and on a shelf below the edge, but lucked out.

Автор ignatz962 (2 года)
We have a pre-filter in the pond and are adding another soon.

Автор hankydeee (1 год)
Nice job on the diffuser, i like to create my own things as well (save
money). Hate to criticize, but i would of prefered a longer cascade over
that vertical drop, seems like u had the room.To each is own, . thanx for
making the video

Автор ignatz962 (1 год)
I made it with some stuff I had laying around and a some fittings from Home

Автор Jeff Erdman (2 года)
How are you filtering the water now that you just have the diffuser?

where did you purchase this difusser?

Автор gtariman03 (2 года)
Oh never mind. I thought you made your own manifold pvc fitting which cost
a lot more.

Автор ignatz962 (3 года)
@felicity905 Thank you...I'm glad we got the larger pump, it really made a

Автор Carla Jamie Perez (2 года)
Also I was wondering what the dimensions are of your pond and the depth
(ours is 6ft x 6ft and 24" deep with a twelve inch ledge for water plants
all around - we have a lorge cement koi fish that will spout water with a
separate pump on one side toward the front and the water fall at the back)
I was also wondering what kind of filter you recommend (in the pond or
behind the pump - is it in a hole?...what type of barrel). I really admire
what you've done and am hoping you might respond. Thanks

Автор Carla Jamie Perez (2 года)
Hi, I'm impressed with your waterfall pond. I'm working on creating
this...but I have a couple questions. I wrote down all the materials and
watched the video very closely. You said you used a 24" piece of 4" pvc and
drilled 5 holes in it which you then inserted with 2" pieces of 1" pvc in.
I went to my local hardware store and both the 4" PVC and the 1"PVC look so
much bigger than what is shown in the video across the rocks. 4" PVC is
huge...is that really what it is??

Автор coldwarsailor (3 года)
thanks for the info....Im going to tear mine apart and do the same as
yours. Righ now I only have a 'Little Giant" 400gph pump and its less than
a trickel. Im going to rebuild the waterfall and use the same pump you
have. Question: do you use an UV light to help with elgie?

Автор Jorge Flores (2 года)
Nice man, am also a DIY and I build my own koi pond ,the size i build could
have easily cost around 12k but i spend around 6.5 could have been cheaper
but because of trial and error AKA too many holes on the liner, i had to
buy a new 20x20 liner again :/

Автор MrRedevil3 (1 год)
All I want to do now is go for a pee

Автор gtariman03 (2 года)
Why not just use a pvc pipe then drill huge holes or use a dremel to open
the pvc on the side? Might be a good idea.

Автор Michael Figueroa (1 год)
Is the black hose 1" and what type of connection is connected to the
bushing. Also how far are the 2" pieces sticking out of the 4" pipe.

Автор GraceUponGrace (2 года)

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